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Le cauchemar de Mana Neyestani commence en 2006, le jour o il dessine une conversation entre un enfant et un cafard dans le suppl ment pour enfants d un hebdomadaire iranien Le probl me est que le cafard dessin par Mana utilise un mot az ri Les az ris, un peuple d origine turc vivant au nord de l Iran, sont depuis longtemps opprim s par le r gime central Pour certainsLe cauchemar de Mana Neyestani commence en 2006, le jour o il dessine une conversation entre un enfant et un cafard dans le suppl ment pour enfants d un hebdomadaire iranien Le probl me est que le cafard dessin par Mana utilise un mot az ri Les az ris, un peuple d origine turc vivant au nord de l Iran, sont depuis longtemps opprim s par le r gime central Pour certains, le dessin de Mana est la goutte d eau qui fait d border le vase et un excellent pr texte pour d clencher une meute Le r gime de T h ran a besoin d un bouc missaire, ce sera Mana Lui et l diteur du magazine sont emmen s dans la Prison 209, une section non officielle de la prison d Evin, v ritable prison dans la prison sous l administration de la VEVAK, le Minist re des Renseignements et de la S curit Nationale Ce n est pas un endroit tr s agr able Alors que le deux hommes subissent des semaines d isolement et d interrogatoires, les az ris organisent de nombreuses manifestations anti gouvernementales Les autorit s font tirer sur les manifestants, faisant de nombreuses victimes Pour les autorit s, tout est de la faute de Mana.Au bout de deux mois de d tention, Mana obtient enfin un droit de sortie temporaire Il d cide alors de s enfuir avec sa femme Apr s un long p riple qui les fera passer par les mirats Arabes Unis, La Turquie et la Chine, ils parviendront atteindre la Malaisie pour s y installer avant de rejoindre Paris en 2010 Bouleversant, Une M tamorphose iranienne est une plong e en apn e dans le syst me totalitaire kafka en mis en place par le r gime iranien.

  • Title: Una metamorfosi iraniana
  • Author: Mana Neyestani
  • ISBN: 9788876182259
  • Page: 316
  • Format: None

About Author:

Mana Neyestani

Mana Neyestani Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Una metamorfosi iraniana book, this is one of the most wanted Mana Neyestani author readers around the world.

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  • Elizabeth A

    Could a cartoon spark riots? One published in the children's section of the paper at that? Well, the modern reader is all too aware of how badly things can go for the artists and their publisher when some people take offense.This is a wonderfully illustrated graphic memoir with a strong narrative arc, and the black and white art captures well the bleakness of the story. The author is an Iranian cartoonist, and when his cartoons do in fact start a demonstration, his life takes a Kafkaesque turn. [...]

  • ѦѺ™

    while working on his next cartoon for the children's pages of Iran Jomeh, Mana Neyestani was inspired by the lowly cockroach. little did he know at that time that drawing this common household pest would turn his world upside down and forever change his life.riots ensue in the Azeri provinces due to the "innocuous" cartoon and the Iranian government's miltiia is mobilized to curtail the spreading violence. as a result, Mana, together with his editor-in-chief Mehrad Ghasemfar, is sent to the noto [...]

  • Andy

    4.5 stars - An exceptional graphic memoir by Neyestani, an Iranian cartoonist whose cartoons featured in a children's publication landed him in a prison nightmare worthy of Kafka. While Kafka's Metamorphosis is a clear inspiration for this graphic novel, it is in not heavily derivative of that work. Neyestani instead creates something with a hint of the bizarre, yet very personal, unique and moving. Seek this out! (This is the English translation from Uncivilized Books.)

  • Roxane

    This read was for the 2012 Around the World in 12 Books Reading Challenge hosted by Shannon at Giraffe Days (July: Iran)One note on the French edition though: the copyright page says that it was translated from the English translation produced by Ghasal Mosadecq. That being said, I've searched on line for an English translation of this amazing and enlightening graphic novel and couldn't find one so perhaps it was never actually published in English. If so, that's a real shame and I really do hop [...]

  • Guilherme Smee

    Se lembram daquele cartunista dinamarquês que foi perseguido por muçulmanos por ter feito uma caricatura do profeta Maomé? Bem, essa HQ conta uma história por outro ponto de vista. A de um cartunista iraniano que fez uma charge que acabou envolvendo a minoria curda (turcos, mas não bem turcos) no irã. Por causa dessa controvérsia, Mana Neyestani acabou indo para uma cadeia secreta no Irã. Como a charge envolvia uma barata, Mana compara a si mesmo com Gregor Samsa, o personagem do celebra [...]

  • Jim

    Stumbled across this book in the library and I'm very glad I did. This is a graphic memoir by an Iranian cartoonist, Mana Neyestani. He used to publish cartoons in the children's section of an Iranian newspaper until 2006, when he published a cartoon with a cockroach in it. In the cartoon, he used an Azerbaijani word in the cartoon. Because of this one work in the cartoon with a cockroach, there was rioting, because the Azerbaijani's thought he was implying that they were cockroaches. This lead [...]

  • Vittorio Rainone

    Neyestani racconta l'incredibile storia autobiografica della sua fuga dall'Iran, dove è stato arrestato e sarebbe finito in carcere a tempo indeterminato per un disegno. Un solo disegno che è comparso nella rubrica per ragazzi di un giornale. Un disegno in cui compare uno scarafaggio che pronuncia, per leggerezza da parte dello stesso autore, una parola in azero. Un singolo disegno, un banalissimo disguido, che innesca una protesta sfociata nel sangue e un'odissea degna del miglior romanzo di [...]

  • Nisreen Nijmeh


  • Sandy

    Complex, intense, and interesting. Raises a lot of thought-provoking issues.

  • T.J.

    A real-life Kafka-esque nightmare.

  • Leninha

    Liberdade é se sentir seguro entre seu próprio povo.

  • Blue

    I met Mana Neyestani at the Brooklyn Book Festival a few weeks ago. When I said I met him, I mean I said hi, he said hi sheepishly and smiled, and drew an awesome cartoon by way of signing the book for me. He did not really say anything else to me, and I sensed that he was terrified. At the time, I thought he was just tired, jet lagged, insecure in his English, etc. Little did I know that he could have actually been extremely terrified when I told Tom Kaczynski (the founder of the publisher, who [...]

  • Christina

    A cartoonist for a newspaper geared towards children in Iran, Neyestani drew a cartoon featuring a cockroach speaking an Azeri word – which is used to mean “what?” in Iranian Persian – in 2006 and ended up in one of Iran’s notorious secret jails. Such a sentence seems surprisingly harsh, but the Iranian government charged Neyestani with working against the state after the Azerbaijani minority rioted over the image and needed to demonstrate they are doing something to appease the concer [...]

  • Shellie (Layers of Thought)

    Original review by John is posted at Layers of Thought.A wonderful autobiographical graphic novel detailing the Kafkaesque story of Iranian cartoonist Mana Neyestani, as he goes from idealistic writer, to detainee in the feared Iranian prison system, to homeless fugitive and refugee.John’s description: Neyestani was a children’s cartoonist working for an Iranian newspaper. Despite the increasingly radical nature of the government he felt safe as he contributed to the leisure section of the p [...]

  • Mandana Fard

    I loved it!"An Iranian Metamorphosis" is a graphic novel by Mana Neyestani, a very talented Iranian cartoonist. He has published several fictional comic books in the past 15 years around a character named Mr Ka, but in this book Mana tells his own story, which amazingly has a lot in common with the story of Mr Ka. After years of working with reformist and opposition newspapers in Iran, and witnessing them getting shut down one by one by the government, Mana decides to work for a children's publi [...]

  • L.A.

    Comic artist Neyestani describes how drawing a bug in a children's cartoon got him arrested for supposedly stirring up violence between Iranians and Turks. Interrogations, prison life, and bureaucratic red tape make Neyestani and his wife miserable for months, and when the cartoonist is released on a ten-day pass, the couple decides to flee the country. Getting out of Iran, however, proves to be a lot more trouble than they'd bargained for. Aside from a tangent about a Chinese passport official, [...]

  • Cintia Andrade

    Esse livro conta a história do autor, um cartunista iraniano perseguido politicamente por ter supostamente retratado uma etnia turca como uma barata em uma de suas tirinhas para uma publicação infantil. É um livro muito bem planejado e executado. O paralelo com Kafka é trabalhado de maneira perfeita e a transformação da barata no próprio autor me fez pensar também em A paixão segundo G.H O trabalho gráfico de Neyestani é impressionante, e as cenas da prisão são muito impactantes. A [...]

  • Franco Olcese

    J'ai bien aimé ce roman graphique, c'est une histoire autobiographique d'un dessinateur iranien et son persecution dû les problèmes qu'un de ces travail ont causé. Je vois dans le dessin, des ressemblances avec le travail de Quino, bien sur, le contenu a rien à voir. Les expressions faciales des personnages sont très bonnes, je pense que ce qui m'a plu le plus. Ce que je n'ai pas aimé, ce le personnage central, Mana. Je crois qu'il a pu montrer plus de ce qu'il a pensé pendant ton son pa [...]

  • Manuel Mezzadra

    Graphic novel strepitosa! Una storia autobiografica raccontata in modo molto sincero e toccante. Un bello spaccato di vita di persone che si trovano oppresse da un governo dispotico, violento, irrazionale, incoerente, millantatore Disegni essenziali ma che vanno dritti al cuore del lettore, un tratto sicuro e deciso, una storia ben pensata e ben scritta (disegnata). L'ho trovata una lettura un po' diversa dal solito, un tema se vogliamo anche abbastanza diffuso, ma trattato in una veste innovati [...]

  • Veronique

    Une version revisitée de la métamorphose de Kafka à partir de l'histoire d'un dessinateur de presse iranien qui se retrouve pris dans un engrenage infernal après qu'une de ses œuvres ait engendré une contestation politique. Celle ci, instrumentalisée par le pouvoir le conduit d'abord en prison, puis à tenter de quitter l'Iran. Récit graphique, récit de vie, avec le cancrelat de Franz Kafka comme emblème du malheur et de la persécution avec lequel il faudra apprendre à composer. Atta [...]

  • Rod Brown

    I had my doubts going in, but this memoir of an Iranian cartoonist turned political prisoner and refugee quickly engaged and engrossed me. I'm not sure the cockroach theme really paid off though. I was turned off by several lettering mistakes that slipped past the editor, and it looks to me that the sticker of a cockroach on the cover's spine of the edition I got from my local library may actually be trying to cover up a typo in the book's title. Neyestani deserved better from his publisher, tho [...]

  • Anne Nerison

    Who would have thought that one word in one cartoon could cause so much trouble? An Iranian Metamorphosis tells the true story of author/illustrator Mana Neyestani, whose children's cartoon landed him in an Iranian prison for months. Neyestani's story was riveting, and left me wondering what else could possibly happen at each turn.

  • Linden

    This provides a fresh perspective on life as a professional in Iran as the political situation shifted. And a glimpse into the hurdles faced by both refugees AND officials trying to discern which claimants are in real danger and which are using a handy excuse for personal gain. Heartbreaking.

  • Carolynn

    If you are wondering this week what its like to be creative, a cartoonist, and living in the Muslim world, I highly recommend this book.

  • Lindsay

    Panels Read Harder: Comic originally published in Europe

  • Federica Fiorani

    Bellissimo graphic novel, una storia drammatica splendidamente raffigurata.

  • William Beauvais

    enjoyed most of this book - a story that needs to be witnessed. charming style, belying the subject matter. it went on a bit long though.

  • Serage

    I wish more comics comes out of the Middle east. As a medium, it is perfect for the political and daily reality there.

  • Charlène

    Après un parcours arrachant, l'auteur semble nous faire part de son histoire avec une objectivité (toujours subjective évidemment) déconcertante Bref un récit difficile relater d'une belle façon.

  • Megan Geissler

    Censorship, freedom of press issues

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