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By Alison Croggon | Comments: ( 701 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

Inspired by Emily Bronte s Wuthering Heights, BLACK SPRING reimagines the passionate story in a fantasy 19th century society sustained by wizardry and the vengeance code of vendetta.Anna spent her childhood with Damek and her volatile foster sister Lina, daughter of the Lord of the village Lina has magical powers, and in this brutal patriarchal society women with magicalInspired by Emily Bronte s Wuthering Heights, BLACK SPRING reimagines the passionate story in a fantasy 19th century society sustained by wizardry and the vengeance code of vendetta.Anna spent her childhood with Damek and her volatile foster sister Lina, daughter of the Lord of the village Lina has magical powers, and in this brutal patriarchal society women with magical powers are put to death as babies Lina s father, however, refuses to kill her but when vendetta explodes in their village and Lina s father dies, their lives are changed forever Their new guardian Masko sends Anna away and reduces Lina to the status of a servant Damek mad with love for Lina attempts to murder Masko, then vanishes for several years Anna comes home five years later to find Lina about to marry a pleasant young farmer, and witnesses Damek s vengeful return and its catastrophic consequences.Passionate, atmospheric and haunting, BLACK SPRING will stay with readers long after they turn the final page.

  • Title: Black Spring
  • Author: Alison Croggon
  • ISBN: 9781406339581
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon is the award winning author of the acclaimed fantasy series The Books of Pellinor You can sign up to her monthly newsletter and receive a free Pellinor story at alisoncroggonHer latest Pellinor book, The Bone Queen, was a 2016 Aurealis Awards Best Young Adult Book finalist Other fantasy titles include Black Spring shortlisted for the Young People s Writing Award in the 2014 NSW Premier s Literary Awards and The River and the Book, winner of the Wilderness Society s prize for Environmental Writing for Children.She is a prize winning poet and theatre critic,, and has released seven collections of poems As a critic she was named Geraldine Pascall Critic of the Year in 2009 She also writes opera libretti, and the opera she co wrote with Iain Grandage was Vocal Choral Work of the Year in the 2015 Art Music Awards Her libretto for Mayakovsky, score by Michael Smetanin, was shortlisted in the Drama Prize for the 2015 Victorian Premier s Literary Awards She lives in Melbourne

Comments Black Spring

  • karen

    well, it's about time. FINALLY a retelling of Wuthering Heights that 1) retains the integrity of the original material by being written in the same general tone, style and atmosphere of Wuthering Heights without the author's feeling it necessary to turn heathcliff into a rock star or some such nonsense.2) does not pretend that catherine and heathcliff were likable people kept apart by circumstances. they weren't. they were both selfish assholes whose romance destroyed everything around them whic [...]

  • Emily May

    I made a little collage for this book that I posted to instagram:And is it just me or would my college make the perfect setting for a beautiful and grim Wuthering Heights retelling?karen's review does this book justice more than I think I ever could so I'll leave you with these few snazzy pictures and a short note: This has to be the PERFECT way to do a retelling. Especially for a book like Wuthering Heights, whose praises I have sung from the rooftops on a regular basis. It captures the wild be [...]

  • Tatiana

    Now I know of a new way of messing up a retelling - an author can create a retelling of a story so close to the original, that it becomes just a poor copy of it. (I think I even want to throw “plagiarism!” somewhere here.)At first, I thought I would love “Black Spring.” Although from the very beginning the atmosphere in Croggon’s retelling of “Wuthering Heights” was very similar to the original, the writing was so spectacular, I felt that the author’s additions of magic and vende [...]

  • Nafiza

    OH. MY. God. Finding out that Ms. Croggon's writing another book nearly made me weep. It's going to be awesome, I'm telling you right now. This was brilliant. I loved it.

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Pages Read: 26Reason for DNFing:When I hear about retellings, I'm interested, whether for a book I loved or no. I actually really enjoyed Wuthering Heights, and thought Wuthering Heights + paranormal could be seriously amazing.Here's the thing: I don't mean retelling literally. I don't want the book to read like it has literally been rewritten, like a lazy student might copy a paper but change every sentence's verbiage to not get caught plagiarizing. The story is, so far as I can tell from the b [...]

  • Stuti (Turmeric isn't your friend. It will fly your ship

    "If I am wrong," she said at last in a low voice," there is no right, either."I love Wuthering Heights. I love Black Springs. I love moors and magic, and while I will always be a peninsula girl, I find it not in myself to reproach plateaus. I love the world, there is so much love, I am radiating it. After a mediocre end to 2013, flax start in 2014, I have found my stride. Two fantastic, superb, will-give-my-one-pair-of-glasses-for-a-reread exciting books; books that I wasn't too sure about. How [...]

  • Wandering Librarians

    Lina is the daughter of a village lord. She has grown up with her companion, Damek, and they are inseparable, devoted to each other in a way no one understands. Lina is a witch, and although wizards are revered and respected, withes are put to death. Only Lina's status as a lord's daughter protects her. But Lina's life is filled with tragedy, and long after he death, a stranger to the village uncovers the whole sad story.It was Wuthering Heights. And there really isn't much more to say. In Aliso [...]

  • Ferdy

    2.5 stars - Spoilers-Wuthering Heights with less enthralling characters, less passion, and more of a YA vibe. Also, a wizard or two.-The writing was dry and dull, especially all of Hammel's parts.-There were too many boring info dumps.-I wasn't a fan of most of the characters - Lina (Cathy) was more or less decent enough, but Damek (Heathcliffe) was awful. I didn't believe in the love or obsession between Damek/Lina at all - Lina did seem to genuinely love Damek, but I didn't buy Damek's feeling [...]

  • Liviania

    I was sold on BLACK SPRING quite quickly. Emily Brontë's WUTHERING HEIGHTS updated with magic and Albanian vendetta culture, done by an acclaimed fantasy author? I'm not the biggest fan of WURTHERING HEIGHTS, but I can see how a blood feud and a bit of wizardry would punch it up.Unfortunately, BLACK SPRING hews extremely close to its inspiration. The frame story is the same, only providing a bit of interest when visitor Hammel completely disregards maid Anna's tale at the end. Alison Croggon's [...]

  • Max

    This book scared me so deeply I put the book downwards so I couldn't see the face of the witch on the cover. I don't know if I can look at the front cover again- this book, whilst I was reading it, was far from scary and also, amazingly good with the simple, yet unique style of writing, yet the after taste of it is curious, and I am left in a confused state of what I just read. The story, for one, is so passionate and the love and death that bined together was so gothic and nourishing. The endin [...]

  • Beth Bonini

    I've never been a huge fan of Wuthering Heights as a romance, although I will give it credit for being a compelling story. I could never quite get past the sheer unlikeability of the main characters, though. Somewhat surprisingly, then, I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling. The surprising bit is that Lina (Cathy) and Damek (Heathcliff) are every bit as stubbornly wilful (Lina) and brutishly vengeful (Damek) as the pair who inspired them, and every bit as tragic, but we are spared most of the reve [...]

  • Cari

    Black Spring managed to do something that I thought would have been impossible It managed to retell the story of Bronte's Wuthering Heights in a way that was unique and strong enough to stand on it's own.I loved the atmosphere of this novel, as it was dark and brooding and teeming with magic and curses. The world created in Black Spring is the home of wizards (who were feared and contemptuously respected) and witches (who were cast out and often murdered). There are vendettas that steal the live [...]

  • Allison

    Knowing this was a tribute to Wuthering Heights going in, I knew it was going to be dark, depressing, and tragic. And it was. It's not the type of book I usually enjoy, but I love Croggon's writing so I picked it up even knowing it was going to be nothing like her Pellinor series. And it wasn't. Croggon succeeded at writing a beautifully dark tale of a young couple trapped in a harsh society with no place for either them, doomed by their passionate and rebellious natures. The setting is a histor [...]

  • Sajid Rabby

    I really liked this book! I was really in the mood for reading gothic books after finishing Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares, so I picked this one up!First I had my doubts on whether I would like a re-telling of Wuthering Heights but any doubt faded away soon after starting this book. I loved the way it was written especially the way the eerie atmosphere was portrayed. Loved the narrative structure of the book and the more I read, the more I was drawn to the gothic atmosphere, the da [...]

  • Jo

    4.5 starsIn order to appreciate the beauty of this story, one has to appreciate Wuthering Heights. Alison Croggon does a brilliant job of using language that is eerily evocative of the original. But this is not just a retelling with different names, the land that she creates is amazing and magical. This is truly one of the best books of 2013. This book was sheer genius, but it takes a true appreciation of a novel that is not plot driven. It had its moments of intensity, but the strength of the n [...]

  • Cass -Words on Paper

    That synopsis seems way too telling. But anyway, imagine you're just doing your usual thing, walking around and peeking at what people around you are reading, as you do. And BAM! This chick with the haunted expression, with the caged-in windswept hair and thick eye makeup is staring back at you! You take a mental note of the title and now you're here. Except this is not the story of how you got here, because this book isn't yet released.Ahem. If you just read this I'm sorry for wasting your time [...]

  • Janie Harrison

    Okay, here's my thoughts on Black Spring:First as a retelling of Wuthering HeightsWuthering Heights is a metaphysical novel, what some call Visionary Fiction. Yes, it's Gothic and from the latter English Romantic Period, but it's the sort of novel that people read and think about in terms of exactly what it is and what it is about. Part love story, part fairy tale, part revenge tale, it's the kind of novel that one can never quite place in the natural scheme of literary things. It just doesn't f [...]

  • Meg

    *** also published at The Next Read ***I’m not a big one for re-tellings of the classics. Mostly, they seem to run the range between cliché and blatant plagiarism with a rare few stand-outs. Wuthering Heights, in all its Gothic splendour, happens to be one of my favourite classics, so it was with a great deal of apprehension that I started Alison Croggon’s fantasy twist on this tale – and it wasn’t exactly a brilliant beginning. The format of this YA title is pretty much exactly the sam [...]

  • Whitney

    It reminded me of Wuthering Heights: two self-centered people become passionately obsessed with each other, and they call it love. I don't know whether to credit Croggon's writing style, or her choice to filter the story through the voice of a reasonably nice character, but this book was finishable. (I never made it through Wuthering Heights. Ugh.)

  • Vivian

    What a strange, lyrical, vicious little tale.

  • C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons

    Read more: sarcasmandlemons/2013/This is one of those books where I thought, "Hey, that cover is pretty. And look! It's a gothic romance! Based off of Wuthering Heights! That sounds neat!" Now let me tell you, my feelings about Wuthering Heights were: I enjoyed the story immensely even though I hated most of the characters. My experience was very similar with Black Spring. I wanted to wring Lina's spoiled little neck half the time, but the story itself was quite good--and wouldn't have been the [...]

  • Mel Campbell

    It's a massive compliment to Alison Croggon that I enjoyed this book as much as I did, because I LOATHE Wuthering Heights. What I admire about Black Spring is that its metatextual relationship to Wuthering Heights is both more obvious and more subtle than I'd expected. But while I can appreciate this book intellectually, emotionally it didn't resonate. I'm left cold by this story and these awful characters.From reading other aggrieved reviews, it seems to me that some readers wanted Black Sprin [...]

  • Novels On The Run

    BOOK REVIEW by Michelle - 16th November 2013 : RATING: 3.75 TRAGIC STARS!“There is luck in being born ordinary.” Black Spring is inspired by Wuthering Heights. I have not read any of the classics, yes, I know that may be a tragedy in itself. Alison’s story within, is of darkness, passion, twisted love, lust, betrayal and vendetta’s, told from three pov’s, Hammel, Anna and Lina’s . Hammel, is more of a narrator at the start.The story is set in Elbasa, the Red House. These walls have s [...]

  • Juliet-Camille

    As much as I ended up really enjoying this, I do have to admit that I ABSOLUTELY HATED THE FIRST HALF. almost to the point of DNFing it. The first half of the book was a scene by scene reenactment of Wuthering Heights with the added nuance of magic thrown in.Even though I ended up really enjoying the struggles between Line and Damek I do wish Alison Croggon had brought more originality to her novel overall.

  • Kyleigh

    I have to say that I was rather thrown by this novel. I'm a big fan of Alison Croggon's Pellinor series, so I naturally jumped at the chance to read another one of her novels. Not what I was expecting. At all. The Pellinor series is high fantasy and has a very richly developed world. I hate to compare, but Black Spring just did not come even come close. I'm not going to turn this review into a comparison of which book is better, so I'll move on. Just a warning to fans of the Pellinor series, thi [...]

  • Vanessa J

    I picked up Black Spring, knowing absolutely nothing about it other than it was by an Aussie author and had a vaguely interesting premise about a girl born with 'witch eyes'. Not my usual thing, but the cover was creepily cool-looking like something out of a Japanese horror movie. I started reading and was struck by an incredible sense of familiarity, as if I'd read this before. Then about two chapters in, it struck me - this was the beginning of Wuthering Heights! Sure the world itself was diff [...]

  • Jennifer (JC-S)

    ‘After the last long winter, I needed to get as far away from the city as I possibly could.’This young adult novel was inspired by ‘Wuthering Heights’, so I approached it with great caution. On the one hand, I wanted to see how Ms Croggon’s story would develop. On the other hand, ‘Wuthering Heights’ is my favourite novel, and I am deeply wary of other authors encroaching on any of its territory.I was pleasantly surprised. On both counts. While I could recognise aspects of ‘Wuther [...]

  • Nadine Jones

    I didn't love this book nearly as much as I expected to. It's all the things you want in a retelling of Wuthering Heights: dark, mysterious, passionate, brooding, hateful, remote, windswept, a little bit violent, a little bit compassionate, and loyal in tone. And yet here I sit, unable to rave about it.Damek, as Healthcliff, really brings it - he's got the dark, brooding, violently passionate antihero vibe going on. Lina, as Catherine, is no slouch in these matters herself. These are two people [...]

  • Lady Biblio

    Having never read Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontё, I went into this book not knowing what exactly to expect. As Brontё's novel was an inspiration to Alison Croggon. That aside; the first few chapters of this book didn't interest me at all. I even debated leaving the book unfinished all together. However I pressed on solely for my loathing of leaving books unread. Once Hammel's boring part was over and Anna began her tale, my interest was peaked. It was as if I was the one sitting down with A [...]

  • Your Common House Bat

    I picked this novel up because I liked Croggon's Pellinor series a lot and I was not disappointed. Between the well thought out characters and the captivatingly dismal setting; I had a great time reading this. I think that Croggon posed a lot of very neat themes/morals in Black Spring that really got the reader thinking. First and foremost I loved the foil relationship between the servant Lina and the highborn Anna. One of the themes I was talking about is womanhood in a patriarchal old-world so [...]

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