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Simon is having a bad fucking week When you re a D.C Detective, every week is a bad week, but this week has been a BAD freaking week.For starters, some psychopath has been murdering people, stealing their body parts and smearing their corpses with peanut butter.To make matters worse, the contract killer Boots has recently resurfaced, and his girlfriend s chainsaw arm dSimon is having a bad fucking week When you re a D.C Detective, every week is a bad week, but this week has been a BAD freaking week.For starters, some psychopath has been murdering people, stealing their body parts and smearing their corpses with peanut butter.To make matters worse, the contract killer Boots has recently resurfaced, and his girlfriend s chainsaw arm destroyed his bed when he made her climax.To top it all off, Simon s been pissing random body parts for days Ears, fingers, toes And if that weren t bad enough, now he has to drop a deuce

  • Title: Chainsaw Cop Corpse
  • Author: Wol-vriey
  • ISBN: 9780615731285
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:


Wol vriey is Nigerian and quite tall.He writes horror fiction for adults only, please And also some surrealist stuff.His horror novels include Hell Dancer, Girls Are Not Smiling, and the Brainchew Series On the surrealist side of things, he is the author of Pussy Transmission, the Bud Malone Boston Series, Vegan Zombie Apocalypse, Vegan Vampire Vaginas, and the disturbing and unsettling Dr Orgasm.Wol vriey is also the mind behind the electronic ensemble Earxygen soundcloud earxygen.

Comments Chainsaw Cop Corpse

  • Nefariousbig

    I liked this book. Very.ive, weird, wonder-full, weirdly imaginative, and pretty darn awesome for what it is intended to be. Wol makes you believe that sheep can fly because they are positive thinkers. “Why do sheep possess antigravity?” Priya laughed. “It’s a play on the other meaning of the word ‘gravity.’ Sheep are incapable of taking anything seriously, even their own deaths, so gravity has no meaning for them.” “So they float.”That's not even the best of it. Dare I add a [...]

  • Melki

    When Wol-vriey contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in reading his book, Vegan Zombie Apocalypse, I said, "Great! It sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day read."He quickly shot back, "No, no! Don't read that for Valentine's! Chainsaw Cop Corpse is MUCH more romantic!"And INDEED it was! A tale as old as time, about a cop and his undying love for a gal with a chainsaw arm. Throw in a woman who turns into a shark and a villain who is an 8 foot tall mountain of footwear with FLESH DISSOLVIN [...]

  • Shamus McCarty

    Reading this book, is like taking a double shot of gasoline. It starts off a little slow as Wol does some important character development, but a few chapters in and BAM it takes off running, plowing over everything in front of it. It’s hard to describe Wol’s writing. I like to think of it as Action-Adventure_Porn/Bizarro. Fair warning, this book is ultra-violent with lots of people screwing. It’s also extremely strange and awesome. Reading this book, I felt like I was on a bullet train spe [...]

  • Terri

    When reviewing bizarro fiction, it is often hard to find a place to start.Simon Rush is a DC cop. Who, along with his partner, Alice Dread, is investigating a series of 'locked room' murders that have mysterious peanut butter smears at each scene. In addition, he seems to be excreting human body partsThen, the world(s) really get crazy, with assassins, Peppermint Nazis, airsheep, Con crabs, fascinating characters and yes - chainsaws!And just when you think his life can't get worse, well a new su [...]

  • Rich Jr.

    When I realized that Wol-vriey's bizarro "Chainsaw Cop Corpse" takes place in a futuristic world dominated by women, I thought to myself that this book actually might be too bizarre for my taste. How Wol-vriey could possibly come up with such a far-fetched fanciful idea boggles my male-oriented mind. But I knew, if anyone could pull off such an unlikely plot theme, it would be Wol-vriey."Chainsaw Cop Corpse" is set in a familiar-sounding futuristic city named Neo DC, unless the characters can fi [...]

  • Bob Milne

    Okay. So, a shape-shifting shark assassin lures the would-be assassin she herself hired) into a magical bath, and casts them both adrift in a magical sea. When the tide turns (tide - get it?), thanks to the flexible knife of a panty waistband, the hired assassin is left to paddle for her life in a canoe carved from the dead shark. Oh, and there's a cop with an over-developed sex life (not to mention a disfigured girlfriend with a chainsaw for an arm) who has body parts growing behind his organs, [...]

  • General H. Sassafras

    When you think of Bizarro as a genre, a lot of different images come to mind. They vary from trying too hard to be David Lynch to truly epic masterpieces like The Cannibal's Guide to Ethical Living. I went into this one slightly skeptical, I admit - but Chainsaw Cop Corpse surprised me. I actually sat and read this in one shot - not over the course of several days. (That's a rarity for me!) There definitely is a compliment in my mind - a hypercritical person such as myself could not put it down. [...]

  • Kris Lugosi

    Wol-vriey is like the Rubik's cube of Bizarro. His world's are so full of original creations and characters with plots and subplots galore that in the beginning you can't imagine how all this information is going to fit together and make for a coherent read and then BAM! Wol-vriey reveals all things in good time and spaces out his information throughout the whole book. It's like that final step in the Rubik cube where the configuration looks the most fucked up and with a few moves, it all comes [...]

  • Fran

    Chainsaw Cop CorpseWol-vriey Did you ever read a book and wonder exactly what the author was trying to say or the message he was conveying? Well this novel is quite unique and I have never read anything quite like it before. In a world that can be dysfunctional, where criminals commit murders, yes they do, and where abuse sometimes reigns in many homes, this novel not only includes murder, mayhem, assassins, pregnancies and mysteries murders where the killer smears peanut butter on the dead body [...]

  • Craig

    Chainsaw Cop Corpse is a strange book that takes many different turns, but is executed well. It features a city that essentially runs on floating sheep, giant libidinous crabs, a man mysteriously excreting body parts, portal televisions, crocodile cannons, and a great many more seemingly nonsensical and disjointed elements that all fuse together to make one hell of an entertaining story. This is one of those books that is specifically designed to be a fun ride and nothing more. You really just h [...]

  • melissa

    Yikes! This is kinda like a car crash in that you know you shouldn't look but your morbid fascination gets the better of you every time. A strange ride but also a neat pulpy cop story feel to it underneath the layers of WTF. The transitions from characters and back story were very well timed and flowed pretty well.Only complaint is that much like Simon ejaculating body parts or Fraulein climaxing out the fresh catch of the day, this story had no where to go but out so it got a bit rushed at time [...]

  • Ellie Potts

    Okay let me tell you something first off this book might disgust you and possibly offend you. I am not easy to be disgusted or offended. Now onto the story. The story at first seemed it might be confusing but it kept me reading wanting to know more not only about the characters but the villains. The visuals were crazy, the people were crazy, the villains were crazy, but together it worked. I love the sheep and the crabs and the urn, but I won't give anything else away because you have to read it [...]

  • Jason Allen

    Violent, pornographic, and inelegant prose paint an absurd, and sometimes hilarious story, featuringwell, the story has so many mind bending upside-down twists and turns, a synopsis isn't easy.I found myself turning back chapters saying to myself, "So, the mermaid is made of peanut butter?" "That thing *shoots* crocodiles?It's important to pay attention.As always with Wol-vriey it's fun and explaining his stories to friends will generally get a 'Whoa' reaction.Surreal, fun, and unforgettable. Lo [...]

  • Donald Armfield

    Wol-vriey has imaginary skills. Who can take an assassin novella and pen out such a bizarre world of wonder. A strange cast of characters, this was just straight out crazy.Sexual content, strange body limbs, a cast of characters that Lewis Carroll would create if he was on some LSD.I think scientist should experiment on wolvey's brain activity. They may find a cure for cancer and AIDS. The only author I can compare him to is D. Harlan Wilson.

  • Keith

    Sick,Twisted and downright Nasty! Once you start it is a weird ride through a twisted world of gore sex and a strange future. The writing allows you to visualize everything! Be prepared! This was my first read from Wol but surely more will follow.

  • Orange

    This book was a WTF moment from the first page through the rip-roaring ending! And that's a good thing. Really, for a shorter book, it packs a whole lot of warped deliciousness. I would definitively recommend it to, um my internet friends.

  • FabulousRaye

    New Wol-Vriey book?! Ahhhhhhhh, I need this!!

  • Heidi

    I think it's a good sign when I keep saying, out loud, "What the fuck is happening!?" while reading a book.

  • Penny

    Chainsaw Cop Corpse is a violent, pornographic, twisted mind fuck, with a romantic flare. If your tired of the same old stories, the same plots, and the same monsters, then here's the answers to your prayers. This book had the sweet moments, the gut wrenching moments, and the WTF moments. Honestly, I found it to be a delightful change of pace, and well worth reading. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new, and different. I'd love to Chainsaw Cop Corpse made into a movie.

  • Hailey

    It was incredibly creative, imaginative, and funny.I liked that it switched between multiple characters and you got origin stories, origin stories are always wonderful. (view spoiler)[I might be too obsessed with the A Song Of Ice and Fire series, but I would say to myself many times in this book "what is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger" every time a character bit it. (hide spoiler)]When I started the book I didn't like it at all. I was actually really annoyed at the beg [...]

  • Angela

    Wol-vriey asked me to read and rate based on what I thought of The Cannibals of Candylandwho am I to refuse a book?Soum, I am really not sure what to say about this odd odd book. I did enjoy reading it, and am a little disturbed that a favorite character was a clitorisd a "witch" named Crystal Baller, but wellI did really like how the characters traveled, would be fun to have a TV screen to travel through. It incorporated much of what makes bizarre books bizarre, and so I got what I expected. It [...]

  • Rodney

    This was my first experience with Wol-vriey and I am glad I did it. It was a fun ride. If you were to take away the storyline and character development and simply describe to someone some of what is in the book, it would sound quite ridiculous. Yet, the author has the skill to make all of it work so well within the context of the story. You really do become wrapped up in the world that is created. The physical makeup of the characters and their environments were so creatively off the wall. I wil [...]

  • Jamie Grefe

    Wol-vriey's novels warp expectations every time. When we talk about how stories twist and turn and move forward compellingly, we realize Wol-vriey is already three steps ahead of us and prepared to make us rethink those expectations by skillfully creating some of the strangest images imaginable that will simultaneously turn us on and disgust us. That's quite a feat. I want more.

  • Jamie Palitzsch-williams

    What a wild ride. I loved it!!

  • Victor Merling

    I'm currently writing a review of this book. I want it to be well thought out, so it might take a few days.EDIT: I promised the author I'd write a review for this book, but procrastination led to forgetting, it's been 3 years and I still haven't done it.But there is still one or two things I'd like to say about this book. It has a character about whom nothing is ever said besides the fact that he is gay, which means he is weak and deserves to be laughed at. This is probably the reason why I neve [...]

  • April Taylor

    A riot of the bizarre set in a female dominated world, complete with mutant crabs and a homicidal peanut butter mermaid. Loved it. Three stars only because I've enjoyed some of his other books more than this one.

  • Debra

    Received book through first read giveaway. I was curious so I entered. I have never read this type of book before and most likely never will again. It was just not for me.

  • Dustin

    this book starts off weird and wants u get into the book it starts to make since. after i got done with it i thought back on it and i think this was a a reel good book

  • Tamiya Bates

    this book was very weird but very ggod. i was surprised that i liked it as much as i did. it was full of crazy sex, crazy death and just plain crazy stuff!! if u like weird u will so love this book.

  • Melanie Catchpole

    Still digesting this one. Review to follow

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