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By Lisa D. Ellis | Comments: ( 572 ) | Date: ( Jul 03, 2020 )

When her newborn baby Lily dies suddenly, Claire Edwards runs away to live in a lighthouse she had fallen in love with as a young child The lighthouse is reputed by some to have magical powers, but Claire isn t looking for a miracle She just wants an escape from her husband Jim s colder way of grieving, and from their apartment filled with the tiny clothes and stuffed anWhen her newborn baby Lily dies suddenly, Claire Edwards runs away to live in a lighthouse she had fallen in love with as a young child The lighthouse is reputed by some to have magical powers, but Claire isn t looking for a miracle She just wants an escape from her husband Jim s colder way of grieving, and from their apartment filled with the tiny clothes and stuffed animals they had collected over the past few months But once Claire is situated in the lighthouse, it begins to illuminate things for her in a new way and she s suddenly forced to rethink her views on life, death, and her marriage.

  • Title: Finding Lily
  • Author: Lisa D. Ellis
  • ISBN: B00B4Y331E
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Lisa D. Ellis

Lisa D. Ellis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Finding Lily book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa D. Ellis author readers around the world.

Comments Finding Lily

  • Vicki

    This is one of the most emotional books I’ve ever read. I could feel Claire’s pain, and it brought back memories of when my sister lost her baby when he was a few months old. I could see the pain my sister felt in Claire.Her emotions were so raw, and she had to cope in the only way she could, which was to move to the lighthouse she had visited many times as a child. She felt a connection there, and that gave her a bit of comfort, and ultimately helped her heal.I love the beach and lighthouse [...]

  • Melissa T

    The idea was interesting, but I felt a lack of connection to the main characters and some of the plot points were unrealistic which detracted from the story. There was nice use of imagery though. Full review to come soon. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*

  • Darlene

    Finding Lily by Lisa D. Ellis is a very emotional story that is very likely to break your heart and yet ultimately offer hope. Claire and her husband Jim had anxiously awaited the birth of their first child Lily and are devastated when they lose her shortly after she is born. Everywhere Claire turns there are reminders of her baby girl and she outwardly grieves. She cries and is unmotivated to do anything at all. In contrast her husband Jim throws himself into his work and tries to move on. Need [...]

  • Laurel-Rain

    In the aftermath of her infant daughter's birth and untimely death a few hours later, Claire struggles to find meaning in her daughter's short life.Unable to connect with her husband Jim, whose feelings are hidden, and who cannot offer the support and sharing she craves, Claire returns to a lighthouse she has always loved. The very place she and Jim met years before, and owned by a woman named Ida.As she settles into the comforting womb-like nest, Claire reexamines her life, her relationship wit [...]

  • Wall-to-wall books - wendy

    This story is hauntingly sad and eerie. It is also one of the most heartfelt books I have read. The plot is very simple but the writing is very complex. This book was so honest and raw it was almost painful to read at times. I love sad books so this story was really just the thing for me. My daughter and I are so close now to have lived a life without her I wonder what I would have felt if I too had lost my only child.The character development is amazing. The author really gets into the heart of [...]

  • Isi

    Review in EnglishReview in SpanishFinding Lily begins with a tragic event: Lily, Claire and Jim’s baby, dies when she only has lived for a few hours. Claire can’t face all the pain she feels, so she decides to go to a friend’s house in a seaside village, next to a lighthouse. This village is special for Claire because she has gone there every summer since she was a little girl, and she also met Jim there for the first time, so it seems to be the perfect place to stay for a time and think a [...]

  • Donna McBroom-Theriot

    Finding Lily is an amazing book. It is hard to imagine how one might react to the imaginable pain of losing a child. I, myself, would be destroyed. The author brought you to the core of Claire's heartbreak with her words. She crafted a well written story that gave the reader the opportunity to become a close friend of Claire, and as that close friend, allowed the reader to suffer through her loss along with her, as well as her healing. I think that God helps us heal in a way that only the person [...]

  • Tia Bach

    Losing a child is most parent's worst fear. Claire and her husband, Jim, only had moments with their daughter, Lily, before a heart defect took her away too soon. Claire feels suffocated by life, seeing her daughter around every bend. She needs a place to heal and seeks refuge at a place from her youth--a lighthouse.Against her husband's wishes, Claire heads to this place of solitude and cuts herself off from the world. She even disconnects the phone at her new abode. Letters start pouring in fr [...]

  • Rebecca Graf

    Here is the story of the pain one woman experiences after the loss of her newborn just hours after she is born. A birth defect takes the small life as she enjoys the warmth and comfort of her mother's arms. Now, the parents have to cope with the loss.Let me tell you that this is an emotional read. I struggled with getting through it only because I'd find myself crying. Then I'd put the book aside and pick it up the next day. I tend to get very involved in the stories I read.The POV is from the g [...]

  • Brandee Price

    Finding Lily is a tender and touching journey through a young woman's grief following the loss of her child.Claire and Jim had been envisioning a happy and fulfilling future with their daughter. Instead, they are drowning in their grief. This puts a strain on their relationship, particularly as Claire feels Jim isn't grieving along with her. So she escapes to the lighthouse in an attempt to put her life back in order.The lighthouse is a character in its own right in this story. Claire grew up vi [...]

  • Teddy

    Claire brought forth emotions in me I didn't know I had. That of a mother losing her child. Lily had a very short life as an infant and both Lily and her husband, Jim grieve for their loss. However, Jim feels very cold and distant to Claire, she wants him to share his feeling but he can't. Claire decides to go stay at the lighthouse where her and Jim met to try to work through her grief along. She had always been drawn to the lighthouse since she was a little girl and it called for her to live t [...]

  • Yvann S

    Claire Edwards has spent months preparing for the arrival of baby Lily; the Boston apartment she shares with her stalwart husband Jim is filled with tiny clothes and tiny toys. But when Lily dies suddenly, Claire runs away from her life, away from Boston, to a lighthouse she knew as a young girl. The lighthouse brings her the solitude and peace she craves, but also the chance for some happier memories with Lily.This is really a meditation on love, marriage and motherhood, in a very delicate and [...]

  • Krystal Milton

    One of the most heartbreaking occurrences in life is to lose a child. While the storyline brought me to tears, I followed Claire as she struggled to grasp the inevitable, her crumbling marriage, her grief and her future. Who could really see what their future will be when they have lost something as close to their soul in nature so drastically? I loved the flow of Lisa’s writing style and how she capitalized on the exploration of grief and loss and how it affects one’s life, relationships an [...]

  • Amerynth

    In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free copy of Lisa D. Ellis' debut novel "Finding Lily."This short novel is narrated by Claire, a woman who grieves the loss of her newborn baby by running off to live in a friend's lighthouse. She is torn apart by her loss and angry with her husband Jim who grieves in a totally different manner. There is a solid emotional core to the book, which is well-written. The characters are interesting, particularly the secondary characters, but I wish they [...]

  • Lisa

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  • ☆ Finding Lily || ↠ PDF Download by ✓ Lisa D. Ellis
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