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By Alethea Kontis | Comments: ( 165 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

Rough and tumble Saturday Woodcutter thinks she s the only one of her sisters without any magic until the day she accidentally conjures an ocean in the backyard With her sword in tow, Saturday sets sail on a pirate ship, only to find herself kidnapped and whisked off to the top of the world Is Saturday powerful enough to kill the mountain witch who holds her captive andRough and tumble Saturday Woodcutter thinks she s the only one of her sisters without any magic until the day she accidentally conjures an ocean in the backyard With her sword in tow, Saturday sets sail on a pirate ship, only to find herself kidnapped and whisked off to the top of the world Is Saturday powerful enough to kill the mountain witch who holds her captive and save the world from sure destruction And, as she wonders grumpily, Did romance have to be part of the adventure As in Enchanted, readers will revel in the fragments of fairy tales that embellish this action packed story of adventure and, yes, romance.

  • Title: Hero
  • Author: Alethea Kontis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Alethea Kontis

A veritable badass fairy princess Jim Butcher Alethea Kontis IS fairy tales Jim C Hines, author of Libriomancer Alethea Kontis Awesome, racks up award nominations, wears tiaras SF author Ferrett Steinmetz I want to live in Alethea s head because I think that might be the most interesting place in the world Ellen Oh, author of Prophecy Alethea Kontis, the woman who writes like Shakespeare would if he were alive today Aaron Pound The beauty of a princess, the confidence of a queen, the brilliance of a writer, and the demeanor of a cheerful fairy comedian Cheyenne Z This was the story before all of the other stories, and it was the other tales that were changed over time Nerdophiles, on ENCHANTED

Comments Hero

  • Anne

    This is the second book in Kontis' Woodcutter Sisters series, and while I loved Enchanted, this one just didn't have the same spark. I think it boils down to not really liking Saturday all that much.Oh! don't get me wrong, I didn't hate her, she just didn't make me want to stand up and cheer. I wanted to like her tough-girl personal, but she just seemed kinda oafish, prickly, and annoying.I ended up wanting to learn more about Snow White, or her sister, Wednesday, or her pirate sister (can't rem [...]

  • Melodramaticfool

    SEE THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOG!Melodramatic ReviewsMeet Saturday Woodcutter, a fierce, muscular girl who would much rather gallivant around the forest chopping down trees with her axe, than dance at a ball least alone in a dress!A girl who is a fun rolemodel for tomboys out there!While Enchanted was a mash up of fairy tales, Saturday's was more of an adventure. We pick up with the Woodcutter family's lifestyle completely changed thanks to the golden egg laying goose, so they find themselves with mor [...]

  • Lubinka Dimitrova

    My kind of heroine: "Instead of batting their eyes at idiots, young girls will start taking up stick swords to slay a dragon and save the prince."

  • Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah*

    "Men are bastards. Amazing, wonderful, fabulous, heartbreaking bastards.""I destroy everything I touch. What sort of destiny is that?"Althea Kontis blew me away with the first novel in this series, Enchanted, and I was equally impressed with this follow up book as well. In fact, I may have enjoyed it even more than Enchanted. Huh, wasn't expecting that! In this second book Woodcutter daughter number six, Saturday, takes center stage after she inadvertently throws a mirror out her window and crea [...]

  • Krista Wright

    I enjoyed this even more that the first book in this series. The writing is definitely much better in this one, and once again the mash-up of fairytales is just fantastic! Magic mirrors, enchanted swords, sleeping spells, evil witches, and a dragon? Yes! I love Saturday as a charactere is definitely not a typical girl, and I love her and Peregrine together. At this point I think I will read anything by Alethea Kontis.

  • Jenna (Bookiemoji)

    Read this review on Jenna Does Books.My favorite fairy tale writer, Alethea Kontis, pulls off another slam dunk with HERO, the second of her stories about the Woodcutter sisters. HERO is a gender-bending, swash-buckling tale about Saturday, the second youngest sister to Sunday, whom we previously met in Enchanted. While Sunday was a whimsical girl with an art for words, Saturday is a strong and willful girl with plenty of heart (plus some added snark). Her story proved to be just as enthralling [...]

  • Princess Debz

    I approached Hero with low expectations, only because there was no way it could possibly measure up to the genius that is Enchanted. Just goes to show that I don’t know everything, because Hero was equally, if not more compelling and enchanting than Enchanted. Something about Saturday’s story just touched me in a way that Enchanted wasn’t able to, and that made my experience reading this book even more powerful.Saturday herself was an amazing character. The contrast between her and Sunday [...]

  • Trisha

    "Those of us who are Fate's playthings often have little choice where our path takes us."This was a great adventure and an interesting meshing of some of the fairy tales we all know and love.But this one wasn't quite up to the standard of book 1. It was good on it's own but not quite as amazing. Saturday is kind of a tough girl to love. she's gruff and stubborn and often confused by the emotions of there. She does come off like she doesn't care butmetimes she does.I think another stumbling block [...]

  • Megan

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.I was so excited that Enchanted was a stand-alone, and now it has a sequel? And a third book? WTH?Not that this is bad news, in fact I loved Enchanted and wanted to read more of Kontis' work, but I admit the fact that it's become a series is a bit disappointing. At least it's the story of another of the sisters, and not a continuation of the last bookYWAY YAY I GET TO READ MORE KONTIS SOON!BOO IT'S NOT COMING OUT UNTIL OCTOBER!YAY I LOVE THIS COVER!

  • Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads

    4.5 starsRTC.

  • Caitlin

    I have no idea what consists of spoilers, so I've hidden my review because of some things I mentioned that some people might not enjoy.Although this is the second in a series, it could also make a fine standalone book, even though I strongly suggest reading the first, not only to understand some things they mention in Hero but also because Enchanted is equally as amazing as Hero.I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed by Saturday being the next sister to get a book. I just didn't really enjoy h [...]

  • Rachmi

    2.5 stars"Instead of batting their eyes to idiots, young girls will start taking up stick swords to slay a dragon and save the prince."This time is Saturday's story. After I finished Enchanted I was looking forward to read this book, as I want to know the Woodcutter girl who doesn't like to go to the ball and wearing beautiful gown.I think her adventures in this book are more interesting. I love it more than Sunday's in Enchanted. Although this book doesn't have many retelling of fairytales, at [...]

  • Yune

    Saturday, one of seven sisters in the Woodcutter family, feels dull in comparison; her siblings have married royalty, run off to sea, or gone off to the realms of Faerie. Naturally, she falls right into an adventure of her own, complete with a cursed prince, a good-natured chimera, and an eyeless witch who's threatening the world beyond the mountaintop domain where our heroes find themselves trapped.I think I'm bowing out of this series; while this book wasn't bad, it lacked the depth that intri [...]

  • Barry Simiana

    I was surprised by Enchanted - the forerunner to his book. I thought - and I was wrong - girls stuff. But no. Instead I found an intelligently written, funny mash up of every fairy tale you can imagine. I loved it. and so I waited for this sequel to emerge, secretly worried that sequelitis was going to take over. But no.Hero follows another of the Woodcutter sisters on a new quest. All the sisters have something magickal about them. Saturday - the star of this tale - thinks she's missed out. Not [...]

  • Mel (Daily Prophecy)

    -It was interesting to see how different Saturday is when you compare her with Sunday. I liked her journey and development, seeing how she realizes she has some magic on her own. I think I liked Sunday more, but Saturday was pretty tough!-I liked that Peregrine played a woman to survive and how Saturday rescues him. Their relationship went a bit fast, but I liked their chemistry and they were cute together.-I couldn't point out the separate fairy tales, so I'm a little confused which tale(s) thi [...]

  • Rachel

    Exquisite writing! Especially writing about mirrors. I liked the conclusive of the book's arc ending that still left room for more story for these incredible characters.

  • Jessica (a GREAT read)

    Back to the magical world of Alethea Kontis, Hero is the second tale in her Woodcutter series. Now that Sunday is set in her happily ever after we move on to the next sister, Saturday. Saturday was the sister who didn't get any magical gifts. She's not overly pretty, she's too tall, too strongetty much your first tomboy ever. She prefers working with her hands in the woods and when her fairy godmother's gift of an ax turns into a sword, she's more than eager to use it.Saturday wasn't expecting m [...]

  • Emma

    Saturday Woodcutter is tired of being the lone ordinary child among her magically gifted siblings. Even with an enchanted sword to call her own, Saturday fears she is never destined to have a great adventure like her sister Sunday or travel the world like her sister Thursday. The idea of Saturday ever being the stuff of songs and ballads like her older brother Jack is downright laughable.Then Saturday accidentally creates an ocean outside of the Woodcutter family home and sets sail on a pirate s [...]

  • Karissa

    I got a copy of this book to review through the Vine program. This book is the sequel to Enchanted. It is much more of an adventure fantasy than Enchanted was but doesn’t have quite as many fairy tale references.This tells the story of Saturday, the rough and tumble sister of the seven sisters. Through a series of crazy circumstances she ends up on a quest to defeat an evil witch while struggling to realize her own magical abilitiesl after creating an ocean in her backyard.There was a lot of [...]

  • Amy

    Better. So much better than Enchanted! Hero is a companion/sequel to Enchanted by Alethea Kontis and follows the sixth sister, Saturday. I couldn't tell you what Saturday is supposed to be because thankfully that stupid rhyme about Monday being fair of face and Tuesday full of grace isn't brought up again. The book is much clearer than its predecessor, without the fumbling foreshadowing or weird, intermixed characters. The writing is clear and enjoyable. The heroine actually has a personality. T [...]

  • Jessica

    There are a few things I really liked about this book, and a few that prevented me from "really liking" the entire thing. Nevertheless, as I was mentally tallying the pros and cons, I found myself swayed to 4 stars based on the attributes of the character relationships, which outweigh the issues I found fault with in the plot.I should mention here at the start of my review that I read an advance galley proof which may differ from the final published version. Also, I have not read "Enchanted" so [...]

  • Reagan

    At a Glance: At a glance I was excited about finally reading about a character I can really relate to. The description set me on edge and the part a about romance+Saturday just didn't add up. Cover:Well the cover you all see above is not the cover I saw. The cover I saw was a girl in a blue-green dress with short hair.As you can see Saturday has her sword, and her blue-green dress from the ball in the first book. I prefer this cover honestly. The other cover has nothing to do with the books real [...]

  • Dena (Batch of Books)

    Alethea Kontis is the queen of crazy. She doesn't follow any sort of recipe for her books; she just tosses in all the ingredients and POOF! she winds up with a magical fairy tale unlike any other. I'm sure it took much more than a simple poof to write Hero, but that's how it seems. I don't think I will ever understand how she can take so many different fairy tales, smoosh them all together the way she does, and have the story make sense. She surprised me with Enchanted, and again with Hero.I lov [...]

  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

    Hero by Alethea Kontis. 282 p. Harcourt (Houghton), 2013. $17. Language: PG (6 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: PG (glimpse of clothesless girl); Violence: PG (regular for fantasy).Saturday Woodcutter has always felt outside of her family, as the only Woodcutter without fae powers. On the day her brother Trix runs away, however, Saturday almost breaks the world. And in trying to fix it, she is snatched up by an eagle and deposited into the clutches of a lorelei, an evil demon who is determine [...]

  • Ahnya

    Saturday is the sixth Woodcutter daughter. Even though she is kind of a giant she feels like she is the only normal one in the family. While using a magic mirror she breaks the world, and the ocean expands and comes almost to the Woodcutter doorstep. Saturday's pirate queen sister Thursday comes to the rescue. It is decided that Saturday and Mama will go on a quest to fix the world. While aboard Thursday's ship Saturday is kidnapped by a witch's raven familiar because Saturday was mistaken for h [...]

  • Susan Bigelow

    What to say about this book?THE GOOD: 1. Saturday is fantastic, and way more interesting than Sunday. 2. Pirate ship! Thursday!3. Peregrine, who is just fascinating. The gender play here is kind of obvious? But the fact that Peregrine is a boy who wears a girl's form and skirts and is apparently just fine with this is very interesting, very refreshing. 4. Action and adventure, there is a lot hereE BAD:1. I thought the book was fascinating gender-wise, but missed a chance to do even more with the [...]

  • Beth Cato

    I enjoyed the first book in this series, Enchanted. For me, this book was much slower to hook me, but once it got going it was good fun. Kontis has a knack for writing twisty-turvey fairy tale mash-ups. This one had a very fresh vibe to it because the heroine wields a sword, is referred to as a "giantess," and of a very athletic body. The hero is caught up in magic and lives for a prolonged time in a cave at the Top of the World, where the blinded witch believes he's her daughter. The way they a [...]

  • katayoun Masoodi

    3 1/2. liked this better than the first one, "enchanted". it was as fun and easy read as enchanted, and really liked Saturday and kind of loved Peregrine. would be reading the third one soon, as the only downside to this one was that while the main story did end, the third one started at the end chapters and well you want to know what happens!!

  • Melanie

    I didn't like this book. It was so confusing and weird. It took me a long time to finally understand what was going on and even then the story wasn't gripping to me. I also didn't like the cussing (and there was a lot, in my opinion). Overall, a disappointing read since I loved the first book in this series. I don't think I'll be reading the next book. [1.5 stars]

  • Deborah Blake

    I loved this book so much I immediately went out and bought everything else Alethea Kontis has written. Her twist on fairy tales is completely original and totally enchanting. She's a must buy for me from now on.

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