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By Elizabeth Maddrey | Comments: ( 408 ) | Date: ( Jul 03, 2020 )

Is there sin that love can t cover Lydia Brown has taken just about every wrong turn she could find When an abortion leaves her overwhelmed by guilt, she turns to drugs to escape her pain After a single car accident lands her in the hospital facing DUI charges, Lydia is forced to reevaluate her choices.Kevin McGregor has been biding his time since high school when he heaIs there sin that love can t cover Lydia Brown has taken just about every wrong turn she could find When an abortion leaves her overwhelmed by guilt, she turns to drugs to escape her pain After a single car accident lands her in the hospital facing DUI charges, Lydia is forced to reevaluate her choices.Kevin McGregor has been biding his time since high school when he heard God tell him that Lydia Brown was the woman he would marry In the aftermath of Lydia s accident, Kevin must come to grips with the truth about her secret life.While Kevin works to convince himself and God that loving Lydia is a mistake, Lydia struggles to accept the feelings she has for Kevin, though she fears her sin may be too much for anyone to forgive.

  • Title: Wisdom to Know
  • Author: Elizabeth Maddrey
  • ISBN: 9781938708008
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Elizabeth Maddrey

Elizabeth Maddrey began writing stories as soon as she could form the letters properly and has never looked back Though her practical nature and love of math and organization steered her into computer science for college and graduate school, she has always had one or stories in progress to occupy her free time When she isn t writing, Elizabeth is a voracious consumer of books and has mastered the art of reading while undertaking just about any other activity.

Comments Wisdom to Know

  • Julia Wilson

    Wisdom To Know by Elizabeth Maddrey is a gritty Christian story that doesn't shy away from the world and it's problems, and I was blessed to receive a copy.Lydia is the daughter of a pastor. She has three perfect sisters and parents who love her. Kevin is her best friend and he has loved Lydia for years. Lydia has never felt herself 'good enough' for Kevin.Lydia has had a series of boyfriends. Brad, her latest, has let her believe that they will be engaged when he can afford a ring. Then Lydia f [...]

  • Jaycee Weaver

    Wow, such a hard topic and so well presentedI can’t even say how emotional and yet completely sensitive and heartfelt this story is. It brings to light the void the church so often leaves in recognizing the pain and shame both women and men feel regarding abortion. Maddrey sheds light on the pressures and feelings of perfectionism that the church can also often place on the people who grow up within its walls. For all of the love and freedom Christ brings, we humans sure mess things up so badl [...]

  • Carrie

    "Wisdom to Know," a novel by Elizabeth Maddrey, is the story about Lydia Brown, a preacher's kid who falls from grace by getting pregnant outside of marriage. She had given herself to a man who she thought would marry her, but it became apparent that he had no intention in doing so after she slept with him. Pride, shame, and fear prevent her from revealing the truth to her parents and her friends. She decides to get an abortion to cover up her mistake. However, guilt over her actions drives her [...]

  • Daphne Self

    I found that Elizabeth Maddrey portrayed a true and accurate account of one of today's main hot topics. Even though she did not shy from writing about the consequences of this sin and how grace saves us, the book's topic alone was not enough to warrant more than an "okay".I felt as though the author needed to show how the decision to abort the baby came about. Lydia had no argument, no self-doubt. One sentence and the decision was done. Afterwards, two paragraphs were all that showed of her regr [...]

  • TWJ Magazine

    We need more reality fiction in the Christian marketplace: books that are true to life and its messiness and true to Scripture and the truth. Elizabeth Maddrey's debut novel, Wisdom to Know fits that description, and is engaging and enjoyable reading.Lydia Brown is a pastor's daughter with perfect sisters, living by a standard she'll never measure up to no matter how hard she tries. When she chooses to compromise and sleep with her almost fiance, life teaches her a hard lesson: he moves on, leav [...]

  • Sandra Lassiter

    *Possible Spoiler near the end!*Lydia Brown is the classic preacher's daughter daughter gone wrong. She's pretty much made every terrible choice she could possibly make, and now her life is out of control. A single car accident brings everything down around her.Kevin McGregor has been in love with Lydia since high school and truly believes that she is the woman God has for him. Now he has to deal with all of her secrets, and he's not sure he can forgive them all.This book deals with a myriad of [...]

  • Johanna

    I have to be honest- when I initially read the first few chapters of this book, I was not too engaged. I really don’t know what it was; I think it was the theme of ‘sex before marriage’, the consequent abortion and the drug use, especially in Christian Fiction; however I don’t wish to speculate. So I left the book for a couple months, coming back to it when I felt guilty for not having it completed. So I continued….And am I glad I did, because I found the book to gradually get engaging [...]

  • Jessica Baker (A Baker's Perspective)

    Great story of courage and love!This is the first time I've read a book by Elizabeth Maddrey and it will not be the last! I think sometimes it is hard for Christian authors to write about difficult topics, just like in the real world some Christians pretend these situations do not apply to other Christians. Elizabeth provided us a great example about how even we as Christians can fail. We can have times where we turn away from God and the things we've been taught. I appreciated such a honest and [...]

  • Jennifer Clausen-greene

    In this contemporary Christian romance book the author does a wonderful job of tackling a really tough issue with Christians-abortion. Lydia is a stubborn, insecure women who feels this deep desire to prove herself to the world and in the process makes some really bad choices that will effect her and the people who love her for the rest of her life. You see real development of the main character's as they wrestle with forgiveness and what that loks like and how to really apply it to others and t [...]

  • Melissa

    Elizabeth Maddrey's debut novel is full on snappy dialogue and real situations. I enjoyed reading Wisdom to Know and getting my hands on a Christian book that deals with some very real, but tough, issues. As much as we might not want to believe there are people sitting in our congregations who have had abortions the truth is there are women who are hurting, just like Lydia in this book.This book touched me personally as my sister lived a life very much like Lydia and I had no idea for years. Pro [...]

  • Pattisue

    The first book in the Grant Us Grace Series, this is a heartbreaking story of trials by fire told from a Christian point of view. Raised with very specific morals and standards, Lydia’s downward spiral into shame and despair is painful to read. As illustrated through Lydia’s life, women today face a perilous path fraught with temptation and trials. Maddrey’s wisdom and insight create a book of hope, healing and forgiveness. This is an honest, raw and emotional book. While this story deals [...]

  • Lyndon

    Wisdom to Know by Elizabeth Maddrey is a contemporary Christian romance that broaches real life issues that real people experience. Tough subjects like abortion, relational rejection, unanswered prayer, and finding one's way in this life. While many of today's Christian writers touch on these topics, the traditional publishing trend for inspirational novels has been to refer to them "off screen" and in the past tense. That is, many contemporary Christian writers pen stories that acknowledge a Ch [...]

  • Jessica Allen

    Plot: The plot while, predictable, was at least enough to keep me engaged in the story. I do feel that the abortion was glossed over even though it is the main event in the story.Characters: I think that Lydia's character was well described. I had an easy time understanding what she was going through and what she was feeling. Kevin's character was a little harder to relate with though.Themes: Forgiveness was the main theme in this story. Lydia had to forgive herself for the choices she made and [...]

  • Stacey

    Our choices can build us up or tear us down. It was tough reading about Lydia who made one poor choice after another, (premarital sex, abortion, drugs, prostitution) until she ended up nearly killing herself physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a reader of 'happily ever after' I struggled to see the light of hope that Lydia so desperately needed and at times I had to put the book down to absorb what I was reading. When I finally reached that point where I knew Lydia could climb out of the d [...]

  • Carol Harlow

    Elizabeth Maddrey has done a wonderful job with this book. This is a book that is very easy to read book and it pulls the reader in from the first page! I love her writing style and the story is very true to life and happens very often in our fast and changing world. Elizabeth has woven a story that could help others that are faced with similar challenges in life.Lydia makes some wrong choices in her life and she learns through faith, forgiveness and consequences to work through the choices that [...]

  • Shari Howe

    Wisdom to Know is a must read for anyone who has struggled either personally or who knows someone who has struggled with the issue of abortion. Elizabeth Maddrey has taken this controversial issue and tenderly portrayed the pain and long lasting effects it has on the people involved. She presents the characters in this story, not as perfect Christians, but as fallen humans in need of understanding and forgiveness. She gives credibility to the effects that abortion has not only on the woman, but [...]

  • Ginger Solomon

    I admire Elizabeth Maddrey for daring to write "Wisdom to Know". It approaches several difficult subjects-pre-marital sex, abortion, and drug use-with a Christian world-view.Overall I would have liked to see some bright spots, from any point of view, as the book has a dark feel to it. But the writing drew me in and kept me returning to find out what would happen. It did have a happily-ever-after, which I LOVE, but it was hard fought for (by the characters), much like real-life. The essential mes [...]

  • Toni Shiloh

    I loved the story of Wisdom to Know. Lydia's journey regarding her abortion was incredibly well written. Yet her abortion was merely the catalyst of a wide arranged issues Lydia went through. I loved how her relationship with God grew as she discovered the power of His love and forgiveness.I also throughly enjoyed Kevin's story line. He felt like he did everything right and was being let down. He needed to grow in how he loved others to loving God's way. All in all, it was a fantastic read of th [...]

  • Christina

    Competent writing and a tough subject, so right off the bat two definite plusses in my book. The novel uses the points of view of both Lydia and Kevin, so it's really two stories in one. While it's billed as a romance, it felt a lot more like women's fiction with some romance thrown in for flavor. Plus some witty remarks that put a smile on my face - love those witty remarks. I applaud Elizabeth for tackling the topic. Having read two of her titles now, I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up in the [...]

  • D'anah

    When you are reading it, you wonder how anyone can be so stupid! However, in real life, I guess we all make stupid mistakes. Takes you through the fall-out from less than optimal decisions. Shows you how the effects are far reaching, but never beyond God's grace. I LOVE the friendship ties depicted in the book (and following one). Awesome! Makes you yearn for good friends like that!Not an 'easy' read, in terms of what covers, but a very worthwhile read that ends up well. I like her style. Her bo [...]

  • Teresa Kander

    This story tackles the difficult and very personal topic of abortion. The author shows that Christians aren't perfect people, but are just as human and flawed as anyone else. She also shows that men can be just as impacted as women, a fact which is often forgotten or ignored. This book is very easy to read, in spite of the deep subject manner. It's a realistic look at these people, and I look forward to reading the remainder of the trilogy in the future. I received a copy of this book in exchang [...]

  • Victoria Brinius

    Sometimes things are not always what they seem to be. Other times they are real but are still unbelievable. Kevin has always had feelings for Lydia but tries to make himself believe that she is not the one for him. Lydia has been making all of the wrong decisions in her life. Still Lydia after all she has done hopes that there is someone that will be able to still want and love her. Will they ever find their way to each other ? I give this book a 4/5. I was given this book for a review and these [...]

  • Ann

    The author has tackled some very tough issues in this book such as promiscuity and abortion, and she has written a beautiful story showing how hurting people can find acceptance, forgiveness and second chances through God's love and mercy. I was very touched as I read the story of Lydia and the battles she faced. The story is also a strong reminder that God's children also need to be willing to offer that same love and forgiveness. I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review, [...]

  • Melissa Henderson

    This story touches the heart and reminds us that we all have things in our past that we wish we had dealt with differently. In this story, Lydia learns from her mistakes and finds her way back to God and to her family and friends. I cried and then, I cheered on Lydia and Kevin and I was very pleased with the way the author handled the subject matter. I look forward to reading more by author Elizabeth Maddrey.

  • Lillie

    Wisdom to Know is a powerful story that touches the heart and emotions. I am so passionately pro-life that I found it hard to forgive Lydia, and I couldn't imagine the depth of pain for both her and Kevin. It's an eye-opening look at how even a Christian can be led astray into sin and at the impact that sin and guilt have on the individual and everyone they love. It's a deeply moving tale of love, redemption, and forgiveness.

  • Frank Harrison

    Good book.This was a good read. Since I work for a PRC , I can tell you did a lot of research in what we do. I feel any girl that read your book would be encouraged to go to a Crisis pregnancy center. I haven't read any of your other books, look forward to reading them. I always like to find a ,Christian author that writes good clean fiction.

  • Joy

    An awesome read of forgiveness. There is no sin that isn't forgiveable, however it isn't easy to forgive yourself. This author has written this storyline so well that you feel the emotions as if you are the one who commits these sins. It is so well written that you can feel the emotions of each character.

  • Tracy Wainwright

    Not your average Christian fiction The author does a great job of handling really tough topics. The reality of slipping into din and the painful road to heal from it is addressed very well. While the answers are given, they're not done so in a trite way. That it's difficult and bumpy, but still worth it is something any believer can benefit from.

  • Wilani Wahl

    This was a well written book. I loved the way the book handled delicate situations that really do happen to people. Yes, even to people who grow up in godly Christian homes. This book gave me reasons to think how I would handle it if someone I knew went through this situation. The characters seemed so real. I can't wait to read the next books in this series.

  • Laura

    Wisdom to KnowThought-provoking and suspenseful. I had a hard time putting the book down. Elizabeth Maddrey handles the topics of abortion and prescription drug abuse in this story and how loved ones deal with the issues and forgiveness. Definitely a good read.

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  • [PDF] Download Þ Wisdom to Know | by ✓ Elizabeth Maddrey
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