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In a posh suburb of the nation s capital, at the most exclusive high school in the world, the vampires who secretly run the government have created a game for America s daughters of privilege Show up to Homecoming in a black dress and you ve entered yourself in a contest where the winner lives forever, and the loser becomes the winner s first meal.Only the wealthiest, mosIn a posh suburb of the nation s capital, at the most exclusive high school in the world, the vampires who secretly run the government have created a game for America s daughters of privilege Show up to Homecoming in a black dress and you ve entered yourself in a contest where the winner lives forever, and the loser becomes the winner s first meal.Only the wealthiest, most connected students can hope to win, so when new girl Nicky Bloom wears a black dress to Homecoming, everyone assumes she has a death wish They don t know that Nicky has her own agenda As the dance continues into the night, they will find out that Nicky Bloom is far than she seems.

  • Title: The Homecoming Masquerade
  • Author: Spencer Baum
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  • Page: 367
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Spencer Baum

Spencer Baum Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Homecoming Masquerade book, this is one of the most wanted Spencer Baum author readers around the world.

Comments The Homecoming Masquerade

  • Lyuba

    If you're looking for an action packed book, look elsewhere. After reading the blurb I got a completely different thing from what I expected to get. This book feels like one long background story, that goes on and on and on. The narrator's voice wasn't very engaging, I felt like I was reading a lecture about the past of every person we meet, well every IMPORTANT person we meet. The characters were not very engaging either, because we were told so much about their past that there was no place for [...]

  • Deborah

    I've just downloaded the third book The Rose Ransom and realised just how long it is since I read the first two, so to refresh my mind and enable me to have a clue what's going on I decided to re-read the first two and noticed that it was before I started making an effort to write reviews, so here goes.This book is fantastic Thorndike Academy is the most exclusive high school in the world only the very rich, influential and powerful get their children in, once a year they have a competition like [...]

  • Abbie

    This one was really boring, and most of the time, i felt like putting it down.Nothing happened. Most of the time we were in the past, finding out what the network was. Due to that, the characters never had time to do something interesting, so it got boring, very fast.The only character who i really noticed was Kim, and that wasn't in a good way.I didn't like her at all. She was mean, annoying, and thought way too much of herself. This wasn't so much of a story, but info dumps one after the other [...]

  • Angela

    A creative paranormal concept that unfolds its secrets and leaves the mysteries lurking, The Homecoming Masquerade was a page-turning read. I enjoyed the premise and dark aura surrounding the setting, the political and secretive organizations lurking throughout the course of the novel, but found so many of the characters either bland or too similar to each other to easily diffrentiate.The Homecoming Masquerade starts out with Jill, a girl revealing to her friends that Nicky Bloom is entering the [...]

  • Genevieve

    This book was okay. It was good enough to keep me interested but the writing was pretty simple (i.e the author always used the verb said, a big no no for literature) There was a lot of unnecessary detail which I just skipped through but still understood the story. The characters were interesting enough but that's about as far as it goes.

  • Lindley Walter-smith

    "The Demon Queen and the Locksmith", also by Baum, is one of my favourite books, so I was really pleased to find this. It's a much more conventional story than Demon Queen, firmly part of the "adolescents battle a society of evil vampires" YA genre, but fun for all that. The world building, again, is really good, and the central idea is an enticing one, with the elite girls competing to become a vampire, backed by their rich and influential families - and the loser getting eaten. While the plot [...]

  • Rebecca

    I believe this series has potential but there's some things wrong. Like how slow the dang book was! It just dragged and dragged!The Homecoming Masquerade felt like it was one long backstory. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed the book but it felt like nothing actually happened. It was a lot of what happened in the past for the important characters which it is important to get to know some of this stuff but it would have been nice to receive it gradually and perhaps in a different way then all at [...]

  • Ashley

    Gave up, this was a big confusing mess of unrealistic things/plot.

  • Nicole (Reading Books With Coffee)

    I have so many thoughts on The Homecoming Masquerade! I do have mixed feelings about it, but overall, I found I liked it.I actually really love the premise of the book! It's really unique as far as paranormal goes, and I love that it's a paranormal thriller. It's such a random combination but it works really well! Washington D.C. and an exclusive high school work perfectly as a backdrop for the book. I have the feeling there will be a lot of intrigue. Wearing a black dress to homecoming, and get [...]

  • Karen

    I have never read anything by this author before and even though this may not have really made a great impression on me, I am willing to try the next book in this series. I was not thrilled with the characters who were flat and did not really make me like or dislike them. I really was interested in the story based on the blurb but the execution was less than I would have liked to have seen. The majority of the story is spent inside a mansion with the mains looking back at what brought them there [...]

  • Angela Delgado

    I was going to give this 2 stars, but added the extra one because it was such a relief to find a vampire book where there is no 'romance' between human and vampire. It was a case where the story was fun to read, but a day or two after finishing, you look back and ask "So what was really accomplished?"The answer is, sadly, not much. Most of the book is told in flashback, which can be a useful tool when used sparingly but really kind of grates after a while. It's as if the author knows that nothin [...]

  • Dawn

    Immortals, also called vampires, are in all of the top government positions throughout the world. For the wealthiest families in the world, immortality is something that they all wish to achieve. The students at Thorndike Academy are the children of the richest in the world. The Homecoming Masquerade is the event that all of the students look forward to their entire lives. It's here at the ball that girls enter into a competition where the winner becomes the next immortal in DC and the loser her [...]

  • Shadowstorm Norwicca

    I thought this book was interesting, but at times it seemed dry. I was really into certain parts of the book and then the book seem to drag on with no end in sight on other parts. The book was like a long prologue at times instead of a full story. Even though the story became dry after a while it did have some very interesting moments. The past was always brought up, but became a dry side story instead of exciting me about the rest of the story. The majority of the story was based around gossipi [...]

  • Ashley

    This book is a dark allegory of what American politics has become. The vampires are like the wealthy politicians and the wealthy humans are sheep. The human slave farms are comparative to what middle and lower class people deal with on a daily basis; Brainwashed to serve a government that doesn't care about them and will drain them dry when they've stopped being useful. I don't know if the author intentionally made this book seem this way, but that is what I got out of it. I have read a few book [...]

  • Lone Wolf

    This book was not the best book but it was ok. I mean like there's just not enough drama for me in the book. I like paranormal stories but this is something I really don't want to read again. I mean really this book is about two girls, Jill and Nicky who work with a group, called the Network who try to kill vampires and stop them from controlling the world. The girls work undercover at Thorndike Academy getting close to the vampires and Nicky has to wear black in order to enter a competition wit [...]

  • Beth

    I tend to stray from anything vampire related, because I tend to dislike them. However, the blurbs from various sites that I read for this had me hoping that this one was different.Clearly I was fooled. I spent the majority of the time skimming through the chapters because this entire book is filled with backstory. Practically every chapter had a new, unnecessarily long backstory for one of the characters, most of which were actually minor characters. I can't even properly express in words how b [...]

  • Julie

    Started this new series, found it when I was just looking for free books! This series is pretty awesome. I am caught up in the story. Well written. It is about vampires that are in the world and have pretty much taken over DC. and all the rich people. There is a faction that are modern day vampire hunters, because of all the technology. The main characters are high school girls. One her name is Nicky Bloom if a plant inside the school for rich kids and Jill who is a computer programming geek! Th [...]

  • Vanessa Wester

    Even though the premise for this story is interesting - vampires gaining control of the elite in America & a human organisation trying to get rid of them - not much happens in this first book.I got this as a freebie and so don't want to be too negative, however there was a lot of backstory included throughout the plot which took you out of the novel. If the book had focused more on the events and gradually eased in the background I would have enjoyed it more. Even so, 2-3 Promising, but did [...]

  • Lauren

    Jill and Nicky are a little over their heads in dealing with a coven of vampires. At the high school prom dance is anything but usual especially having to compete to become immortal. There is just one problem with that, the loser gets eaten. This book was a unique and interesting take on vampires and had me captivated from the beginning. I also fell in love with the characters, especially Nicky. I can't wait to read the second installment of this book. Note: I received this book free from amazon [...]

  • Amelia

    A solid three stars, The Homecoming Masqueradeis not for those of you seeking a rapid action packed ride; its present day events take place over just one night, but include a lot of back story. This isn't necessarily an issue as it sets the scene rather well and provides you with the information you need to imagine how the story might develop in sequel(s). I often find such books irritating as they can tend to overshare or unnecessarily draw out a series but in this case the premise is intriguin [...]

  • Samantha Clysdale

    I enjoyed this book. I love the storyline high schools students competing to win to become a vampire. There can only be one. I found this story idea very original. I will be reading the rest of the series to find out who is the one.

  • Marjolein Viel

    Just too much. This book gives too much descriptions and point of views I Just wanna get to the juicy stuff. And I still don 't get the whole world building. The overdose details made it for me, boring to read. Not a book I would recommend

  • Nicole

    #free on #amazon #kindle The Homecoming Masquerade by Spencer Baum #paranormal #vampire #urbanfantasy #freeEbook amazon/dp/B0072X4ATA?t

  • Margaret

    Pages and pages of over-blown description. Yawn.

  • Tatiana Swain

    very choppy and poorly written - characters seemed one dimensional

  • Dannica Zulestin

    I liked this one but it was definitely not what I expected. In a couple ways.1. I expected it, based on cover and genre, to have a large focus on romance. Instead it is hugely focused on plot and in particular on how to manipulate the social/political dynamics in this situation. I love scenarios that are about manipulating people and working social dynamics to your advantage, so I loved that aspect.2. I expected most of the book to be either leading up to the masquerade night or showing the afte [...]

  • Doris McClurg

    not my type of bookI have given this book a good shot but just couldn't get into it. I read until Chapter 10 and it wasn't my sort of read.

  • Pam

    Great bookThis book did get a little confusing with trying to keep up with all the players but it was well written and had enough back and forth suspence to keep me hooked.

  • Heather

    Fantastic!!! A wonderful book about a girl willing to do anything for redemption. Love the writibg and style the author posesses.

  • InfinitexLibrary

    First of all, I’d say with this book – ignore the blurb. It makes the book sound more cliché than it is and really doesn’t give a general idea of what the story’s about. This is not a romance despite the stereotypical cover and initial impressions. This is, in fact, a dystopia set in a world where vampires pretty much rule everything and only a small resistance group of humans called the Network have a chance of overturning the balance. This event is geared to coincide with another – [...]

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