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By J. Mark Hart | Comments: ( 929 ) | Date: ( Apr 06, 2020 )

In 1969, Brad Williams thought baseball might save his lifeNif he wasn t shipped off to Vietnam He desperately needed a college baseball scholarship, but violence from integration and the Vietnam draft shattered his neighborhood and tested his conscience The time came to choose sides But how could he play it safe when so much was at stake

  • Title: Fielder's Choice
  • Author: J. Mark Hart
  • ISBN: 9780982617434
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

J. Mark Hart

J Mark Hart is an Alabama lawyer with than 30 years experience handling civil litigation and appeals He has been recognized in Best Lawyers in America and Alabama Super Lawyers Mark grew up in Birmingham during the Civil Rights and Vietnam eras dramatized in his novel and still resides there with his family His hobbies include books and music from the fifties and sixties, and of course, he is an avid baseball fan Fielder s Choice is his first novel.

Comments Fielder's Choice

  • Donald B. Stewart

    This novel was a tough read for me, not because the story line was thin, or the narrative sketchy. Quite the opposite.'Fielder’s Choice' was difficult for this reader because I found myself way too close to the book’s content. I was raised in Birmingham, Alabama, the setting for the story. My family moved here shortly after the events outlined in the book, but in plenty of time to experience the aftermath of the powerful historic forces detailed in the narrative – the deep rumblings of whi [...]

  • Paul Long

    I enjoyed this book. It’s a nice story, well-written for the most part, with a strong main character. But it has a few flaws – some typos and sloppy editing, some long, drawn out anecdotes that could be considerably shortened or eliminated, and a lack of strong secondary characters.But all that is loose criticism. Most importantly, the story is good.It tells of Brad Williams, a high school senior in Birmingham, Ala in 1969. It’s a year that presents Brad with a variety of choices: Whom sho [...]

  • Phil Clymer

    This is a very good book but I have to add I feel it was a bit too long. It is well written and the characters are fully developed.The book evolves around the concept of the fielder's choice in baseball, where a player has the option of making one of two plays. The art lies in making the right play instead of the easy play. This is the real life dilemma that Brad faces. Brad is a high school senior and baseball player looking to earn a college scholarship. His pathway is cluttered by friendships [...]

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA

    FIELDER'S CHOICE by J. Mark Hart is an interesing Coming of Age story told during the tumultuous year 1969. Brad Williams, loved baseball, but would he chose baseball over his country? Brad struggles with racism and his conscious. The controversy of the Vietnam War, racial discrimination, diversity and choices is but a few topics in this title. Vietnam, war, Baseball, and choices is just a little of what Brad struggles with, he also, has a conscious. The author interweaves Civil Rights, the Viet [...]

  • Linda Marie Marsh

    I give this book 5 stars and 2 thumbs up-wishing i had more stars and more thumbs to give.Thoroughly engrossing, throughly relateable. You don't have to be a baseball fan nor do you need to be a child of the 60's to love this book, but being both made it all the more enjoyable.1969Alabamae angst of being a high school seniorVietnamracismgregation.racial friendshiper pressurewhat a mixed bag of emotions and times!The central character is Bradwhitehoping for a baseball scholarship to college to av [...]

  • Judy Jones

    If you want to feel what it was like growing up in the Deep South of Birmingham, Alabama during the 60's then you will enjoy this immensely. A teenage boy struggles with "What is the right thing to do".Play Ball? or stand up for what he has been taught. Treating another as you would want to be treated or ridiculing them like other players and classmates.Avoiding the Vietnam Draft? Big decisions for one so young Yet. He must make them.

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  • Best Download [J. Mark Hart] ↠ Fielder's Choice || [Poetry Book] PDF ✓
    379 J. Mark Hart
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