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By Abby Green | Comments: ( 287 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

In Argentina s breathtaking vineyards Nicol s de Rojas and Madalena Vasquez had a stolen affair amongst the Mendozan vineyards until Maddie discovered a devastating secret about Nic, and left without another word He will have her once again Now Maddie is back, having inherited her family s struggling vineyard, and she s at Nic s mercy right where he wants her He sIn Argentina s breathtaking vineyards Nicol s de Rojas and Madalena Vasquez had a stolen affair amongst the Mendozan vineyards until Maddie discovered a devastating secret about Nic, and left without another word He will have her once again Now Maddie is back, having inherited her family s struggling vineyard, and she s at Nic s mercy right where he wants her He s one of Argentina s most successful vintners, and Maddie desperately needs Nic s help But will she agree to his condition One exquisite night with him to finish what they started eight years ago

  • Title: One Night with the Enemy
  • Author: Abby Green
  • ISBN: 9780263891010
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Abby Green

Abby Green spent her teens reading Mills Boon romances She then spent many years working in the Film and TV industry as an Assistant Director One day while standing outside an actor s trailer in the rain, she thought there has to be than this So she sent off a partial to Mills Boon After numerous rewrites, they accepted her first book and an author was born She was nominated for the prestigious RITA Award for her book Breaking The Sheikh s Rules She lives in Dublin, Ireland and you can find out here abby green

Comments One Night with the Enemy

  • StMargarets

    This is an enemies to lovers story that began when the h was 17 and had a one week clandestine romance with the neighbor of the next winery, son of her father's great enemy. These two wine-making families in Argentina had been enemies for generations and the fact that the h's mother was having an affair with the H's father didn't help matters. When the h/H were caught, the H was horsewhipped and the h was told some unsavory news (view spoiler)[ she and the H might be half-siblings because the h' [...]

  • Vashti

    I really enjoyed this latest entry by Abby Green.This book was full of the emotional angst that I enjoy while reading a harlequin.The sexual tension simply simmered between Nic and Maddie and the culmination was nicely written.Loved the scene at the bus station where Nic went down on bended knee to propose.

  • Dee

    Another good story from Abby Green, she knows how to write a good angsty story and is an auto Harley author for me.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox

    BOOK DESCRIPTION:"In Argentina’s breathtaking vineyards… Nicolás de Rojas and Madalena Vasquez had a stolen affair amongst the Mendozan vineyards – until Maddie discovered a devastating secret about Nic, and left without another word. He will have her once again! Now Maddie is back, having inherited her family’s struggling vineyard, and she’s at Nic’s mercy – right where he wants her. He’s one of Argentina’s most successful vintners, and Maddie desperately needs Nic’s help. [...]

  • Dalia

    One Night With The Enemy has all the emotional intensity and the gnawing tension you come to expect from a book written by the very talented Abby Green.Generations-old feud has separated the Vasquez and the De Rojas. But when young Maddie Vasquez and Nic de Rojas fell in love, all hell broke. Scandals and secrets separated the young lovers and soured their burgeoning love. Eight years later, when Maddie returns to Argentina to inherit her late father vineyard, she finds it neglected and drown in [...]

  • Leona

    I do so love a book by Abby Green, she is one of my most favorite authors. She writes such strong heroines and incredibly delicious heroesd in some intense chemistry, some major conflict and you have a great story. One Night with the Enemy is a "Romeo and Juliet" theme of warring families, bitterness and revenge. If you love Abby Green, you definitely will not want to miss this one!

  • Jenn

    In the beginning I wasn't overly impressed. Too much of an information dump and not enough dialogue. But halfway through the story began to really draw me in and I absolutely loved the intensity. Both Maddie and Nic were intense, fiery types which made for sparks flying left, right and centre. Add in a very complicated family history on both sides and you have one hell of an emotional ride and a great story! 

  • RLA

    Abby Green’s books are always fraught with tension and passion and that is exactly the kind of story you get here! The depth of feeling between the hero and heroine is incredible; intense, emotional, a little dark and sad. Abby has written this book with the perfect blend of love and hate, and I couldn’t get enough of it. She does a brilliant job of weaving in the backstory without distracting from the present, in fact it makes the whole story even more rich. The Romeo & Juliet theme is [...]

  • Chitra *CJ*

    "One night with the Enemy" is the story of Nicolás and Madalena.This ill-fated love story between kids from abusive families owning rival vineyards tells about two people who obviously have trust issues, and really, really shitty parents.I honestly felt bad for both of them having such traumatic childhoods, and parents that should have been thrown in an asylum that I kind of forgive them for being so stupid, but not exactly. The hero is mean and ruthless, the heroine thinks she is strong but in [...]

  • Linda Sims

    ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM THIS AUTHORWhen Maddie returns to Argentina to take over the vineyard that her estranged father had left to her in his will. It is to find the estate deeply in debt. Determined not to sell, she intends to find an investor.Nic who owns his own vineyard, is determined to get rid of Maddie one way or another. Years ago they had become close but were torn apart by family rivalry and betrayal. Nic has not forgiven Maddie. When Maddie's attempts at finding someone to invest fin [...]

  • sbf20112011

    Abby Green is so great. I loved how the hero had so much reason to hate the heroine based on what had happened in the past, and yet almost immediately he found himself helping her. Very satisfying read.

  • Desere

    Abby Green is one of those authors that can captivate a reader from the very first sentence. She has a knack for transporting you to a world of glitz,glamour and passionate love affairs,taking you a reading ride one will never forget.In One Night with the Enemy she as certainly done it once again. The story tells about Maddie and Nic,two souls bound by the world of wine making,family fueds and old love.Maddie and Nic had one of those magical stolen affairs we often hear about but then she discov [...]

  • 3houd

    This book was actually quite good. I didn't expect it to be so well - written. I liked both heroes wich is very rare for me with such novels. The story and its execution was very good I almost finished the book in one sitting, a thing that doesn't happen that often with me anymore. I enjoyed this novel throughly and I would be happy to purchase some more of this auther's books.

  • Victoria Parker

    Abby Green at her very best. Highly recommended.

  • أجمل زهرة

    497- وحدها مع العدو- آبي غرين – الملخصكان بين نيكولاس ده روجاس وما دلينا فاسكيز علاقة استطاعتا سرقتها بين حقول الارجنتين ولكن عندما اكتشفت مادي سراً رهيباً عن نيك، رحلت بدون ان تقول كلمة له.الآن، عادت مادي بعدما ورثت املاك عائلتها واصبحت تحت رحمة نيكوبالتحديد حيث يريدها. فهو ب [...]

  • Uchatadara

    Sepertinya Abby Green akan menjadi penulis favorit gue Dia punya keahlian membuat cerita mainstresm berbumbu pas. Seperti kisah tak sampai cinta pertama Madie dan Nic. Nasib mereka menyedihkan tapi menyenangkan untuk diikuti kisahnya

  • M White

    LovelyA great story with very real characters, I love the way this is a true mills and boon love story !

  • Biggaletta Day

    Delicious romance with a shocking lies and secrets. Worth reading.

  • Julie

    A scintillating and stirring tale of family loyalty bitter rivalry and burning passion, One Night with the Enemy is a breathtaking romance from the fantastic Abby Green!The de Rojas and Vasquez families have loathed each other for generations. Anger, hatred and jealousy fuelled their long-running feud and laying old ghost to rest and putting the past firmly behind them was never an option for either one of these two Argentinean dynasties. Nothing could possible stop the hatred which these two fa [...]

  • Fanny Roswita Ria

    Sebenarnya mo kasih rate 2.5 tapi melihat begitu gigih perjuangan heroine dlm mempertahankan prinsipnya, jadi gw buletin 3 bintang:)Maddie Vasquez, heroine, seorang pejuang&memiliki sifat keras kepala yg luar biasa menyangkut kebun anggur warisan dari ayahnya. Dengan masa lalu yg begitu sulit; menanggung akinstbperselingkuhan ibunya&ayah dari seseorang yg dikasihinya yaitu dikeluarkan bersama ibunya dari rumah tanpa uang sepeserpun membuat heroine harus bekerja 2 shift utk menghidupi dir [...]

  • Jude

    One of my favourite stories of all time is Romeo and Juliet, and this novel gives a modern twist to Shakespeare's play.The de Rojas and Vasquez families have been feuding for so long that no one is quite sure how it all started. Eight years previously, Nic and Maddie's relationship was forbidden and the consequences of it left them both badly hurt. Now Maddie has returned home to Argentina to try and rescue the family vineyard that has been neglected by her late father. But Nic will do everythin [...]

  • April Hollingworth

    8 years ago Maddie and Nic had a blossoming love that was destroyed with one sentence. Now after the death of her father Maddie has returned after inheriting her families struggling vineyards, she is determined to restore them to their former glory. Unfortunately lacking the financial means she needs a sponsor. Nic has the means to help Maddie but for him to do so Maddie has to agree to finish what they started 8 years ago so that finally the past can be laid to rest with one night of passion!A [...]

  • AstriNasthasia Videlia

    aaahhh.waktu itu, tiba2 ada keinginan beli buku setelah bbrp bulan puasa beli buku, tiba2 pengen beli buku harlequine tepatnya beli buku ini karna diliat ratingnya lumayan tinggi ternyata emang seru sodara2 hahahaha I love it laah utk ukuran cerita roman seukuran Harlequine lumayan banyak juga konfliknya geregetan hahahaSuka sama Cover terjemahannya juga 2 cangkir anggur di sanding nersebelahan dalam nuansa coklat aaaaw yang pasti ga nyesel dah belinya hahahah

  • Amber Meller

    Interesting in the way that I didn't imagine. It's a bit like Romeo and Juliet, but without the sad and depressing ending. Where two people are young vintners, both being the last in their families, one has had a successful estate for years, the other just inherited one that had seen better days. One sees that the other must sell, while the other is determined to salvage it and they both fall in love trying to prove their point

  • MJ

    Now this is a well-done revenge trope! (Words I rarely say as I usually don't enjoy love stories motivated by negative emotions.) Great heroine and hero with a well-fleshed and angsty love story. I would recommend this book. Again, Abby Green proves herself to be a capable and smart writer. She's an auto-buy for me and this one is definitely going on my hp faves shelf.

  • bombay_sapphire

    I was captivated from the start (who can resist the Romeo & Juliet-esque romance?!) but honestly the ending was what really made me give this book 5 stars. Romance novels don't ever make me cry, but I shed a few happy tears for this one!

  • Roub

    awesome one ! very intense n dark emotions involved. it was a very long journey 4 both nicolas n madelena before they did come full circle. but they made it !! i felt 4them. miss abby never deceives me. she's 1 terrific author n she did it again. very intense 1. loved it !!

  • Emma

    I couldn't put this book down.I just loved the chemistry and the story narrated by the author was awesome.

  • Sommertime

    Typical Harlequin. Has all the angst and unrequited love you could ever hope for. Both the H and h are a bit melodramatic about the events of 8 years ago. She was 17 dude. Give her a break! Although the secrets of that night are pretty icky.

  • Gemma

    Loved this book. Nice to read a different plot line compared to penthouse in the city romance :)

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