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By Bruce McMillan Gunnella | Comments: ( 151 ) | Date: ( Dec 11, 2019 )

In the follow up to their New York Times bestseller The Problem with Chickens, McMillan and Gunnella deliver another charming original tale about the resourceful, rosy cheeked ladies of Iceland and the cows and chickens who help them solve their latest problem Full color.

  • Title: How the Ladies Stopped the Wind
  • Author: Bruce McMillan Gunnella
  • ISBN: 9780618773305
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Bruce McMillan Gunnella

Bruce McMillan Gunnella Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How the Ladies Stopped the Wind book, this is one of the most wanted Bruce McMillan Gunnella author readers around the world.

Comments How the Ladies Stopped the Wind

  • Becky

    Having almost been blown over by wind many times, the premise of this book became very interesting to me. The ladies in a town in Iceland could not think of a good solution to deal with the wind and how it was having a negative impact on their daily routines so they decided to plant trees. After some animals were not helping they built a fence and the wind was no longer a bother (well, most of the time). I have never been to Iceland but the illustrations from the story seem very realistic that i [...]

  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    My complaint about this book is the same as the complaint I had about The Problem with Chickens, set, apparently, in the same Icelandic village-- surely all Icelandic village women aren't fat? Is the illustrator trying to equate fat with peasant? I know someone from Iceland, and she's far from fat! Aside from that, the story also got a bit confusing with the chickens, sheep, and cow running around from place to place. I do think their solution to the wind problem was a good one--planting trees-- [...]

  • Melanie

    McMillan tells an original tale of why there are no trees in the Icelandic countryside. It's very windy in Iceland and the ladies keep blowing away. So the women of the village decide to plant trees to slow the wind down. And they keep their chickens very happy so that they will fertilize the newly planted trees. The problem is the sheep; they eat the new trees. So the ladies ask the cows to herd the sheep away from the trees. This works until the sheep eat all the grass and then the cows leave. [...]

  • John Cruz

    I think this books starts out slow. I think children would enjoy this book for the colors and the perseverance of the sheep. I would say that the illustrations saved this book. As I read through books to pick to read aloud to the class, I chose this one because it provides a great message that if you put your mind to it you can do anything. The story follows young ladies that live in Iceland and do not like how windy it is. They plant trees in order to stop the wind. Sheep keep coming and eating [...]

  • Allison

    McMillian, Bruce;How the Ladies Stopped the Wind, Houghton Mifflin Co. Language-G, Sexual Content-G, Violence-G;In this silly story about wind, ladies, and chickens, we find out how to stop wind and sheep. The ladies want to plant trees to stop the wind, but all the sheep want to do is eat the trees. The chickens so a wonderful job of provide fertilizer. The illustrations are whimsical. While children may not pick this title off the shelf themselves, if read aloud to them, they will want to shar [...]

  • Erin

    Oh, my goodness this book is ridiculous! Funny to read from an adult perspective, but I wouldn't read it in storytime so much. The ladies in Icelandic towns want to plant trees to be wind blocks for the extremely strong winds. Sounds good so far, right? Well, the ladies buy some trees and plant them. They sing to the chickens to help them make fertilizer for the trees. They also sing to the sheep asking them not to eat the trees. Eventually, this song becomes the most famous song in Iceland. Wha [...]

  • Stephanie

    A cute book about Iceland's wind and their trees (or lack thereof). An adorable story, with great illustrations by McMillan and Gunnella.Having been to Iceland, this story fits very well with what is seen there. The illustrations are fun, vibrant, and the best part of the book.I love the rationale and problem solving aspect of this story. I love the "thinking outside the box" approach these women take. Therein lies the genius of these books.A fun read for kids and adults alike.

  • Hannah

    This book was rather strange, in my opinion. The chickens and sheep seemed like rather out of place characters at the beginning. Eventually their presence in the story made a little bit more sense, but in general the story seemed rather random. It was a cute idea that they planted trees to stop the wind and that explains why there are so many trees in the villages, but the details surrounding it were just strange. I did like the colorfulness of the book, though.

  • Tara

    Iceland is so very WINDY that the Ladies get blown down when they go for their merry afternoon stroll and so soon they devise a plan to plan trees around their village. The chickens provide fertilizer, the cows keep the sheep away and the young Ladies help with planting until though the everyday miracle of nature their problem is solved! Charming collage style illustrations make this a complete package!

  • Jordan

    This was a cute story to explain why there are trees in the villages of Iceland and not in the countryside. It was okay, but not overly entertaining. The pictures were interesting because all of the women, and other characters looked the same. I think children would probably enjoy it, but at the same time it was a little strange. I was confused by the book because I was not a hundred percent sure what the point was. It was definitely not my favorite.

  • Sarah Brock

    I am honestly pretty confused by this book. The storyline seemed to be really random, and I am left wondering what exactly the main idea of the book was. All I am sure of is that the trees were successfully planted to block the wind in the villages. I feel like I missed something while reading though. It is interesting that the men of the village are never mentioned, and I feel like there is something behind that choice of exempting them, but I'm not quite sure what that is.

  • Alicia Jones

    This creative tale by McMillan gives the endearing story of how ladies in Iceland were able to stop the wind. This book not only tells a story but also provides some geographical information that could be useful for readers. It is a great story to help children learn about what it takes to endure and be determined in life.

  • Jenny

    An original porquoi tale to explain why there are no trees in the countryside of Iceland. These Icelandic women planted trees to block the windbut the sheep keep eating them. The women don't give up, though, and do their best to find a solution. Character ed: Could be used to show determination and persistence.

  • Sarah

    This is a cute story--offering an "explaination" for why there are no trees in Iceland. Most kids don't know that there aren't trees in Iceland, so that is a new fact, but the story is really charming even without the Iceland element. Particularly appealing are the illustrations, which nicely complement the story, which is quite humorous!

  • June

    This was the third story for a class visit, that they picked for me to read. It is very windy and some ladies decide to do something about it. This one is shorter than the rest and might work for an older story time of 4 and 5 year olds.

  • Ashley

    Iceland + sheep + fun illustrations = a unique shareable books that demonstrates just a little bit about Iceland. A place many children probably have never heard of before.

  • Tricia

    strange book. girls seemed to like it though?

  • The Library Lady

    A charming folktale set in Iceland, with delightful art. But I wish Bruce McMillan would go back to doing his wonderful photographic concept books, or would at least manange to get them reissued!

  • Katrina Sutton

    My child and I enjoyed this book when I read it to him at bedtime. Who knew that trees could stop the wind?

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