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Love blossoms by the lake in this sweet summer romance, in the tradition of Seventeeth Summer and Sixteenth Summer.Chelsea isn t looking forward to her summer at the lake It s the first time her family has been there since her grandmother died, and she can t break out of her funk But her summer takes a turn for the better when she meets a boy who works in the bookstore.Love blossoms by the lake in this sweet summer romance, in the tradition of Seventeeth Summer and Sixteenth Summer.Chelsea isn t looking forward to her summer at the lake It s the first time her family has been there since her grandmother died, and she can t break out of her funk But her summer takes a turn for the better when she meets a boy who works in the bookstore Josh is cute, sweet, funny and best of all, seems to like her as much as she likes him As the days pass by in a blur of boat rides, picnics, and stolen kisses, she can t believe how lucky she is No one has ever made her feel so special, or so beautiful.But Chelsea knows her days with Josh are numbered She ll be heading home at the end of the summer and he ll be staying behind Will this be Chelsea s summer of love Or will it be the summer of her broken heart

  • Title: Fifteenth Summer
  • Author: Michelle Dalton
  • ISBN: 9781442472686
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Michelle Dalton

Michelle Dalton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fifteenth Summer book, this is one of the most wanted Michelle Dalton author readers around the world.

Comments Fifteenth Summer

  • Kristine

    I can't even tell you how many times I rolled my eyes while reading this book, because I lost count. This book might be good for a twelve year old, even then I still wouldn't recommend it. The main character infuriated me. For a girl who is "obsessed with books and reading", you'd think she'd be a little smarter. There's even a point where she starts making fun of summer romance novels, so essentially she is making fun of her own book. It's so bad, even the author knows it.

  • Wendy Darling

    3.5 stars Adorable. Not quite as polished as Sixteenth Summer, but brimming with lots of sweet summer romance all the same.Review to come.

  • Victoria

    If you're searching for a sweet, feel-good, summer read brimming with a touch of an adorable, first romance, a nice storyline, and relatable characters, then set your sights upon this book! Fifteenth Summer is a mindless, quick read that guarantees to plaster a smile onto your face and have you anxiously flipping page and page. This is my first time reading Michelle Dalton's novel - ever and I was glad to have given this novel a fair chance. This book was exactly what I was looking for - a cute, [...]

  • Ariana

    Currently reading

  • Stefanie

    I really enjoyed this one. At first I thought maybe I wouldn't like it as much because of Granly and everything and I was hoping the mood wouldn't make me sad and emotional. When the family arrived in Bluepointe that's when for me I got really involved. I love the cabin, Dog Ear, Mel and Mel's and all the local residents. I always enjoy stories that take place during the summer because I love the concept that anything can happen. To me Josh and Chelsea's relationship didn't feel forced but maybe [...]

  • Kylie

    This book went really slow for me and it wasn't that interesting in my opinion. Its about this girl named Chelsea that finds love and it was kinda boring at some parts.

  • Rose

    I've been debating on what rating to give this book. It was between a 2 and a 3. It was an alright book, nothing special, nothing too boring. I like romance, and this definitely had the cutesy teenage romance thing going on. But what settled me on a 2 instead of a 3 was that it had me asking questions by the end of the book, and I also knew there was no sequel. How did they say goodbye? Did they decide to continue their relationship? Are they happy? Was it heartbreak? The bottomline is I'll neve [...]

  • Hannah Crabtree

    I really liked this book!

  • Em'n'em

    Oh boy, where to even start. This book was just a cringe fest. The main love interests have a weird romance where they go from 0 to 100 real quick. One moment they are extremely awkward and the can't even look at each other, then the next thing you know they are making out with no context whatsoever. And this doesn't just happen in the beginning with them. Oh, no. It lasts the entire book. The main character often scoffs at cliched, cheesy romances and then turns around and gets involved in one [...]

  • Aubree

    I absolutely LOVED this book. It is 272 pages long but it keeps you intrested the whole way through. This book is about a fifteen year old girl named Chelsea who doesn't want to go to her grandma's house in Bluepoint, Michigan because it is her first time going there since her grandma has died. Of course, she goes, but when she goes to her favorite bookstore, named Dog Ear, she sees a boy there named Josh. Josh is a handsome boy that is also fifteen years old, that works at Dog Ear. At the begin [...]

  • Madison

    Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton is a teenager romance book. I enjoyed this book but it was not one of my favorites. This book is about a girl named Chelsea. Every summer Chelsea and her family go to their grandmothers house by the lake. This year is different though. Chelsea is afraid of having a bad summer because her grandmother passed away. She doesn't know what to do throughout the summer to begin with because her box of books were kept at home. To her surprise, there is a new book store [...]

  • Taylor

    Personal Response: I thought the author did an outstanding job writing the book. I loved how she split the months of summer up, and how she was very detailed. I hated how the book ended, but it was such a good book, that I overall really liked it. Plot: The book was about a family of 3 girls named Chelsea, Hannah, and Abigail. They have to go to the lake for the summer, and Chelsea isn’t excited at all. The whole family hasn’t been there since their grandma died, so it is very sad and depres [...]

  • Michelle Arrow

    This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more reviews!What’s that—do I hear the word “fake” in the air? That’s right. Really, small-town girl romance summer love stuff is so not for me. It’s not my type and it’s so cliché and out of my bookish-league. Fifteenth Summer was exactly as Sixteenth Summer was, and I’ve found that cheesy chick-lit like this definitely isn’t for me. There’s no backstory, no drama, just something sweet and sappy that [...]

  • Miranda

    Personal response/I really enjoyed this book. I've always liked reading romantic books. They keep me very interested and wanting to read more. The more i read them, the more I like reading.Plot summary/ Chelsea and her family were headed to her grandmother's lake house for the summer. Her grandmother had recently passed away and her parents thought it would be a good idea to go there. The lake house was in Bluepointe, where her sisters had met these guys. They were excited to see them and all Ch [...]

  • Taylor Peters

    Personal ResponseI think the book Fifteenth Summer was an okay book. It is a good book if you're looking for a short sweet love story but is a book a young kid would read. I think I would read some other books in the series to see if they get any better. I was worried that the book would be sad because of their grandmother's death, but it wasn't. I liked the storyline, but I wish the author would make things a little more mature, and make the characters more rebellious. Plot Summary This book is [...]

  • Sapir

    For more of my reviews visit my blog: Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl This book was so lovely and sweet and exactly in my comfort zone, but I also had some issues with it. I'm going to start with the good things. This book is the sweetest YA summer romance book I've ever read!! It was so cute and adorkable (I love this word. lol) and was just pure fun to read!! It is a very short book, only 270 pages (I think) and I was just flying through the pages, eager to get more of this great, light feel of su [...]

  • Danica Page (One Page at a Time)

    My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.Disclaimers: I received a electronic ARC from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review. I was not obligated to write a good review nor am I receiving any compensation for writing this review. The opinions expressed within this review are my own. An Overview of the Novel: Chelsea is less than thrilled to be going back to the family cottage in Bluepointe. This is the first year her grandmother won't be there; she died and Chelsea is having a really h [...]

  • Sarah

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Simon Pulse and Edelweiss.)15-year-old Chelsea is off to spend the summer with her parents and sisters, in her recently deceased grandmother’s house by the lake. Both of her sisters are looking for summer love, but Chelsea with her wild red hair doesn’t expect summer love at all, as long as she has a book in her hands she’ll be happy… until she meets Josh.Josh’s parents own the only bookstore [...]

  • Jana

    4 yummy whoopies pies.Cover Love:Yes! This is so sweet, but the girl is not a good representation of Chelsea.Why I Wanted to Read This:I read Ms. Dalton's Sixteenth Summer a few years ago and adored it. This isn't a sequel, it's a new summer romance. Romance?: Yes! A super sweet romance.My Thoughts:I just love this romance! This will be a perfect book for my library. Sweet, innocent and perfect for girls starting to notice boys. This is everything you want in a summer romance book: the first not [...]

  • Joy (joyous reads)

    There's no lovelier way to read this book than having the rays of the sun warm your skin and a light breeze to cool it off almost simultaneously. Sometimes, the outside elements can help improve your level of enjoyment with certain books. Such is the case for Michelle Dalton's Fifteenth Summer. If I could describe this book in one word, I'd chose uncomplicated. The writing, the characters, the relationships, the story line - all added up to this fun and sweet novel set along the shores of Lake M [...]

  • Abby

    Personal Response:I really liked this book because it made me think about my summer. It made me think about the summer and what is going to happen this year. This book was interesting because you never knew when Chelsea and Josh would see each otherPlot summary:In the beginning of the book Chelsea and her family are heading up to Bluepoint, Michigan for the summer. Their grandmother died the winter beforehand. Chelsea is having a hard time with her grandmother gone. She fears the house will brin [...]

  • Giselle Martinez

    PERSONAL RESPONSE: I enjoyed reading the bookFifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton, because there was a lot of action and romance. I enjoyed the adventures and romance between Chelsea and Josh. THE PLOT: The book was about the healing of the heart after the loss of a loved one, but it was also about a summer romance. Chelsea, Abbie, and Hannah were sisters and their grandmother had recently died. For the past 15 years they had spent their summers at their grandmother’s cottage. The entire family [...]

  • Ms. Yingling

    Chelsea doesn't really want to leave California and spend the summer in Michigan at her grandmother's cabin by the lake, because her grandmother has passed away. Her older sisters are crazy about boys, and Chelsea is too sad to do much but read. This changes when she goes in to the new book store in town, Dog Ear, and meets Josh. He seems shy, and gives her confusing signals when he talks to her. Eventually, the two break through their awkwardness and begin to date. Chelsea loves that Josh is re [...]

  • Kayla Hart

    Chelsea’s family takes a trip to Lake Michigan every summer. But this year will be the first time her family has been there since her grandmother died. Since Chelsea and her grandma were so close, she is not looking forward to this year’s trip. Her summer takes a turn for the better when she meets a boy who works at the coolest bookstore she has ever been to. Josh is the perfect guy; there is something different about him that Chelsea can’t get over. They spend the best summer ever taking [...]

  • Jaelyn Reeck

    Personal Response :I enjoyed this book because it super cute, and realistic. My favorite part is when they are in the library talking, and he get mad, and she tries to leave but he doesn't want her to, or let her go.Plot Summary: This book is about healing at the heart for a loss of a loved one, but its also about a summer romance. Chelsea, Abbie, and Hannah's grandmother had recently died, and every year they go up to there grandmothers cottage and stay for the summer. But this summer is comple [...]

  • Scott

    I enjoyed Michelle Dalton's second YA novel. Fifteenth Summer was a fast read and what I considered "breezy". That is the review of the book as it stands by itself.However, I was confused by the direction that Michelle Dalton took in this second effort. IMHO, Sixteenth Summer is one of those books that rose to the top of my list of first love, not only for the portrayals of Anna and Will, but how Dune Island, to paraphrase another review, "became a character of its own". That book "popped". I wo [...]

  • Book Believer

    I read this book for part of the Swinter Read A Thon, and this book was the most surprising out of them. Yes, I judged this book by its cover. The characters were really fleshed out, the settings were unique, and the writing was so fun to read. The way the publisher tried to advertise this book by saying this is a full on Summer romance, but that's a lie. This story has romance occurring the most in the third act! So what was the rest of the book filled with you might ask, it was filled with fam [...]

  • Brittany Hodges

    This is last book I started reading and I haven't quite finished it yet, but I love this book, of course. It's the sweep you off your feet kind of love and it takes place during the summer; double plus! Once again I think the write does a great job with character. I really enjoy books when you feel like the you personally know the characters and the writer does a great job with this. I think the writer also does a good job using tension without bluntly writing about arguments, but you know here [...]

  • Annika

    I really liked Fifteenth Summer. However, the book was very, VERY cheesy. It was a typical, tween type of romance. It was a quick, sweet read. The author constantly uses parenthetical asides and ellipses. Example: "Don't tell me," Josh groaned.Example:I felt a little zing. I loved that I knew Josh's favorite pie flavor, just like he knew that I took my coffee with five creamers and two sugars (even if he did make fun of it).But it wasn't too bad or distracting. I really liked it. I fell in love [...]

  • Alaina Magaldi

    City girl Chelsea does not want t spend her summer at the lake. It will be the first time she had been there since her grandma died. But suddenly her summer has turned around ever since she met cute, sweet,funny Josh at a bookstore( he works there). All of the days pass by faster than light with the picnics boat rides, and kisses. Chelsea has never felt so special. But however her days with Josh are running out and soon she will be leaving to go back home to L.A, while Josh is staying behind. Wi [...]

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