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By Maura Patrick | Comments: ( 592 ) | Date: ( May 24, 2020 )

When the accidental jab of a sharp splinter results in a life threatening infection, 16 year old Macy becomes delirious and is at death s door Like a modern day Sleeping Beauty, she hovers between life and death, awakening in a beautiful land called Chanticleer, where everything is always, absolutely perfect So perfect that Macy is convinced she must have died and gone tWhen the accidental jab of a sharp splinter results in a life threatening infection, 16 year old Macy becomes delirious and is at death s door Like a modern day Sleeping Beauty, she hovers between life and death, awakening in a beautiful land called Chanticleer, where everything is always, absolutely perfect So perfect that Macy is convinced she must have died and gone to heaven She is quickly assured that she has been purposely brought to Chanticleer to eliminate her pesky childhood fears She is soon off on a series of frightful challenges designed to make her a stronger, braver girl Chanticleer is not without its dark side Every student there knows it is best to learn your lessons quickly and get out, because those who can t or won t are subject to a hideous fate Macy vows to do everything she can to get out of Chanticleer quickly Yet when she falls for Sebastian, a fellow student, she suddenly changes her mind For to wake up from Chanticleer is to forget everyone there and forgetting Sebastian is the last thing she ever wants to do But no one in Chanticleer is who they seem to be and Macy soon discovers that her and Sebastian s fairy tale ending will come at a price, a price she may ultimately be too afraid to pay.

  • Title: The Shells of Chanticleer
  • Author: Maura Patrick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Maura Patrick

I had a lot of fun writing The Shells of Chanticleer it is the kind of story I would have liked when I was a young girl It was inspired by my love of faraway worlds with strange and weird characters like those found in L Frank Baum s Wonderful Wizard of Oz series.

Comments The Shells of Chanticleer

  • Jamie

    I've had this one for a while and finally got around to reading it. After a three day stay in the hospital for a nasty infection in my hand (kinda ironic huh?) and seeing a story in the news about how ICU patients will have long term dementia from their stay in the ICU (in fact around 75% of patients leave with cognizant impairment and 1 in 3 of them have such severe cognizant impairment that it rivals Alzheimer's) it just felt like the proper time to read this book.While out jogging Macy trips [...]

  • Darth

    Since I only read 2 chapters and skimmed the next 5% of the book before deciding to quit, I'm not going to give it a rating. It's definitely not for me. The author is a teenage girl who likes to ramble. I tried very hard to keep reading but just couldn't get into it. Perhaps it'll appeal to a younger audience of 12-15 year olds?

  • IndieHeart

    The YA Fantasy novel, The Seeds of Chanticleer, by Maura Patrick has many things to recommend it for the 12 to 15 year old female reader. The first person narrator, Macy, is a fairly typical 16 year old who has some atypical fears – she will not enter one of the rooms in her house because of her fear of a stuffed giraffe, she is sure there are kidnappers in every ice cream van, and she doesn’t like crossing bridges because she fears she will jump off.As the novel begins, Macy gets a splinter [...]

  • Gina (My Precious Blog)

    This was an Freebie. I decided to give it a chance and I'm very glad I did. This book is different. It begins with a sixteen year old girl, Macy, beginning her spring break. She goes for a run, trips and somehow gets a sliver embedded in her shin. It becomes fierce infected, so bad that she's admitted to and ICU with sepsis. During her illness she slips into a medically induced coma. In this in-between state, hovering between life and death, she enters a magical place called Chanticleer. At Cha [...]

  • Alysa H.

    I won a copy of this book in Elle Casey's 2013 January Anniversary Indie Book Giveaway.I enjoyed this book, nevermind that some of its more meta aspects are not of a type that normally appeal to me.You've got your "Teenager experiences an event that leads her to a magical land, where she learns things about herself and learns how to conquer her fears" thing. In other books, this is an implicit theme but in this book it is quite literal: In Chanticleer, the heroine Macy finds herself in a kind of [...]

  • Kendra Ardnek

    You may accuse me of judging a book by its cover. Yes, the reason I picked this up to read was because of the giraffe of the cover. I love giraffes, and so the cover intrigued me. The description did too, but not so much as did the cover. There were some chocolate nutcrackers in it too, so I was really happy.However, I don’t think that the book description was completely accurate. From reading the description, I expected a far darker and sinister place than it actually was. I’m not sure how [...]

  • Jenna

    4.5 starsThis book really took me by surprise. I found it on for free, but there weren't many reviews there (or here). I decided to take a chance on it and it's become one of my favorite recent reads. There are some small critiques I have (mostly about the way the characters speako formally for their ages!) but the story itself was incredibly unique and well-told. Without giving anything away, I will say that the ending seemed like a purposeful segue into a sequel. The more practical ending, th [...]

  • D.M. Kilgore

    This book felt like it went on, and on, and on, and on. It wasn't a bad book. It just felt more like I was being told an interesting (though not exciting) story than actually becoming part of it. I struggled to finish it. I kept waiting for all the former chapters to lead to some big moment that never really happened for me. The writer makes use of good vocabulary words, which was a nice touch from the typical teen-read. I just wanted to love it more. It was a nice concept. I just never really c [...]

  • Taylor

    (I received a free copy of this book through ' Firstreads Giveaway program and have based my review off of said copy.)I really enjoyed "The Shells of Chanticleer". The world of Chanticleer itself sounded like paradise, full of delicious food and beautiful locations to spend whiling away free hours. The plot was full of little twists that kept me guessing and wondering what was really going on in Chanticleer. Like Macy, the protagonist, I could never tell who could be trusted or who was telling t [...]

  • Tinamarie Chappelear

    YA book about a 16-year-old girl who fall victim to a life-threatening infection and is put into a drug induced coma to help her heal. Once under, she appears in a magical boarding school in a world hovering between life and death where she and others like her are brought to learn to deal with their overwhelming fears before being "tipped" back into the real world. I felt that it was a little on the light side and parts were a little predictable, but it was a good read for a sick/snow day when m [...]

  • Monica H at the Readathon

    This was a fast, easy, and entertaining read. There were some strange and a little creepy aspects to it, but overall I liked it. There were some good lessons in it, but there were some things that could have been resolved better. You may read my full review on my book blog: the-readathon.

  • Tracy Decresie

    In all fairnessI could only read about 30% of this book, so I'm probably not giving a fair review, but I honestly couldn't invest any more time into this.For me, it was too juvenile. I felt it to be a cross between "Alice in Wonderland" and "Willy Wonka".I was starting to get to know Macy's character until she was put in the induced coma. Once she entered Chanticleer, it just got weird. I disconnected.

  • Anjuli

    I've had this book since 2013 and never got around to reading it. I'm glad I finally did. Everyone is afraid of somethingMacy is afraid of almost everything. One day she becomes ill and the doctors have to put her in a coma. She wakes up in a strange, new land; where she must face her fears or Even though it is YA book, there are some real life valuable lessons in it!

  • Amy Martin

    I wanted to love this book, but it just never really did it for me. I loved the idea of the kids working through their fears, but the shells thing was just too out there and not at all plausible. I would read more from this author, because it really had some unique ideas, but I really didn't connect with this particular book.

  • Kas

    The words that left my mouth the instant I finished was "this was a cute little book." The story was unique and fun. The characters were relateable and sweet. It was simple and quick to read. I found it easy to get sucked in to the story.

  • Lisa

    This was such an intriguing book. The world of Chanticleer is so magical and the reader is really left wondering where it came from and how Macy got there. The author keeps you guessing; that's for sure. I just bought the sequel because I can't wait to find out what happened.

  • Leah710

    This book was a little bit weird, but fun, and, overall, a good book. If you liked Elsewhere, which was ok, you'll love this. It has the same idea but has more of a plot and more developed and interesting characters.

  • Joy

    Good story, different. The beginning was great, then she went to Chanticleer and it was okay.

  • Crystal Rafuse

    Great book. I'm looking forward to reading the next book. I'm doing to know if Macy and Sebastian end up together!

  • Steffi

    2.5/3.0The book is not bad at all but I could never connect with the story. There were some parts I liked but overall it was too weird for me.

  • Meghan

    Ho- boring. I fought to 60% complete then had to bail. My brain cells were dying. Good for a really young girl reader, maybe. Like 11-12.

  • Twinsmom2007

    Great bedtime book for a tween as long as they are grounded in the knowledge "it is appointed once for man to die and after this judgement".

  • Laramort

    Interesting idea for a book. Not sure if I want to read the 2nd though.

  • Heather

    Loved this book!! So unpredictable. I want to visit Chanticleer!!! I'm especially glad that Macy chose to go back. Looking forward to book 2.

  • Katie Bunnell

    I actually enjoyed this book a lot completely different story line than I originally thought it would be and I couldn't predict how it would end I immediately got book #2

  • Miriam

    This wasn't too bad but the synopsis made it seem a whole lot better than it was. This definitely doesn't go on my favorites list but wasn't a complete waste of time.

  • Angela

    The story just didn't appeal to me at all. The setting was weird and off putting and the whole shell thing was creepy.

  • Edward Antrobus

    At first, I found Marcy kind of goodness and whiny, but I realized that in not so different from her, just different fears. I wish there really was a Chanticleer for me to have gone to.

  • Emily

    the beginning was REALLY slow, but once I got through to the real plot of the story I couldn't put the book down, I need to buy the second book, to wait for THE MOMENT

  • Dialma

    Interesting concept, but quite a bit predictable of a story for me. I did enjoy the world of Chanticleer and its characters. Overall, a good and easy read!

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