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By Mark Henwick | Comments: ( 751 ) | Date: ( Jan 27, 2020 )

I knew I was going to be betrayed this week Amber Farrell, Denver PI, is coming to terms with being part of the paranormal community, but she s about to find that includes very dangerous responsibilities for her Nothing is quite what it seems, least of all, Amber herself, and to survive, she must form alliances with powerful groups whose interests are in conflict But s I knew I was going to be betrayed this week Amber Farrell, Denver PI, is coming to terms with being part of the paranormal community, but she s about to find that includes very dangerous responsibilities for her Nothing is quite what it seems, least of all, Amber herself, and to survive, she must form alliances with powerful groups whose interests are in conflict But she knows she s expendable and betrayal is inevitable.Denver is hosting a meeting of the opposing Athanate creeds who are stirring after a hundred years of peace War between them would be disastrous for everyone, human and paranormal, and it s Amber who s being blamed for the troubles in the run up to the Assembly.And it s going to get very personal

  • Title: Hidden Trump
  • Author: Mark Henwick
  • ISBN: 9780957374638
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mark Henwick

I was born in Africa and left out in the sun too often After being persuaded that I wasn t going to be able to be a cowboy if I grew up, I got interested in philosophy and psychology Tending bars proved to me they weren t as much fun as they sounded While trying to enroll in a class to read Science Fiction full time, I ended up taking an electronic engineering degree which splendidly qualified me to move into marketing That in turn spawned a late onset career in creative writing.When not writing, I fly a microlight aircraft, or get muddy on a mountain bike.I love reading obviously Urban Fantasy, Sci Fi, Thrillers, History, Crime, Art, oh nearly everything.

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Comments Hidden Trump

  • Ian

    Amber has accepted that she's Athanate (a vampire) and is making her first hesitant steps as the head of her own House with responsibilities and kin. And making matters even more complicated a rival Athanate House is hunting her down and wants to run medical experiments on her. Keeping her head down would be the smart thing to do but Amber finds herself once again in the middle of things and she'll need every skill the army taught her if she's to have a chance of getting herself and her kin out [...]

  • Kara

    Let’s get this out of the way first: the title “Hidden Trump” is a play on the recurring phrase in the Bite Back Series, “play the hand you’re dealt”…T you-know-who.That being said, there are politics aplenty in Book Two of this, so far, terrific series. As you’d expect, there are vampires, Weres, FBI agents, and witches….but now we get to add a bit of the dragon introduced in Book One, and also some creepy uber-vampires that remind me of the dementors in the Harry Potter serie [...]

  • Choko

    *** 4.45 ***I loved this book! No, it is not original, it is actually quite similar to many UF series I have read before, including Anita and Mersey. But I appreciate the take this author applies here and freshens the Urban Fantasy world up. In this book Amber is trying to figure out her place in the vamp community in Denver and has to juggle multiple threats to herself and her loved ones. Much action ensues and things get politically messy and physically bloody. What I most like about this book [...]

  • So, I Read This Book Today

    When I first read Sleight of Hand: Bite Back Book 1 (Volume 1), the first book by Mark Henwick, I was, in a word, thrilled. Yes, there are a lot of unknown authors out there, many self published, and many very good. Mark, however, knocked the ball out of the park in his freshman entry into the crowded field of urban fantasy.Mark's exceptional grasp of character development is the first thing that gripped my attention. His main character, Amber, is a fully three-dimensional character, with a stro [...]

  • Wanderlust

    Absolutely adore this book/series. So many positives I do not even know where to start but I will try ;)1. Plausible heroine - her army skills make her a believable hero even without her extra abilities. 2. Twists & turns - It is not easy to predict, I was not sure at all who I could trust & was on the edge of my seat most of the time. 3. The romance - No pre-destined mates/other bullshit soulmate crap, just attraction/chemistry/connection/relationship building/, like real life. 4. The f [...]

  • T.

    This series has probably got the best strong woman lead of any series I've read. Unlike many of the main female characters, Amber is tough (ex covert operations), able to back down with out being passive or pissy, thinks on her feet, has integrity and honor, and, her most attractive feature? She's a team player she has no illusions that she has to do everything herself. The story line is a fresh look at a military woman attacked while on assignment and becomes a tool for her country when she dis [...]

  • Eugene Gorodinsky

    I read hidden trump right after sleight of hand. I can honestly say I have never felt such tension reading any book. To me Amber as a character felt a little unreal and I waited two whole days before I caved in to my desire to give Mark my "undoubtedly useful" constructive criticism. Seeing the other reviews here, though, I feel like what I expressed was misguided. If females like and can associate with Amber, then Amber is for all intents and purposes real. It's been another day since then and [...]

  • Llaph | No Frill | No Shill

    Okay, I’m still not feeling the Jen/Amber thing. It just feels odd to me—which could very well be because that is not my thing. Now when it comes to Alex—I’m all there and want more of him….Once again the machinations between races—and factions in this book—are over done I guess? I’m not sure, but having to pay more attention makes me wanna go blah, blah.She’s too dangerous for this too dangerous for that…. I guess she’s all sorts of dangerous? It’s exciting on one hand, [...]

  • Deborah

    As usual, nothing in Amber Farrell’s life is straightforward. The sheer number of complications that wrap her life are mind-boggling: family, relationships, athenate, werewolves, adepts, crime lords, the FBI The list keeps multiplying as each problem impinges on other aspects of Amber’s life, twisting already difficult situations into crises.I love it! The way these problems develop are all so logical - no artifice or plot devices here, they unfold in realistic fashion, producing a highly co [...]

  • Mara

    I knew I had found my perfect kick-ass heroine when I met Amber in book one. :-)Book two has the same frantic pace of Sleight of Hand and you are left with the same need of a calming herbal tea at the end. Your heart will probably be in your throat most of the story tooI loved the plot and its many threads. I love it posed the question of what is trust. How to live fully when you are not sure who to trust your life with. I didn't even care about those left hanging. Amber is still juggling her ma [...]

  • Grace's Potato

    3.5Another great read, I loved that we get introduced to the wolves in this book. Just kinda wished there was more character development for Alex, it still sort of feels like we don't know much about him. (view spoiler)[I think I'm nearing the end of my patience with Amber's sister though as bad as it sounds, I'm kinda wishing she gets killed off in the next book lol. (hide spoiler)]

  • momokaachan

    Things are working much better for Amber as she reluctantly accepts that she is becoming Athenate. A very busy book, well written. The characters are realistic, the plot is great, and the crisis is dealt withd a sort of cliff hanger at the end. Thus one star less, and I am happy I have the next book to find out what happens next!

  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)

    4 - 4.5 StarsSo much action! The backhand schemes leave Amber unsure of who to trust. Investigating, meeting the Were pack and Adepts, being hunted, military intrigue - a day in the life of Amber Farrell is a shot of adrenaline straight into the heart! Then, the cliffhanger has me queuing book 3 on my reader. I do wish there would have been one more chapter.

  • Mistress of the Dark Path

    Let me say first off that this novel moves fast.  I admit that the beginning for both this one and its predecessor were a bit daunting for me because they both dove right into the middle of rather intense scenes.  The reader has to hang on for a bit before they can get their footing and figure out exactly what is going on.  Give it a couple of chapters, though, and you’ll be hooked as the story unfolds and it all becomes clearer.  Mark Henwick is impressive for his intricate plots and the [...]

  • Raquel

    In short, very nice development of themes and continuation of subplots with an amazingly well done ending.This installment kept me on the edge if my seat again. A little over halfway through I felt like the number of subplots and characters was becoming untenable and I was worried this series was headed toward spiraling off its course under their weight. However, they all circled back in for a very tight finish save those I expect will be explored in the next book. It was masterfully done. A lit [...]

  • Jay

    Finished the first Bite Back book in three days. Finished this one in two, then went back and read the first one again, then re-read the second one. I love both!Amber still kicks ass. I LOVE the military aspect of this book - I have no military knowledge and I hardly ever enjoy military novels (none come to mind, though I have to admit I did enjoy the G.I.Jane film!) but I really liked the inclusion here.There's quite a lot of development on the romantic front, which I expected. The triangle I p [...]

  • Sharon Michael

    I've now read the novella and both full length books in this series and the novella was the best of the three for me.Unfortunately, this series seems to have gone in the direction that much current urban fantasy seems to, more gratuitous sex scenes and relationships based on sex, a lot of political maneuvering within the vampire (and now werewolf) communities and not as much focus on action and characterization.Readable, but if this had been the first book I'd read, I would not have read the oth [...]

  • Tami (synchro from BL)

    DNF at 15%: "I wanted Jen and Alex as kin and partnersWell, I wasn't going to be able to do anything with Jen until" Aaaaand I am out of here. I am not interested in FFM, and so I'll stop here. 

  • Khristine Stain

    Why don't they have more stars to give novels this freaking amazing? Mark Henwick has cemented his place in my top ten author list-and he managed to do it with only two books. Until today, I never thought that would happen.

  • Jeanny

    4stars. This story was an incrediable adventureiffhanger

  • J.C. Mells

    Action-packed, edge of your seat excitement, 2nd installment of the Amber Farrell Series. Looking forward with anticipation for book 3!

  • Susanne

    Good very good indeed!

  • Joe

    A great book. It works great as a direct sequel to the first book, and sets the stage for the future of the series. Lots of action and great writing.

  • Megan

    I really enjoy this series.Amber is a little more chaotic in this book, she really is becoming more wild as she becomes more vampire (not the correct term for this book but I can spell that easily). I still find her character extremely easy to like. She is still fierce, a little off the deep end but she works it. If If she was fighting with me in any fights I had to have, I would feel extremely safe with her.I like also, the relationships in this book, thankfully her sister isn't in this very mu [...]

  • Alison Motherwell

    A great readI've really enjoyed getting into this series, the complex characters and relationships adds a new spin to the vampire genre. Amber is a strong character, she is relatable, you see her flaws and her devotion to what she believes and can't help but like her. The twists and turns as all the players come into their own is genius and your always kept guessing.

  • Sonja

    Going strongI enjoyed the second story in this series. The plot flows well. The characters are interesting and it doesn't fall flat.

  • Wyrdness

    This book starts not 10 minutes after the last one finished off, and though I was a bit apprehensive of where things stood in the beginning the story quickly sucked me in and held me captive right up until it concluded in an explosive whirlwind of action and mind-befuddling intrigue.Amber was really put through the wringer in this one and at times I couldn't help but wish the universe would give her a bit of a break, but she just sucked it up and got on with things as best she could with hardly [...]

  • Sarah Leenart

    Wow, not sure how to describe this book. For a start it blew me away, just everything about it, the detail, the characters, the reality of the situations (despite the paranormal), the story, the pace, just well the whole lot! The quality of the writing is fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. This kept me up all hours and yawning the next day!The story picks up with a running jump right from where we left off in the last book. Amber is learning more about the world s [...]

  • Stephanie

    This book seemed more action packed than the previous two installments. Amber manages to save the day at the end no matter how busy her schedule seems to be, or who is trying to kill her. She had a lot going on. She was dealing with her family issues, such as a sister that just won't give up her resentments. Then she was learning more about her inner self, which keeps adding new aspects all the time even with just a kiss! Then there was the Vampire Assembly that was some huge thing causing her p [...]

  • Elusive

    Wow my mind just got blown I really liked the first book like really really it was great. But I didn't like this book I FREAKING LOVED IT!!!! From the amazing story, to the detailed characters that gets involved. The way Mark Henwick writes them makes me feel like they are real people, with complex personalities, hopes, dreams, fears and agendas of their own. Trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but it's hard cause I want you all too read it. On the other hand I want you to read it f [...]

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