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In this pulse pounding Immortals After Dark tale, 1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole delves into the darkest mysteries and deepest passions of Clan MacRieve.A Beast In TormentUilleam MacRieve believed he d laid to rest the ghosts of his boyhood But when a brutal torture revives those ancient agonies and destroys his Lykae instinct, the proud Scot cravesIn this pulse pounding Immortals After Dark tale, 1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole delves into the darkest mysteries and deepest passions of Clan MacRieve.A Beast In TormentUilleam MacRieve believed he d laid to rest the ghosts of his boyhood But when a brutal torture revives those ancient agonies and destroys his Lykae instinct, the proud Scot craves the oblivion of death Until he finds her a young human so full of spirit and courage that she pulls him back from the brink.A Beauty In ChainsSeized for the auction block, Chloe Todd is forced to enter a terrifying new world of monsters and lore as a bound slave When offered up to creatures of the dark, she fears she won t last the night Until she s claimed by him a tormented immortal with heartbreaking eyes, whose touch sets her blood on fire.A Full Moon On The RiseWith enemies circling, MacRieve spirits Chloe away to the isolated Highland keep of his youth But once he takes her to his bed, his sensual mate becomes something than human, evoking his savage past and testing his sanity On the cusp of the full moon, can he conquer his worst nightmare to save Chloe from himself

  • Title: MacRieve
  • Author: Kresley Cole
  • ISBN: 9781476713359
  • Page: 333
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series, the erotic Gamemakers series, and five award winning historical romances.A master s grad and former athlete, she has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings Her IAD books have been translated into 23 foreign languages, garnered three RITA awards, a RWA Hall of Fame induction, and consistently appear on the bestseller lists, in the U.S and abroad.Cole lives in Florida with her family Learn about Kresley at kresleycole thearcanachronicles

Comments MacRieve

  • Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana

    MacRieve IAD #13: 5 STARS OF OH MY GODLets start this review off with a celebratory twerk for this great novel. I would like to just say that this book is amazing. freaking obviously Read it, love it, review itwhatever. NOW, STOP READING HERE if you can't take a spoiler because I'm about to spoil your worllllllld. I know what you're thinking, just use the spoiler html formatting thingywell no. I hate how that looks. KAY NOW FOR THE FUN PART. OH. MY. LORD.This book was everything the doctor order [...]

  • SheReadsALot

    WARNING: FANGIRL REVIEWMy reaction anytime I hear a new IAD installment is coming out:Me when I get my hands on any new Kresley Cole, she's a goddess among authors, I say. I vow it to the Lore. Thirteen books in and I'm still reading the series?!When I'm reading a new IAD installment:I devour the words because Kresley Cole is just crazy good.How so?I've been wanting Lanthe and Thronos' story for agesI'm not even going to go to Nix because her story I expect to be epic and she's a special case. S [...]

  • XxTainaxX

    2.5 stars. I was all into this book in the beginning. Its dark undertones appealed right away and then when Will first meets his Chloe, it was a lot of badassery with a touch of love struck wolf. I was eating it all right up. Then something happens that made Will do a 180. While I get the dude was hurt by his past, he takes it out so badly on that poor girl that I was legit wishing for a separation and dissolution. I'm talking about next level douchedom happening to a girl who has lost EVERYTHIN [...]

  • P

    “I know I’m wrong in the head! I want to be . . . right. For you."This book started off very well I believed that this was gonna be my next favorite after the other books, which I marked it as worthy re-reading. But then, you know, it was all blew up. Uilleam aka Will turns to be a real jerk when he finds out about his human, Chloe , even though he has his reasons to be angry, yet it's unforgivable and pretty awkward. “She pressed a single soft kiss over his heart, having no idea he’d ju [...]

  • Sophia Triad

    Uilleam MacRieve (Lycae) and Chloe Todd (half human/(view spoiler)[half succubus (hide spoiler)])"Doona mistake what happened. Being inside you felt incredible. And whether the beast was at the fore or no', I still came so hard my ballocks begged for mercy.""Must've be nice. For you. Not so much for me. Out of the dozen orgasms you promised, you were twelve short. "A flush spread over his chiseled cheekbones. "I'm keen for a rematch tonight.""Ha! Your last attempt at goal went way wide. Not even [...]

  • Lord Rose

    Edit 2/11/2013: Ack, what is wrong with that cover? (Although I still like this better than Lothaire's cover, which I despise.) And that eye. Even I can Photoshop a better eye than that. It's just oddly flat and pale and dead looking, and also appears to be looking up, rather than at you. And the highlight doesn't seem to match the light source.Here, I fixed it. (Original on left. Click either to zoom in.)And that took me maybe 15 minutes, so were they just not trying? (Okay, and maybe I went a [...]

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞

    Uilleam MacRieve, aka Will, aka MacRieve, is a haunted, tortured Lykae who has not ever been able to get over his past. Oh yes, he's tried to run, block it out, sex it out and drink it out but nothing has worked. Then he gets a call from Nucking-Futs Nïx, aka Nïx the Ever-Knowing, and a whole new chain of events are set in motion. The one thing that KC can do oh-so-well is "the chase". I don't think I've ever read another series where it's been handled so well and so thoroughly. I've read a fe [...]

  • Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    MacRieve follows up the story arc of the Order and in a huge way. I loved how Cole ties things together. Who would have thunk the Lore community would be so connected. MacRieve might be one of the most tortured IAD heroes. His experiences as a preteen damaged him severely and as such, he has no hope of finding his mate or for his matehood to be normal. And it also gave him a violent hatred for succubi, which is going to be a problem. When he hears that there is a young woman that everyone wants [...]

  • Ren

    3.5 starsEDIT: I reduce the stars, because FULL OF AWESOME and kinda antithesis with MacRieve. Sorry Chloe! (But no sorry for you Will! Heh :P)With so many paranormal romance authors work out there (even I know that some people think that PNR and UF now become less popular compare to the latest trend), Kresley Cole is one of those authors that still shine in the pararomancelandia (my term) and her Immortals After Dark seroes will always be my guilty pleasure read!For me, I never become a fans of [...]

  • Glamdring

    *Review without spoiler*MacRieve is the thirteen instalment in the Immortals After Dark series. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this book for 18 months or so. I simply LOVE this series. For me this is one of the best in the paranormal romance genre. I also love Kresley Cole's historical romances, and when I loved her first foray in the YA genre (a genre I really don’t like) I thought that she definitely couldn’t disappoint me whatever she wrote. I was wrong.With Shadow’s Claim (The Dacians [...]

  • Audrey

    January 2014 review:4.5 stars. Despite the questionable cover, it was pretty darned freaking awesome. Hungry for the next one, which the epilogue set up quite deliciously. *smacks lips* Will, that gorgeous Lykae, was a fab alpha hero, and Chloe was a spunky and sweet foil to his harshness. Even though the "surprises" were rather guessable, I loved how they were handled and worked through. Yay, Kresley Cole!*************************************Original pre-review anticipation:(view spoiler)[Febru [...]

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

    SpoilersHmmmmm Okay well I will keep this short and to the point. I had a hard time with this book. I could see that Uilleam was sexual abused as a child by a succubus and that he feels guilty for his parents and lil sister's death and I get that he was tortured by the Order and that he was almost raped by 5 succubus ok I so get it. I could even understand that it would make his angry to find his mate and find out she was part succubus but damn he was the biggest prick I have ever seen he wasn't [...]

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾

    5 Hot and Hotter stars"You've let me tend tae your fire, and tonight it's searing me clean. I can be what you need."He was so domineering. And a dirty talker. Apparently, she liked both. That is totally me right now. Yes, fairy wings and all. Why you ask? Well, because I'm fun and eccentric that way. But mainly, it's because I just read a Kresley Cole book and IT.WASESOME!I admit that after reading some mixed reviews on this book, I had put off reading it. I have loved every book i this series, [...]

  • Melindeeloo

    This is completely spoiler ridden - you've been warned.2 stars = okay. I didn’t hate this book exactly but I didn’t exactly like it either. After a sad little prolog (where a predatory succubus female ensnared the thirteen year old Will resulting in the death of three fifths of his family), and a reminder of what he suffered under the Order’s tender care a couple of books back (vivisection) we get that Will has Issues with a capitol ‘I’. In fact he’s thinking of ending it all until W [...]

  • Mimi Smith

    3 starsAm I the only one who thought this story was similar to Bowen's? We have a tormented werewolf who had once thought he had found his mate (but was tricked!) and who now hates his newfound mate's species and is an ass because. I don't know, it just came to mind. As I wasn't the biggest fan of Bo's story eitherI simply found this story and the pacing odd. And at the same time predictable. I mean, the first half is idyllic and happy-happy, and yet you know what will happen, and yes it does, a [...]

  • Carmel (Rabid Reads)

    Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsCRIEVE had all of the usual components that come standard with every IMMORTALS AFTER DARK installment, but it didn't push the envelope like some of the other volumes have which made it kinda ordinary. I haven't formed much of a connection with the hero over the course of this series, so I didn't have a vested interest in his story going in, and Chloe is a stand-up gal and all, although I did find her too agreeable at times.In this book Kresley Cole expands upon a supe tha [...]

  • Zeek

    I liked it okay, still very hot, but I'm getting tired of the "I hate you because you're my enemy, but I want you because you're my mate, but I have to hate you" Cole has going on right now- in every single release lately. To make things worse, MacRieve has the same theme of one of the pair thinking themselves in love with someone else before they meet their "true mate" and are dogmatic about loving themeven though they're usually secretly evild now dead. (Although, granted, MacRieve realizes th [...]

  • Nymeria

    Set up: Will MacRieve lived through a traumatic experience with a succubus and was recently tortured at a secret facility run by a certain Commander Webb. So of course Chloe, his heroine, couldn't be anything other than:1*a succubus2*Webb's daughterMy least favorite book in the IAD series.Will was an asshole for the entire book. Yeah, yeah, poor little Willie has a Sad Past (and said Sad Past was pretty weak compared to what we've previously seen in this series) Poor little Willie was a prejudic [...]

  • ✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿

    Frankly, I'm quite disappointed.I thought that this novel will be as epic as the last one in the series but sadly, no. :(Will is a lykae who has a very traumatic past. PAST being the operative term, lemme just say that he blew this book away in a negative way. Chloe is a professional soccer player who's not really a normal human. Unfortunately for her, she gets to be partnered to a guy who hates her kind.I don't like Will. He's so self-involved and he didn't care much for his mate. Well, he did [...]

  • Taysa

    Do you hear that? That is the sound of my heart breaking.Oh Will! My initial reaction to reading this book;First, let me just say (or rather reiterate) that Kresley is a master story teller. She's got the whole paralell-simultaneous-story-plot-weaving-master-piece thing rocking on. I've read and re-read the IAD series over and again, picking up on new things every time. But she just completely blew me out of the water (and a little out of my mind) with Will and Chloe's story. For me, Uilleam and [...]

  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)

    4.5 stars or AThis books packs an emotional wallop. Will the lycae mates ever catch a break? They werewolves are always paired with someone who pushes them to their limit. Chloe is a human, or so she believes. Her father's secrets come out and there's more to learn. The most devastating story belongs to MacRieve. It's tragic and I wonder why I never really noticed his character with the exception of the 'hot and hotter' nickname. This book has a different feel compared to the other IAD books. It [...]

  • Wendy

    Started off great, then it fizzled out somewhere towards the middle. Not to mention the ending was a little strange for my liking. As much as I adored both the hero and heroine, I found their relationship to be hot one minute; then cold the next. I would have like to have seen some of the past characters which we were deprived of, although we did get to see Nix in it; even if it was for a little bit. All in all, I liked it, but not loved it. So it's just a 3 stars from moi.

  • Kat Kennedy

    The later books in this series go a long way toward making up for the rapey first few books. But I still don't know why I'm reading them. WITCH! She's a witch! May we burn her?

  • Bree

    Fantasy romance series. (view spoiler)[ For mature audiences. The beginning of this story was appalling. Something extremely bad happened to the main character, Uilleam, when he was very young. I couldn't believe the author would spin something that awful, but terrible things do happen to people in real life, which is a devastating tragedy. But, the author carefully pulls Uilleam out of that horror, to eventually heal and move on. And, that is the soul the story. Love saves Uilleam. Each novel i [...]

  • Heather C

    3.5 StarsI mostly enjoyed this but it definitely won't go down in my list of favorites. I was really liking the first half of the storyere was some good sexual tension and I was enjoying watching MacRieve try to woo Chloe. MacRieve had one of the saddest prologues I've ever read. And then add the things that Webb and Dixon did himI just wanted him to have a great story. Sadly, it all kinda went to hell in the second half, pretty much exactly how I predicted. It was very frustrating for me to rea [...]


    2.5 StarsThis is one of my favorite series and i love all species in it, except Lykae. For some reason I can't seem to enjoy any of their books. I liked Bowen's book, not because I find him attractive, because my baby Cade was in it. I gave this a try, hoping I'll like MacRieve better, but no such luck. I think it's time I give up, and just accept I'm a vampire\demon girl at heart.

  • AJ

    “Where your mate goes, you follow. . . .” 4.5 stars!I love this series, and I love this paranormal world! With a wonderful collection of supernatural creatures, Kresley Cole has created a fantastically complex world that I love to lose myself in, and each story is exciting and intriguing, laugh-out-loud funny, sexy and romantic with great action. I absolutely love these books, and I loved finally getting the story of broody lykae badass, Uilleam MacRieve.Uilleam is a lykae chief, and cousin [...]

  • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

    Pretty much a roller coaster I couldn't seem to stop even when it hurt. Safe book. No ow or om but child hood abuse memories. But instalove turned to hate then healing. very very rough reading the hate parts.

  • ♡Karlyn P♡

    Enjoyable and steamy, but probably my least favorite in this series. The ending was more of a setup for the next book, not a strong HEA.

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★

    5 Wolfy Stars! The energy of this book was fabulous!The book and what I lovedThe Energy! Woot!! What a Ride. The twin relationship.The wolfy protectiveness of Chloe. This alpha driven characters. The world. It was so easy to jump into. And, I can not wait to jump into this world again.And, of course. Nïxd why would she say Webb has a role to play with the Bringers of Doom; he’s not to be touched,” Gosh, it doesn't matter what the heck share says, I love her page time. And, I just can't wait [...]

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