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By Jessica Ennis Rick Broadbent | Comments: ( 106 ) | Date: ( Oct 15, 2019 )

On 4 August 2012 Jessica Ennis kicked off what some described as the greatest night in British sporting history For her it was the end of a long, winding, and sometimes harrowing road.Nobody was under pressure at the London Olympics than the face of the Games Yet Jessica delivered the heptathlon gold medal, and the huge outpouring of relief she showed afterwards hOn 4 August 2012 Jessica Ennis kicked off what some described as the greatest night in British sporting history For her it was the end of a long, winding, and sometimes harrowing road.Nobody was under pressure at the London Olympics than the face of the Games Yet Jessica delivered the heptathlon gold medal, and the huge outpouring of relief she showed afterwards hinted at the roller coaster journey she had been on Behind the smiles and politeness, Jessica has endured much Bullied at school for being small, she proved to critics and rivals alike that size really didn t matter Hers is an inspiring tale of following your dreams no matter what life throws at you In 2008 Jessica thought her career might be over when she was injured on the eve of the Olympic Games in Beijing But she overcame this setback to rebuild her career and technique, becoming the world and European champion in successive years Her biggest test was yet to come, though, when her rivals overhauled her in the build up to London.Unbelievable is a refreshingly candid account of her rise to fame in a highly charged world in which body image issues and drug abuses lurk From the unique pressures facing her, to behind the scenes glimpses into the greatest show on earth, and a revealing account of her love hate relationship with her long term coach, Jessica reveals the truth behind the smiles for the first time Unbelievable includes exclusive behind the scenes photos This is the story of how the girl next door became London s poster girl, and how an ordinary woman used an extraordinary talent to claim the title of the world s greatest all round female sports star.

  • Title: Unbelievable: From My Childhood Dreams To Winning Olympic Gold
  • Author: Jessica Ennis Rick Broadbent
  • ISBN: 9781444768602
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Jessica Ennis Rick Broadbent

Jessica Ennis Rick Broadbent Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unbelievable: From My Childhood Dreams To Winning Olympic Gold book, this is one of the most wanted Jessica Ennis Rick Broadbent author readers around the world.

Comments Unbelievable: From My Childhood Dreams To Winning Olympic Gold

  • Vanessa Deroo

    This is a short autobiography, but straight to the point. Got to love Jessica Ennis' determination.

  • Angela Ly

    It was an easy read. I could feel the hard work put in by Jessica Ennis in trying to achieve her goals - inspiring. However, I felt the writing lacked depth and Jessica was not ready to reveal more about her thoughts. For example, even when she wrote about negative thoughts or feelings toward some people, it was usually worded (a little) carefully or there she added some caveats to her opinions. It would have been more powerful if it were more raw.

  • Ellie

    A must read for anyone into Athletics or interested about Jess Ennis-Hill. I've read this book 3 times now and each time I can't help but love it more and more each time! This book is a chronological account of Jess in her own words starting from being a small kid running around the garden to becoming Olympic heptathlon and one of the most well known and loved athletes of all time! This really gives an insight to a champions life and the dedication and passion you have to put in the be successfu [...]

  • Amy

    Easy to read, a good book for the bath or beach but felt it lacked depth and detail.

  • John

    Standard fair, brought out in 2012 after her Olympic win. Ennis was of course the 2012 GB Golden Girl of the London Olympics and thankfully she didn't have any baggage or scandal to disclaim or deny with the pages, if fact she comes across as rather ordinary. Do we want our sporting legends to be ordinary? Well in truth we do as we'd like to feel they are human like us but they don't make for exciting biographies.

  • Jennifer Ritchie

    As a biography, it isn't particularly person and I feel it's more like she's telling you about the events of her life instead of letting you know how she felt at those times.

  • Eloïx

    An interesting book about how a really common girl that had been bullied at school became an olympic champion. I admired the way she could do things she was not "meant" to do because of her size. "I still felt intimidated when I saw the bigger, more muscle-clad girls at the start, but I was measuring myself against myself, previous scores from previous years, and felt happier doing that."At some times it was a bit annoying to hear about all the different events, and numbers about how far she jum [...]

  • Lucinda

    This poignant, candid biography from ‘rags to riches’ sporting success, has to be one of the most noteworthy books this year!This wonderful book is such a personal, insightful and deeply thought-provoking account of how Jessica Ennis climbed her way to the top from nothing. This is the story of how the girl next door, who had dreams and big aspirations, ended up as an Olympic star and competiting in the London 2012 Olympic Games for her country. Heartwarming, honest and powerful Jessica’s [...]

  • Virginie

    The book has a simple chronological structure. It recounts the life of a young and successful athlete. It is narrated in a very humble way, so humble that it is easy to relate to Jessica Ennis.Reading this book was fast and enjoyable. Unfortunately, I like reading athletes biographies to learn about motivation or understand what makes them so successful. In that case, I found the book missing deep introspection. In that respect, I preferred "A Life Without Limits" by Chrissie Wellington, another [...]

  • Khurram

    I did like this book, but straight from the double margins I knew it was going to be quite short. By the end of the book I did feel I got to know Jessica Ennis. She come across as a humble, dedicated, hardworking, and most of all relatable and likeable. This book is written for the general public in mind you do not have to be interested in sports to read and enjoy this book. This book is a great insight not only to Jessica but coping from acceptance to fame. Becoming an icon but staying grounded [...]

  • Charlotte

    I really enjoyed this and it was interesting to see 'behind the scenes' so to speak of this sport. I didn't realise how much she went through to get to the Olympics, obviously I knew Jess had to pull out of Beijing but I didn't know about all the other incidents along the way before and after.Just brilliant the sheer determination she showed, just fantastic spirit.However, I feel that the Olympics bit was kind of glossed over. I didn't really get a feel of the atmosphere and what it was like to [...]

  • Ina M.

    "I believe we all have a journey. It may be in sport or something completely different. I receive so many letters from young people that I hope are inspired by what I have done. I do not mean that they have to become Olympians, but just to find what they want to do and then not let the setbacks along the way grind them down and make them give up. I was once a small girl from Sheffield, dealing with bullies and normal teenage insecurities, but I always believed. And when you do that, life can get [...]

  • Bella Uscila

    This book is about a woman who was once a child and tried track for the very first time at around 10 years old. After a couple years of track, she wanted to be more involved and compete. Her father, mother, and coaches push her and motivate her to keep going further. After competing in the Junior Olympics, she finally wins the gold medal. This book inspired me so much. Reading this makes me want to succeed in my future dreams. I've started Junior Olympics because of her. I've made it very far be [...]

  • Wajed

    This is my 1st book in sports biography. To be honest I wanted "Wilma" by Wilma Rodoulph to be my 1st one because I loved running and other than being an Olympic runner she has what you can call a special charisma.I chose Jessica's book because I wanted to know Olympian champions long road, way of living and experience the feeling of victory when they finally finish the race. The book is written in a very beautiful language both flowing and easy. In some chapters I really couldn't wait to know w [...]

  • Beverley

    A very insightful book telling the story of how Jessica progressed from young girl attending a Star Track event at her club in Sheffield, through her journey to Olympic Gold. It explains with no frills the hard work that she puts in to gain the results she gets. It also paints a picture of the disappointment she experiences when she doesn't do so well or receives an injury, as she did prior to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. A great read for anyone who wants to understand how not to give up on you [...]

  • Elizabeth Black

    Unbelievable From My Childhood Dreams To Winning Olympic Gold by Jessica Ennis, is a very heart warming kind of biography, Jessica Ennis achieved her dreams by always being a lover of sports which progressed to her attending events at her club in Sheffield to her losing her big chance at the olympics in Bejing. I really enjoyed reading how she coped with all of the training and expectations of 2012 London Olympics from Great Britian and how she never gave up her dream. I would recommend anyone t [...]

  • Louise Jones

    umm we all know jessica ennis hill as she is known today but the reson i have given such a low score was it was at times i dont know to predictable and a bit boring to read with to much emphsis on the timing of certain races etc saying that i enjoyed reading how she came from nothing and how hard she worked to get where she is today ignoring the bullies but have read alot of these type bools and they really are a bit sameish but liked the quote life went from unbearable to unbelievable

  • Dave Barlow

    A quick read, read in two sittings. It was great to read about her hard work and determination winning her the gold medal. However, you can tell she's not a natural writer, it's written in a chronological order of events and is very much talking about how her events went, her times etc. I felt it lacked detail and depth which became tedious for a while and I ended up speed reading the final few chapters. Not the worst i've read but certainly not the best.

  • Aimee

    Throughout the entirety of this book, it reminded me of all the reasons why I loved Athletics so much, and made me question why I 'gave up' on it all in the first place. It's a truly inspiring book and there should be more role models like her around- rather than the Kardashians, Kelly Brooks, Victoria Secrets Angels. By the end of this book I was crying because I was so proud for her (I felt like I was part of Team Ennis whilst reading it!) and motivated me so much to get back into running.

  • Stephen Hamilton

    An entertaining and inspiring, if rather brief, retelling of Jess' journey from bullied schoolgirl to Olympic champion. Her personality comes across well and it has an uplifting message. Hopeful and optimistic. I enjoyed it.

  • Bea Taylor

    THE BEST autobiography I have read. So inspirational to read about the struggles and achievements Jessica made. As someone who does sports, I found myself relating back to a lot of the things she had written about doing sport at school and friends not understanding this. Would recommend this book to others whether they like sport or not!

  • Sam

    This book is really inspiring plus I got to know more about a sport that I admire and an athlete that I respect and see as a role model. I felt that the last part about the Olympics was a bit rushed but I like how the book showed the emotions and the difficulty of being a professional athlete. If I want to sum up the message you get from the book I'd say ''Never give up''.

  • Desertorum

    One the athletes who´s career I have been following, so this was interesting to read. I would have liked more deepness and just something more. But it was a quick read and did give insite to her career and background.

  • Jamie Boote

    A quick and easy read, which effectively outlines the road Jess took to Olympic gold in 2012. You get to know her as a person, and understand why London 2012 was not a foregone conclusion. Her story is an interesting one and I recommend this light read.

  • Simone

    This was a very inspiring read that could motivate anybody to achieve their dreams, whether these are sport-related or not. Jessica Ennis is a fantastic athlete and role model and reading her book in 2015 took me back to the fantastic golden summer of 2012 which inspired a generation.

  • Rebecca

    The only way to get into someone's head is to read their autobiography. Jess Ennis really opens up and shows you the fight she has had to make in order to get the Olympic dream. Honest and raw - a great read for everyone.

  • Rikke

    Quite honest and inspirational book by the 2012 Olympics' golden girl. The main message is that it's all about finding what you like and want to do - and then keep your chin up, create a support system, be honest with yourself and don't let the big girls push you around.

  • Abi Smith

    Read it cover to cover in about 3 hours. Couldn't put it down! Not the greatest book every written, but it's inspiring and tells you so much about her difficult path to the 2012 Olympics. Enjoyable :D

  • Nick

    A quick read (very well spaced text, wide margins etc). Fairly interesting at times, clearly showing the required sense of commitment to and desire for success. Not a book I would rush to recommend however.

  • Samuel Cowan

    this book shows what it takes to defeat bullies at a young age and what it takes to win the highest prize in the Olympic arena. I was also taken at how humble Jessica has been throughout it all and reminds me of the Bible passage of training our bodies to win the prize. very enjoyable read.

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