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Just two years ago, the media turned Detective John Spader into a hero He d caught a twisted serial killer terrorizing Massachusetts, and the Jack of Spades, as the media dubbed Spader, was born But when the murderer walked free on a technicality free to kill again the public turned on Spader Now a new serial killer is on the loose He wears the silly, gap toothed, grJust two years ago, the media turned Detective John Spader into a hero He d caught a twisted serial killer terrorizing Massachusetts, and the Jack of Spades, as the media dubbed Spader, was born But when the murderer walked free on a technicality free to kill again the public turned on Spader Now a new serial killer is on the loose He wears the silly, gap toothed, grinning mask of Galaxo, Starboy Avenger a cartoon alien of unparalleled popularity with children With the aid of voice changing technology in the mask, he speaks in the alien s cheerful, high pitched, robotic vibrato, the same voice that delights millions of cartoon watching kids every day And he does all this while he maims, tortures, and murders his victims With the body count rising, and the public s fear growing, it s up to the Jack of Spades to find the man beneath the mask and stop the killing.

  • Title: Jack of Spades
  • Author: JamesHankins
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  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:


James Hankins has written stories his entire life, even during various career detours His newest novel of suspense, THE INSIDE DARK, was published on July 11, 2017 Each of his previous thrillers THE PRETTIEST ONE, SHADY CROSS, BROTHERS AND BONES, JACK OF SPADES, and DRAWN spent time in the Kindle Top 100 and became 1 bestsellers, while THE PRETTIEST ONE reached 1 across all categories in the Kindle Store SHADY CROSS received a coveted starred review from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews gave BROTHERS a starred review and named it to their list of Best Books of 2013 Hankins lives with his wife and twin sons just north of Boston PLEASE NOTE that there are others who publish under the name James Hankins, so please see James s website for a complete list of his books.

Comments Jack of Spades

  • Judy Collins

    JACK OF SPADES,by talented James Hankinsis a cop police procedural and suspense crime psycho-thriller, with a twisted serial killer, a freaky cartoon voice, a mask . . . slashing body parts and torturing his victims.Detective John Spader caught a serial killer which terrorized Massachusetts; however, on a technicality –the murderer was left to roam and kill again. Spader has never forgotten this, nor has the media. Now, two years later, another serial killer is back, or could it be one in the [...]

  • Monnie

    After I read Brothers and Bones by James Hankins and loved it, when I got the chance to get this one for $2.99 at , I didn't hesitate for a second. Although there weren't all that many reviews at that time (fewer than 200), all were very positive - and the book is the No. 8 best-selling police procedural at the Kindle store and in the Top 50 in the Thrillers-Suspense section.Now that I've read it, I know I got a bargain. There was more than enough action and nail-biting suspense to keep me on th [...]

  • Nancy

    When I first saw this, I thought it was going to be your ordinary police- capture-serial-killer story. I was wrong. Unless you have plenty of time, you don't even start this book. Following Brothers and Bones and Drawn, Hankins does it again and brings a new story, unlike the rest. With this author. it has always been a different topic and a fresh perspective. Detective John Spader was everyone's pick for supercop until a jury let a murderer go free on a technicality. When he was popular and suc [...]

  • Lori

    jack of spadesI like crime novels. I like crime novels that involve smart detective work. Crime novels where the author spends way too much time on the main character's flaws, not so much. Do I care how much Bud he drinks? Do I need to know about every flower purchased for the ex-wife? And don't string me along with talk of previous cases and then not bring those to a conclusion.

  • Cheryl

    Spooky, keep-the-doors locked serial killer tale with Massachusetts State Trooper - Detective John Spader leading the investigation into grisly deaths and mutilation. Vivid imagery, flawed but likeable protagonist. I read author's other two books, too - "Drawn" and "Brother and Bones." Varied storylines. I liked all of them very much.

  • Nicole Paul

    Loved it! Absolutely loved it. Just kept wondering who it was. I also loved the incorporation of the mother/father/son relationship that was incredibly realistic and showed how Jack had other drama going on in his own life. Just fabulous!!Well Done, James!

  • Von.Wörtern.gefesselt

    Endlich ein Thriller der mich gepackt hat!

  • Arathi

    Two years ago, the media turned Detective John Spader into a hero. He’d caught a twisted serial killer terrorizing Massachusetts, and the “Jack of Spades,” as the media dubbed Spader, was born. But when the murderer walked free on a technicality—free to kill again—the public turned on Spader.Now a new serial killer is on the loose. He wears the silly, gap-toothed, grinning mask of Galaxo—a cartoon alien of unparalleled popularity with children. With the aid of voice-changing technolo [...]

  • Elaine Jackson

    Enjoyable, but not as well as Shady Crossing. The villain was so horrid that I had to skip some of the kill or maim scenes. Characters were well developed and unique just as in Shady Crossing but hero not as likeable. Hankins has a wonderful way of exposing human struggle without over doing it. He doesn't string you out with sappiness, or dwelling on characters personal difficulties. He presents them and allows you to project them back onto the character in your own way. Good read.

  • Edith English

    Outstanding At first this story seemed slow and I wasn't sure I was enjoying it, but I persevered. Thank goodness. The more I read the more exciting it got. Even though the reader was fairly sure who the killer would turn out to be, it didn't take the thrill out of the book. Excellent book and outstanding writer!

  • Paula

    Certain elements of this book (plot, characters, dialog, humor) rate 5 stars. The author also has a crisp, journalistic writing style that is highly readable, and the story he tells is gripping. Unfortunately, the author needs an editor, badly. He keeps repeating information we already have, sometimes repeating from a page or two back and sometimes from a previous chapter. A little recap or reminder is okay, especially in a mystery where we need to keep track of the clues, but we don't need to b [...]

  • Ellen

    I have heard so many good things about the author James Hankins so I couldn't wait to read one of his books. I was certainly not disappointed and will be purchasing more. John Spader was a popular figure with the public for his capturing of serial killers, but through a mistake in the search warrant by one of his colleagues a really nasty serial killer practically walked away from a murder sentence, now John is not in the good books. He is now hunting another serial killer who dresses up with a [...]

  • James Hankins

    I wrote JACK OF SPADES, and this isn't a review or a rating, but I thought readers might be interested to know how I came up with the idea for the book. It came to me in the middle of the night, when I woke up from a deep sleep. Lying in the dark, this bizarre thought came to me: "What if when I open my eyes, someone is standing beside my bed with a knife? Someone famous. No, not merely famous but, in fact, someone loved my millions." The idea of such a strange, creepy occurrence kept me up all [...]

  • Gary Sedivy

    Almost put his book down - thought I might have picked up a horror book by mistake. I'm not a fan of novels in which we are in the mind of some twisted freak. I'm glad I didn't stop reading. The bad guy is definitely weird and evil (really evil), but the grisly scenes are not overdone. There are a some of interesting twists, a couple of them fit the story, a couple don't. The issue with the son was totally unnecessary. It seems most modern mystery/detective novel patterns require the detective t [...]

  • Linda

    This is my third Hankins book. Mr. H is truly an exceptionally gifted author that doesn't disappoint. What makes his books so fantastic? Not series books. Each one has a new cast of characters and settings.The plot is very well thought out. This one reeled me in a little slower than the other two and then whoa I was hooked. Creepy to be sure. What I love about Hankins books is that he gives me just enough to paint a picture in my mind without the weight of excessive description. His telling lets [...]

  • Jourdaine

    I loved this book. It was interesting, suspenseful, and a page turner throughout. While the ending wasn't exactly a surprise, certain elements of it really held my interest. The writing was a little distracting at times, but it didn't keep me from wanting to finish the book. I did like reading about John Spader's thoughts, I just didn't find it completely necessary during the action scenes. Otherwise, it was a fine read. The story unfolded much like a movie or a cop show, but that was another re [...]

  • C. Stuchl

    Really a good read. Read and listened to it on my kindle. John Spader had work and personal problems. He lost one serial killer and now he has another one. Is it the same killer returned? John doesn't think so but everyone else in the department does. Bodies and body parts start to pile up and no leads are coming in.Following John as he finally starts to put the few clues together and search outside the box to find a viable suspect is thrilling. A real page turner. I really liked the ending. He [...]

  • Kimberly L.

    An absolutely incredible book!!This story kept me guessing right up until the end, but Mr. James Hankins has that ability once he draws you in. The Author is able to capture your attention at the very first chapter and keep you in his thrall until the last chapter, what more could you want from a book. I have to admit that he threw me off for a minute, contemplating between two different suspects as the killer

  • Charles Robinson

    THREE STARSThough not as great as the previous books I read from this author, JACK OF SPADES was an OK and quick read, but to me there were too much repeating of the same information from previous chapter or pages and certain parts of this book just dragged on. Though I know the author was just trying to develop the characters for his readers it just dragged on. But the story within it self was very good and worth the time of reading.

  • John Datesh

    Very good procedural, 4-star in that genre. It has a nasty cereal killer and a solid detective hero. The ending may incorporate a somewhat hackneyed element, but that's okay because it produces the best line of the book.This is my third Hankins read and this is the best of a good lot."Jack of Spades" is the kind of genre novel that is leading me to rethink my star-ratings. I think I'm shorting too many 4 level genre books, like this one.

  • Sam Welsh

    An Exciting Thrill Ride!!An Exciting Thrill Ride!!As soon as I started reading this book, I just simply couldn't put it down! Great plot, characters, and lots of detail!! You could definitely tell great time was put into this book, and I simply savored every word of it. Plus, you never know what will happen, every time you think the author is going to zig, he zags!

  • Martina

    Knihu Pikový Jack velmi doporučuji. Nese v sobě drama, záhadu, podrobnosti vyšetřování, ale i krev, násilí a drastické části, které jsou chvílemi až nechutné. A právě proto je tento příběh tak dobrý. Dokáže ve čtenáři vyvolat nejrůznější emoce a sama kniha mu bude ležet v hlavě ještě spousty dní po dočtení. Zdroj recenze: fantasy-maka/2014/

  • joanneettl

    WowJust finished this bookI am out of breath .I have read 2 others by this author and they were great but this one had me turning pages and reading so fast, all the while trying to figure out who done it Love his writing style .Great mystery and that ending,caught me off guard.Great.

  • darrel Hopson

    A few twistsSpider comes into this new case with baggage left over from his previous case. He, and only he, knows the two are not related. That knowledge brings even more heat upon him. The plot twists and turns up to the final climax. The end may not be a total surprise, but it WILL leave you guessing about details untold.

  • Jon Spriggs

    So, the twist was a good one, and the motive was understandable. The attacks were pretty graphic, and at times a bit too gory for my liking. The character of the son is a bit under developed and, at the end, his story line was a bit cliché and could have used a little more life. I won't be looking for more stories by this author, but I'm glad I finished the book.

  • Alex Newman

    Poměrně dobrá četba, hodně se mi líbila i když tedy ta zápletka byla trochu zvláštní, ale budiž. Na jednu stranu mám ale pocit, že se nyní až příliš často věnuji "sadomaso" knihám, asi je čas zase na něco trochu oddechového, jinak to asi nerozdýchám. :D

  • Roderick Baxter

    Fast Paced, Lots of Tension.As I don't read too many of these cop hunting serial killer type books, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I found it fast paced, with lots of suspense and intrigue. If you enjoy Alex Cross, then you will enjoy this one.

  • Maureen

    Grueling. me spoellbound throughout. Also gruesome.i almost put it aside, but got dragged back i and stuck it outt for the faint of heartnTruly like the main character John Spade My kind of guy. It only took me 2 days to read this

  • lynda

    Fast paced and excitingA sympathetic and painfully human protagonist. Twists and turns, an intriguing back story. What's not to like? I enjoyed it.

  • Lucy King

    To bylo psycho. Tohle na mě bylo už trochu moc, ale stejně to byl bezva napsaný thriller.

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