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By Mhairi Simpson | Comments: ( 221 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

After thirty years hunting demons, the Hunter needs just two Two dead demons and the family debt will be repaid But when an old friend gets in the way, she must make a choice to save him or her honour.This is a short story of approximately 8000 words.

  • Title: The Scent of Freedom
  • Author: Mhairi Simpson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Mhairi Simpson

Real life is just too real, which is why Mhairi writes fantasy, preferably for teenagers because they re closer to her mental age This can, and often does, involve griffins, unicorns, werewolves and or vampires And because she likes a laugh, there are also pink mice and gods with faulty moral compasses But whatever she s writing, there ll be a lot of blood and a LOT of magic, because that s what makes her worlds go round.She s been to six schools seven if you include university and lived in five countries on two continents She speaks three languages and bits and pieces of three She once galloped a horse into a cow by accident while at work and she s been to Machu Picchu three times Apart from writing, she likes pretty shoes, making jewellery, films, dancing, reading and chocolate Don t forget the chocolate.Her first book, For The Love Of Gods, will be available in August 2011.

Comments The Scent of Freedom

  • D. George

    I *always* have to be reading. When I finish a book, I start the next one, even if it's just reading the book jacket and then a page or two. When I started reading this novella, it was already past my bedtime, but I couldn't stop reading. I read every bit of it. I was hooked from the first page.The author is a great writer and did an amazing job of telling this *very different* story, of showing us various scents (without making it overwhelming), of showing us how the main character, a demon hun [...]

  • Andrew Lawston

    Mhairi Simpson's The Scent of Freedom is a horribly violent but really rather fun story of demons, and the slightly different sort of demons who hunt them. The story is a short but rewarding read of a Hunter's efforts to repay an old debt by cutting a swathe through the demon population of a city, while still coming to terms with their relationship with two humans, one living and one dead.With hints of wider worldbuilding and mythology throughout Mhairi Simpson's writing, you have to assume that [...]

  • Ryan Lawler

    A fun, action filled, and violent short story about demons and fae settling their differences in the human realm of existence.Simpson has crafted an excellent character in the Hunter and provided a rich and interesting backstory despite the short length. The plot was reasonably simple, but this is made up for with some great character interactions and some intense action sequences.This short story sets uo a world that I expect Simpson has plans to revisit, and if she does go back there I will gl [...]

  • Elle

    The worst thing about this story is that it is so short and ended way too soon. I'm a huge fantasy fan and this pushed all my buttons. I wanted to more about the worlds described. I wanted to know more about the Hunter. I wanted to know more about everything!I really enjoyed Mhairi Simpson's writing and I can't wait to read more from her!

  • Jud

    A fantastic fantasy short story and a first for author Mhairi Simpson. I was hooked on the character of the Hunter. I want to know more about them who they are, where they came from, why are they hunting demons in the human realm? I want more!If this is a sign of things to come I think Mhairi will be a well loved indie author in no time, all she needs to do is get writing!

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  • Best Read [Mhairi Simpson] ☆ The Scent of Freedom || [Science Book] PDF ↠
    465 Mhairi Simpson
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