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By Adam J. Nicolai | Comments: ( 379 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

Sarah threw her life away for God.When she realized she had feelings for her best friend, Sarah drove her off To prove she wasn t gay, Sarah slept with a boy from school When she got pregnant, she surrendered an acceptance to Yale in order to keep her daughter, Rebecca.Finally, God s messenger tells her she s proven her virtue.She can have her life back the way it was ISarah threw her life away for God.When she realized she had feelings for her best friend, Sarah drove her off To prove she wasn t gay, Sarah slept with a boy from school When she got pregnant, she surrendered an acceptance to Yale in order to keep her daughter, Rebecca.Finally, God s messenger tells her she s proven her virtue.She can have her life back the way it was In return, she only needs to kill her baby Rebecca is a terrifying descent into the maze of one young woman s beliefs, a labyrinth of self hate and religious abuse which asks the same question at every turn What would you do for your God

  • Title: Rebecca
  • Author: Adam J. Nicolai
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Adam J. Nicolai

Adam J Nicolai lives near Minneapolis, MN with his wife, Joy, and their two children, Isaac and Rydia He is a life long nerd, game lover, author, Star Wars fan, Dungeon Master, and amateur game designer, as well as a former project manager and policy debate coach.His first novel, Alex, was self published on and was extremely well received, hitting 13 on the Kindle Horror Bestseller list and 1 in Ghost Horror It was also the top rated novel by customer review for several months in Horror, Thriller, and Suspense, and peaked at 3 top rated in overall Kindle Fiction His second novel, Rebecca, is now available exclusively through The paperback will available soon.

Comments Rebecca

  • Carrie

    ~Warning Spoilers ahead~Imagine growing up thinking that there was something wrong with you? You were cursed, had a demon inside of you? And imagine that you prayed every night for eight years for God to make you good, not a sinner, to make you not gay! Because you can't be gay?? Because your faith, your God, your pastor, your church, your mother says it's wrong. Gay people are wrong and they are cursed, they will go to hell! You are wrong, you are going to hell!!Sarah had big dreams, she was go [...]

  • Dawna

    Rebecca was a bit of a difficult read for me. So much so that after i finished I wrote the author to share my opinion. It is a story about a mothers love and the sacrifices she is willing to make (or not make) for her child. It is also a story about hate - and thats the subject that hurts. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good book that has painful issues and redemption at its core.

  • Susan

    This is a very sad book and very hard to read, but also very hard to put down! It really is a horror story, but not your typical horror story.Imagine yourself as an 18 year old girl (Sarah) who is on the debate team and on the fast track to attending Yale and then attending law school. Sarah has know she was different since she was nine. After awful dreams, a fanatic religious Mom, and whispers at school, she hooks up with an overbearing and arrogant guy and ends up pregnant.Her life is now like [...]

  • Becky Shaw beedy

    I have to say this book really got me thinking. At first I thought this was going to be a horror novel a la Dean Koontz. Gradually I realized it was another kind of horror.feeling trapped inside a situation completely out of control. If you want a book that will make you consider how you feel about modern issues, give this one a try. Nicolai is an author who does his job well in this regard.

  • Books

    This is the first book by Adam Nicolai I’ve read, but it definitely won’t be the last. Lately I haven’t been reading many self-published books as the majority of the ones I’ve read have been disappointing and left me in a reading slump. I’ve downloaded this novel a long, long time ago when it was free on , and because I was undecided on what to read next, I started on this freebie with zero expectations. Now I can’t recommend it highly enough!Despite the impression the book summary a [...]

  • Laura Laporta

    Read the first few reviews on for better details. I finished this book almost a week ago and just now writing a review because I'm not sure how I feel. I can't say read it or don't, or that it's good or bad, because It's extremely controversial, from postpartum depression, to sexuality, and religion. My jaw dropped from this book for sure, and I've yet to close it. I talked to friends about it, just as conversation, because I felt angry, happy, sad, and stuff I'm not even sure of. Support group [...]

  • Lori Anaple

    This ran the gamut from religion to sexuality to murder. It was compelling. The characters were developed and I was invested In seeing how it ended. As a former debater, I really enjoyed the references to the competitions. It is a very topical subject and it was done well. I will check out more books by this author.

  • Dystopian

    I appreciated the insight into gay children raised in fundamentalist religious groups. It also illuminated how hard it can be for a new young single mother. The book itself though was dissatisfying. The end was too pat and one does not just "get over" a psychological disturbance like snapping your fingers.

  • Catina Werry

    Read it in one day!I couldn't put this one down. It was full of emotion. It was frightening in some parts and tender in others. It is definitely one book to put on your list.

  • Jennifer

    A little too disturbing for my taste.

  • Crysti Perry

    Wow. I decided to read this book because I was unable to get into anything else I'd started. The author was new to me and the cover was intriguing. I never read the synopsis of a book, so I had no idea what I was getting into. This story was gripping. I was filled with anxiety almost from page 1. There were a number of similarities between Sarah's childhood and my own, although I think hers was far more intense. When I was 10, the preacher of the church we went to found out I collected unicorns. [...]

  • Jamie Nicholas

    GrippingGripping story about the damage evangelicals can do to young impressionable minds, when they forget Christ preached love. Good read.

  • Jesse Simon

    Really enjoyed this - the endless miserable nights reminiscent of "Babadook" especially

  • Shannon Chapel

    Well, what can I say? I think Adam Nicolai and I had similar childhood upbringings, and I completely understand his loathing for organized religion. That being said, this book is disturbing on so many levels. I really enjoyed it until chapter 82, then something weird happened--I'm not even sure what it was, exactly, just the way the plot unfolded. That's when I started not enjoying it. I realized I didn't like the main character. At all. She's a whiny, self-absorbed, childish drama queen. By the [...]

  • Graecyn K

    I recently finished Alex by Adam J. Nicolai – his first novel was a truly exciting read, albeit pretty grim. However, I enjoyed it so thoroughly, and it was such an easy read, that I decided to move on to his second novel – Rebecca. Like Alex, it is a short book (a little over 300 pages), and full of the cool and casual writing style that I love.I found Rebecca to be uniquely relatable to my own experiences within the Assembly of God church. Having grown up in it myself since the age of 9, I [...]

  • Brittany Gardner

    Let me start by saying that this book obviously covers some pretty serious themes: homosexuality, postpartum depression, religion. If you feel squeamish about any of these, this book probably isn't going to be for you.I loved it, though. Sarah's struggles with her feelings for Tiff, the woman she loves, and her desire to be pleasing to God are beautifully written. She is in a constant state of battling with herself and what she believes is the sexuality she was born with. The lack of support fro [...]

  • MKeller

    I have since decided two things after reading this book: 1. I will only ever read New York Times Bestselling books because I'm no longer going off recommendations from amazon or goodread reviews. If you rated this book over 1 star, you're the reason I think reviews are garbage. Congratulations. 2. I quit the self-published author. A few problems I had with the book:1. There is little to no character development. This was a snapshot of what takes place during one particular time in the main chara [...]

  • Rhea Dsouza

    I’ve read The Exorcist when I was eleven. I am a Roman Catholic by religion. And I was absolutely shaken, disturbed and scandalized by the horror that was Rebecca. In the best way possible.Sarah, as fore-mentioned, is eighteen. Not a good age to be dealing with crying babies, changing diapers and more importantly post natal depression. Throw in the fact that she is just discovering her sexuality and is currently not having the best relations with her mother, and you’ve got yourself this enth [...]

  • Danielle Calhoun

    THIS BOOK IS NOT REALLY A SPOOKY HORROR STORY. If you are expecting that, you probably won't like it. With that being said, you should still give it a try.I think you have to be a parent to truly understand a lot of the emotions in this book. Otherwise, a lot of the descriptions of how Sarah feels about her daughter might be lost on you. Women who have had babies and have gone through the stressful postpartum phase of having babies will understand and identify with SOME of the feelings she has. [...]

  • Stephanie

    I'm a little conflicted about this book, and I probably would have given it 3 stars if it hadn't ended so abruptly.For most of the book I felt pretty conflicted about a male author writing about postpartum psychosis/depression, but about 2/3 of the way through I felt like he had really done a good job (based on what my friends who have dealt with it have said about their experiences). There really is a lot going on in this book: teen pregnancy, postpartum psychosis/depression, very conservative [...]

  • sherry vaughn

    What a great read!I usually don't review books. I really enjoyed the writing and could relate top the main character and the sleepless nights with a newborn. I thought I had this book figured out but I was wrong! The whole experiences of the main character really made you think. Thank you Adam I can't wait to read another one of your books!

  • Kath Middleton

    Newly born Rebecca is the product of a short-lived relationship between Sarah and Cal, both due to go to college. Sarah has qualified for Yale but with the birth of her baby, won't be able to go. At the start of the book, Sarah hasn't bonded with Rebecca and refers to her baby as 'it'. The author brilliantly captures the tedium and despair of days and nights spent with a restless, crying newborn. The problem for me was that the book became a bit tedious at that point too. I think that early part [...]

  • Amy's Book Reviews

    3.5 of 5 starsEighteen year old Sarah lives with her newborn daughter Rebecca, who Sarah calls "it" or "thing". She's been kicked out by her religious fanatic mother, abandoned by Becca's father Cal, and estranged from the woman she loves, Tiffany. And she's having dreams or hallucinations telling her to kill Becca to give her back to god. When Sarah and Tiffany reunite, Sarah begins to embrace motherhood, but suddenly Cal wants to marry her, to placate his father. REBECCA is part romance, part [...]

  • Dee Bockler

    A good readThis book worried me . I was afraid that baby Rebecca was going to be a battered baby but the story line went lots of different directions. I liked Sarah because she was so desperate to please everyone and ended up never pleasing anyone. She was damaged goods but love found the way to her heart. I liked this book a lot and recommend it.

  • Lbousson

    This was a very well written story of a young woman's decent into her self-depreciating hell for the things that she did in that name off her "god;" and the journey she took to crawl back out of it. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto this book, but I am forever grateful I did. Not often does a book come along that is written so well and so clearly and take the reader for a ride through extreme emotions only to turn out better than expected. For sure, there is no happy-happy ending here, but the fe [...]

  • Sammantha

    I received this book as a freebie for the Kindle. I have to say I was not pleased at all and I was very disappointed. I read a book previous to this one by the same author that I loved! But oh well, that didn't mean every book the author writes will be great.Anyway, after reading the synopsis of this Kindle read, I thought oh my I definitely want to read this. It sounded very interesting and intense. Well halfway through it I thought otherwise! It was totally off track and not anything really of [...]

  • Tam French

    InterestingVery interesting story. Still not sure about the Messenger, but it kept me fascinated. Will check out more of your books in the future

  • Kristine

    This was a book I choose as a free Kindle download because I didn't have anything handy to read. The description made is sound like a really good read, but the reality is that it did fall short. This could have been a really great story. There were a lot of juicy ideas and hot topics, but the story and character development just wasn't there.The main character is a young(18 years old), christian, gay mother who experiences visits from The Messenger. Just this aspect of the story alone could have [...]

  • Yblees

    I think this is classed as suspense, rather than horror. It was certainly suspenseful in a horrifying way for me. This was a great story all the way through, but one of the most gripping parts was definitely the (view spoiler)[trauma of breastfeeding going wrong. Cracked nipples and all. Mind you, I had plenty of support from family, and definitely never went a week without bathing. YUCK! But really, with breastfeeding, absolutely nobody else can help you with that. And yes, I completely identif [...]

  • Dawn

    This book was an amazing read. I thought it was going to be a scary book was a brilliantly talented young woman goes on a downward spiral after having a baby she didn't want by a guy she didn't love because she was gay and fighting an inner demand of her's from childhood. In the end, this book is more about growing up and facing life head on . Realizing everything we're taught isn't necessarily correct and how some people aren't what they appear to be. Choices we're often faced with aren't alway [...]

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