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In Venice, Allison Fox will find love in the arms of two men Her past collides with her future in a battle for her heart Which one will win Travelling to Venice to be the maid of honour in her best friend s wedding sounds like a great vacation, and a romantic way to spend Valentine s Day But when Allison Fox discovers who the best man is, she is torn between duty and seIn Venice, Allison Fox will find love in the arms of two men Her past collides with her future in a battle for her heart Which one will win Travelling to Venice to be the maid of honour in her best friend s wedding sounds like a great vacation, and a romantic way to spend Valentine s Day But when Allison Fox discovers who the best man is, she is torn between duty and self preservation.It has taken Allison four years to put her tumultuous relationship with the rodeo cowboy behind her A violent incident ripped them apart Now Allison must find a way to face her past and find closure with her old flame But will she be able to put the past behind her Cole is the Texas cowboy has never got over his love for Allison But when he declares his love for her after all this time, is she strong enough to walk away from the intense passion they share For years Nico, a handsome Italian, was committed to nothing but his work Nico never expected he would meet an American beauty who would awaken in him a desire to love again Once he finds her, Nico vows to never let Allison go.It will be a Valentine s Day to remember, but who will win Allison s heart

  • Title: Venetian Love Knots
  • Author: Normandie Alleman
  • ISBN: 9781781842294
  • Page: 329
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Normandie Alleman

A former psychologist, Normandie has always been fascinated by human behavior She loves writing quirky characters that are all too human I m interested in the kind of relationships people have in real life So I write about my characters messy, unpredictable, and inexplicable journeys to love If there were another 5 hours in the day, Normandie would spend time needle pointing and playing with photography Instead, she s a Pinterest addict and sports junkie who s crazy for Twitter and the color pink She lives with a passel of children, her hunky husband, and a pet pig who loves Red Bull.

Comments Venetian Love Knots

  • Loraine Oliver

    Venetian Love Knots is a story that caught my interest from the beginning to the very last page. It is well written, and it was about a young woman Allison, who has traveled to Venice to be in her best friend's wedding as her maid of honor. Unfortunately, her ex boyfriend, Cole, also happens to be the Best Man, and she dreads seeing him as their relationship ended badly four years before.When Allison gets to Venice she is picked up by the groom's brother, and Allison feels an instant attraction [...]

  • Erzabet Bishop

    ContemporaryBDSM. M/F M/F/M. Spanking76 pagesAllison goes to Italy to be a bridesmaid for her best friend. Just before she leaves she finds out that Cole will also be there as part of the wedding party. Allison and Cole have a history and for four years Allison has been trying to get him out of her system, he left her and he took her heart with him.Nico meets Allison at the airport to give her a ride to her hotel. Nico's wife died some time ago and he has dug into his work to fill his life but w [...]

  • Bebe Balocca

    I tore right through this in about two hours - it was a fabulously engrossing read. I loved the flashback hookup scene, and the descriptions of Venice totally transported me there. Allison came across as a believable blend of trusting/sweet and wild/willing. I wasn't sure where the plot was going to go, which made it really fun to read. Cole was a bit of a cad, although a very *hot* cad, and Nico was a lovable dreamboat. The menage scene was believable, too, and super steamy. Yowza! Highly recom [...]

  • Amanda

    This was a quick, short read at a little under 70 pages. I was engaged from beginning to end with the story and the pacing was pretty good. There wasn’t really any time to get bored and the plot just kept moving along taking you with it. I’m really happy this book was set in one of my all-time favorite countries and one of my favorite cities within that country. The setting is Venice, Italy. I’ve been to Venice twice so for me the descriptions of the city were pretty accurate and made me e [...]

  • Michelle

    Book: Venetian love knots Author: Normandie Alleman· Print Length: 79 pages· Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (February 24, 2013)· Genre: Erotica· Language: English· ASIN: B00BL3DVJ2· Rating: 4****In Venice, Allison Fox will find love in the arms of two men. Her past collides with her future in a battle for her heart. Which one will win? Travelling to Venice to be the maid of honour in her best friend’s wedding sounds like a great vacation, and a romantic way to spend Valentine’s Da [...]

  • Felicity Nichols

    This was soft romance with light erotica . I love how detailed it was and how it kept your interest from page one. The main characters in this novel are Allison Fox, Cole, and Nico. Marcia and Alfonso are also mentioned but aren't key to the story, just the setting.Allison Fox is from Fort Worth headed to Venice, Italy to be the maid of honor in her best friend, Marcia and her soon to be husband Alfonso's wedding. Before heading off to the wedding, she learns her former lover Cole will be the be [...]

  • iloveladyporn

    This is a quick read at 68 pages.At the beginning it's almost sad that Allison has never gotten over Cole even know he had treated her badly and knowing it was not way to live. Then I get a taste of Cole's side that he wants to make things right and Allison has been really the love of his life. When Allison meets Nico I thought oh my he is perfect for Allison but felt like she needed to give Cole a chance to make things right. Well let me tell you Cole is a douchebag! He certainly professes his [...]

  • Susan Taylor

    Just as the title implies, this novella is a racing hot read that tantalizes the reader's imagination. Hero and heroine have history and that push and pull deliver tension. Allison and Cole are tied together in move ways than one; a perfect set up for this BDSM story. By the way, the BDSM is light, so not to worry, and it does titillate in a scorching fashion.Exotic location and erotic imagery, go hand in hand to built and kept me mesmerized for the entire adventure. A love triangle featuring a [...]

  • Adaline Raine

    Spanking Romance ReviewVenetian Love Knots started out for me like a typical romance where our main girl, Allison Fox, is recalling sexy times with her former everything Cole as well as the awful, violent incident that ended their time together. Allison travels to Venice, a romantic city on its own, to celebrate the marriage of her good friend and participate in all of her ‘maid of honor’ duties. Allison knows that Cole is also going to be at the wedding and the first part of the story is mo [...]

  • Zita Martin

    Allison and ColeI loved the characters! Even though this is a short story, the characters jumped off the page for me. They were well defined that I knew why they would do what they did. Allison was a character that I fell in love with. She wrapped herself around my heart. She felt, to me, that she had not had many men in her life and she needs protecting.Cole, to me, needs to find himself and I hope there will be more of him in the future. I felt left open for knowing more about him. He was well [...]

  • BBMoreB ~

    Are your expectations the same for every author you read? Do you ever discover yourself comparing a debut author with a well established bestseller; are you more forgiving or less strict? I asked myself these questions after issuing this book 5 of 5 mugs – so I let this book/review marinate for several days. As I perused it this morning to ensure I still felt it deserved the highest possible rating, I discovered I was rereading it when I should have been on to the next book but, I wasn’t r [...]

  • Viviana Izzo

    The author provides this warning: Reader Advisory: This novella contains bondage, spanking, M/F/M menage, and light humiliation play. I was okay with it all, though wondered about the "light humiliation play". Did the warning stand true? I'm glad when authors provide such advisory since I believe its important to let readers know what they are purchasing. Was there bondage? Yes, Allison was tied up. Was there spanking? Yes, Allison was spanked. There were two men so the M/F/M menage is true. And [...]

  • Lori

    Venice is the perfect backdrop for Normandie Alleman’s lively and entertaining characters caught in the love triangle in Venetian Love Knots.Alleman diligently develops three very different characters for this love triangle. Fool-heartedly, Allison, a kind, sensitive, and popular girl, fell in love with Cole, a rodeo cowboy. Cole, always in it for the sex, never allows himself to become emotionally invested. Allison is nervous to be seeing Cole at her friend’s wedding because their relations [...]

  • Jody

    Venetian Love Knots is a steamy book set in an exotic location that is enjoyable as long as you think of it as a woman's fantasy. The exotic delights that Allison gets to experience courtesy of Cole and Nico are every woman's dirty little secret and are written with lots of sexual intensity. These scenes are full of BDSM and other erotic play and leave you parched!As to the individual characters, that's where I was left frustrated. Even though Allison knows Cole is a heartbreaker she keeps going [...]

  • Angie

    3-1/2 starsThe one thing I took away with this novella was that Italian men are studly and hot. Throughout the book, I was a bit confused as to why there was confusion around the characters, but because of its short plot, I think maybe some details were left out that should have been left in. The sex scenes were great which countered the confusing confusion around the characters, which is why I'd suggest this as a good beach read.

  • Octavia

    Review to come soon. :)

  • Nudge Wink Wink

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