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By Pamela Burford | Comments: ( 726 ) | Date: ( Feb 17, 2020 )

Is an uncomplicated divorce and a fresh start at forty too much to ask Apparently it is for Lucy Narby, whose life goes from blah to bizarro when competing kidnappers lock horns in her kitchen And really, does the victor have to be that hot If this is the Stockholm syndrome, it sure didn t take her long to catch it Lucy s kidnapper calls himself Will but looks suspiciouIs an uncomplicated divorce and a fresh start at forty too much to ask Apparently it is for Lucy Narby, whose life goes from blah to bizarro when competing kidnappers lock horns in her kitchen And really, does the victor have to be that hot If this is the Stockholm syndrome, it sure didn t take her long to catch it Lucy s kidnapper calls himself Will but looks suspiciously like 80s child TV star Ricky Baines, whose acting career was cut short when he himself was snatched and held for ransom 25 years ago in a notorious cold case that remains unsolved Will s gang includes an aging French bombshell, an outlandish Irish giant with a mysterious past and a thing for Will s sister, and long lost Cousin Hal a charming fellow who neglects to mention that he happens to be the twisted sociopath who kidnapped Will when he was still America s favorite little star Hal spent the past quarter century in the slammer for an unrelated murder, and now he s out and determined to locate the 2 million ransom Will s family paid Someone else dug up the cash while Hal was behind bars, and that sort of thing tends to make twisted sociopaths a tad grouchy.Fortunately or not , Lucy s bigamous ex is on the case But so are a gay private eye in a fat suit and a bad tempered parrot with an ax to grind, so no worries Everyone has a secret and no one is who he seems when Kidnap Fever strikes.

  • Title: Snatched
  • Author: Pamela Burford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Pamela Burford

Pamela Burford comes from a funny family You may take that any way you want She was raised in a household that valued laughter above all, so of course the first thing she looked for in a husband was a sense of humor Is it any wonder their grown kids are into stand up comedy and improv Oh, and here s another fun family fact Pamela s identical twin sister, Patricia Ryan, aka P.B Ryan, is also a published novelist Patricia is the Good Twin, and yeah, Pamela knows what that makes her But hey, Evil Twins have fun It should come as no surprise that everything Pamela writes is infused with her own quirky brand of humor, from her feel good contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels to her popular Jane Delaney mystery series, featuring snarky Death Diva Jane, her canine sidekick Sexy Beast, and a fun love triangle subplot Pamela s own beloved poodle, Murray, wants you to know that any similarities between himself and neurotic, high strung Sexy Beast are purely coincidental.Pamela is the proud founder and past president of Long Island Romance Writers, Inc a chapter of Romance Writers of America Her books have won awards and sold millions of copies, but what excites her most is hearing from readers So swing by her website and say hi.Also, when you sign up for Pamela s newsletter, not only will you learn about new releases, freebies, and other fun stuff, but you ll receive a free ebook as her special thank you the fun foodie romance Too Darn Hot And rest assured, she will never share your email address.

Comments Snatched

  • Becky

    fun book with lots of twists and turns.

  • Atalyonet

    Awsome ride! clever and funny! enjoyed every minute!!

  • ZebraStarshipExperience

    Who Dunnit? I laughed out loud reading this fun and funny cozy mystery. Is this going to be made into a movie? It should. Clever and cute with hysterical characters.

  • Sharlie Rae

    Very surprisingThe initial plotline seemingly dwindled after a third of the book letting other storylines evolve. I had no idea where the book was going to go next and enjoyed every minute. I'd recommend it to my friends for sure.

  • Lbousson

    For whatever reason, I really thought this book was going to be humorous (I know, I knowwhat's humorous about kidnapping and potential torture, huh?) Maybe it was the cover, maybe it was the brief blurb I readbut for some reason, I thought this was going to be a screwball comedy sort of book.Sadly, it wasn't. It was intense at times, with a very, very bad villain that I wanted to take out myself, but that I knew would be put down eventually. I bonded with the main characters, and I got invested [...]

  • Alice

    Kidnapping then and now -------------Minor plot reveal--------------25 years ago a child star was abducted and a 2 million dollar ransom was paid. Today the former star has his own business, abducting people who want to experience the thrill. The only problem is Lucy did not know or pay for a abduction. What to do? -------------------------------------------------Well I enjoyed this and couldn't put it down as the plot twisted and turned. This story was packed with quirky characters, each pursui [...]

  • Erika Campbell-duritsky

    Starts out pretty interesting when Lucy, a newly separated woman, is kidnapped in her home. During the kidnapping a second duo of kidnappers show up to kidnap her as well. We later learn that Lucy's twin Ethel arranged the initial kidnapping as a practical joke and the kidnappers thought they were being paid by Lucy herself. Meanwhile Lucy's ex Frank arranged the second kidnap attempt as a last effort to woo Lucy by playing the hero when he found and rescued her. The book loses its luster about [...]

  • Shirley Worley

    I found this to be a fun and delightful read. Although there were a lot of characters to remember, the cast was interesting and varied. It's not very often that I read a romantic mystery where the budding relationship is between an older woman and a younger man. I thought Will's occupation was quite unusual and creative on the part of the author. The main plot and the sub-plot were woven together nicely. Really like the characters, although I definitely would keep my distance if I had a sister w [...]

  • Katherine

    40 yo woman separated from her husband, living alone in their McMansion, gets kidnapped by two different groups, no idea why. First chapter was funny. Not a romance - mystery light? What a wacky ride. Goofy suspense with a light sprinkling of romance. There were so many characters and so many sub-plots that I have to admire that Ms. Burford brought it all together in a nice, tidy bow. Overall, an interesting read.Bought from kobo.

  • Wendelyn Wilkes

    Not what I expectedI almost did not finish this book. Not at all what I expected. Kidnapping, yes, because of the title, but add in $2 million in missing money, bigamy, murder, an ex convict just released, and three love stories. I am glad I finished, but all the tangled and intertwined stories and events past and present did strain credulity. The writing was entertaining,and the pace non stop.

  • Anita

    This book was a hoot! From the sexy 40 yr. old leading lady, the practical joke- playing sister, the hunky ex- child star and a whole slew of other zany characters! Funny concept too And a not funny bad guy out for revenge.

  • Jennifer Pope

    Took a while to learn the characters, but all in all a very entertaining book!

  • Sonia

    I tried reading this. Way too much foul language and sexual innuendos and that's only the 1/3 of the book I got through. Didn't finish - don't want to.

  • Mary Ann

    It was simply too much--too many characters, too many plots, too much description. I lost interested more than once, but forced myself to finish it.

  • Nellie

    I only got a little ways into this book, and realized, it's not for me. seems like it's going to end up with steamy bondage stuff, and I'm not interested.


    Didn't finish after page 175ish. This book is strange, and not really in a good way. It isn't what you think it is at all. I think I read in the synopsis that there was 'a little humor and a bunch of interesting characters coming together in an interesting way'. But this is a little misleading. There is zero humor. Not even an attempt at humor. The whole tone of the book is weird. It's a little creepy. And, again, not in a good way. What Will does for a living is just kinda disturbing. I was int [...]

  • Jodi Perkins

    I really loved the first half of this novel. It's clever, witty, and the author has such a fun and unique voice. My problem is somewhere between one-third to one-half of the novel, the immediate conflict is resolved. Other conflicts are introduced, not to mention a cast of quirky characters, but they just couldn't hold my attention the way the original conflict had. To be fair, the author does a great job of developing her characters. Hal, for example, is a sociopath, yet has some interesting tr [...]

  • Scherryat The Novel Lady

    "Snatched" is a crazy, mixed up, conglomerate of too many subplots and too many characters. Keeping those characters straight was a chore, especially since so many of them had alternate names. Will was actually Ricky, Keith was actually Hal, Archie (and at one point, Joe) was actually Wesley. It got rather confusing, especially since there was so much going on at the same time! The story kept flipping from a kidnapping 25 years ago to today's kidnapping, which wasn't really a kidnapping. It seem [...]

  • Sandra

    Snatching My Hair Out I love Pamela Burford's books but "Snatched" is out in left field from what I expected. From the book description I thought it was kind of a madcap whodunnit. The story does have some zany moments but, comedy it ain't. The main character is a sociopath hunting for the 2 million dollars he buried before he went to prison on an unrelated murder charge. There are other important characters and subplots, one of which involves "fantasy" abductions. While there were some laugh-ou [...]

  • Stephanie Zuiderweg

    Needed moreMy first impression of the book was that it was over complicated with too many players, however the author managed to pull that off fairly well and still maintain a lighthearted feel despite the potentially dark topics. However, the biggest failing was among all the chaos of this story the author forgot to actually do a romance, at least for the main characters -- Judith and Fergus had a better developed relationship. The places where Will and Lucy interacted were mostly off screen, s [...]

  • Kristy Halseth

    This book was actually pretty interesting. I liked that the story line was more complex and had no problem following the cast of characters. Even with all those characters, there was enough character development on all of them. And the plot was well developed.The down side is that there seemed to be a lot of missing scenes. For example, once Lucy realized who set it up, she knew the safe word. Then it jumps to Will taking her home and he believes she hadn't hired him. There is no explanation of [...]

  • Jennette Reid

    I've r ad other books by Pamela Burford and really enjoyed them, but this one didn't sit with me. I barely even made it to the end. Have you ever made a batch of chocolate chip cookies that had so many chocolate chips, the cookies just wouldn't stay together? I felt like this story had too many chocolate chips. Lucy gets kidnapped, somewhere in the course of a day, develops feelings for the kidnapper, and by the time she's back home half a dozen other plot lines have emerged. We go chapters and [...]

  • normalinza

    Unique fun read A bit riveting once you get into it and learn all the characters. Fully developed characters that are shown even with flaws. The only part that really disturbed me was when Hal was after Quint. I didn't know if he would quit and I was getting angry. (Haha , yea, it's just a story). This could be a good series. Just don't let anything happy to Quint, ok ? Would like to see Tom get in to acting and play the part in the movie being made. Maybe she could even get Quint a part. Btw, I [...]

  • Edith

    HYSTERICAL!What a Rush! My first time reading this author's work but will not be my last. Intelligently written, it has everything. Intrigue, love, mystery, and surprisingly humor. The quick witted banter left me laughing aloud. There are twists and turns as well as great dialogue, budding character development and a Parrot! With great touches of pertinent socially relevant points, I was enmeshed in an ever blossoming tale. Justice wins and love prevails.

  • jean walsh

    Action and suspenseThis storyline was very convoluted and full of sub plots. At times it was hard to keep track with all the back and forth between the present and the past and interactions between the characters. That being said, it was a really interesting story and I enjoyed it.

  • Trashy Katie

    Once the whys of the heroine's kidnapping and the hero's childhood kidnapping were revealed I wasn't interested in continuing the book. The characters just weren't interesting enough to get me to keep reading. It's very rare that I don't finish a book I'm halfway through, so that should clue you in as to how uninterested I was.

  • Manda

    I enjoyed this cozy, not to serious mystery. Got a little lost at first, as the story centered around Lucy then became more about Will and Lucy disappeared there for a bit. Came together later nicely thou. Story is fast paced and give one hell of a ride. Lots of twists and turns and bits that just make you smile. Blurb sums up the story nicely. Definitely a fun read.

  • Cherie

    Fun, different and touchingI found Will's business surprising due to his history. His little family of misfits and rejected people is as endearing as it is different. The many facets of the plot kept the story fun and interesting. The character development was really good. I felt like I really got to know each of them. I will want to read more by Ms. Buford.

  • Jaime Armour

    Great BookI really enjoyed this book. It kept me on my toes. The book didn't have much sex & when it did it wasn't very detailed. Besides that I loved it and will definitely recommend reading this book.

  • Ruth

    Snatched can be very confusing with so many characters, especially as they often have two different names. But stick with it, concentrate, maybe even re-read a section and after a while, you'll find this is 'un-put-downable'. An eye-catching cover and a surprisingly very funny plot.

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