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By Bren Christopher | Comments: ( 557 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

Tristan and Cory have been together forever and thought they always would be until Sam comes into their lives.In a fit of jealousy, Tristan commits an inexcusable act of anger Unable to trust his own temper, he leaves Cory although it breaks both of their hearts Even if Cory can forgive him, Tristan can never forgive himself Cory is determined to prove that Tristan hasTristan and Cory have been together forever and thought they always would be until Sam comes into their lives.In a fit of jealousy, Tristan commits an inexcusable act of anger Unable to trust his own temper, he leaves Cory although it breaks both of their hearts Even if Cory can forgive him, Tristan can never forgive himself Cory is determined to prove that Tristan has nothing to fear and that, together, they can find a way to put the past behind them Then an old guilt of his own arises to weaken his resolve.Somehow in this morass of jealousy, remorse and grief, Sam must find a way to reunite the couple he inadvertently tore apart But the ghosts of Tristan s difficult childhood threaten to keep them separated despite Sam s best efforts Now Sam must be than a friend to the two if he is going to bring them back together He ll do whatever is necessary, and if his plan happens to lead to a bit of fun for all three of them surely no one can blame him for enjoying it just a little.But if Sam succeeds, will it mean the end of his own chance for happiness Word Count 68,409

  • Title: Second Chance Sam
  • Author: Bren Christopher
  • ISBN: 9781623001872
  • Page: 340
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Bren Christopher

Bren Christopher has been an avid reader since she was a kid, but it wasn t until she discovered erotic romance that the characters who had been content to reside in her imagination started insisting they needed a wider audience Matt and Jamie of Friday Night Jamie were the first, but others followed in rapid succession She s had a lot of fun helping her folks come to life, and hopes you have just as much fun getting to know them.

Comments Second Chance Sam

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*

    I'm doing my first ever m/m group challenge. I chose the Zodiac challenge and I'm going to read books that I've had on my TBR pile for a while that fit the criteria.This book is my choice for Aquarius (21 January-19 February) * I am the the Zodiac Challenge whisperer, LOL Ami, Debra and Shakisha are in too *Ok, I loved parts of this story and wasn't thrilled with other parts of it. The friendship, love and absolute devotion between Cory and Tristan is amazing and heartbreaking. The couple was ac [...]

  • JustJen "Miss Conduct"

    So many things come to mind when I sit to write this review that I don’t really know where to start. I loved this story. It grabbed me right from the beginning when the boys first met as kindergartners.Cory and Tristan are the sweetest couple. They have been friends since that first meeting and, as they got older, became lovers as well. They have only ever been with each other, and it is easy to feel how much they are genuinely smitten with each other. There are numerous issues each have faced [...]

  • Kaje Harper

    4.5 stars. This was a well-written, fast read, with a very nice little twist at the end. The three characters here were a study in contrasts working together. Cory is a computer technician and motor-cycle enthusiast. Ever since Tristan befriended him in first grade, he's loved Tristan and tried to be there for him. Cory is sensible, sweet, a bit quiet, and unaware of his own qualities. Just turned 21, he's smart in a very practical way, and only has eyes for Tristan.Tristan is blond, pretty, ver [...]

  • Debra

    This story was very different than I expected and really kept me wondering how things would work out right until the end, and even though it may not have ended the way I wanted it to, it was ultimately satisfying.The domestic abuse that was portrayed made me very uncomfortable and angry, and Tristan's actions afterward made me even more upset. While it is clear that Cory and Tristan love each other and are meant to be together, the men have not really dealt with Tristan's past and the way it is [...]

  • Susan65

    Omg, I wanted to beat Tristan upside his stubborn head over and over and over again. His dad f'ed him up so badly and as much as he annoyed me, i still want to protect him. Cory was a saint. At first I wanted him to walk away but quickly realized that they needed help. They would only be happy together, but what can you do when you don't trust yourself?I was really hurting for Sam. He deserved happiness more than most and sacrificed his own for Tristan and Cory. I wasn't on board with the menage [...]

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)

    this book had the potential to be soooo good but ultimately ended up pissing me off too much for me to give it the 4 star rating it could have deserved. Probably only dropping one star is pretty generous, actually.I will rant about what made me mad, between spoiler tags, later when I'm at a computer with a keyboard.Below be spoilers. But I think if you're friends with me, you'll probably have a similar reaction so you may want to read it anyway. Okay, go.(view spoiler)[Here’s the basic premise [...]

  • Nic

    Cory and Tristan have been together forever - such a wonderful couple and their total devotion to each other really comes through in the writing. But things don't go smoothly as there has been trouble in their past and Tristan makes a decision based on this past and his overwhelming desire to protect Cory. This decision to leave Cory is heart-breaking for both of them (this is not a spoiler as it is in the blurb).The story involves a growing friendship with Sam who runs a local motorcycle shop. [...]

  • ☆ Todd

    Three very likeable main characters that you actually wanted to root for. Good story line. And the whole 3-way scene was hot with a capital "H". Whew. : )

  • Calila

    Didn't really love this. I don't like the message I feel like I got which was that if you just love someone and are "big & strong" enough, well then their domestic violence isn't really that bad. Tristan does eventually go to a shrink to work out his issues but it's so off page that it doesn't really do much to negate the bad behavior. I really liked Cody. I am left feeling like he deserves better. Also hate what happens with Sam. The drama all starts because he's into Cody, then when they a [...]

  • Raji

    Wonderfully refreshing book about a mènage but, not-mènage. I haven't read any books like this where the third wheel helps bring the protagonists together.I loved the initial pairing of Cory and Tristan. The love, the care that they show didn't need describing. When Tristan is aghast at something that he did, their relationship takes a serious hit.Enter Sam. He considers himself as the reason why Cory and Tristan had the fight in the first place so he takes it upon himself to bring them back t [...]

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden

    Ummm Welllll. Hm. I'm not quite sure how to review this. It wasn't terrible, but the ending made me feel like I'd been jerked around for no real reason. I won't give it away, but I will warn other fans of menage romance; if what you're looking for is an emotionally meaningful and sweet threesome tale, stay away from this book.

  • A

    3.25 Stars. Review originally published here: joyfullyjay/2013/02/reviewThroughout my entire reading of Second Chance Sam, my thought was a pervasive, “Poor Sam.” If this is his second chance, his first chance must’ve been really bad! Sam is a big hulk of a man who owns his own motorcycle shop so, in other words, he’s the epitome of bad-ass hotness. Instead of being able to bask in his awesome Harley Davidson-ness, however, Sam is a compromising pushover who rarely gets what he wants in [...]

  • Dumbledore11214

    I have read other stories by this writer and I liked those a lot - as you can see I bought this book without waiting for any reviews, something I rarely do these days.I really liked Tristan and Cory and Sam together and separately. Blurb says all of this, so it is not like I will be revealing any spoilers, but Tristan and Cory had been together forever means exactly that - they at least had been friends since childhood. That may jerk me out of the story and badly at that, but here I bought their [...]

  • Karen

    I'm not sure what I was expecting when I started this story, but what I got was a very pleasant surprise. Second Chance Sam dealt with some very challenging issues abuse, PTSD, guilt and the dynamics of how those things can affect a long term relationship. Sounds depressing, right? While it had it's heartbreaking, gut wrenching moments at the end of it all it was a beautiful story about love, faith, commitment and trust and the power of the the human heart to overcome whatever life throws at it [...]

  • justanya

    This book was a good read but two things stopped me from giving it 5 stars. 1) Sam's character was underdeveloped. He lacked depth and his backstory was vague raising more questions rather than providing insight in regards to who Sam is and what makes him tic.2) I didn't like the ending. It made no sense to me. If Sam's backstory was as developed as Tristan and Corey's then I would have perhaps had a deeper understanding of his actions and choices.How the story ended made me question if Tristan, [...]

  • Neil

    I wouldn't go so far as to say the blurb is misleading, but I wish there had been a content warning or whatever that made it clear the MCs don't end up in a menage relationship. Because not everybody is gonna appreciate that 'little twist' at the end. I certainly didn't.(view spoiler)[Tristan and Cory get their HEA, and Sam ends up with Jenna. Yeaaa, Jenna who didn't appear until the last chapter and was only mentioned prior in the book as the ex Sam was still hung up on. (hide spoiler)]Good boo [...]

  • Angie

    Lovely! I really enjoyed that the Sam component of the story wasn't just the traditional "and then they became a triad and lived happily ever after" trope. The characters were complex, real, flawed,and so very human. Definitely a new must read author for me!

  • Dante

    This was so close to being fantastic - the ending, oh the ending. >>>>>>>>Why couldn't they all be together? They worked well as a threesome. I liked it but was disappointed by the conventional ending.

  • Elisa Rolle

    2013 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

  • Tia Fielding

    Read it all in one sitting. Sadly the ending didn't work for me personally, although I can see what the author tried to do with it. A good book nevertheless.

  • Jenn

    The relationship between the three guys really developed over the course of the book. I enjoyed it a lot and the ending was perfect.

  • J. Vaughn

    This story is definitely different from your usual three-way. I liked all three MCs quite well. There was a good amount of tension, but no over-the-top angst. And although the ending wasn't ideal, IMO, it worked well for this story. The sex was also very hot.

  • KimberlyRose

    That is an unusual romance.An established couple who are not only close, life-long friends but who are also deeply in love and instensely sexual, have a sleeping but active volcano beneath them. They both repress certain unresolved emotions, and these emotions threaten the very foundation of their relationship. When critical mass happens, Sam is the third party who is their Second Chance Sam--he helps them in a way they can't help themselves or each other.I would have liked to see a little more [...]

  • Arlyn

    I'm a little baffled by the 3.5 star rating as I absolutely loved it and easily thought it deserved my 5 star rating. Sure, some parts were hard to read as they were a bit upsetting, but I feel that they just added depth to the story and complexity to the well developed characters.I loved Cory, Sam and Tristan. I was taken in with the scene at the start if the book from the moment Tristan and Cory first meet at the age of six. I loved these two together so much that I was a little wary about how [...]

  • Natalija

    (view spoiler)[I have first-hand experience with domestic violence and I admit that I'm biased on the subject, however, I have never given a book about DV such a low rating. I may not believe in a happy ending for the parties involved, but I do appreciate a substantial amount of groveling and doing penance. As for this book, I have no respect for a "hero" who abuses his partner and runs away instead of going with him to the hospital to check for injuries. In all honesty, I don't see how learning [...]

  • Anke

    I liked it, a lot. In fact a lot more than I thought as it was waiting on my kindle for quite some time and I even tried to start reading several times without being able to get into it. But now it worked out. There was a lovely relationship between Tristan and Cory. There was drama that kept them apart, but it wasn't too drawn out. I liked how Sam became not only Cory's friend, but Tristan's as well. There was a very nice ending for all of them, not necessarily together :) and there was an epil [...]

  • Secretobcession

    Closer to 3.5 Stars. I loved the MC and the intensity of the love between Tristan & Corey. But somehow the menage between the 3 MC left me feeling kind of empty. Yes, the menage brought Corey & Tristan back together, butybe the therapy would have done that too. I guess I just wanted the 3 of them to become a family together rather than a family of friends. Meh.

  • Amy

    I really enjoyed this story and with the way the author wrote it, you didn't have a clue about the guys staying together or not. I was on the fence with whether I wanted to have Sam stay with guys and I'm really happy with the ending. Maybe there will be a sequel so we can see everyone some years down the road.

  • Omega696

    It was a real terjerker.I liked Cory and Tristan and Sam. They were complex characters. Sometimes though they were driving me mad with their self-sacrificing attitude and martyrology.

  • Letti


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