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By Debra Ann Miller | Comments: ( 846 ) | Date: ( Apr 05, 2020 )

When Vie and Carter set out to complete their mission, neither could have ever imagined being separated from each other Vie is feeling completely alone in The Gates, just barely going through the motions Gabriel, her closest friend, tries to distract her with the news of a possible traitor in their own backyard While Vie longs to be back on Earth with her love, she knowWhen Vie and Carter set out to complete their mission, neither could have ever imagined being separated from each other Vie is feeling completely alone in The Gates, just barely going through the motions Gabriel, her closest friend, tries to distract her with the news of a possible traitor in their own backyard While Vie longs to be back on Earth with her love, she knows the danger that this traitor could bring, and sets her mind to drawing them out to protect the people she loves Carter is left alone on Earth clinging to the empty vessel that used to contain his love, unable to let go and move on Carter starts putting the events of the past few weeks together and realizes something is going on All the while Lucian is working up a plan to keep Vivian s soul and get everything he s always wanted, including revenge against Vie and anyone she s ever loved With both Vie and Carter working to find out what is going on in their respective worlds and defeat Lucian, will they ever be able to find their way back to each other

  • Title: Ascended
  • Author: Debra Ann Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Debra Ann Miller

I am a happily married, devoted mom of 3 living in Naperville, Illinois I m married to a fifth grade teacher, who is my best friend and soul mate Being Mom for the past 23 years has been my privilege but really didn t allow me the time I needed to pursue what I loved mostwriting I put my interests on the back burner while I carted kids off to soccer games, baseball practice, and back home to make dinner and help with homework By the time my head hit the pillow I was off to dream land where my imagination flourished.After my grandmother passed away, I decided that life was too short to put the things we love to do on hold The next day my story took flight I felt compelled to put the words inside my head to the pages of my old school notebook I wrote freehand whenever I could and the I wrote the the characters came to life Carter and Vie began having conversations in my head daily and I found myself addicted to writing their story Nine months later I finished and published, Descended Fallen Guardian Saga 1 I am so excited to have published my second novel, Ascended Fallen Guardian Saga 2.I hope people will enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Comments Ascended

  • Jonel Boyko

    What an awesome sequel to Descended. Miller picks up this story right where the prequel left off and really filled in some of the holes left from the original while spinning an awesome tale for us to read. I love how the author works Native American rituals and customs right into the story. It may not be super detailed, but the details present are accurate. It adds a brilliant undercurrent to the main story. Miller also seamlessly ties two belief systems together to create a cohesive whole. It [...]

  • Lori Palle

    “That girl would move Heaven and Earth to return to you, and nothing and no one would stop her.”–Ivy to CarterIt’s been a month since Violet and Carter were separated from each other. As Carter tries to find a way to get Violet to return to him, he discovers a shocking revelation about a connection between their families. Meanwhile, Violet nurses an aching heart and longs to return back to Earth, while her friend Gabriel finds himself struggling to uncover betrayals amongst the Guardians [...]

  • Tiffany Loves Books

    Ascended picks up where Descended left off. Carter and Vie have been separated and miss each other desperately. The story is once again told in third person POV allowing for the reader to better understand the characters. With that being said their pain was real and just confirms to the reader how they truly are soul mates. Then after a chapter or two, the story really starts. I mean plot twist after plot twist, one reveal after another, and the same wide array of amazing characters keep us intr [...]

  • Jasmin

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.After nothing went as it was planned, Carter and Vie are back to living in different worlds and Vivian still promised her soul to LuciferI simply love Mrs. Miller's writing style. You start to read and you are sucked right into the story! I never can stop reading :) The way everything is described makes the characters really loveable and it never fails to convince me, that a character's feelings and thoughts are realistic and true.Carter and [...]

  • S.K. Anthony

    I cried! I will not say when or why but I will tell you that the author had a strong hold of my emotions as the story unfolded.I was very happy that all of the questions raised in Descended, the first book, were answered. The events are not what you would think, I was constantly surprised and I really like when a book does that to me. The Chief, as one would expect, is very insightful so pay attention to his words, not just for the story but just in general they are good words to remember for on [...]

  • Flsunluvr

    Just a day and a half to finish this one. Will agree w/other reviewers in that the beginning of this book was a little slow but did build in intensity after about chapter 4. Vie was acting like a wimpy little girl at the beginning of the story but let's remember, she is a half human high school girl; she should be a bit immature. All of the unanswered questions from book 1 were answered in book 2 but there really was not enough of a cliff-hangar to leave me wanting to read book 3 when it comes o [...]

  • Sherri Walsh

    I was so excited to see that this "Indie author" came back with a second novel! I love that the second book picks up right where it left off at the subtle cliff-hanger that ended the first book in the series, "Descended (Fallen Guardian Saga #1), which I loved. You can't help but to fall in love with Carter & Vie! I will be anxiously awaiting to see what else she has in store for these charactersKeep up the good work and I'll keep coming back for more!!!

  • Christina

    Answered a lot of questions/speculations left from Book 1 even though it also left a cliffhanger. But cliffhangers are good IMO! Sets you up for the next book, lol. My favorite character happens to be Gabriel, even though he isn't the main lead. I gotta say, though, I do like a fallen/guardian angel story, having a close love for those supernatural beings :)

  • Kraig

    Loved this book more than her first one, Descended. Couldn't wait to read it and now dying for the final book in the saga. Characters continue to intrigue and the story has you waiting to turn the pages. Loved it!

  • Stacy Sabala

    Book Review- Ascended by Debra Ann MillerIn the second book of the Fallen Guardian Saga, Violet and Carter are back but separated. Carter is home in Newcastle hoping for Violet’s return. Violet is again with the Guardians and not allowed to return. If she leaves the dark ones will come through the portal. Both are miserable and yearn for the other.Vivian is wasting away and Carter is giving her some of his energy so she can hold on. Lucian has set his sights for her. He will claim Vivian in or [...]

  • Debra Ann Miller

    A few reviews posted on by readers for "Ascended." I found this book to be as captivating, if not more, than the first book. The pieces of the puzzle come together in this second installment along with plenty of twists that keep you wondering what lies ahead for this couple. I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded and had a hard time putting this book down! This is another great story that gets you thinking about afterlife and destiny. Loved it!I read this immediately after finishing the fi [...]

  • Melissa

    Thank you, Ms. Miller for providing me a copy in exchange for a review.I'm sorry to say that this review won't be as detailed because I have mixed feelings about Ascended. The first several chapters were excruciating unbearable. Vie was becoming a whiny lovesick girl, and that's not who she is. The way her human life affected her personality was for the worse because Vie was too dramatic. I get that they're "in love", but seriously. Their separation was over the top.Carter was just as irritating [...]

  • Laurie Nathan

    I was too busy ordering this toEven write a review for the first book. I am on my way to the Kindle bookstore for the next book in the series.

  • Itsatushy Garland

    not too bad, better than the first book with pacing. think this would be good for younger readers

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  • Free Read [Philosophy Book] ↠ Ascended - by Debra Ann Miller í
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