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By Alex Morgan Paula Franco | Comments: ( 413 ) | Date: ( Feb 28, 2020 )

From star soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan comes the New York Times bestselling first book in an empowering, fun filled middle grade series about believing in yourself and working as a team.Twelve year old Devin loves to play soccer If she hadn t just left Connecticut to move across the country, she would have been named seventh grade captain on her schFrom star soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan comes the New York Times bestselling first book in an empowering, fun filled middle grade series about believing in yourself and working as a team.Twelve year old Devin loves to play soccer If she hadn t just left Connecticut to move across the country, she would have been named seventh grade captain on her school soccer team.But now that Devin is starting seventh grade in Kentville, California, all bets are off After all, some of the best players on the US national team come from California She s sure to have stiff competition Or so she thinks.When Devin shows up for tryouts, she discovers that the Kentville Kangaroos otherwise known as the Kicks are an absolute mess Their coach couldn t care less whether the girls win or lose And Devin is easily one of the most talented players.The good news is, Devin quickly makes friends with funny, outgoing Jessi shy but sweet Zoe and klutzy Emma Can Devin and her newfound friends pull together and save the team from itself

  • Title: Saving the Team
  • Author: Alex Morgan Paula Franco
  • ISBN: 9781442485723
  • Page: 493
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Alex Morgan Paula Franco

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name This is for Alex 3spaces Morgan 3 American Soccer PlayerAn American Soccer Player Forward Striker and an Olympic Medalist Drafted first in the 2011 WPS Draft by the Western New York Flash And now plays with the Portland Thorns FC.

Comments Saving the Team

  • Ms. Yingling

    Devin moves from the East coast to California. She's an avid soccer player, and afraid that the California players will be much more talented than she is, but finds that her school team, the Kentville Kangaroos, has not been doing very well. She is glad to be on the team, and is made a cocaptain with the evil Mirabelle. She manages to make new friends in fellow players Emma, Jess, Frida, and Zoe, and works hard to help the team out. The players feel that Coach Flores doesn't work them hard enoug [...]

  • Katelyn

    If you love soccer as much as I do you will love this book! Even if you like to watch soccer or even play it but don't know too much about the sport this will still be a fun book to read. I can't wait for Sabotage Season to come out to wait and see what is up next for Devin and he friends to do. I want to see if Devin can lead the Kangaroo Kicks to winning the state title like their coach did when she played so she can show everybody how good the Kicks can actually be when they work together and [...]

  • Elissa Schaeffer

    A solid entry into realistic fiction for girls, but it has some stellar points to it.First, let me get off my chest that S&S must have tried to hurry publication because I did find some proofreading errors. That always bugs me! There. Now I can continueThe first thing that makes this stand out is that it is a sports book. For girls. This is rare in the field, and it is going to fill a much needed niche. The fact that it's a decent story is just bonus! As the author stated in her end note, bo [...]

  • Gaele

    This is a great little story with a main character that is both realistically portrayed and fully built. Devin is clever, good at maths, very good at soccer and quite a clever problem solver. While easily the ‘star’ of her team, Devin is fully aware of the team nature of the game, and works diligently to help her teammates succeed on the field and off. It was refreshing to see a young girl who was aware of and worked at sportsmanship, while the coach was less demanding, the contrast between [...]

  • Zoe

    Saving the Team is about a girl named Devin. She moves with her family to California. She loves soccer, but her new school's team was not doing very well. She is made co-captain with a not so nice girl. However, she made friends with other girls on the team. However, they worked hard to be a successful team and good friends. After reading some very heavy subjects this past summer, reading this book was relaxing and fun. It was a good summer read. It is uplifting and just a feel good story all ar [...]

  • Jenna

    I read this to see if it would be an appropriate gift to a soccer team of girls ages 10-12. It's got good lessons in it as far as not getting disheartened when things don't go your way, playing as a team, how to mesh with a new team, etc It's an easy read and very G-rated, which is hard to find these days. It's aged for kids 8 and up, and even though it's about middle schoolers, I find it an appropriate read for a third grader. So, would the girls like it? Probably. It's the first in a series an [...]

  • Kendra

    I loved this book! I got the first three because I won a bet and I loved the second one. My bff showed me the show on before reading the books. In episode 5 of the kicks Devon does fall and hurt her ankle when they are running away from their rivals school. She can't play in their game the next episode but her team still wins without her.

  • Emma M

    New girl, shy but a smart soccer star. Up for the challenge of pumping up the disastrous team of Kangaroos. Willing to make new friends and keep the old, stand up to bullies and create a new crush. Is Devin ready to face Kentiville middle school.

  • Meglina


  • Mrst

    I think there s is a very good book for me. This book encourages me to work hard and follow my dreams!This is a fantastic book. It encourages me and all those awesome girls out there to work hard and follow a of our dreams. It is pretty cool that a soccer player Alex Morgan wrote this book. Go girls

  • Kirstin Graham

    I loved this book and the whole series. I loved how inspiring the main character is. This book not only shows her soccer life but it also shows her personal and social life too. Great book! I would highly recommend.

  • Grace Weber

    It was very inspiring as a fellow soccer player. I really enjoyed it.

  • Hannah Sirkin

    Devin has just moved to a new school in Calafornia, and she has moved all the way from Connecticut! When it is time for Devin's first day of school and she was very nervous because she did not know anybody. Devin was also very scared about the soccer try outs because she knows all of the really good soccer players come from Calafornia. When it is time for her P.E period she plays kick ball and is the best out of her whole class. Afterwards she meets three new girls named Jessi, Emma, and Zoie. D [...]

  • Shey

    I read this entire series when I was in middle school. I enjoyed it enough to continue to purchase the books after each new installment came out.The plot for each book was something new, and I enjoyed that it wasn't just the same old story revolving around the same climax in every book. What I didn't enjoy was the length. The books were way too short for my liking. I need length, because I honestly whipped through the series in one sitting. The LEXILE is very low, and there is little to no sophi [...]

  • Mary

    The cover of this book would make you think it is for younger girls, but the vocabulary and the ideas actually work for older kids as well. Luckily, the content is totally safe for the younger kids and they will benefit from reading about what it means to truly be a member or leader of a team. The fact that the author plays for the U.S. Women's team only gives her more credibility. I kept looking for some note about a ghost writer, but didn't see one. Morgan writes in an entertaining and captiva [...]

  • Brianna Antunez-Santana

    Do you love soccer? Do you play it? Is your favorite soccer player Alex Morgan? Well This book saids it all, I love this book alot. The main character is Devin, She loves soccer and attempts to save the team.When she arrived to her new school she didn't know many people. Devin loves soccer, she loves her new team too. Did she save the team? well you have to find out that your self! I rate this a five because I love soccer, Alex Morgan wrote this book, I play it, etc. I think this is a really goo [...]

  • Christiane

    Great book for reluctant readers who happen to be soccer fans! The book is written by an actual soccer star and Olympic gold medal winner. The girls are in 7th grade but act youngeris will be a good choice for 3rd - 6th grade, depending on reading level and interest. Devin has just moved to California where she assumes her school soccer team will be full of awesome players; instead the team can’t win a game. There is a lot about soccer but also about friendship, teamwork, and being a good spor [...]

  • Madison

    This was a great book! It was so good when she stood up to her bully and told her coach what was going on. I like playing soccer also so if you like soccer I think you will like this book more than if you do not like soccer. I think it is cool that an Olympics girl! This was a good book to just relax and read it . It is also good for kids if you want to read it for school it is a good book for that. So at conclusion I think this book is a really good book and I can't wait to read "The Kicks Sabo [...]

  • Rebecca

    My 8 year old liked it okay. We read it together. New girl/good girl moves from Connecticut to California and is excited to play soccer in her new school only to find out that the girls' soccer team sucks. Once the team bully transfers and gets out of the way she gets the nerve to talk to coach and the other players and turns things around. Well you knew it had a happy ending, right? The title told you that.

  • Teia Emens

    The book Saving the team by Alex Morgan tells the story of Devon Burke. In each chapter, Devon does something with her friends. If I could change anything about the book it would be to include a little more detail. I think girl soccer players would like this book, or just girls who like soccer in general. I thought the characters in the book were cool.

  • Teri

    What a great story about teamwork, dedication and perseverance. This book is written by Alex Morgan, who is an amazing soccer player. I loved how she created this fictional soccer story and compared it to her own life. Really cute story for any young athlete, but especially a girl that loves to play soccer.

  • Gwyn

    Read with my eight year old daughter who just started playing soccer. She loves the theme and tempo of the story. I love that there is so much heart put into the storyline reflecting all of the things I hope an interest in sports will bring my daughter: determination, respect for people's differing perspectives, stick-with-it-ness, and problem solving.

  • Melinae

    I read this book because I love football soccer and because I didn't know Alex Morgan was a writer (my bad). I think it's an excellent reading for girls that love soccer or other sports as well and love reading.I'll give it 3 stars but if I were a 12 year old girl, I would have give 5 for sure. I'm too old, don't listen to me kids. GO AND READ IT, YOU'LL LOVE IT.

  • Great Books

    2012 Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan writes a story about a girls' soccer team who desperately needs a captain with leadership and team-building skills. Devin loves soccer and hopes to fit in with her new team members while helping them become a winning soccer team again worthy of the name "Kicks." Reviewer 20.

  • Karen Gillaspie

    A winning series for girls who play or are interested in soccer. Thanks for giving back through your writing, Alex. Great game tonight over Germany! Way to go team USA!! It's on to the final now. We're rooting for you on and off of the field!

  • Serina

    (BULLY) Girl moves to California but the team is terrible cuz coach doesn't lead. After some bullys taunts the girl steps up her game. She talks to coach and team, then they work together. Really, easy short read. Kids should relate to and enjoy the drama at the school.

  • Jane Snow

    Love itAlex Morgan is a wonderful author, all of her books inspire people to the extreme. Devin is a person we all would love to be like. If you are looking for a book to help pursue your dreams, this is the book for you.

  • Sonya Edwards

    My 10 year old travel soccer player enjoyed this book and the sequel. She said she liked the idea that one really positive person could make a difference but most liked the teamwork and working with the coach to understand you can still practice hard to be good and have fun at the same time.

  • Hannah Feng

    I really liked this book and I finished it within one day because I couldn't stop reading! I would recommend this to someone who likes to read about soccer, and I also think Alex Morgan is a very good author.

  • Michelle

    Great story for young girls! Starting at a new school Devin is forced to make new friends, and just when things are looking up she in counters a bully on her soccer team. She stands strong, encourages her teammates and help them learn what it means to be part of a team.

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