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By Megan Hart | Comments: ( 918 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

Elle and Dan haven t quite achieved their goal of having sex in every room of their new house but almost Marriage hasn t dampened their hunger for one another in the least, and their relationship is as hot and passionate as ever But when Dan brings up the subject of having a baby together, Elle finds herself conflicted Between her dysfunctional family background and heElle and Dan haven t quite achieved their goal of having sex in every room of their new house but almost Marriage hasn t dampened their hunger for one another in the least, and their relationship is as hot and passionate as ever But when Dan brings up the subject of having a baby together, Elle finds herself conflicted Between her dysfunctional family background and her fear of how a baby might change their life together, Elle s not sure she s ready for the big step Dan doesn t bring the subject up again, but the issue takes hold in Elle s mind And as their frequent lovemaking sizzles with unquenchable desire, Elle s heart is filled to the brim with love and the longing to give Dan everything.

  • Title: Reason Enough
  • Author: Megan Hart
  • ISBN: 9785551839507
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Megan Hart

Megan Hart has written in almost every genre of romantic fiction, including historical, contemporary, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, futuristic, fantasy and perhaps most notably, erotic She also writes non erotic fantasy and science fiction, as well as continuing to occasionally dabble in horror from the author s websiteLibrarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name For Megan Hart, the nutritionist, click here

Comments Reason Enough

  • Duchess Nicole

    How do I give a 34 page not-even-a-novella book four stars? Well, let me tell you. I decided to read this while eating lunch and to catch up with Dan and Elle since it would only take a bit. And Megan Hart managed to not only pack fiveunt them, FIVE smoking hot sex(love) scenes into this story, but I actually teared up twice. I had to stop reading to swallow my food because the lump in my throat was too hard to get past. And once again, the excessive sex was actually NOT excessive was completely [...]

  • Karla

    4 starsI love Dan Stewart and I love Elle for finally loving him the way he deserves to be loved. These two have so much passion and desire for each other, but there was almost too much sex in this shortdid I just say that?! I wish we had gotten a little more story. It would have been nice to have an update on Gavin. Still very satisfying and the last two paragraphs were so sweet and really summed up Elle's feelings for Dan. It really choked me up. This was a nice follow up to Dirty!

  • Baba

    3.5 stars."True love doesn't need a happy ending, because true love never ends."If you have read Dirty, the story about Dan and Elle, then you should also read this short novella. It's kind of an epilogue to Dirty. Elle and Dan are married now, and Dan would like to have kids. Elle is a bit surprised and can't decide immediately whether she's ready or not. Having children is a big step for her. After all, a woman can be convinced :)I'm glad to see Elle again and to know that she's happy and love [...]

  • Autumn

    4.9OMG!!! and i had no clue there was an epilogue until an awesome woman told me so(thanks Lisa xxx)!! Boy, would i have been disappointed had i missed the brief continuation of .Ok,so you would ask yourself why on earth was i nickle and dimming with the star rating.Well it was good enough for a 5 star until the last page when it left me craving for perhaps another 10 pages!!! Dont get me wrong Megan H,once again delivered with flawless prose,enchanting subplot,and the realism that often charact [...]

  • Adrienne

    Ok I just had to find out what happened to Elle and Dan, so the next installment of their story seemed like a good idea. Just 33 pages long this is a sweet ending to all the emotional upheaval of the main story, Elle and Dan are married and altho Elle still has OCD issuesher counting everything is still there, altho not so bad as in the pastfe is alot happier for them both, so now the next big decsion like for many married couples is whether to try for a baby. Dan is pretty much up for it (it's [...]

  • Amanda

    Sometimes I'm not sure whether a long drawn out epilogue would live up to my expectation because just being happy with a lot of sex doesn't make up a good read. But Reason Enough really did blew me away with only 45 pages. Damn. Megan Hart is still able to make me feel so much with only a novella. She cramped a few hot sex scene, Elle's inner turmoil on her decision whether to have a child or not and all sorts of emotion running through her in a few short pages. Dan is amazing as always, isn't h [...]

  • Dαɴιjα

    He thought he was lucky. I was the lucky one, though. Lucky I’d found him, and that he loved me. Luckier I loved him back.Dirty was one of the first books by Megan Hart I read, and it remains as one of my favorites. Elle and Dan's story pulled at my heartstrings like few did. Despite the ending Dirty had, even despite seeing them in Broken, I was left wondering if they really did find their happily ever after. After everything that happened with them in Dirty, how could I not? This is why I lo [...]

  • Lupita Figueroa BookLoverRomantic

    Ha sido una enorme decepción no ver a Ella embarazada y ni ver la familia feliz que pudo formar con Dan, uno de los hombres más adorables del mundo novela erótica, a mi juicio. Esta cortísima continuación de "Dentro y fuera de la cama", deja con ganas de saber cómo les fue a ellos como padres. Solo trata de la indecisión de Ella sobre si se embaraza o no. Sin embargo, todo el romance, el erotismo, la dulzura y las vivencias de la pareja (y, claro, la narrativa de Magan Hart) merece 5 estr [...]

  • NiteReader

    I loved spending more time with Elle and DanIt was the perfect epilogue to Dirty!

  • Hannah (bookwormstalk)

    Dan and Elle are my favorite! I loved hearing more of their story and because I feel that I know them so well I think I know how the next steps and stages in their life will play out. I just love it when I feel I know the characters enough to say that (:

  • Alli

    Very nice ending to Dan & Elle's story, although too much sex for such a short piece.

  • Chris- Bookaddict

    ok that was boring . don't see what the point of a few pages to tell us they got married , had tons more sex and where now talking babies

  • Petra Sýkorová

    Dlouho mi trvalo, než jsem se k téhle krátké novelce dostala, ale nakonec jsem se dostala! Chtěla jsem vědět, co si na mé hrdiny autorka přichystá nového.Elle a Dan jsou manželé, zvelebují svůj nový dům a ano, snaží se mít sex ve všech místnostech. Jenže když se Dan své manželky zeptá, jestli by si nechtěla založit rodinu, začne Elle váhat. Necítí se být připravená na roli matky. O to víc, když má před očima obrázek své matky, která jí v životě nikd [...]

  • Kim

    I 100% needed this little extra visit with Elle and Dan from Dirty. Of the six Megan Hart books I've read to date, they are my two favorite characters. Being able to revisit them and see how their story has progressed was wonderful. I still need more of Elle and Dan, but I'm told they make appearances in other Hart books. (Can't wait!) Great story, definitely worth a read.

  • Christina

    Disappointing. Blah. I expected so much more. I knew from the cover that it was about Elle and Dan talking about having a baby. Well it never really went anywhere. It didn't leave me feeling satisfied.SPOILER::: the ending sucked! I at least thought she would discuss it with Dan or let him know she would say yes. I so wanted to hear what he would say. But nothing.The sex scenes were good but that was it.

  • Sara

    Man this would have been a great book of it was longer! I would have liked to see Dan and Elle develop. And become parents!

  • ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖

    Muy tierno.

  • Tracy74

    After reading Megan Hart's Dirty, I felt I needed more. Thanks to Mahyar (My friend on GR) - told me about this ebook and it is exactly what I needed to help round out the ending of the story.

  • Marisa Sauco

    ¡Precioso! ¡Me encantó! ❤

  • Michele

    Elle and Dan get their HEA!!! "Dirty" ended with a "Happyish Ever After," but I was still relatively satisfied. "Reason Enough" is the perfect epilogue for "Dirty" and I couldn't ask for more!

  • Natasha is a Book Junkie

    Awesome epilogue-style novella - the perfect conclusion to a most beloved book, Dirty.

  • Anne Mercier

    I met Dan and Elle in Dirty, Megan Hart's first Harlequin Spice release. I loved that book. I won't rehash the storyline because the blurb does that amazingly well. What I will tell you is that I absolutely LOVED this book. It's rare to find an author who can write as poignantly as Megan Hart, what's even rarer is finding an author who can write short stories that are just as deep, touching, and moving. This story was more than I imagined it to be. I thought, "A short story about Elle and Dan! Y [...]

  • Kim BookJunkie

    I wish Ms. Hart had taken the time to make this into a full length book with more substance and meat to it. It was written by Megan Hart so it was still entertaining but it was like going to a restaurant and only being able to be a few bites instead of being given the full meal. It wasn't as good as the first book either. It felt as though Ms. Hart had tired of writing about Dan and Elle. Maybe she was ready for their story fizzle out.

  • Maria

    The novella, Reason Enough, is more of an epilogue to Dan and Elle’s love story and can be found in Megan Hart’s Erotic Collection Part 2. They’re married now, very happy, when Dan suggests they have a child. Elle doesn’t flat out say no–proof of how she’s grown and come to terms with her painful past–but she struggles. It’s a beautiful and very short piece about love and family.For my full review on my historical romance and history blog: bit/1RrmLds

  • Mary

    Supposedly this is the epilogue to Dirty, though it added very little to Dan and Elle's story, other than to solidify the fact that they have a very active sex life. In case you weren't sure after reading the first book, or maybe you were worried that marriage would slow them down a bit? Nope. Still making like rabbits.

  • Natalia Jimena

    El libro en si me encanto y me encanto como llegó al final, pero leer este epilogo hizo que me volviera a enamorar más de los personajes. Son tan pocas las páginas, pero expresan todo lo necesario para dibujarte una sonrisa y de vez en cuando soltar una carcajada con los comentarios de Dan. Cabe mencionar, que esta escritora me encanta y aunque solo he leído unos de sus libros, siento que los demás serán algo diferente pero igual que me va a encantar.

  • Kaetrin

    read in 2009re-read in Feb 2011This Spice Brief is set after Dirty but I actually read it first the first time round. It says something about Ms. Hart's writing that this 56 page short was able to completely take me in when I hadn't, at that time, read Dirty. It makes more sense, it is true, when one has read Dirty first. And for those who have, there is a lovely Dan and Elle fix for those who didn't quite get enough in the novel. My note on re-read? I love Dan. That is all. :)

  • Blanca

    Very nice novella completing the story of Dan and Ella. As the prior book ended properly with Dan and Ella together we still did not have a few items left dangling. Ella's mom did not ever ask for the brother Chad and also what ever happened to Luke, Chad's partner? We know that Ella accepted Dan but we did not know how far the relationship got. So I love when an author thinks about our concerns and adds another closing chapter to their book. It makes me loyal to that author.

  • Heidi

    I was very happy to get a glimpse back into the world of Dan and Elle. They will always be one of my favorite Megan Hart couples. I was very touched by Elle emotional journey and her decision whether or not to have children. This was even tougher considering Elle's childhood trauma. A very sweet must read.

  • Karyn

    It felt good to come back to Elle & Dan's lives after Dirty and find out that the issues didn't just go away after their HEA in the first book. I loved Megan Hart's books because the characters feel so real and could be someone you know in real life.

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