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By Hergé | Comments: ( 328 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

De retour d Am rique du Sud, les membres d une exp dition consacr e aux Incas sont victimes d un myst rieux mal et sont plong s dans une profonde l thargie A chaque fois, on retrouve des clats de petites boules de cristal pr s des victimes Tintin, Haddock et Tournesol se rendent chez le professeur Bergamotte, le dernier membre de l exp dition encore indemne et ami d eDe retour d Am rique du Sud, les membres d une exp dition consacr e aux Incas sont victimes d un myst rieux mal et sont plong s dans une profonde l thargie A chaque fois, on retrouve des clats de petites boules de cristal pr s des victimes Tintin, Haddock et Tournesol se rendent chez le professeur Bergamotte, le dernier membre de l exp dition encore indemne et ami d enfance de Tournesol Sa maison est sous bonne garde, mais pourtant Bergamotte est victime de la mal diction et Tournesol est enlev Tintin et Haddock se lancent sa recherche de Tournesol et tente de d couvrir quel est le lien qui existe entre son enl vement et cette mal diction Une nouvelle nigme que notre ami reporter va devoir r soudre

  • Title: Les 7 boules de cristal
  • Author: Hergé
  • ISBN: 9782203001121
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:


Georges Prosper Remi 22 May 1907 3 March 1983 , better known by the pen name Herg , was a Belgian comics writer and artist.His best known and most substantial work is The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, which he wrote and illustrated from 1929 until his death in 1983, leaving the twenty fourth Tintin adventure Tintin and Alph Art unfinished His work remains a strong influence on comics, particularly in Europe He was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2003.Series on The Adventures of Tintin Quick Flupke The adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko

Comments Les 7 boules de cristal

  • Czarny Pies

    Hergé est sans doute l'ambassadeur culturelle du genie francais qui a eu le plus de success au cours du dernier siècle.Heureuse le siècle actuelle commence tres bien avec un tres beaux releve dans le domaine de la bande-dessinée française. Entre autres, il faut signaler Julie Maroh (Le bleu est une couleur chaude) et Marjane Satrapis (Persepolis)

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    Les 7 boules de cristal=The Seven Crystal Balls (Tintin, #13), Hergé عنوان: هفت گوی بلورین؛ نویسنده: هرژه؛ مترجم: خسرو سمیعی؛ تهران، یونیورسال، 1354، در 62 ص؛ موضوع: داستانهای گرافیکی و فکاهی نویسندگان قرن 20 م

  • Alireza

    تن تن ماجراجو بازمیگردد! اینبار با داستانی به همان جذابیت "راز کشتی اسب شاخ دار" و "گنج راکهام سرخپوش" و به همین سبک و سیاق در دو قسمت جدا. یکی "هفت گوی بلوری" که در ماجراهای آن پروفسور کلکولس نازنین ربوده میشود و ادامه ش در "زندانی های معبد خورشید"

  • Kellyn Roth

    I love how Captain Haddock is trying to be a gentleman in this book with his monocle.

  • Niloo

    خــــــب! این یکی واقعا خوب بود ^___^

  • Philippe Malzieu

    The philosoph Michel Serres is a great tintinophil. He noted that the Hergé's drawing was extremely precise (the famous "ligne claire"), except the head of Tintin. For him, it was a reason of success. With an outlined face, everyone is able to identify with him. Thus Tintin is you, Tintin is me. Nevertheless, I am not a fan. History and drawing are perfect. But I do not identify myself in Tintin. I don't recognize me in this stylised head. My hero of cartoon is a true romantic hero: Corto Malte [...]

  • Harish Kumar Challapalli

    This is more interesting episode than many other of the series!! The plot begins very interestingly and gets tightened as it progresses!! No need to mention that tin tin is always a page turner and this is no exception!! U will get ur eyes glued to the book til u complete!!I always wish I have a dog like snowy!! And this episode strengthens it!!A wonderful detective in tin tin can be seen in this episode!!

  • Farhana

    Ah, the story line is one of the best so far, well balanced, neat & nearly perfect O:)Hergé got better in creating a sense of surprise & suspense in between two different frames :D Cannot help looking forward to the next story!

  • Bettie☯

    (view spoiler)[Bettie's Books (hide spoiler)]

  • Lilly Minasyan

    I loved the thrill and mystery of this one. ^_^

  • أســامة

    قصص جميلة ومثيرة مثلما اِشتُهِر عنهاالتقييم على التشويق والمغامرة في القصة،تنتمي مغامراتها للعالم الواقعي أحيانًا وأحيانًا أخرى يكون ممزوج بعالم الفانتازيا اللذيذولا شك بأن هناك اسقاطات منها على الواقع-----------------------استكمال ملخص حياة هيرجيه من الموقع الرسمي الإنجليزي لسل [...]

  • Sonnybroos

    I read this book in Agra, India. My parents were buying gods-know-what and I was reading this Tintin book. I know this detail means nothing but for some unknown reasons I want to remember it.OK! I've always been kind of hursh towards Tintin books, I know. But this one was great and I loved it! Can't wait for the next book! + I hope Tournesel is fine! Little poor cute thing!!

  • Ricardo

    Les 7 boules de cristal is about an expedition party that arrives from Peru after finding a Incan mommy. The members of the expedition get sick and the fall into a coma kind of sleep. Tintin gets involved in this adventure. As always I have to point the drawings out Really beautiful. The story is kind of different from later Tintin comic books because magic and curses were involved in its pages. Plot was really interesting and the twist a the end of the books was refreshing, this twist would lat [...]

  • Sammy

    My review, as published in Tintin Books:"The Seven Crystal Balls" is a wonderfully atmospheric album, in which fears of the supernatural meld perfectly with the scientific discoveries of the time. Anyone who grew up with the animated TV series will probably recall this one in great detail, as there is so much good material here: particularly notable is the agonising wait in Tarragon's manor, and the marvelous frame of the seven victims waking up on cue in their hospital beds, and screaming.Altho [...]

  • Dominick

    This is a solid enough Tintin adventure about archaeologists involved in an Incan expedition getting knocked into comas, one by one, by some mysterious substance from crystal balls broken in their rooms by forces unknown. It's an Inca curse, apparently, though since this volume is only part one of the story, how/why it works remains opaque. There DOES seem to be something supernatural going on (that cover image is a literal scene from the book), but there's also a mysterious Incan descendant run [...]

  • Korynn

    I don't know about you but the mummy is this first volume remains one of the creepiest monsters put on paper in my memory. This volume of Tintin is part one of two, and follows the story of the Captain fresh from buying Marlinspike Hall. I especially enjoy the beginning with the Captain's obvious efforts to look "posh" as benefitting his new position as owner of Marlinspike. If, in your adulthood, you ever wonder about the asexual tone of Tintin, you can't help but look at the relationship betwe [...]

  • Jonathan

    Herge’s adventures of Tintin were a boyhood staple in my reading habits. I returned to “The Seven Crystal Balls” with some trepidation, wondering if they would live up to the good memories. This graphic novel starts when an archaeological expedition return from South America, carrying an Inca mummy. One by one the group succumbs to a curse that creates a strange illness over the group. Tintin is drawn in when his friend, Professor Calculus, is kidnapped after discovering something of what [...]

  • Dan

    The Tintin stories for anyone who has read them and understands their history can't be viewed as anything other than groundbreaking. The beginnings of these stories have been around as long as the Lord of the Rings, the illustration and environments in the Tintin books are accurate and extremely detailed. Anyone who has spent even a little time exploring Herge (Georges Remi) can see the painstaking research and adversity he worked through to compose the world around Tintin. His ideas were ahead [...]

  • Rachael Eyre

    Classic middle period Tintin. What's not to like?Although an expositonal volume for its sequel, Prisoners of the Sun, I actually prefer this story. There are some unforgettable moments- the Captain landing in an orchestra pit with a panto cow's head, the explorers falling under the curse, the blood freezing mummy Rascar Capac (remembered even by non fans!). I liked the hale and hearty Tarragon, and think it's a shame we don't see him after this adventure. Snowy is also in fine fettle in this sto [...]

  • Ashley Capes

    Herge really seemed to unleash a really brilliant run of stories around WWII and post-war, The Seven Crystal Balls being no exception.The beginning of a search to uncover the truth behind a mysterious curse placed on Incan artefacts, Tintin and Haddock must also rescue Professor Calculus, who vanishes from an friend's estate during the night. There's lots of great jokes with Calculus' hearing and near the opening, Haddock demanding Nester supply him with more monocles, but probably my favourite [...]

  • Joyce

    It's been a while since my last Tintin adventure, but it seems The Seven Crystal Balls was definitely a good choice especially in terms of reminding me why I like Tintin so much. This book actually ends just as you hit the climax of the adventure, and it continues on with the next book in the series, Prisoners of the Sun. I recommend having a few Tintin adventures on your desk at work; as I've found out recently, reading one of these adventures is a great way to de-stress in a short amount of ti [...]

  • Michael Gerald

    The first part of another mystery, The Seven Crystal Balls has that vintage Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock, but also funny yet wholly irrelevant dimwittedness from the Thompson twins.A sinister air of enigma permeates the whole story as a group of explorers that recovered an Inca mummy are each stricken with an inexplicable coma. Add to that, Professor Calculus disappears. The trails then leads to Peru, and the next book, The Prisoners of the Sun.

  • Tracey Yiangou

    I have been a Tintin reader since it was a child. For close to 50 years I have read and re-read the whole collection of Tintin books so many times that I couldn't keep count. The Seven Crystal Balls is my favourite followed closely by Prisoners of the Sun. How could anyone not love these books. My 26 year old son and my 90 year old father also loves them.

  • Maria Carmo

    Very funny and exciting, this new adventure which ends as the start of the next one, which will take place in Peru But first, in this book the curses and maledictions of Indian Kings turned to mummies, and the fact the "the bad guys" kidnapped Mr. Tournesol, spices up this whole book and lays the ground for the next one.Maria Carmo,Lisbon 15 January 2015.

  • Laura

    From BBC Radio 4 Extra:When explorers return from Peru and fall ill, the intrepid boy reporter is on the case.This was my first book of Tintin I've read and it's still hard to decide which one is my favorite.

  • mahad

    هيچوقت دوسش نداشتم.

  • Augusto Bernardi

    Wasnt the biggest fan of this edition of tintin. To be honest it was pretty boring. the first part of a multiple part story, this volume was more setting up the mystery rather than answering anything. Tintin is trying to discover the mystery behind the scientists being ambushed and put into a coma with these crystal balls. The whole group sets out to find the people behind this but Doctor Calculus is also kidnapped in the comic so Tintin and the Captain must find where the doctor went. Besides a [...]

  • Michele

    The Seven Crystal Balls was written in the mid to late 1940s and is the first of two parts (the second is Prisoners of the Sun). In this story, Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock go in search of Professor Calculus in Peru after the members of an expedition team that returned to the UK from Peru have fallen to a mysterious illness. An Incan mummy is a crucial element to the narrative. In my review of Cigars of the Pharaoh, I mentioned that I was not a fan of the narrative device of fortuitous happ [...]

  • Sophie

    Another well-written Tintin book, but lacking the slapstick humour that made The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure so compulsively readable.Still a great book that I sped right through. Hergé's plots, jokes and artwork are just so addictive, and I can see why my brother loves Tintin so much. I felt that the "supernatural" aspect of the mummy gave this Tintin book a different feel than the others I have read, and I didn't like this.This book didn't stack up in comparison to other [...]

  • Christopher Sinclair

    As a boy this was always a harder read for me due to the blander colours and greater dialogue however it's one I appreciated more when my reading was more advanced. This is part of a two part story, it has some nice parts to it but has never been a favorite of mine however it sets the story for the next book which in my opinion is alot better.

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