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Set against the turbulent backdrop of 12th century England, The Forgotten Queen is the tale of a warrior, Empress Matilda, daughter of King Henry I of England and granddaughter of William the Conqueror and her struggle to overcome political intrigues, prejudice, and the lover who steals her crown Available now.

  • Title: The Forgotten Queen
  • Author: Haley Elizabeth Garwood
  • ISBN: 9780965972192
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Haley Elizabeth Garwood

Haley Elizabeth Garwood born 25 April 1940 is an American historical novelist She has worked as an airline stewardess and as a teacher of special education students After her retirement as a high school principal in West Virginia, she began to write full time.At present she has four completed novels in her Warrior Queen Series about women warriors She also teaches literature at university After Rani of Jhansi, she will be searching for an African Queen series.

Comments The Forgotten Queen

  • Kevin

    The story of Matilda of England is a fascinating subject but the first rule of a historical novel is to be true to the historical facts as they are known. This novel has the Empress Matilda returning to England and meeting her father King Henry for the first time since she was a child. In fact, this took place in Normandy. She is struck with an arrow while hunting. It never happened. She has a love affair with Stephen of Blois, an absurd invention. She marries Geoffrey of Anjou in England. The m [...]

  • Sara G

    I liked this book quite a bit on its own, but unfortunately it strays too far from history while telling the story of Matilda and Stephen. The author posits that those two were actually ex-lovers, and that Henry II was Stephen's son. Ridiculous. As a story about imagined kings and queens, it works, but there was no attempt made at historical accuracy.

  • Tara Chevrestt

    I have three Garwood novels and have loved them all. This is my fourth and technically it was her first novel and perhaps that's why this one stinks.Knowing what I do about England in the 12th century, I find this way too preposterous to enjoy it. I respect an author's right to take historical facts and "play" with them, but to take a king's daughter and make her a little snot who blantantly has an affair with her cousin and speaks disrespectfully to her father, the king, is too much. Mathilda i [...]

  • Carrie Campbell

    Interesting, but maybe because I love historical fiction, especially when I feel pushed to dig around for more information and learn about the actual background. But it felt like I was doing the research for this book and the author was simply making an attempt to personally tweek every aspect of everything that happened and every person that existed in this story. From the physical attributes of Henry I, to Matilde's relationship with Geoffrey, to trying to pass off Henry II as Stephan's son ge [...]

  • Amber Skantz

    I really like it, so far. It's definitely proved more intriguing than the programming on TV for the last few nights, and by now I am sucked into the plot, not the least of all by the author's eye for detail. However, I started reading with the understanding that I was reading historical fiction, as opposed to non-fiction, so the fact that there are inaccuracies doesn't bother me. Again, historical fiction still means fiction. That's not a bash at the author or the book, as I'm really enjoying it [...]

  • Amy Mallison-austin

    While I enjoyed this book, I found it to be an incredibly slow read. Twelfth century British history is a fascinating topic, and this story covered the basics of Henry I's daughter taking over the throne. However, the details were highly fictionalized, which is fine, as it is a novel, not a history text. If you want to know the facts, do some research.

  • Teaberry

    Well I gave it a fair chance, reading a good 130+ pages, but had to just give up.d bored bored by the mediocre prose and pacing. A shame.

  • Joan Horkey

    Very interesting and enjoyable. Story of Empress Matilda, daughter of Henry I, mother of Henry II.

  • Rene

    I am going to be doing some history research now. It is truley a heart wrenching story.

  • Kathy

    Slow in the beginning, nice to see how the Henry line started. However where did we go wrong with Henry the VIII? How unlike the other Henry's in the line.

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  • Best Download [Haley Elizabeth Garwood] ↠ The Forgotten Queen || [History Book] PDF ä
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