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By Bec Botefuhr | Comments: ( 468 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

Jax is back with a mission After being away for five years, he finally runs into Jade He has been searching for her and his daughter He has a problem though, he has moved on and met another woman Jade has struggled to move on, to find another lover and forget the pirate that sunk his way into her heart When he returns, her world is tipped upside down, and he is determJax is back with a mission After being away for five years, he finally runs into Jade He has been searching for her and his daughter He has a problem though, he has moved on and met another woman Jade has struggled to move on, to find another lover and forget the pirate that sunk his way into her heart When he returns, her world is tipped upside down, and he is determined not to let her get away again With his return, Jax not only brings back old memories and lust, he brings along some drug lords and a pirate after her fathers treasure When the pirates contact her, and tell her they will kill her daughter if she doesn t bring them the treasure, will she betray Jax s trust and his crew to save her child

  • Title: Betrayed
  • Author: Bec Botefuhr
  • ISBN: 9781480202221
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Bec Botefuhr

COME AND CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PAGE Author Bec Botefuhr FOR INFO ON NEW RELEASES AND ALREADY RELEASED BOOKS.G day, I m Bec Botefuhr and I m a 25 year old Aussie girl I love writing, I love horses, I love the outback I am Australian born and bred and proud I came up with my books from dreams and I love each and every one of them, I know my characters and I live them each day My belief is that all Authors are great, no matter what they write True blue, is it me and you Is it mum and dad Is it a cockatoo Is it standing by your mate, when she s in a fight Or just Vegemite True blue.

Comments Betrayed

  • Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy

    3.25 Hysterical Stars Well this book certainly lives up to its name! This book made me insane that I actually had a mini intervention in my private messages box lol.The book picks up with Jane in hiding from her old life in a distant land of California 'cause it's far away from the sea, right? And who does she run into after 5 years in hiding AAAH BLOODY EVERYONE!!! As Jax and Jane reunite there is so much DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMA!!! Drama from Jane, drama due to their relationship, drama from Jane, [...]

  • Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer*

    I may need to write the review over when I think about it. But I like to write my review right when I finish the books so my feelings are fresh. Literally, at this moment the only thoughts about this book I have are "WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ?I'm serious, I'm at such a loss for words. This book should come with a warning label.Mental Instability to be expected. I'm just.Okay, so I'll try to sum this up. The book starts back up 5 years later. Jade has moved on with her life in Cali. Her roomm [...]

  • Didi

    ***** 1.5 sorry-ass stars *****MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD!Tired.Exhausted.Worn out.Depleted.Used. Abused. And discarded.These are but a few of the states I was in reading this roller coaster of a ride book. I was at a point where I almost ringed up my doctor for some meds. Yes, people. I almost became bipolar reading this. Why am I reading this?My thoughts are jumbled but I will try and give a proper review. It's been 5 years since Jade has seen Jaxx. She's not moved on but is trying to with her littl [...]

  • Christine

    This was not an easy read. characters' actions, but I could not stop reading. Some parts I skimmed because they were too hard to read.I was so mad with Jax half the time especially when he had that nightmare and ran to Sammy. He claimed he did not love Sammy, but I don't understand why he went to her for comfort and not Jade.Nonetheless, even though I was angry with Jax and how Jade was okay with some things, I could not stop reading this roller coaster of a read.

  • Annmarie

    What an asshole! Jax is looking for Jade but has Sammy as a girlfriend for years? Then he finds Jade and stays with Sammy, and treats Jade like shit. I almost shot him through my Kindle when he sleeps with her, then has a nightmare and almost kills her, then yells at HER and says to call his GIRL Sammy and keep Jade away from him like its her fault. POS. He chose to leave his child and Jade years ago and now he comes back and is a fucking asshole! I hated him so much for so much of this book. Ja [...]

  • Fernanda

    What?!!! He has moved on and met another woman.!1 HOW COULD HE?! I´m pissed as hell.!!!! agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrThat being said, I think there was too much drama in this book and Jade wasn´t mature enough. She is what 25/26?! She has a daughter and still throws tantrums for her benefit. I love Poseidon and Mack. Jax still hate him, first he says he loves hes, but can´t give her what she want, then he leaves her becasue he is bad news for her and after 5 years he finds her and HE is with a [...]

  • Danielle Bennett

    This book was just as fantastic and crazy as the first one. Jade came across a little more bratty and Jax could be completely clueless but for some reason I still find my self loving and rooting for them. I can completely see more books with the secondary characters. Well at least I hope there are. Who wouldn't want to read a book about Jack or Maddox. I am excited for the next one and just maybe we finally get that HEA.

  • K.G. White

    This book was definitely a digression from the first book. It made less and less sense as it continued. The main problem is that the characters all come off as schizophrenic, they are never consistent in their actions or moods, one minute they are happy and the next they are mad and the causes are ludicrous and the emotions don't ever fit the situation at hand.

  • Sarah

    Okay there were tyms when I wanted to punch Jax so hard that he would see stars and conk off, and there were times when I wanted to kill Jade.But their banter was good, the chemistry is totally sizzling, they are hot for each other and leave me hot too :D

  • Dena

    As the 2 lovers continue on their separate journies we learn more about each individual character than them together. I really do take a liking to Jax because he seems to damaged no to care about. However Jade is turning into one of those annoyingly childish characters who whines every other line. I am dreading to see what happens next.I mean don't get me wrong with everything that is happening to her I guess she has a right to complain but gosh not to the point where it is like she is throwing [...]

  • Charity

    I don't know why I read on. I was intrigued with book one, but gave it 3 stars because of the awful editing errors. This book was much the same. Error after error to the point I was cringing and gave up rereading parts to try to figure out what the author was meaning to write or portray.This book went a step further down drain with the characters. None of the characters are ever consistent in their actions and reactions. Jax was an egotistical jackass and Jade was a whiny immature bitch. By the [...]

  • Tiffanie Roth

    Why does Jade have to be so stubborn?!? All that anguish and crying and just self loathing. This book was by far the most "emotionally charged rollercoaster" ride of a book. I felt like it was a tv show and I just wanted to yell at the screen, "No!! Don't do that!!" After the drama subsided and finally something good happensere Jade goes again. Sigh. There goes Jax. Again. Love love love the story with all its angst and drama. Lots of sexual chemistry. I loved, hated and lusted.

  • Ashlee

    I thought this was going to be amazing like the first book sorta was but it was the total opposite. The main character practically cried for the first 7 chapters like literally it was like one little thing she didnt like happened and she fricken cries and runs away its annoying and stupid.So many things about this book I thought wouldve been different and it wasnt so I cant give it more than 2 stars.

  • Ilene

    Delicious roller coaster, princess and a pirate you really need more. Jax and Jade, so many times I wanted to smash your heads together to knock some sense into. Jade don't go off by yourself something always happens when you storm off. Jax you are decadent and you are a pirate so I feel the need to make excuses for you. I don't know any real pirates but you seem to fit the bill to well. Plus he really does have a heart of gold burried deep in bad-ass ness.l

  • Kayla Pipkin

    Roller coaster of emotions. Humor, sex, anger all bottled up in one amazing book. There were times when I was asking myself "Really? Why would you do that?", but then again if I was in certain situations you never know what you would do. I really enjoyed this book and still love the amazing characters (new and old).

  • Lori WHITE

    This Series is awesome, remember Jax is a Pirate that has been cursed so you know from book one weird stuff will happen. But isn't Jade looking what everyone else is a happy ever after. And she even gave up being a princess, and Jax does eventually drop his pride and come around, after all he feels he trying to be tough enough for both of them to protect her Please read them through!

  • Angarad

    I really wanted to like this book after the first one but I had some problems. Mainly about Jade. I didn t really like how she acted like a spoiled princess, wanted to keep all men around her only. That and her jealousy crisis, that was a bit too much for my taste. Regarding the action, no doubt it was fast paced. Let s see how everything develop in the last part.

  • Katrina

    Bec I truely loved this series, why were they so short, i could of read much more from jade & Jax and their extended family.There was passion,adventure,suspense, frustration, tenderness and there was true love and lust what ore could a girl look for in a book.Definately reccomend this series from Bec as another great series, 5 stars from me for all 3

  • Kat

    A good follow on to the first book but too much happens to quickly for me. Jax and Jade relationship is so complicated. When he turns up with Sammy, I thought YES, a simple relationship for Jax. But no that didn't work. Then Jade slept with Jack and I thought NO, poor Jack. It's hard loving someone who doesn't love you. I would recommend this book, read them in order.

  • Heather

    I think that Jade just may be the most annoying female character ever! She's insecure and jealous and acts like a spoiled child. She certainly is not deserving of Jax's or Jack's love. If it wasn't for Jax and the crew I would have had a really hard time making it through this book. That being said, I still want to read book 3 to see how this all ends.

  • Julie Post

    Jade and Jax got annoying in this book. Too much crying and childish behavior. I almost quit reading this one but I was feeling hopeful the characters would mature. The cliff hanger leads me to the next book but reluctantly.

  • Vieira

    OMG this series is crazy good. It's violent, sexy, emotional, disturbing and I love every minute of it. I want to sit in my house all day and just devoure these books. I don't know if they are for everybody but I personally loved this!!!!!!

  • Lynette

    Loving this series! Betrayed was another roller coaster of action, passion, love and betrayal. Jax and Jade are so fun to read about and I'm loving their adventures together. On to book 3 now, with bittersweet anticipation :)

  • ~*~Brooke's Stripped Down Reviews~*~

    A great 2nd book in this sexy Pirate series. Regardless of how much Jade pisses me off, I just love her and Jax. There is just something about this series that has me completely smitten. Theres sex, humor, angst, suspense, and strong characters (and storyline).

  • Serena

    *sighing* I tried, I really did. Couldn't even get past the first chapter. This girl, this young MOTHER Jade is a immature tramp. I use to like Jack, he was probably the only character in this series that i liked but not after reading this shit.

  • Rachael Sauve-cumle

    As soon as I was finished with book number one (Damned), I jumped right into this book. Now, I am impatiently waiting for book #3 :) I will recommend this series to all my friends. This is one HOT series!

  • Serena Jaxon

    OH. MY. GOD!!!! If you have not read Damned then turn around and read that one before you dive into this book. I was in tears. I screamed at Jax and Jade. I was on one emotional roller coaster the whole entire book! Another great book by Bec Botefuhr.

  • Nikki

    Five years later and nothing really changed, you can still feel the dysfunctional love. The hate to love but you just can't stop. Loved it , had me pissed off and then happy again. On to book three

  • Maddison Hoy


  • Denise Smithson

    Great book and I'm about to start the third book!

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