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By Charlie Huston | Comments: ( 906 ) | Date: ( Mar 28, 2020 )

Skinner founded his career in asset protection on fear To touch anyone under his protection was to invite destruction A savagely effective methodology, until Skinner s CIA handlers began to fear him as much as his enemies did and banished him to the hinterlands of the intelligence community.Now, an ornate and evolving cyber terrorist attack is about to end that long exSkinner founded his career in asset protection on fear To touch anyone under his protection was to invite destruction A savagely effective methodology, until Skinner s CIA handlers began to fear him as much as his enemies did and banished him to the hinterlands of the intelligence community.Now, an ornate and evolving cyber terrorist attack is about to end that long exile His asset is Jae, a roboticist with a gift for seeing the underlying systems violently shaping a new era of global guerrilla warfare.At the root of it all is a young boy, the innocent seed of a plot grown in the slums of Mumbai Brought to flower, that plot will tip the balance of world power in a perilous new direction.A combination of Le Carre spycraft with Stephenson techno philosophy from the novelist hailed by the Washington Post as the voice of twenty first century crime fiction, SKINNER is Charlie Huston s masterpiece a new kind of thriller for a new kind of world.

  • Title: Skinner
  • Author: Charlie Huston
  • ISBN: 9780316133722
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Charlie Huston

Charlie Huston is an American author of Noircrime fiction However, according to a recent interview with Paradigm, he prefers to be classified as a writer of Pulp, due to how he writes.

Comments Skinner

  • Kemper

    You gotta love a book in which the weapons used by the bad-ass hero include a pair of socks and a ruler.Skinner was raised in a closed environment as part of a screwy experiment from his autistic parents, and as an adult he worked for an international security firm called Kestrel where he became legendary for his unique method. Skinner’s Maxim dictated that if anything happened to anyone under his protection, that he would wreak bloody vengeance on anyone and everyone responsible. This scorche [...]

  • Trish

    I thought I had read some other things by Charlie Huston, but now I don’t think I have. Huston’s American crime novels have a noir quality that is unlike anything I have seen before. To say his writing is clipped does not really encompass the extent of its abbreviation. It is thought fragments. One of his main characters, Jae, tries to make connections or linkages between ideas and information coming from widely disparate sources. Trying to understand his characters’ conversations is a lit [...]

  • Still

    MAGNIFICENT!!!I went from hating this book for a variety of misguided reasons to loving every chapter that remained.I'll try to come up with a proper review of this later.Outstanding novel!Re-Rated/Re-Reviewedor (Take Two)In the immortal words of songwriters/poets James Johnson, Ernestine Smith, & Al Curry (as covered by The Cadets) in "Stranded In The Jungle":GREAT GOOGLY-MOOGLY!What was I ON last night???This book is hardly "MAGNIFICENT". It's flawed to the brink of being unreadable.Origin [...]

  • Christian Duchateau

    Wow. Been waiting for something new from Huston for several years now. SKINNER was definitely worth the wait. An espionage thriller for the information age. Progressive thinking, an almost autistic level of detail, drenched in paranoia and imbued by social media. How to describe the plot? Can't give away much without spoiling the fun but includes everything from Naxalites to a global genocide meme. Mind boggling. Skinner's maxim is truly frightening. Echoes of Le Carre & William Gibson but a [...]

  • Jason

    Charlie Huston is back! I know it's a bit early but this may just be the best thriller of 2013. Remarkably prescient - many of the plot points in the novel were happening in real time in the real world as I was reading. I was a big fan of his Joe Pitt and Hank Thompson books but this is on a whole other level. Deserves to be a blockbuster

  • Josh

    Complex narrative in league with the finest James Ellroy. In Charlie Huston's current day spy thriller, protagonist, Skinner is embroiled in modern global warfare, a deadly game of smoke and mirrors where trust is a commodity he can ill afford. Skinner's primary occupation is that of protecting his assets as deemed by the secretive agency he's employed. Skinner will do anything to protect his asset, murdering any threat with little or no remorse.He's a unique assassin, a victim of experimental p [...]

  • Anthony

    I have always enjoyed Charlie Huston's work. I loved the Hank Thompson trilogy. I enjoyed the Joe Pitt books. I laughed out loud reading "The Mystic Arts . . . . " However, I did not enjoy Skinner. Too much over writing. What I mean, I found myself skipping paragraphs of writing that was wasting my time. Did not need to be there. The characters were boring and the storyline was boring. I don't care about the WTO and all of the "Evil Corporate People" out there having meetings. I don't care about [...]

  • Ben Hamilton

    I wanted to stop reading it in the middle of the book. I finished it and should have followed my first instinct.

  • Celeste

    Read the preview, and i really disliked his writing style. Won't be finishing this one!

  • Linda

    At first I had trouble figuring out why I didn't want to continue reading this book. I usually love thrillers. I was very excited to receive a complimentary review copy from Mulholland Books through . Then I realized the writing style bugged me. I felt like I strained to read through the book. Readers shouldn't have to work hard to enjoy a book. It took me too long to figure out who is kicking whom because many sentences were long prepositional phrases. This would probably be an exciting movie o [...]

  • Viccy

    Skinner works for Terence who runs Kestrel. Skinner is a product of his parents' psychological experiments as a child and he never learned emotions. He works in "asset protection," a bodyguard who will kill anyone who makes an attempt on his asset's life. The beginning of the book deals with a case gone bad and Skinner disappears for six years, but Terence calls him back to protect Jae, a genius who can see patterns in her head who builds robots. Terence has been forced out at Kestrel and Cross [...]

  • Jeff Rowe

    I read this because it was by Charlie Huston. Based upon his past books, I have the expectation that there is the occasional dud. This one was okay; not great. The nice part is that he gets all the cyber-security stuff right more or less. Not technical but he at least uses the right works in the right context. The drawback for me was that, unlike his Hank Thompson character, the people in this book are just too smart, too motivated, too perfectly violent to be believable. He blows it by giving a [...]

  • Michael

    The plot follows a cast of private contractors functioning on behalf of agencies that do the work previously handled by the CIA, the NSA, and the DoD in the now seemingly antiquated days of the cold war. A global drama unfolds with the cast searching for answers only to reveal a more shocking drama.Charlie Huston has a gift for clever yet touching prose, dark worlds that feel both real and noir at the same time, and characters that serve as sounding boards to the very essence of human condition. [...]

  • Erik

    Charlie Huston has a wonderful way of taking the familiar and adding something you weren't expecting. His vampire crime noir series as well as his last novel "Sleepless" are great examples of this. In the former Huston takes the dime novel detective genre and drops in dead into vampire mythology. And in the latter he gives us a police thriller set in a world that no longer sleeps. And his latest novel "Skinner" continues this trend by taking the stock spy thriller and adding to it a boy kept in [...]

  • Rosa Ramôa

    “Não considere nenhuma prática como imutável. Mude e esteja pronto a mudar novamente. Não aceite verdade eterna. Experimente.”(Skinner)

  • Craig Pittman

    A superior thriller. With a nice twist at the end. And an interesting hero. But the writing. The writing has some quirks to it. That can get annoying after a while. It sneaks up on you. Then. It happens so often. You can't stop. Noticing it. You wonder. Is the author being paid by the period. The hero is a remorseless and inventive killer named Skinner, so named because his parents were behaviorists who kept him in one of B.F. Skinner's boxes until he was 12. They were observing him, observing h [...]

  • Drew

    I've followed Charlie Huston's career since the Joe Pitt series started up, and he's always kept me entertained (though, as I believe I've written on here before, the last two of the Henry Thompson trilogy were a huge bummer). Skinner's by far the most normal book he's written thus far, with his less conventional habits (dashes replacing quotation marks being the most prominent) being largely absent. It still shows his brilliance with plotting and characterization, and his transfer to a new genr [...]

  • Maduck831

    actually loved the non action scenes and dialogue more than the action scenes, just a cool tale, it stretches at points, the whole india part was a bit 'eh,' but this was still a good onearlie huston is fast becoming one of my favorite authorsi hope we get more skinner in the future"Intimately aware of how the unexpected and nigh on impossible can manifest and warp the fabric of one's personal space and time." (34) "There are people, more than a few, who are very good at identifying threats. The [...]

  • Scott Bell

    Huston gets extra credit for creating two of the most interesting--and deeply flawed--characters you will ever encounter in fiction. Skinner and Jae are two seriously screwed up people, but somehow Huston makes it easy to root for them.Huston's edgy, choppy prose style requires all your attention to follow. My first impulse is to describe it like a firefight, with words and sentences stuttering and popping all over the place. Instead, I'd rather say a sentence fragmentation grenade went off in H [...]

  • Debbie

    ok - I suspect I will be in the minority in my review and let me say that I have read every book by CH except Sleepless - I could not finish that one. I don't even know what to say about this one.It's so cryptic - why? Why is it all so cryptic? Who are these people? And who talks like them - so many conversations where no one speaks a complete sentence -it drove me crazy! The background on Skinner and his family is really interesting and I wish that was the story - and I guess the ultimate endin [...]

  • Charlie George

    Normally I can tolerate Huston's writing style perfectly well, but in this case it was amplified to deafening volume. The choppy sentence fragments, the smokescreen plots, the refusal to indicate who is speaking in any dialogue exchange, etc. In previous books, the characters had distinct enough speech patterns that you could identify the speaker of each line of dialogue through context and verbal cues. Here, only Cross and Smith have a unique verbal style, while everyone else (including the mai [...]

  • fleurette

    I have never heard about Charlie Huston before. I have read this book because I read the blurb and found it interesting. I have many very mixed feelings about this book.I don't think I liked the writing style of the author. After some time I got used to it but still it was wearing. What I definitely liked are the characters who are unique and fascinating. Skinner with his past is definitely not an ordinary hero. With Jae they make an interesting couple. I only wish the ending is different. I wou [...]

  • Summer Feist

    I was very excited to try this author after receiving a review copy from Mulholland Books (via ). I had a hard time connecting with/caring about the characters. I'm not sure if it the book (writing style, story, etc) or that I am just finishing up a string of really great reads. I will say that the story is not your typical thriller and definitely not predictable (always a plus). The main character, Skinner, protects people by making the cost of acquiring them greater than their value. He does t [...]

  • Matt

    Skinner had a really interesting story and title character. I enjoyed reading about Skinner and his history. He's definitely a little different then what i'm used to seeing in a story and that kept me intrigued. I liked all the little twists and turns this story had to offer. Skinner had a great ending for such a wonderful story. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more Skinner in the future.

  • Alice

    Skinner didn't end up being the sort of read I thought it would. It took a bit to get into the way Huston wrote, but I was thoroughly engaged by the end. A unique set of characters and a story that has current significance. I will definitely pick up more of Huston's work.

  • Evelyn

    I received this book from giveaway.This book was a disapointment for me. I think I got lost in the over detailing and frankly found myself terribly bored trying to take it all in.

  • Martel Sardina

    Charlie Huston never ceases to amaze me. This guy can write anythinghorror, mainstream, thriller.

  • David Blach

    Absolutely fucking brilliant

  • Monica

    DNF at 87 pages.

  • Bill

    My favorite writer if thrillers currently, and this didn't change my mind.

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