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By Kyo Maclear Matte Stephens | Comments: ( 483 ) | Date: ( Oct 14, 2019 )

Martin and his neighbors eschew change until eccentric Mr Flux moves in and shows them that change can be big or little or even fit inside a box, and not at all scary A tongue in cheek tale loosely inspired by the 1960s art movement known as Fluxus.

  • Title: Mr. Flux
  • Author: Kyo Maclear Matte Stephens
  • ISBN: 9781554537815
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Kyo Maclear Matte Stephens

Kyo Maclear is a children s author, novelist and essayist She was born in London, England and moved to Toronto at the age of four Kyo is the author of several critically acclaimed children s books including Spork 2010 and Virginia Wolf 2012 , both illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault Mr Flux 2013 , illustrated by Matte Stephens Julia, Child 2014 , illustrated by Julie Morstad The Specific Ocean 2015 with Katty Maurey The Good Little Book 2015 with Marion Arbona The Liszts 2016 with J lia Sard The Wish Tree 2016 with Chris Turnham The Fog 2017 with Kenard Pak and Yak and Dove 2017 with Esm Shapiro Her newest picture book is Bloom A Story of Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli, illustrated by Julie Morstad 2018 Kyo s non fiction book Birds Art Life follows two artists on a yearlong adventure to find birds in a big city It is an intimate and exuberant meditation on creativity and life a field guide to things small and significant She is also the author of two novels The Letter Opener 2007 and Stray Love 2012.Her essays and art criticism have been widely published and anthologized in North America, Europe and Asia Australia.She lives in Toronto with a singer, two children and two cats.

Comments Mr. Flux

  • Matte Stephens

    I am actually the illustrator of this book and my five stars goes to the fantastic Kyo Maclear and Kids Can Press. It was such a pleasure to work on this .Every detail of this book was meticulously thought out from its very beginning.Making a children's book is very difficult and a group effort. It takes many months of hard work. Everyone is not going to "get" this book because it is different but that Is what this book is supposed to be. In my humble opinion life makes no sense and if we can le [...]

  • Emilia P

    An excellent, hilarious, and truly funky take on accepting change. Mr. Flux loves change all the time, he does things just to be different, like eating at a table made of a log, with a bear, collecting phones, wearing fish on his head, stuff like that. Martin can barely stand to trade his old red bicycle for his new red bicycle. What an unlikely pair! But they become friends, teaching each other about the beauty of being weird and how it's ok to be a little normal sometimes too, and also - hey! [...]

  • SmarterLilac

    They don't make children's books like they used to anymore.This curious piece, apparently inspired by an art movement from the '60s, felt abstract and weird to me, even for a book for young, young readers. The illustrations are beautiful and just my style, but I can't picture reading this to my kids.

  • Miriam

    Meh, no where near as good as the author's Virginia Wolf.

  • Kelly

    I love Kyo's work. This is the 2nd one for me.The story is about change. Things aren't always going to be the same as they've been.And sometimes, change makes things better! A great read for the kids. Especially if there is something big coming up which might seem scary.

  • Vivienne Strauss

    What a delightfully refreshing book! When so many books produced now are so garish and unappealing, this one really stands out. A great story to teach children that people or things who are "different" are not necessarily scary or bad and illustrated in a manner that is both imaginative and beautiful!I can't imagine any parent or child who wouldn't be excited to read this book.

  • Cathy

    A librarian tossing salad into a wading pool! A box that is thought to contain cacophony, disorder, and germs!A quirky but sweet book about change with a basis in the arts."What doesn't change are the arms you use to hug with"

  • Eve

    For whatever reason, reading this book reminded me so much of the film Georgy Girl. A little outlandish, but very likeable.

  • Whole And

    A fun story for the kid and neighbourhood that don't like change. Mr Flux helped 'change' all that in a fun way.

  • Rommel Sison

    7-year-old daughter: 👑👑👑5-year-old daughter: 👑👑👑

  • Kelly

    While the illustrations aren't my favorite, the story was wonderful! Martin is a boy who lives in a town that doesn't like change. Then Mr. Flux moves to town and things begin to change

  • Stephanie Shaw

    A book that helps children understand that change can be exciting and beautiful

  • Laura

    I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I chose to request Mr. Flux because I liked the cover and I thought it looked like a fun book. I often choose my picture books by the art I see on the cover because the art is a big reason that I like picture books so much in the first place.Mr. Flux is about a town where everyone is satisfied with the way things are, and feels uncomfortable with [...]

  • Vidya Tiru

    My thoughts: I loved this – change is good – that is the theme of this book – and Mr.Flux is the mascot for change. The book delivers this message in a charming and humorous fashion with awesome artwork to match. Kids will have a laugh while appreciating the art work and will definitely understand the underlying message.I loved Mr.Flux and would campaign to have one Mr.Flux in every community if possible – and since that might not be possible, will settle for this book in every library i [...]

  • Amy Forrester

    Martin is just fine with his routine life in his unchanging neighborhood with predictable family and neighbors. It’s not that he doesn’t like change, it’s just that he doesn’t know change. But all that changes the day Mr. Flux moves in next door. He calls himself an artist, but he doesn’t make anything “art-like.” Soon, Martin is not only trying new things, but he’s enjoying them! In this wonderfully quirky book very loosely based on the Fluxus artist, George Maciunas, the beauty [...]

  • The Styling Librarian

    Mr. Flux by Kyo Maclear + Matte Stephens – If you’ve ever wanted to have a book that introduced and specifically talked about change and the impacts change can have on others, this is a brilliant picture book to grab. I really enjoyed the concept, the illustrations, the community portrayed, and more. Reminded me of many other books connected to change but I was especially impressed with how this book specifically focused on how change can be acceptable and possible in life and not something [...]

  • Angie

    Martin lives in a neighborhood that is all the same and he likes it like that. There is nothing new or surprising or different. Then Mr. Flux moves in and everything changes. His house is different as is his car. He does strange things like giving Martin a box. Soon Martin realizes that different can be fun and trying new things isn't that scary at all. Mr. Flux changes Martin's neighborhood and everyone in it. I liked the message of this story. I think it is a good one for kids who are afraid o [...]

  • Allison Manwell

    Until Mr. Flux moves to the neighborhood, things have basically always been the same. Mr. Flux shows Martin and the neighborhood kids that change is a good thing, and that it’s not scary or bad!I would like to use Mr. Flux as a read aloud book at the beginning or end of the year, because it would be reassuring to students that change is natural and that change is okay. The story is also inspired by the Fluxus art movement from the 1960s, so it could easily be expanded to teach about art and hi [...]

  • Christine Turner

    Martin and his neighbors eschew change until eccentric Mr. Flux moves in and shows them that change can be big or little or even fit inside a box, and not at all scary. A tongue-in-cheek tale loosely inspired by the 1960s art movement known as Fluxus.Summary: A tongue-in-cheek tale loosely inspired by the 1960s Fluxus art movement finds Martin and his neighbors confronting their fears about change when an eccentric newcomer demonstrates how change can be big or little or even small enough to fi [...]

  • Maya

    this book is ok. I love the illustrations, the idea of the story is great--an unusual man comes to a neighborhood full of stagnant families and people and shakes things up. One boy in particular learns that change can actually be exciting and make life fun, a lesson he takes with him when the man suddenly needs to move away. Good message! But I think the story is a little long on the words and could certainly be tightened up.

  • Paula

    Received a copy from NetGalley.A unique storyline about change and how it's good, what happens if we don't, as well as our fears of change. Sometimes, we all need a Mr. Flux in our lives.It would work well for a storytime as the book is funny, or even as a conversation starter to help a child who is or will be experiencing change. I really liked the illustrations and how they changed throughout the book.

  • Alisha Freed

    We loved this book. My 7y-o daughter is really into art and it was great to introduce her to some "out of the box" ideas. I think this book would be a good gift for any child or adult who needed a little jostling from routine. Embrace the unexpected! A great story and the illustrations are perfect. Very stylish and appropriate.

  • Dena (Batch of Books)

    I love the pictures in this book. They give a unique feel to the book that I really like. The story is an interesting concept. It's a whimsical tale of a boy (and a neighborhood) that learns to embrace change. The message that change can be a good thing is delivered in a fun and entertaining way that children will enjoy.Books for Kids

  • Ryan

    Martin is a boy who does not like change of any type. His new neighbor Mr. Flux loves change and knows that everything changes. He helps Martin come to terms with life changes. This story is adorable. I love the word play and the illustrations. This book is a perfect tool to use with kids and adults.

  • Ashley

    Too long to be a read aloud in library land, but a wonderful choice for a parent looking to help their children to understand and not fear change. Mr. Flux presents change in a fun, and playful manner, but we see how others feel about it through Martin. Martin was a great voice and I think many children will relate to him.

  • Jessalyn King

    I secretly really like illustrations where you can see both eyes even in profile I've never had the guts to try it though. Don't know why.And that's what this book is about: change doesn't require guts, it's just trying new things.My favourite line: "What doesn't change are the arms you use to hug with. Those stay the same."

  • East Gwillimbury

    "Mr. Flux" is about change and learning how to embrace the fact, that life and the world is in a constant state of flux. This book is for an older reader, it would be wonderful to find a quiet corner and read this book alone. It is a simple way to explain to a child that life will always be changing and everyone needs to learn to change too.Mary Ann

  • Dawn

    This book reminded us of The Dullards. I loved the concept behind this book: change is goodthere is beauty in ordinary thingsMy class thought the drawings were pretty weird. They were definitely artistic and creative. I bet if we took a little more time we'd see interesting things in the drawings.

  • Paula Hollohan

    "Heavens to Murgatroyd" I liked this book. Change is a concept many children have trouble with at school. New year, year end, transitions, new seating planMr. Flux is just the guy to help out. K-3 or even 4 if you have a point to make.

  • Jill

    This is a fun book with great illustrations as well as a fun story. Mr. Flux loves change. Martin does not. But through his friendship with Mr. Flux, Martin is introduced to new things, and soon he learns that change can be okay.

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