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By Stuart McLean | Comments: ( 822 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

Like an old friend who s turned up in town, Stuart McLean returns with Stories from the Vinyl Cafe, his bestselling collection of tales based on his enormously popular Vinyl Cafe radio program The collection features Canada s much loved fictional family Dave, Morley, Stephanie and Sam Stories from the Vinyl Cafe also introduces a host of other wonderfully imagined charaLike an old friend who s turned up in town, Stuart McLean returns with Stories from the Vinyl Cafe, his bestselling collection of tales based on his enormously popular Vinyl Cafe radio program The collection features Canada s much loved fictional family Dave, Morley, Stephanie and Sam Stories from the Vinyl Cafe also introduces a host of other wonderfully imagined characters, such as Margaret Dwyer, a suburban housewife who startles herself by shoplifting a pepperoni sausage, and Flora Perriton, who is consumed with thoughts of lost opportunities when an old friend passes away Then there s Ed, who overcome by the death of his favourite rock star embarks on a pilgrimage to New York City to meet the singer s widow.As always, the stories in this rewarding and irreverent collection prove that Stuart McLean is indeed a national treasure.

  • Title: Stories from the Vinyl Cafe
  • Author: Stuart McLean
  • ISBN: 9780143050698
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Stuart McLean

Librarian Note There was than one author in the database with this name.From the Vinyl Cafe web site Stuart McLean was a best selling author, award winning journalist and humorist, and host of CBC Radio program The Vinyl Cafe.Stuart began his broadcasting career making radio documentaries for CBC Radio s Sunday Morning In 1979 he won an ACTRA award for Best Radio Documentary for his contribution to the program s coverage of the Jonestown massacre.Following Sunday Morning, Stuart spent seven years as a regular columnist and guest host on CBC s Morningside His book, The Morningside World of Stuart McLean, was a Canadian bestseller and a finalist in the 1990 City of Toronto Book Awards.Stuart has also written Welcome Home Travels in Small Town Canada, and edited the collection When We Were Young Welcome Home was chosen by the Canadian Authors Association as the best non fiction book of 1993.Stuart s books Stories from the Vinyl Cafe, Home from the Vinyl Cafe, Vinyl Cafe Unplugged, Vinyl Cafe Diaries, Dave Cooks the Turkey, Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe and Extreme Vinyl Cafe have all been Canadian bestsellers Vinyl Cafe Diaries was awarded the Canadian Authors Association Jubilee Award in 2004 Stuart was also a three time winner of the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour for Home from the Vinyl Cafe, Vinyl Cafe Unplugged and, most recently, Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe.Vinyl Cafe books have also been published in the U.S the U.K Australia and New Zealand.Stuart was a professor emeritus at Ryerson University in Toronto and former director of the broadcast division of the School of Journalism In 1993 Trent University named him the first Rooke Fellow for Teaching, Writing and Research He has also been honored by Nipissing University EdD H University of Windsor Lld and Trent University DLH Stuart served as Honorary Colonel of the 8th Air Maintenance Squadron at 8 Wing, Trenton from 2005 to 2008.Since 1998 Stuart has taken The Vinyl Cafe to theatres across Canada, playing in both large and small towns from St John s, Newfoundland to Whitehorse in the Yukon.Close to one million people listen to The Vinyl Cafe every weekend on CBC Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio and on a growing number of Public Radio stations in the United States The program is also broadcast on an occasional basis on the BBC.

Comments Stories from the Vinyl Cafe

  • Rebecca McNutt

    At times funny, at times serious and always deeply Canadian, Stories from the Vinyl Cafe is a hilarious, original, creative and wonderfully-written book that everyone should read.

  • Nicky

    I'm even more convinced now that you can feel the most emotions after reading a story that doesn't describe any emotions of characters at all. Very good short stories book!

  • Ineke van Mackelenbergh

    A very witty rendering of small town life in Canada with exceptional character depictions. Just when you think you know where the author is going with his story, he turns the tables on you. At once hilarious, humorous, sometimes sad and poignant, these are wonderful stories, masterfully told. I could not read them all in one go, but found myself turning to a chapter or two in-between another read, allowing myself to savour them better.

  • Erin L

    A nice, relaxing re-read of this one. My original rating of 3-stars seemed a little low. Nice visit with Dave, Morley and the gang.

  • Heather the Hillbilly Banjo Queen

    The Vinyl Cafe books are some of the best books I've read. Each chapter is a separate story, but all of the stories are about the same people and their interactions with each other, friends, and neighbors. Some are funny, some are touching, some make you cry and some make you laugh for days after you have read them. The best part? You can read a few chapters, lay the book down, read something else for weeks and come back and enjoy a few more chapters. It's the perfect "pick-me-up" read after a s [...]

  • Jenn

    Stewart McLean is an author who opens my soul, his talent for words, his characters and their lives make mine a little more worth living. Wonderful collection of laughs, a few tears, and amazing stories

  • Amanda Drover-Hartwick

    Stories From The Vinyl Cafe is a collection of eighteen tales written by Stuart Mclean. There is a fantastic balance between serious topics and touching stories about losing pets, family relationships, marriage, overcoming fear, stinky skunks, a mom who got caught stealing sausage from the grocery store, doing the right thing and remembering Canadian soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for us."Everyone should get to drive a car with everything they own piled around them. All alone. Heading [...]

  • Bo

    A funny and quick read. The characters come to life in each story and you get to know Dave, Morley and Sam not only in their own stories but also through the ways they interact with their friends throughout the book. I enjoyed following Sam and Murphy the most because of their young age, their view of the world always gave me a chuckle. My favorite two stories were Prince Charles and The First Kiss.

  • John Hubbard

    Wonderfully funny. My wife and I take turns reading these to each other. This first volume is only about 50% Dave and Morley stories. The Vinyl Cafe seemed to still be looking for a focus. Still many of the others stories were very good. I particularly liked the hockey one.

  • Jennifer

    A compelling cast of characters full of humour, pathos and idiosyncrasies. Touching moments of memory, grief and everyday problems fill these short stories. A gifted story teller who I want to read more of!

  • Lori Brown

    Hysterically funny!

  • Norman Weatherly

    Most excellent, this book was a page-turner, I roared through it in a few days and was disappointed when it ended. Stuart McLean is a Canadian treasure.

  • Dustman

    Nice read. Different line of stories but a very nice read.

  • Kristal

    Haven't powered through a book like this in a while. I really enjoyed this collection of short stories: some are comical, some sad, some bittersweet, some powerful (especially "remembrance day". I've been told that I need to actually listen to Stuart McLean, so for my next road trip I will try and find some of his recordings. I'm sad I didn't get into him until after he passed away.

  • Crystal

    I picked this up after Stuart McLean passed away. I have always loved the Vinyl Cafe on the radio and I was devastated that we'd never hear his lilting tone, his apt pauses, or his warm and kind humour again. This is the reprint of the first Vinyl Cafe book, and the first I've ever read. It was wonderful. I could "hear" McLean's voice as I read through these stories. Of course, much like most of us - I would have liked MORE Dave and Morley stories in this volume, but that isn't to say I didn't e [...]

  • Joanne

    Wonderful!-some stories that I'd never heard before-not all Dave and Morley stories

  • Mya

    This was my first Vinyl Cafe experience, I had not listened to the radio show before reading this book. Having not listened to the radio show, I believe that I was not as invested as delighted as I could have been if I did listen before I read.I found it difficult to get invested in the characters when there wasn’t a core plot line. I found myself also spending much of my time trying to link the stories together, thinking that they were interrelated, rather than allowing myself to just turn my [...]

  • Jessica

    The last short story, Remembrance Day, was a very powerful one for me. All wonderful stories.

  • Brent

    Growing up in east coast Canada, it was more of foregone conclusion than a penchant desire that Stuart McLean's voice would ring out weekly through our kitchen via the CBC with tales of the Vinyl Cafe. I don't mean that my family didn't enjoy the stories--rather the exact opposite. Dave, Morley, Stephanie and Sam were adored by my family, my father mostly, and probably taken a little for granted. To me, as a younger kid, they were funny vignettes that kept the dinner table interesting. Now that [...]

  • writer...

    Some laugh out loud funny tales of easily recognizable Canadian life, whether smalltown or urban. Enjoyed the repartee and awkward relational moments between MC Dave, his wife Morley, and their kids - real issues and realistic responses. Forgetting to tell Morley of his acceptance of a dinner invitation had me laughing as did Rock of Ages. Great written sense of humour. But, for me, swears don't add to the humour or the story. Just a note for readers awareness. Otherwise an easy and portable rea [...]

  • Lyndsey Page

    I've reread this in anticipation of seeing Stuart McLean live next month and have rediscovered how wonderful it is. Stuart McLean has the ability to create such likeable and sometimes quirky characters that you easily grow attached to. The book is made up of several short stories, sometimes coming back to the same characters. It's sort of like Seinfeld, as in it's not really about anything, but the stories are typically always heartwarming and simple. I love the author's quiet sense of humour an [...]

  • Kendra

    I enjoy the Vinyl Cafe stories on CBC radio and I thought it was time to visit them in print form. I sloughed my way through this volume. I could not connect with the characters in this collection of short stories. Some of the stories were about characters I had never met before and some didn't even seem to have connections with Dave & Morley. Maybe I should try a newer volume in the seriesor just stick to the stories on the radio.

  • Stacy

    This was a delightful collection of stories set in a small Canadian town. I completely see why one of the blurbs compares McLean to Garrison Keillor as they just have a way of telling a story about small town life. Dorothy, the book store owner, featured in my favorite stories. Poor Dave - so well intentioned but hapless, you just don't know whether to help him or roll your eyes. Would love to read more by McLean.

  • Brentman99

    I had never read one of Stuart McLean's books, but had heard him several times on the CBC reading his short stories. While I thought some of them were pretty good, I felt that a few others were just weird or lame. I did like the Canadian content as I could relate to it.I'm glad I've read it and will work my way through the second one of the series, but will be trading it in as I have a lot of other stuff that is more worthy of keeping on my crowded bookshelves.

  • A.Madelynn

    Hilarious and heartwarming!

  • Amy

    This was a very fast read. I enjoyed it a lot. I know that a lot of people might find it dull but for some reason I found the stories quite heart warming and comforting. Nothing like a bit of Canadian middle class life to put the mind at east. I really enjoyed the story The Jockstrap. Dave is a great character and I would love to meet a family like his. I am also interested in finding out more about Stuart McLean's radio show. I wonder if there is a podcast!

  • James Moes

    Katherine & I really don't like Stu's voice, literally-but-not-literary-ally-as-in-we-like-the-stories. And so, instead of listening to the radio program while traveling through the B.C. small towns en route to Alberta (and back), we read the comical anecdotes to each other (sometimes trying to talk ironically in Stu's voice). I find the stories much easier to relate to once out of box-store Langley and the big city of Vancouver.

  • Nadin

    Mixed feeling about this book. The previous McLean's books were all fluff and fun and rainbows, but some stories in this one were borderline depressing. It's not that they were bad or anything, mind you. McLean's writing style is amazing, but it just wasn't what I expected, and wasn't what I needed, frankly.

  • Pamela Kenney

    Wonderful heart warming stories about Dave and Morley. It's marvellous to read stories about ordinary people who have their ups and downs but who generally see the humour in most things. Stuart McLean has an amazing way of taking an ordinary day for Dave and Morley and finding the upbeat side to it.

  • Andrew

    This is a much darker collection of stories. There are a good number of Dave/Morley stories, but there are many about the other inhabitants of the city. Some dark themes are touched upon - Call girls, incest, false realities, and the death of Sea Monkeys.All in all, it was wistful and meaningful, not as funny as Home from the Vinyl Cafe, but an able yin to the yang.

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