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By Kimberly Montague | Comments: ( 398 ) | Date: ( Feb 27, 2020 )

Morgan Edwards has been through a lot being left at the altar by a man trying to use her, losing her mother to Cancer, and now she s trying to keep her mom s dream alive by running the Victorian inn they spent years restoring together Her world is such a mess that she has no time for distractions But when it feels like things are hopeless, an accidental text message manMorgan Edwards has been through a lot being left at the altar by a man trying to use her, losing her mother to Cancer, and now she s trying to keep her mom s dream alive by running the Victorian inn they spent years restoring together Her world is such a mess that she has no time for distractions But when it feels like things are hopeless, an accidental text message manages to pull her out of this pit of despair and infuse a little excitement into her life Sean Wilder has it all fame, fortune, and a very long list of ladies who ve shared his bed But what he finds in the girl he accidentally texts is entirely unexpected Too accustomed to a world where everyone has an ulterior motive, he s taken aback by Morgan s honesty, her sincerity, and her struggle to do everything on her own despite the incredibly tough spot she s in While similar life experiences draw them to one another, can they fit together when Morgan finds out Sean s true identity And can she find a way to fit next to him in the spotlight

  • Title: Accidental Texting: Finding Love Despite the Spotlight
  • Author: Kimberly Montague
  • ISBN: 9781301875719
  • Page: 309
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Kimberly Montague

Kimberly Montague was born and raised in the Bay Area of California before moving to North Carolina with her husband where they now live with their three dogs, Ronan, Kara, and Buffy along with their over sized cat, Shadow In her spare time, she enjoys watching True Blood, old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and reading tales of vampires In addition to writing, she enjoys constantly reading, spending time with her husband, mom, and in laws, and antagonizing her pets in creative and loving ways.

Comments Accidental Texting: Finding Love Despite the Spotlight

  • Sandi

    This started out with an interesting premise and had potential to be a much better story. This is a case where less is more and, unfortunately, too much was added. Morgan became an unlikeable, flat character who was very different than the way she was portrayed in the beginning. The ending was overwhelmed by so much description of excess that it read more like a tween's fantasy wedding than a happy ending to this story.

  • JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko

    This book was good. It reminded me a lot of Love Unscripted which I loved. I would say it was a little long and dragged in some parts of the book but for the most part it was really good.

  • Flavia (OddCloud)

    Rating: 1.5 The blurb caught my attention. I've read something similar (but it was YA) and I was truly intrigued. Needless to say, it was a letdown. I wanted to give it 2 stars, but I couldn't bring myself to, not matter how much I dislike giving it such a low rating. The beginning was promising. The writing style is a little hard to swallow for me, I felt like skimming through a big portion fo the book (and I ended up doing just that for the better half of it, hence the did-nt-finish shelf). Mo [...]

  • A. Bookzilla.

    This is more of a 3.5 than 3 stars, but GR won't let me. A+ for the idea. I have to say that I loved the blurb when I read it and I knew I had to read it. However, most of the time I had a love/hate relationship with this book.There was no that big-moment that I love in books - something that you've been waiting to happen to make you say THIS is why I read this. Still, it was a sweet love story. The beginning was brilliant, and I loved it. Like I said, the whole concept of this book sounded awes [...]

  • PaulaPhillips

    I tried to make it my goal this year to go back through my Kindle and read old e-books that I have had sitting there for years, and Accidental Texting was one of them. You can tell it's an older story too by its cover as even the self-published books have awesome covers. Of course judging by the cover and tagline, you can guess what this book is about. What happens when Morgan who has been recently left at the altar by an abusive fiance who in everyone else's eyes was an angel gets a random text [...]

  • M A R I G O L D

    I believe this has to be one of the most boring, sappy, formulaic and redundant books I've ever read. Big nope from me.

  • Ines

    ***SPOILERS***Although I loved the way that the two characters met, I literally created this account because I had to rant about these kind of books. The main character, Morgan, starts out seeming like a strong independent woman, but it turns out she is just like every other romance novel heroine, that is, whiny and weak.Although the book is fine until she goes to L.A she then does what every other heroine does: forgive the guy who cheats on her, who also happened to cheat on his ex-girlfriend. [...]

  • Kim

    3.5 starsI had a tough time deciding how to rate this book. I am a sucker for a good Hollywood love story and I really enjoyed the first half of the book a lot. This is an insta-love romance and there are quite a few typos which could get distracting, however neither of those things bothered me too much. The problem I had was with the heroine. She was so annoying. I understood her hesitance to jump head first into a relationship with an A list actor. I agreed with her reaction to Sean's big mist [...]

  • Karen

    3.5 stars. Perhaps just a little longer than it needed to be. Otherwise a good read. I loved the way these two meet. It was a rather unique way to strike up a relationship. To enjoy this I guess it is necessary to suspend belief to a certain extent. But that is the beauty of celebrity romance stories. This was really very sweet and I would love to read more about other characters, especially Anthony. The author did a wonderful job developing the secondary characters which added to my enjoyment o [...]

  • Rozanne

    Oh this book, this book is just filled with WTF-ery. AT:FLDS is about a super star actor (think Ryan Gosling) accidentally texting a woman and they flirt, chat on the phone and fall in love over three weeks, without her really knowing who he is. Throw in some serious trust issues, paparazzi, an abusive ex-fiance and an entourage that makes your head spin. You cannot put the crazy down.

  • Dallas

    Different premiseI found myself intrigued by the description so I downloaded it. The first 30% was good, but then the train just veered off the trackI made it to 50% through until I just could not continue reading it! Totally not believable.

  • Sarah Fitz

    3.5 StarsThis a cute book. It's very long, but the characters are good and likeable. Morgan has some issues, but I really like Sean's character and his friends. I found some similarities to the Love Unscripted and the Love Unrehearsed books.

  • Catherine

    *3.5 Stars*

  • Vicky

    DNF - Boring and the h was weak.

  • Fyreball

    I will start by saying that I sometimes make the mistake of underestimating books that are priced at the low end of the range (e.g $2.99, like this one). I picked this out of the line up of recommendations, thinking it would be a laugh and probably not a great story but WTH, right? Boy, was I wrong on this one. This story of Sean and Morgan is a bit like that of The Mighty Storm or even Fifty Shades of Gray, sans kinky you-know-what. There's drama, lots of drama. Although the characters are wel [...]

  • Amanda

    I love Kimberly Montague. I really enjoy her romance stories, so I was quite surprised when I didn't find myself overly loving this book. This was a great premise for a book. A wrong number text ends with a surprising relationship. Where this book really fell apart for me was Morgan. She is supposed to be this strong, independent woman and to me she came across more as a stubborn whiny girl. She just didn't click with me and I think I struggled because of that. Add in Sean, who for the most part [...]

  • Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~

    This one was ok. I liked both Sean and Morgan as characters. I found the whole we fell in love over three weeks of text messages completely unbelievable (at least how it was protrayed ). I could see "like" but basically Sean was head over heals for her, talking about forever, before they even met, and it was just too much. Morgan was more realistic about the whole thing. I was irritated that she would basically say "we're over" and run away every time something upset her. Not that I felt like sh [...]

  • Kate's Corner

    I picked this book awhile ago and really wanted to read it and then I changed my mind and wasn't that interested. But a couple of months down the line I picked it and started reading it and I am really glad about that. Morgan Edwards is struggling after the death of her mother and her ex leaving her at the altar. Not only that but the Inn that they set up together is in trouble. Suddenly Morgan receives a text from someone apologizing that he slept with someone else. Morgan and one of her best f [...]

  • Megan~The Never Ending Book Basket

    I really enjoyed reading Accidental Texting. This book was recommended to me by someone who knew I had enjoyed a similar novel, and let's say that I was very happy with this particular recommendation. Accidental Texting presents the story of Morgan and Sean. Morgan is a strong young woman who has been through a lot. She is currently trying to make ends meet financially, emotionally, and physically when one accidental text message changes everything. That's when Sean comes in. With that accidenta [...]

  • Nicole

    After reading a bunch of reviews on amazon, I was excited to read this And I convinced myself I liked it at first, but it's bugging me more and more as I go! Morgan is a good character, and she's likable enough, but I'm not getting why everyone is instantly in love with and/or completely charmed by her When she kept getting dramatic and storming off I actually started rolling my eyes! And why was it so quickly accepted that he wasn't going to be a womanizing cheat, when those are the exact circu [...]

  • ♥Trish♥

    3.5 stars. There is so much I liked about this book, but some I didn't. The premise of this book is great - yes it's quick but it's a book not reality. The romance is great, the intensity is great- the other characters all have stories that get a good wrap up, no cliff hangers for other books. If you're a flowers & hearts girl you'll love it.My issues - Sean at times is too intense, and with that intense love I would have liked more passionate bedroom scenes, they were far and few between an [...]

  • Wolfie

    I liked this book. I would say I give it 3.5 stars as opposed to just 3 though. I cried more than usual throughout this book.but I'm PMS'd right now so not sure if it's even fair to take that into consideration. LOL The H does something about midway through that I just couldn't bring "myself" to forgive (the h does forgive him). There again,S'd. ;o There are H's in books that f*@k up & do stupid things and it just isn't as hard to forgive them as it is to forgive the H in this book. I have N [...]

  • Bethany Lovell

    3.5 StarsI picked this up because I like the idea of meeting someone by accident. It was a good story and I enjoyed it. However, about halfway through, you get the typical misunderstanding then guy gets shitfaced and does something stupid and has to beg the girl back storyline that happens all too often in these kinds of stories. I will admit that I enjoyed the story much more before she found out who her secret celebrity was and they actually got together. Too much angst at that point. But, I r [...]

  • Keri

    So I was recommended this book since I enjoyed Love Unscripted and I'm glad that I read it. It started kind of slow but it was really cute. The drama in the book could have been really overboard but it wasn't, which is good since at some points in Love Unscripted I was just thinking "really?!?". Although it was similar to Love Unscripted this book holds it's own and I would recommend it to others as well. I'm glad it was recommended.

  • Sequoia

    Literary masterpiece this is not. I was looking for a fluffy book to pass the time, and was rewarded with a predictable plot, a heroine who can't hold onto her emotions against others for more than five minutes before giving in and going along with said others, plus a male who's so perfect and rich and famous and dreamy that he was rejected from Disney for too much perfection. Nah, thanks. I'll drop you for a fluff more worthwhile.

  • Sara

    3.5 stars. I like the idea and plot of this book. The beginning where they are texting was actually really cute. How her bestir butted in and got involved. I liked everything about the book and story. The one thing I was over and getting annoyed with was Morgans breakdowns/insecurity fits. It was tiring for her to be so weak. I wanted to strangle her! But otherwise I enjoyed the book.

  • Kati

    Ok, I so got this book because of the cover and because it's a he's famous/she's an everyday girl story. Its a really sweet fairy tale of book and I enjoyed reading it, although at times it was hard to see why Sean was so head over heels Morgan. Way too much of the book is about dealing with her issues - but in the end Sean and Morgan won me over. Sweet is good.

  • Sharon

    4.5 sweet stars

  • Sherri Kayser

    Loved this book!

  • Crystal

    This is actually like the 5th time that I have read this book, but I am just getting around to writing a review on it LOLOne of the reasons that this is a come back and reread for me is that it is just a sweet little romance. It is TOTALLY fictional and silly but it is one of my guilty pleasure rereads. This is the story of Morgan and Sean. Morgan is a 25 year old struggling bed and breakfast inn keeper. Sean is a famous movie star. They meet by (I know the title is hard to figure out) a wrong n [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Accidental Texting: Finding Love Despite the Spotlight | by ↠ Kimberly Montague
    309 Kimberly Montague
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