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By Gwen Bristow | Comments: ( 422 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

His eyes were dark with pain and as Elizabeth Herlong looked at the guest her husband had brought to dinner, she felt a tremor of recognition But how could she have known this bearded stranger, able to walk only with the aid of a cane Where in her sheltered existence as the wife of a Hollywood producer and the mother three children, could she have met this refugee writerHis eyes were dark with pain and as Elizabeth Herlong looked at the guest her husband had brought to dinner, she felt a tremor of recognition But how could she have known this bearded stranger, able to walk only with the aid of a cane Where in her sheltered existence as the wife of a Hollywood producer and the mother three children, could she have met this refugee writer from Germany And why was she so sure that he, than anyone else, could understand the uncertainties that racked her soul

  • Title: Tomorrow is Forever
  • Author: Gwen Bristow
  • ISBN: 9780899660271
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Gwen Bristow

American author and journalist She studied at Columbia University and afterwards wrote for a number of literary magazines and journals Eventually she moved to New Orleans, and worked at the Times Picayune She became interested in longer forms of writing novels and short stories through her husband, screenwriter Bruce Manning, and published her first novel in 1929 Bristow reached the pinnacle of her career with the western romance Jubilee Trail, which became a bestseller in 1950, and was adapted to a moderately successful film in 1954.

Comments Tomorrow is Forever

  • Misfit

    Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to finish this, I yield at 65%. I love Bristow's other stories, but there just isn't a story here - just endless anti-war propaganda. Bristow clearly has an agenda, but as much as I am opposed to war (any war), I can't bear to be clubbed over the head with her rhetoric. Moving on

  • Brooke

    I liked the concept of the book when i read what it was about and the book grabbed me the first couple pages but it soon lost me after that. It was a bit of a chore to get through.

  • Sean

    A book that I will always remember. This is one of the first romance novels that I've ever read and it was so beautiful of a story. I had to recommend it to my mom and even she, who is not a big reader, loved it.

  • Junemarie Brandt

    Language is a bit dated, but could be overcome if the plot was stronger. A good central idea, but not developed in ways it could have been.

  • Susan

    An excellent read!

  • Pam

    Tomorrow is Forever is a novel written by Gwen Bristow. Although it was actually written in 1950, it resounds with today. In fact, I was totally surprised to learn that it was first published in 1950 and that Gwen Bristow died in 1980. I definitely thought she was a contemporary writer. Her work is extremely well-written with a very well developed plot. The characters are well developed and quite realistic. Her realism comes through in her work. Elizabeth Herlong was the wife of Spratt Herlong, [...]

  • Karen

    My feelings on this book are mixed. I liked some of the concepts and ideas presented and I cared enough about the characters to find out what happens, but I found myself having to force my way through the book. I found the same thing with Deep Summer by Gwen Bristow and I'm wondering if I'll have the same problems with Calico Palace that I have checked out from the Rio Rancho Library and Celia Garth that I'll be reading for our book club. Only time will tell.I think the concept I found most inte [...]

  • Laura

    This is very unlike other Bristow books. It was written in 1943 during the final years of World War II. The story focuses on a prestigious Hollywood family who was somewhat isolated from the war until it was time for their oldest child to enlist. Then they are faced with the prospect of their son dying for a cause that they aren't sure they can support. Because they lived such an insulated life far from the death, sacrifice, and horror or war, they really had to struggle to understand the need f [...]

  • A. R.

    While I liked the premise, it fell a little short.This book ended up feeling like an treatise on war, marriage, and how people ruin their own lives without intending to because of the fear of moving on. I enjoyed the thoughts and theories. They certainly were thought provoking. I also love the time period. The story was heartfelt and brought up many ideas to consider. While I liked the book, I did think it was a bit preachy. Good thing I found the ideas fascinating. And I think I ended up being [...]

  • Robin

    Book is good - has some plot holes and is rather preachy, although the philosophy presented is interesting.But once again, do not bother with the movie (starring Claudette Colbert and Orson Welles). Colbert is good as always, but Welles was totally miscast as her previous husband, and the story comes across as just a WWII weeper instead of what it truly is -- a new look at the reasons behind fighting the war.

  • Mary

    First published in 1943, this is an historical romance that takes place during and after WWII. A very accurate picture of life in southern California during those days, it brought back memories from a childhood spent near the setting for the story during that time. It's a story of tragedy and sacrifice in wartime with elements of Casablanca.

  • Janice

    This book is full of the author's views about war and marriage and this book felt like a vehicle for to write those thoughts, using a novel loosely to tell them. 1950s language. It languished for me at times. I have read several books dealing with the subject of about a person presumed dead and then coming back. This one wasn't as good as others I have read.

  • Kathy

    This is an intregueing novel that blends romance, history of American involvement in the world wars & a unique mystery.Plus, the author uses the novel to present several moral & ethical issues that we all can relate to. Be prepared as the ending may cause tears.

  • Laurel Fallon

    There is something about Bristow's writing that I just don't like. Her dialogs seem so basic and elementary. I did like Mr Kesslers take on war and his conversation with Dick and Elizabeth. I have only read one other book by her (Handsome Road) and I think this one will be my last.

  • Laurie

    World War II propaganda novel -- intended to entice men to enlist.

  • Caitie

    Completely unlike anything I've read before. Awesomely profound and poignant, and just as relevant now as in 1944.

  • Cynthia

    Not the same caliber as her other books.

  • Cindy

    Wonderful bookThis book set in WWII is revel ant for today's world. I lovely look at family life and refugees in the 1940's

  • Sally Sharamitaro

    Love the era when this story takes place, as well as it's message.

  • Nancy

    Maybe 3.5 stars. I have mixed feelings about this book. I really like Gwen Bristow's books, but almost put this down several times. I ended up liking it, almost.

  • Pamela

    Erich Kessler is the man-splainer of all man-splainers.

  • Colleen

    I read this book many many years ago and always wanted to find it again. It had a lot of significance to me when I first read it and so was interesting to read again.

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  • Best Read [Gwen Bristow] ↠ Tomorrow is Forever || [Fiction Book] PDF ☆
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