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By Osamu Tezuka | Comments: ( 319 ) | Date: ( Jun 05, 2020 )

In the sixth volume of manga visionary Osamu Tezuka s Buddha, the devil Mara possesses the bandit Ananda, half brother of Devadatta, in an effort to eliminate the Buddha A ruthless killer who is impervious to physical harm, Ananda will retain the devil s favor only if he spurns his love interest.When Ananda and his bandit buddy attack the Fire Shrine of the Brahmin brotheIn the sixth volume of manga visionary Osamu Tezuka s Buddha, the devil Mara possesses the bandit Ananda, half brother of Devadatta, in an effort to eliminate the Buddha A ruthless killer who is impervious to physical harm, Ananda will retain the devil s favor only if he spurns his love interest.When Ananda and his bandit buddy attack the Fire Shrine of the Brahmin brothers Kassapa, it is none other than the Awakened One who happens by Buddha must confront his eternal enemy, Mara, before he can open the eyes of arrogant priests and hardened criminals.

  • Title: Buddha, Vol. 6: Ananda
  • Author: Osamu Tezuka
  • ISBN: 9781932234619
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Osamu Tezuka

From Dr Osamu Tezuka was a Japanese manga artist, animator, producer and medical doctor, although he never practiced medicine Born in Osaka Prefecture, he is best known as the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion He is often credited as the Father of Anime , and is often considered the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney, who served as a major inspiration during his formative years His prolific output, pioneering techniques, and innovative redefinitions of genres earned him such titles as the father of manga and the God of Manga.

Comments Buddha, Vol. 6: Ananda

  • Nidhi Srivastava

    The latter part of this series is good

  • Dusty

    Buddha is aging -- slowly but surely. This volume closes with a preview of the upcoming volume, and in it he looks downright old. I suppose he'll probably die before the end of the series, but I have to say I'm not looking forward to it. I'm getting attached.

  • Sean Morrow

    Another one that includes a bunch of great sermons, etc. Second favorite in the series so far. Discusses desire. Crazy scene at fire temple! That makes it sound like I'm talking about a Legend of Zelda game?

  • Erika


  • Fredrik

    Aah, sepertinya buku ke-6 ini adalah yang paling kurang menarik buatku.Butuh waktu cukup lama untuk menyelesaikannya, selain juga agak-agak malas untuk memulai menulis review-nya -_-'Tapiii!Secara kualitas masih tetap spektakuler, dari sisi art, cerita, dan sisi komikalnya. Makanya tetap kuberi bintang penuh.Aku mungkin kurang merasa "klik" aja sama kisah di buku ini.Alkisah tentang Ananda yang sewaktu masih bayi diselamatkan dari kematian karena suatu perjanjian antara orang tuanya dengan iblis [...]

  • Helmut

    Das Feuer in unsMenschen hoffen, erwarten, bedenken, verlangen, wünschen, wollen, suchen, finden, benötigen, brauchen, erträumen, erbitten, nehmen, geben, vergleichen und wenn sie alles haben, geht es wieder von vorne los - das wahre Glück finden sie nicht. Warum nicht? Weil sie nicht erkennen, dass all das nur illusorische Verknüpfungen sind, die die Seele an den Staub des Materiellen binden. Erst, wenn man vergisst, sich und seine Umgebung, kann man die wahre Glückseligkeit erlangen. Der [...]

  • Roos

    Seri 6 inircerita mengenai Ananda dan Ahimsa2 orang yang dibimbing Budha untuk dilahirkan kembaliAnanda berhasil sedangkan Ahimsa menolakdan memilih penderitaannya sendiriDi seri ini juga diceritakan juga mengenai bagaimana Budha mendapatkan murid-murid baru yang notabene lebih senior ( helebih tua ) dari dia.Lumayan juga.rjalanan naik busway dari Blok M ke KotaBolak-balik.

  • Ivon

    Sinopsis singkat: Buddha berkelana, menyebarkan ajarannya sambil menolong sesama manusia (well, memang itu inti ajarannya, jadi ia tidak sekedar 'talk', tapi 'do' juga ^^). Kesan: Ada tokoh baru, Ananda. Suka sama kisah cintanya yang romantis XD.Art: Babi-babi kecil mencurigakan tampak di mana-mana o.o

  • Shanna

    2aughlikecrazy.wordpress/2This volume begins ten years before when Kosalan soldiers were killing the people of Kapilavastu. We see Ananda’s parents trying to escape the soldiers by fleeing to a little island which is inhabited by some kind of spirit that saves the family only for Ananda, which the father had pleaded any force to have if he were saved. After denying his words, he’s attacked by a plague of leaches and the mother and child escape the island. After his mother finds them a place [...]

  • Phrodrick

    Book 6 of Osamu Tzuka’s 8 volume version of Buddha, sub titled Ananda is like book 5, something of a let-down. Taken as part of a longer sequence this is a mid-way slump like I have experienced in many another long book. Having achieved Godhead status as the Enlightened One Buddha will be challenged by Ananda. Ananda is the child of humans. His parents were hunted down and murdered for the crime of belonging to a now defeated nation race. He is placed under the protection of an evil demon spir [...]

  • Yichen

    What a switcheroo of a character introduction. I certainly did not expect Ananda's role to be what it was by the end of the story at the point I met him in the story. Kudos to Tezuka for pulling this off convincingly. But why introduce such a heavy dose of the supernatural at this point in the story, when it seems so grounded in reality, especially in its harshness? Perhaps it is to offer an illusion of an easy out. All in all, though, it still feels bizarre. If this guardian "angel" can happen, [...]

  • David Schwan

    At this point in the series Buddha is gaining followers. This book centers on someone named Ananda who is a thief. Ananda is involved in a number of robberies. At one point he is robbing some Hindu holy men. Buddha finds himself in the middle of things and comes away with many followers. As usual in the series nice graphics.

  • Kimberley Hope

    I can't get enough of this series, and more importantly, I can't get enough of Tezuka's artstyle.

  • Xavfro

    I'm kind of lost in the order of these books because I was pretty sure one of the characters died in the previous one, and here he's back

  • Nicholas Siebers

    Takes a bit of a detour compared to the last one, involving some new characters, but still very good.

  • Brian Childs

    I'm really enjoying this series.

  • Dioni (Bookie Mee)

    I read this in a dash to finish this volume before returning it to the library. Throughout the series I sometimes wondered which character is fictional - created by Tezuka, and which is not. Ananda is one of characters taken from real life (enpedia/wiki/Ananda). As the subtitle indicates, volume 6 is dedicated mostly to Ananda who, like many other Buddha's disciples, grew up in terrible conditions and became a bad person as the result. He meets Buddha later on, is impressed by the way Buddha han [...]

  • Dan Gorman

    The beginning of Vol. 6 begins with an extended section introducing new characters - the serial killer Ahimsa; Ananda, the bandit with supernatural regenerative powers; the Kossapa brothers, monks who fake their powers with magic tricks; and Mara (Illusion), the evil demon who seeks to destroy Buddha. After 150 pages, I started to wonder when this (admittedly interesting) narrative would link back to the main plot of Buddha and his small band of followers. By this point, after 2000 pages of spel [...]

  • Darnia

    Akhirnya nyampe kisah Ananda yg bakalan jadi murid Buddha paling setia. Ananda sedari bayi sudah dirasuki iblis Mara, karena ayahnya yg melanggar sumpah (view spoiler)[(gw baru menyadari tampaknya Ananda dan Dewadatta itu sodara tiri, soalnya gw inget sama ibunya) (hide spoiler)]. Ananda seolah-olah "dilindungi" dari mara bahaya dan apabila tubuhnya terluka, akan segera sembuh dengan sendirinya. Hal itulah yg kemudian jadi modal Ananda untuk menjadi bandit. Hingga suatu hari, dia bertemu dengan [...]

  • Ginan Aulia Rahman

    Ananda dirasuki iblis sedari lahir. Ia jadi memiliki kemampuan untuk mengobati tubuh dengan cepat. Ia tumbuh menjadi bandit dan membunuh banyak orang. Banyak kejahatan yang ia perbuat. Hidupnya berubah ketika bertemu dengan Lata. seorang perempuan yang bisu dan sebatang kara karena majikannya dibunuh oleh Ananda. Lama kelamaan Ananda jatuh cinta pada Lata. Ia jadi agak baik dan punya sisi kemanusiaan. Hidupnya makin berubah ketika bertemu dengan Buddha. Ia bertaubat dan jadi orang baik bahkan me [...]

  • Laura Zurowski

    For the past year I've been slowly making my way through the eight volume Buddha series by Osamu Tezuka. I've written short reviews on each of the previous volumes, and just can't say enough good things about it: it's a series that adults can find meaning in, kids can easily understand, and parents with children could actually enjoy and discuss together.Volume Six: Ananda is dark compared to the prior stories but the message it contains is also one of hope, redemption, and forgiveness. Ananda me [...]

  • Randall

    Sometime in the early 90s I picked up the Japanese series in bunkobon (small-format paperback; has only one of those registered, so I'm listing the English versions instead). I recently found the set stashed away in some boxes, so I decided to read through it again. Tezuka playfully inserts anachronisms from lots of periods, but especially modern times. And he uses comically ridiculous depictions throughout. It works for me. But if you're looking for straight-up historical fiction in manga form [...]

  • Harini Padmanabhan

    Another visual treat from Tezuka. I enjoyed the experience of reading the book. The devil mara was interesting but did not last long enough for me to admire her. Ananda is shown to be too shallow initially and I wish his character sketch had more depth. Of all the books, this one is more prone to superstitious interpretations. The way I read it though is that ananda was obsessed with the pleasures of the world and was completely amoral. Meeting a man who was ready to sacrifice himself to save hi [...]

  • cindy

    After Tata and Megaila, the Giant (sorry, forget his name), the Crystal Prince, King Bimbisena and Devadatta, now Buddha encounter yet another unfortunate soul, Ananda -Devadatta's half brother. Although bearing high caste from birth, but his fate made him outlaw, bandit with no mercy. But with Buddha's teach, he slowly comprehend his meaning of existence.I just realise how Osamu Sensei gathered all these people around Buddha's life and told stories about them. It shows no matter who you are, wh [...]

  • David Schaafsma

    Half or more of this book focuses on Ananda and his bandit friend and his mute girlfriend. Ananda is possessed by Mara (Illusion), a demon, who wants him to kill Buddha. Buddha is getting stronger, gaining disciples by in part performing miracles or just showing people how to live without desire as a solution to their problems. The first part, before Buddha shows up, goes on a bit too long, but when Buddha makes the scene things get interesting Some reviewers find him a stereotypically boringly [...]

  • Scott

    Having made it through six volumes, I know I'll be continuing on with Buddha's saga here, but I will say that Buddha as a character was a lot more appealing before he got enlightened at the end of volume 4. Ever since then he's sort of become a stereotypical enlightened being, a bit too otherworldly for y taste. Nonetheless, things definitely picked up in this volume over volume five. Ananda is the main character for the vast majority of the book, which seems fitting since they named it after hi [...]

  • Luke

    If there is one thing that can be said about this series, it is a great story. It may not be one hundred percent accurate to Buddha's real life, but it is as entertaining as it is enriching. In this story, Buddha is fully embodied as a man with flaws; a lot of the nourishment comes from the feeling of journeying with Buddha himself through his many trials and epiphanies. Tezuka's stylish aesthetic is on full display here, weaving between comedy, compassion, and heartbreak in his breathtaking dep [...]

  • Sachin Dev

    And Tezuka ups the stakes in a grand flourish here. With the introduction of new and fascinating characters like Ananda, the orphan adopted and moulded by Mara the Devil as the ultimate weapon against Buddha, Ahimsa or Angulimaal the bandit, the Kassapa brothers who are unbelievers and would test Buddha by fire, all of which takes the plot to a dizzying new level. A stunning mesh of entangled fates that would reveal hidden conspiracies and secrets that hold humanity's fate dear. Buddha has matur [...]

  • Jennifer

    Those who dislike the more supernatural elements of the Buddha series should perhaps consider skipping this volume entirely, as it is largely the story of Ananda, a man chosen by a devil to find and kill Buddha, and so is given invincibility at a very young age. Magic abounds in this volume, making it feel more like a traditional graphic novel and less like a biography, religious in nature or not. On the bright side, this volume is less violent than recent volumes, and causes less despair at the [...]

  • Colin

    Buddha begins to show signs of age as his power and the depth of his teachings only continues to increase, and as his followers (including many former enemies) multiply. This volume by and large focuses on Ananda, half-brother to Devadatta, who is granted the satanic protection of Buddha's enemy, the devil Mara, and who is tasked by her to destroy Buddha. Another compelling and beautifully drawn entry in Tezuka's Buddha series

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    281 Osamu Tezuka
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