Unlimited [Fiction Book] ´ Death Note, Vol. 12: Fin - by Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Agustín Gómez Sanz Ü

By Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Agustín Gómez Sanz | Comments: ( 350 ) | Date: ( Feb 29, 2020 )

Ser el cielo o el infierno El d a del encuentro cara a cara entre Light y Near finalmente lleg , Y ahora van a tener que enfrentarse Cu l de las estrategias de estos dos genios consumados va a resultar vencedora El veredicto final del enfrentamiento por el Death Note

  • Title: Death Note, Vol. 12: Fin
  • Author: Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Agustín Gómez Sanz
  • ISBN: 9789871695508
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Agustín Gómez Sanz

Tsugumi ba Profile in Japanese , born in Tokyo, Japan, is a writer best known for the manga Death Note His her real identity is a closely guarded secret As stated by the profile placed at the beginning of each Death Note manga, ba collects teacups and develops manga plots while holding his knees on a chair, similar to a habit of L, one of the main characters of the series.There is speculation that Tsugumi ba is a pen name and that he is really Hiroshi Gam Pointing out that in Bakuman the main character s uncle was a one hit wonder manga artist who worked on a gag super hero manga, very similar to Gam and Tottemo Luckyman in all aspects Also that the storyboards drawn by ba greatly resemble Tottemo Luckyman in style.

Comments Death Note, Vol. 12: Fin

  • Cait (Paper Fury)

    My concluding thoughts are: that was underwhelming and also why is everyone not dead here. I mean, it's DEATH NOTE??? I was 100% ready for the entire cast to die. BUT NO. THEY DIDN'T. #disappointed Ahem, I mean wait. I'm totally a normal well adjusted bookworm who is happy certain people survived. Of course. Definitely. I am. No doubt.But duuuuuuuude. IT WAS SO UNDERWHELMING. Light's massive breakdown was very emotionally done, so I LIKED THAT. But there were pages and pages and pages of Light a [...]

  • Kiki

    I like this one, because (view spoiler)[Light dies. He gets shot like, eight times, which is incredibly awesome in itself, but then Ryuk finishes him off, which is just fucking epic. (hide spoiler)]This manga was hard for me. I loved it, kept on loving it, became a rabid fan, then analyzed it. I kind of took it in the wrong order. I hate to say it, but now when I look back on it, I see so many things that are wrong about it. So many things that go against everything I believe in. Women, in parti [...]

  • Roula

    Το πιο τελειο και δικαιο φιναλε σε μια υπερτελεια σειρα βιβλιων.τα ειχε ολα.απηλαυσα οσο τιποτα την "τρέλα" -ξεσπασμα του Λαιτ τοσο λεκτικα οσο και οπτικα με αυτη την ανεπαναληπτη εικονογραφηση.γενικως η σειρα ηταν φανταστικη αν και για να λεμε την αληθεια καπου μεταξυ τομο [...]

  • Connor

    [4.5 Stars] Not unpredictable but I really enjoyed it. I can't imagine it ending any other way.

  • Inés Izal

    Mi amor por esa serie es directamente proporcional al amor que tiene Ryuk a las manzanas.

  • Ferdy

    Underwhelming, I was expecting an epic showdown between Light and Near, instead them meeting was mostly cheesy and boring, and Light turned into such a pathetic and one dimensional character. Did really like the creepy-ish ending with Misa and the Kira followers though.Overall, the series was fairly enjoyable, it was only the last few instalments that let it down.

  • Taylor

    This was a pretty satisfying end to the series. However, the last half of the series was not so good. I had a hard time getting through the last five or six volumes. All of the elements that made Death Note great in the beginning of ther series just got annoying (Near & Mello's idiosyncracies, all of Light's inner monologues, etc.). For a series with so many twists and turns I kind of expected more from the ending - something more exiciting than what actually happened.

  • Emelie

    Yes, I just finished the Death Note series.Guys, it's over. My god, it's over. What am I to do now? Okay, let's get serious. I LOVED these books. It was amazing, such a wonderful read, and yes there were flaws and you could analyse the series to death and find so many things that could've been done better, but you know what? I enjoyed the whole idea of the shinigami and the Death Notes, the brilliant characters and inner struggles and dialouges so damn much that I am willing to look past the stu [...]

  • Josiemaus85

    Ein würdiger Abschluss.

  • Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*

    Probably as close to perfect as a series gets. Holy crap.

  • Sesana

    Wow. What a way to close a series. Yes, it is mostly Near and Light standing around talking at each other, but hasn't that been the entire series so far? For a series with a death toll in the thousands, there's been very little action. It's all been a giant chess match with Light. And of course, he loses. His reaction to his loss isn't really surprising, even though it's startling, and it's one of those times that I love reading comics/manga. The words and the art feed off each other to make a m [...]

  • Ömer

    İnanılmaz bir seriydi! Herkes kesinlikle okumalı!

  • Μιχάλης

    Η πλοκη ακομα πιο αδιαφορη, το τελος συγκλονιστικο. Θα επρεπε να τελειωσει 4 τομους πριν αλλα ετσι ειναι τα manga, αν πετυχουν δεν σταματανε οσο κι αν εχουν ξεμεινει οι δημιουργοί

  • Kübra Yağmur

    İyiler kazanmalı, kötüler ölmeli; hevesler geçmeli ve bedeller ödenmeliydi.Evet, böylede oldu. Kötüler, Light, gözüme ne kadar güzel ve çekici gözükürse gözüksün hak ettiği sona ulaştı. Yüreği yanan fangörl Adalet yerini buldu mu, inanın kafamda çok büyük bir soru işareti var. Çok göreceli bir kavram günümüzde, değil mi?Sonuç olarak seri bitti. L'nin yokluğu hevesimi yer yer söndürmüş olsa da efsaneler arasında yerini aldı. Öyle böyle değil, çolu [...]

  • Mal

    Death Note is love. Death Note is life.Okay, honestly though, now that I've finished the series I feel like lost. I don't know what to do with my life. My heart was pounding the entire time; I even found myself reading it out loud, and I was way to into mind you. My brother was likely in the other room really, really confused. Until he realized what I was reading, and even then the only thing stopping him from walking over here would be his inability to hear correctly as of this morning (bad co [...]

  • Elifnaz

    Çok muhteşemdi ya hislerimi anlatamıyorum *o*

  • Sandra Girard-Demontigny

    I just can't believe it That's all I can say.Je ne peux juste pas y croire C'est tout ce que je peux en dire.

  • DeAnna Knippling

    A good series--but I fundamentally disagreed with the choice to go past the 2/3 mark. Momentum was lost--and so many additional complications were added that a proportionate amount of explainey bits began to overwhelm the panels and the characters.Great art. Wonderful characters. Gripping plot. Just went on too long.

  • Haidy Abouelnasr

    Okay now this one, I couldn’t put down.

  • Sarah Harakeh

    This is the first time that I felt scared to watch the last episode of a series and to read the last book in a series too. It is because I knew how it is going to end and part of me did not want this ending or perhaps I did not want it to end yet. I mean it is obvious from how the events were progressing that the ending is going to be a just one. I am not saying that I wanted Light to live, it is just that I wanted him to die in a more dramatic way. Maybe the way it ended is perfect and there is [...]

  • Irwan

    Should criminals be punished? Totally eradicated from the society? Is it even possible?Who should punish those "bad guys"? One of the good guys?What if this one good guy has an unlimited power to kill any bad guys he wants with the most righteous motive? When does he stop being a good guy and start being the bad guy himself, the worst of all?.I imagine the author of this story is musing an intricate plot. It is like playing the best game of chess by yourself while putting it into a captivating n [...]

  • Cristiana de Sousa

    Esta série foi o meu primeiro contacto com o estilo mangá e não poderia ter acertado melhor. Adorei simplesmente! Aconselho é muito!

  • Casey

    Okay, for all you curious little people out there who haven't read the last book and decide it would be a good idea to read this review, click away. Click away NOW!My eyes got watery at the end of this. It can't end. No, it can't end EVER. Just leave me here, begging for more. I feel hollow now. But, what a way to end a series! Bravo! I wasn't expecting Matsuda to start shooting at Light! Thats so un-Matsuda-ish! And the way Light went crazy?!?! Holy crap! When he knew he was going to die, his r [...]

  • Udai

    Well, it's really easy to notice that the author hasn't thought further than L's death. When the series started it was witty, not a lot of forced storylines, and not a lot of unrealistic conclusions. But when Near came out he was unrealistic as shit he came to the right conclusions too fast and we didn't see any power shifts between him and Kira like the ones we saw between L and Kira. The last dialogue between Near and Kira lacked a lot for me, especially from Near's side. It is really obvious [...]

  • Michael

    I don't know what I can say about this amazing book series that I haven't said in my other glowing reviews. I won't mention any spoilers but this book ended is a satisfying and conclusive manner. I feel sad that the series is over, but it had to end and I can't wait to re-read all 12 volumes in the future. I really recommend this series to anyone who loves good, intelligent writing and fantastic lead characters.

  • Trey IV

    I honestly did not sympathize for Light Yagami. His cruelty towards Misa (My favorite character besides L) and Takada, I thought he was going to live so to be honest, I was expecting him to start liking either one of the two and form realistic feelings. But with Light becoming the unfeeling creature that he is, Misa was left in the dust and of course Takada died from the FIRE. Light's unfeeling, cold, unrealistic, godly, sucky, cruel, cold-blooded, two-timing, smart-to-be-dumb rear end (curse wo [...]

  • Mit

    The Battle Ends Here!!!!Finally I am gonna review the entire series in this final volume. What a series it was, what a journey it was from the beginning to the end. There was not a single chapter where it felt like the series is drifting away from the main plot line. It was building very nicely towards the final showdown. And finally we see the breakdown of a character whom I had almost considered an absolute genius. I had never thought that i would see Light's character breaking down at the end [...]

  • Sophie

    THIS SERIES.why why why why.Genius stuff there, but wow. Wow.(view spoiler)[ Seeing Misa at the end was absolutely just heart-breaking. And I don't even like her.Light's death? I can hardly explain how much I hate Light. I mean hate him. He is the biggest bastard I've ever come across in a series, but I still found myself crying at his death just because I forgot how innocent he used to be. It was almost as if Kira took over him. But it obviously was him.I loved how Near simply pointed out that [...]

  • Mizuno

    Böyle güzel bir seri bittiği için içimde bıraktığı o burukluk inanılmaz büyük.Light Yagami ile birsürü şey yaşadık ve en çok da ondan ayrılmak zordu.Sonunun öyle biteceğini aklıma bile getirmek istememiştim,gerçekten içimde bir boşluk oluştu.Death Note zekice yazılmış ve çizilmiş kitaplardan biri.Mutlaka ama mutlaka okumalısınız!Daha ne söylenilir bilmiyorum,inanılmazdı.Ryuk,Misa,L,Near ve Mello sizi çok özlicem.Her zaman Light'ın zekasına hayran kalarak [...]

  • Julia

    (view spoiler)[Ich hätte es viel besser gefunden, wenn die Leute an dieser einen Stelle doch alle tot umgefallen wären. =/ (hide spoiler)]Eigentlich ist es echt so, wie Patrick Rothfuss gesagt hat, das letzte Drittel wäre nicht mehr nötig gewesen.

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  • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ´ Death Note, Vol. 12: Fin - by Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Agustín Gómez Sanz Ü
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