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  • Title: Το βυζί
  • Author: Philip Roth Αλεξάνδρα Κοντού
  • ISBN: 9789603290681
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Philip Roth Αλεξάνδρα Κοντού

Philip Milton Roth is an American novelist He gained early literary fame with the 1959 collection Goodbye, Columbus winner of 1960 s National Book Award , cemented it with his 1969 bestseller Portnoy s Complaint, and has continued to write critically acclaimed works, many of which feature his fictional alter ego, Nathan Zuckerman The Zuckerman novels began with The Ghost Writer in 1979, and include American Pastoral 1997 winner of the Pulitzer Prize In May 2011, he won the Man Booker International Prize for lifetime achievement in fiction.

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Comments Το βυζί

  • Kyriakos Sorokkou

    Ξεκινώ αυτή την κριτική λέγοντας ότι:Ναι το έπιασα για τον τίτλο.Ναι το έπιασα για το εξώφυλλο.(αλλά κυρίως)Ναι το έπιασα για τον λόγο ότι η μεταμόρφωση του Κάφκα είναι από τις πιο αγαπημένες μου νουβέλες.Η πρώτη μου επαφή με Ροθ ήταν μέσω ενός βυζιού, χωρίς σιλικόνη αλλά γεμ [...]

  • Megan Baxter

    I justdid not get this. I didn't dislike it, I wasn't offended by it, I was justffled. I don't get what he's trying to do or say or what the deeper hidden meaning might be. If there was one, it flew right over my head. Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

  • Davide

    Diciamolo: è uno di quei due o tre libri di Philip Roth che si può benissimo non leggere. Però, visto insieme agli altri, è interessante.Nel 1972, infatti, Roth invece di rilanciare il suo primo alter ego di successo, Alexander Portnoy, ne proponeva qui un secondo, destinato a ben maggiore durata (ma mai quanto Nathan Zuckerman): David Kepesh, professore di letteratura, che si ritrova trasformato in un enorme mammella.Non c'è neanche bisogno di sottolineare il gioco di rimandi con la Metamo [...]

  • Manny

    The plot is similar to Kafka's Metamorphosis, but he turns into a giant breast rather than a giant cockroach. I just couldn't get with this book. Maybe I'm not interested enough in breasts? But I'm male, so that seems unlikely. I give up.

  • Ivana Books Are Magic

    In many ways, THE BREAST is a wonderfully original novel. The idea of metamorphosis is by no means new, but that doesn’t mean that Roth doesn’t give it its own signature touch. The protagonist of this story is a literature professor Kepesh who, quite literally, gets turned into a giant breast. While The Breast obviously takes inspiration from Gogol’s THE NOSE and Kafka’s METAMORPHOSIS (a fact often mentioned in the book itself), it is very much written in Roth’s style. In other words, [...]

  • Mark

    Pre-read: Titilating. Post-read: The titular tit is a tit. This has to be something from Roth's early days, thrust later on his publisher who, given Roth's previous track record, must have said, "Sure, why not?"The stunning characters, the sense of place, the underlying history, and the story itself all combined to make "Conversion of the Jews" one of the best short stories I've ever read. But this. This is bullshit. It had potential. A guy awakes one morning to find himself changed into a femal [...]

  • K.

    In Kafkaesque form, a man turns into a giant breast and somehow still continues to be a horny dick. This seems more like a story you write for yourself and never, ever, let it see the light of day. We all have those, Mr. Roth, but most of us have the good sense to, uh, keep it to ourselves.

  • Shannon

    I wonder if Philip Roth sat down and said "I want to write Metamorphosis again, but instead of the story being fascinating I'm going to make it mildly amusing. Oh, also, instead of a giant bug, my character is going to turn into a giant boob. Yeah. Good times". I don't know how much of my moderate disliking of this had to do with the actual story, and how much had to do with the fact that I found the image of a giant consious boob repulsive. That being said, I liked that the character figured, e [...]

  • Veronica

    Indecisa su cosa leggere ho afferrato questo piccolo volume dalla mia libreria e ho letto le prime righe per farmi un'idea dello stile di questo autore. Premetto che non ho mai letto nulla di Roth ma che ero estremamente curiosa di approcciarmi a qualcuna delle sue opere. Devo ammettere che, inaspettatamente, ho trovato questo racconto molto interessante. Breve ma intenso, paradossale e grottesco, a tratti inquietante ed ironico.David Kepesh, docente di letteratura, si sveglia una mattina e scop [...]

  • Bonadext

    E' il mio primo scritto di Philip Roth che leggo, e non potevo iniziare con qualcosa di più assurdo e grottesco di questo racconto!Dimenticate il naso di Gogol e lo scarafaggio di Kafka, questo Seno è la metamorfosi del nuovo millennio, della società attuale, è una riflessione sul potere del desiderio sessuale e quello altrettanto potente della letteratura.Il racconto è fluido e si legge tutto d'un fiato, tra ossessioni di carattere sessuale e citazioni letterarie, veniamo catapultati nel c [...]

  • Мартин Касабов

    Гърдата: izumen/2015/10/bloПредставям си разговора между Рот и издателя на книгата да е протекъл по следния начин:- Слушай, Рот, трябва ми нещо ново. - Лари (примерно) нямам нищо готово.- Няма значение. Искам да е кратко, сексуално и шокиращо. Забъркай пак глупостите, които беше чел от Ф [...]

  • Jimmakos Gavagias

    "Πάντως ,αν μου το επιτρέπετε ,ομολογώ με κάθε ταπεινοφροσύνη πως μερικά πράγματα είναι πιο θαυμάσια από τ'άλλα. Ένα τέτοιο πράγμα είμαι και εγώ""μέρος κανένα δεν υπάρχει πουν να μη σε βλέπει. Και πρέπει κάποτε να αλλάξεις τη ζωή σου."Προσοχή,προσοχή οι πολλοί ευαίσθητοι αναγ [...]

  • Simona

    Il seno, opera breve di Philip Roth, vede come protagonista David Kepesch, che comparirà in molti altri romanzi dello stesso autore.Proprio come accade ne Le metamorfosi di Kafka, dove il protagonista dell'opera kafkiana si tramuta in scarafaggio, anche qui si assiste a una metamorfosi, a una trasformazione di se stessi. La metamorfosi che Kepesch vive è quella di tramutarsi in seno,in un seno femminile del peso di settanta chili.Pian piano, il nostro personaggio dovrà affrontare e comprender [...]

  • Jim

    An imaginative take on Kafka's Metamorphosis. Roth not only pays homage to Kafka, but in some ways offers a possible explanation to how Gregor Samsa found himself changed into a beetle. In The Breast, Kepesh eventually imagines that he has not morphed at all, but has suffered some sort of deep psychological breakdown, and only imagines he's a breast. A similar idea is often suggested by readers when trying to understand Kafka.Recommended for Roth fans and Kafka fans.

  • мини тяло

    И преди съм чувала, че Филип Рот не е лъжица за всяка уста. То пък кой ли автор е, въобще универсалността в литературата май е химера, ако изключим Библията, но пък нея не съм я чела.Рот е роден през 33-а на миналия век в Нюарк, Джърси. Зодия риби. Ще кажете, че това няма значение, н [...]

  • Wyatt

    He turns in a boob, literally.:) This isn't a bad book to read when you're sitting around aimlessly for a few days as I amd it's a nice, short book--obviously a 1,000 page epic about a man-boob would be impressive, but hard to imagine. What's interesting is the tension between the absurdity of his reality and his tendency to want to think of his predicament as merely allegorical. He has to cede to the logic of his health status and the reality checks of his doctor more than his literary mind is [...]

  • Vishnu

    As Kafka's Metamorphosis and Samsa turn 100 today, I read Roth's take on it from about 35 years ago. And I shall commit literary sacrilege by declaring that I liked this more than Metamorphosis. On the face of it, Roth's David Kepesh turns into a 6 foot breast but the novella explores in detail his depraved psyche and not mere external reactions to it. His Kepesh then becomes a literary double for Roth's other more illustrious characters, be it Alexander Portnoy, Zuckerman, or in fact Roth himse [...]

  • Mogulito

    I am hesitant to write much right now because id love to read the Metamorphosis before i do, to see the similarities, and differences. But yes it is a sort of ode to Kafka, or a plain steal, though an acknowledged one at that. But I'm not sure if this hasn't been read all wrong; or that maybe i did and in doing so enjoyed it more. I don't think Roth here is really talking about sex, or its various ways of expressing, fantasy etc. I think the metaphor here is the Breast is Fame? And when famous o [...]

  • Ubik 2.0

    Scherzo d’AutoreSuperato non senza difficoltà lo sconcerto iniziale, si cerca di comprendere i motivi che possono aver spinto un autore del calibro di Roth ad un tuffo senza rete nel registro grottesco-surreale, con evidenti richiami allo scarafaggio di Kafka o al naso di Gogol che lo stesso io-narrante (l’esimio professor David Kepesh) cita come possibili istigatori culturali al suo precipitare in un incubo esistenziale senza uguali.A differenza del compatto racconto di Kafka, qui il timbr [...]

  • aPriL does feral sometimes

    So. A college literature professor, David Kepesh, turns into a female breast that is 6 feet long and weighs 155 pounds. He is placed in a hospital room on the 7th floor while doctors puzzle over his transformation. His girlfriend of three years, Claire loyally visits him everyday as does his father. He is blind, but he can hear and speak through his navel. Since he cannot see, he tries to rationalize his condition in all kinds of ways that anyone would, including guessing he may be insane and st [...]

  • Maida

    In the same vein as Gregor Samsa (the male protagonist of Kafka's Metamorphosis, who woke up one morning to realize, to his horror, that he had metamorphosed into a gigantic roach-like creature), David Kepesh (the male protagonist of Philip Roth's novella, The Breast), wakes up one day only to find that he has morphed into a female breast— a 155-lb. female breast!!!This novella is highly philosophical. It's grotesque and weird and wonderful. It's Contemporary American Literature at its finest, [...]

  • Michael

    The only person in America without a six-foot Roth hard-on, I surprisingly enjoyed The Breast, a satire based on those fantastical stories I love so much, Metamorphosis and The Nose, and wherein the hero's absurd misfortune subjects him to despair of an existential nature.I was particularly pleased at the arc of the comparative-literature-professor-turned-female-breast's psychological metamorphosis, executed with precision ala Kafka, and with both humor and compassion ala Gogol. Most enjoyable t [...]

  • Hadrian

    Phil, Phil, Phil. What's the matter with you? You don't publish this kind of thing under your own name, you put it on DeviantArt under the username BoobMan33 like everybody else.

  • Anastasia

    Eh, ma La metamorfosi è tutta un'altra cosa.Lei sta lassù e tu stai quaggiù, tettina mia.Ma si apprezza il tentativo: a tratti(ni) divertente, per tutto il resto dimenticabile.

  • Francyy Barontini

    Angosciante ed umoristico, a metà fra Kafka e Woody Allen. Un professore si trasforma in un seno, da questo momento vive in un letto, parla attraverso il capezzolo, viene massaggiato e prova un piacere nuovo, vuole avere rapporti con i suoi parenti amici e conoscenti, ma allo stesso tempo non Sa Come gestirli. Un Roth che con poche pagine dissacra il mondo nel quale il no viveva quando era uomo

  • Frank

    Definire Il seno di Philip Roth un libro grottesco sarebbe dire poco, suonerebbe riduttivo; vediamo allora di fare meglio.L’operazione editoriale che ha portato all’uscita di questo racconto lungo come libro singolo, sarebbe cosa di per sé alquanto discutibile, se non fosse che nel mio caso ben difficilmente sarei incappato in una storia come questa, essendo piuttosto allergico alle raccolte di racconti. Dunque meglio così.Grottesco, stravagante, coinvolgente, a tratti drammatico e commove [...]

  • bobbygw

    This is one of my favourite Roth fictions and has the sort of funny, mad, energetic exuberance of Portnoy's Complaint, while being much more absurd and surreal in its premise. There is nothing else quite like it in Roth's oeuvre. From the opening line 'It began oddly.', you are drawn into a first-person story told by David Kepesh, a literary professor (and the principal character who appears in two subsequent novels by Roth, The Professor Of Desire, and The Dying Animal). It is wondefully comica [...]

  • Judy

    I've read an awful lot of Philip Roth's books, and this one is one of the strangest. I enjoyed it.“For all that I announce at intervals that I want to go mad, it is apparently impossible: beyond me, beneath me. It took This for me to learn that I am a citadel of sanity.”― Philip Roth, The Breast “I am a breast. A Phenomenon that has been vastly described to me as "a massive hormonal influx, "a endocrinopathic catastrophe" and/or "a hermaphroditic explosion of chromosomes" took place with [...]

  • Travelling Sunny

    Read it HERE. Preposterous and provocative, this is absolutely hysterical! An upstanding, normal guy - an English Lit professor - turns into a boob. Then he becomes a sex-crazed maniac, wishes for madness, wishes for privacy, wishes for sanity, wishes for fame and fortune - all while he, The Breast, is strapped in a hammock in a hospital.

  • Tapani Aulu

    Tuotanoin, joko olis pitänyt lukea Kafkan Metamorfosis (muiden arvosteluista päätellen) tai olisi pitänyt vetää samoja aineita kuin Roth tätä kirjoittaessaan. Muuten tästä ei kyllä irtoa mitään. Tai sitten tää on joku vedonlyönnin tulos: "Tonni vetoa ettet pysty kirjoittamaan 100 sivun kirjaa siitä kuin joku mies muuttuu tissiksi".

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