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Kyoko s been scouted for a role in this year s most anticipated drama, a remake of the classic Tsukimori But shades of the past threaten to stifle the production as Kyoko struggles to get into the character of Mio, a young woman with a severely scarred face Ms Iizuka, the actress who played the original Mio, is now playing Kyoko s mother, and has grave doubts about KyokKyoko s been scouted for a role in this year s most anticipated drama, a remake of the classic Tsukimori But shades of the past threaten to stifle the production as Kyoko struggles to get into the character of Mio, a young woman with a severely scarred face Ms Iizuka, the actress who played the original Mio, is now playing Kyoko s mother, and has grave doubts about Kyoko s ability to do justice to the role She demands that Kyoko pass an acting test, and quit the production if she fails

  • Title: Skip Beat!, Vol. 10
  • Author: Yoshiki Nakamura Tomo Kimura
  • ISBN: 9781421513997
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Yoshiki Nakamura Tomo Kimura

Yoshiki Nakamura is a Japanese mangaka She was born June 17 Nakamura made her manga debut with Yume de Auyori Suteki in the manga magazine Hana to Yume in 1993.

Comments Skip Beat!, Vol. 10

  • Miss Ryoko

    Truth be told, I wish Kyoko was like the way she played Mio ALL. THE. TIME. It's what I was expecting in the beginning of this series when Nakamura-san kept apologizing for her evil, depressing character. Really, Kyoko is hardly those things at all. She started out that way but now she's nice and she's always wanting to please people. The only person she is like that with is Sho, and he doesn't show up nearly enough to make it fun and interesting. Sigh scary grudge bearing Kyoko was my fave.I al [...]

  • GuisBell

    Kyoko es sorprendente, la forma en que soluciona los obstáculos que se le presentan es increíble, es algo innato lo de actuar, es maravillosa, y más con Ren apoyandola. <3 <3

  • Samantha

    Kyoko struggling to develop her character for her first 'major' role and wanting to be good enough. I love how hard she works. I also love all her dramatics. She's such an amazing characterKyoko's take on Mio shows just how she's progressing and how serious she is about her acting and it's not just about revenge anymore.Ren!!! MY love, my dear!!! He really is quite the character. He completely adores Kyoko and has completely faith in her. He's a good person.

  • Lid

    *En mangas sólo puntúo el primer volumen como nota general del mangaEl manager es demasiado, tiene unos comentarios y pensamientos que te hace imposible no shippear *-*Por otro lado adoro ver actuar a Kyoko, la forma de meterse en su personaje es inquietante a la vez que curioso y gracioso y la oscuridad que muestra puede conmigo.

  • Glaiza Champion

    I think this was where I stopped when I was reading this in high school so I'm quite excited to see where the story will go after this volume.Hopefully Kyoko's acting in this drama finally makes Ren finally admit that he's fallen for her.

  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)

    Good volume.

  • Alois

    Kyoko quickly becoming a fav for me!

  • Vena Isabella

    Best one yet! 😀

  • FowlMoon

    I loved it, the characters are funny and have great interactions. This series won't let you put it down!

  • Alison (AlisonCanRead)

    Volume 10 starts a very long story arc of Tsukimori, the movie. It's Kyoko's first major role in a TV drama (more of a mini-series than a show). This volume focuses almost entirely on Kyoko, Ren, and the director of the film. Sho is absent until the last few pages. As a result, we don't see as much of Kyoko's grudge demons. How I miss them! Dark Kyoko is the best part of this series. They do show up a little bit when Kyoko is challenged, so at least we get little grudge-lets.Mr. Ogata, the direc [...]

  • Sheilalalalala

    3.5 starsIt's been awhile since I've read a manga and this was my, erm, first manga after almost three yearsd actually? Not bad after lifting up that hiatus from reading manga (although I have to admit that I was so outdated with the previous, ongoing mangas that I have read before but still not reading its updated manga, yet. I'll get there, eventually. HEH.) I actually started reading mangas again because I got a little burned out with the novels, I guess I need a little visual material this t [...]

  • Penny

    I fell in love with this manga immediately. It drew me in and kept me there. Sadly to say i have been reading it from the internet and hate to wait in between chapters. I've also been watching it's anime and I've seen the first episode of the TV show extravagant challenge based on this manga. But nothing beats the manga because it has all the extra details that are not shown elsewhere.I'm writing this review for all of the volumes of Skip Beat because i tend to read them all together. I enjoy Ky [...]

  • Natalie

    Kyoko worships the ground that Sho Fuwa walks on -- until he dumps her. In her rage, Kyoko vowed to get her revenge by beating Sho in show business, and now she has to make good on that promise. The art is gorgeous, Kyoko's vengeful demons are hilarious, and anyone who has ever had a bad experience with love can relate. This isn't a manga that deals with cutesy love stories -- it deals with some grittier elements as well, something that makes it endearing to me even as an adult. Love isn't all h [...]

  • Ashley Chen

    Call me crazy but I didn't get the new Mio. @_______@ I was confuseeeeddd. Maybe because I read this volume super late but wow, okay. I'll pretend I know what Kyoko created. Anyway, this volume went into a more solid base plot. We got to see how a drama production was produced. I mean I was dying to read this since you get Ren and Kyoko in this drama, holy mother of all! :OKyoko's abilities never failed to amaze me. Under so much pressure and being such a newbie, she really can break all chains [...]

  • Sara

    And we're back to stuff I saw in either the anime or live action, but the good news is it should all start to get new to me soon! :DAnyway, this is a really good volume filled with struggling actors. :3 This is like Kyoko's intro to the real world of acting so I found it interesting. We're making progress here! Not to mention Ren's struggling with some things lolI love Yashiro-san.

  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson

    We start off this volume with Act 55: Tsukigamori.The cover: It wasn't my favorite, but it reflects the loss of control that some of the characters go through in the volume.The story:Finally Kyoko's official debut. She plays the viilianess, Mio, awesomely. I think her take and perspection of creating a character is quiet brilliant really. The series starts to take on some dark overtones starting with this volume. I adore this manga, and hope any who read will love as much as I did.

  • Bookbuyer

    Finally the first mention of Tsukigomori or as it's now called 'Dark Moon'. I love how in this volume Kyoko continues to grow as an actress. 'Creating' her first character Mio and sticking with it despite the opposition from the original Mio. It probably helped that the normally very polite Kyoko was possessed by the 'spirit' of Mio. I've always loved how later on she can 'take on' the spirits of the different characters she's created!

  • Rema

    I requested a 3-in-1 volume from my library since they didn't have the rest of the volumes in order. Kyoko has developed much more as an actress and it really shows in how she approaches her role as Mio. The storyline for Tsukimori is interesting, if a bit confusing in the beginning. I like the added tension of Dark Moon living up to its predecessor and the little tidbits about Ren's problem with his role as Katsumi. That's what I'm looking forward to most. But that's in the next volume.

  • Joy Waters

    Kyoko is having an extremely hard time trying to act Mio. She doesn't seem to understand her character and if that's not bad enough the director keeps collapsing. The director's worried that his Dark Moon will be exactly like his Fathers. Kyoko ends up changing her Mio completely. The director and everyone else tend to love it because that Mio is scarier. Also the director gets over his fears after watching Kyoko act.

  • Jamie

    Originally read: Jan 2011Re-read: Sept 2016 We get to learn a bit more about the cast and crew for Dark Moon in this one. I especially enjoyed learning more about Director Ogata's past and desire to triumph and surpass the it. Kyoko does an amazing job creating her own Mio!! Both personality and looks. Wow! And how the original actress and Ren behave I especially like. Sho seems to be more involved once again, taking on a more regular part.

  • Marguerite

    4 Stars. Very, very cute. Always find myself laughing at Kyoko's antics - can't wait to see how her Mio develops.Re-Read 1:Kyoko's character development in this volume is great - plus her growth as an actress is really wonderful to read! :) Kyoko finding Mio is one of the best arcs of the series.

  • Amy

    Almost to where the anime ends abruptly, and I am already enjoying all the additional information (the motives behind actions, for instance). I really enjoy this story arc, with Kyoko working with Ren. The problem I have is how Ren ended up in the situation he is emotionally. And why did the president not do something for him like he did with Kyoko? And some of his story is revealed!

  • Lauren

    This was such a hilarious series! Kyoko was such a quirky character and was always doing stuff to get into trouble. I liked the transformation of her character throughout the series and how she found out that instead of having to rely on a boy she could make it on her own. There was a love triangle that I also enjoyed very much.

  • Julie

    We're finally getting to see Kyoko's acting chops. The volume had a really good pace, and I really like where this is going. It was very entertaining, especially the dynamic between Kyoko and Ren. I wonder what Sho will do now.

  • B.B.

    Worst part - When the director guy passes out. Yeah, he is too frail to be a director. He seems like a puny wuss.Best part - When Kyoko finds her Mio. And then the director guy was reformed from his old, frail way from her doing, so that's good.

  • Shuling

    I'm curling in a corner, having the biggest goofiest grin on my face. Seriously, Kyouko rocks! It's always entertaining and surprising to see her getting into her role so efficiently and perfectly. And Ren? *fangirling*

  • Kristine Hansen

    Watching Kyoko develop the role of Mio is an amazing thing to behold. I was mesmerized by the transformation and found myself so caught up in the story that for a moment I forgot it wasn't real. This manga is just THAT good

  • Jeffrey

    I enjoyed this volume, as I really have every volume since 5, but the "Kyoko shows up in character face" is a bit too stagnant over the past few volumes. Still, entertaining, if nothing else, for Kyoko's struggles to find her character.

  • Starbubbles

    i honestly love how kyoko keeps landing on her feet! just love it! now, can ren do the same? mwahahahaa!

  • Sammie

    OMG i am so in love with this series ,it's getting so freaking good.

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