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A force of attractiono tempting to resist.As readers of The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series already know, Archibald Archie Bruce heads up the crime laboratory for Special Branch Undervalued and overworked, the brilliant young man has no time for a social life that is, until the heroine s father, a noted chemist in his own right, offers Archie a deal He will modiA force of attractiono tempting to resist.As readers of The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series already know, Archibald Archie Bruce heads up the crime laboratory for Special Branch Undervalued and overworked, the brilliant young man has no time for a social life that is, until the heroine s father, a noted chemist in his own right, offers Archie a deal He will modify a secret latex compound that will transfer fingerprints from the crime scene to the lab In exchange, Archie must agree to tutor his charming but exasperating daughter, Miss Fiona A Rose, for the major pharmacy exam.But as Archie and Fiona attempt to study for the major, they can t help but get involved in a bit of sleuthing Was the fire in the opium den accidental or deliberately set Who was behind the lab explosion Not to mention the strange and haunting memory of a masquerade ball and a very seductive kissAmidst the pop quizzes and danger, Fiona and Archie ultimately find the force of attraction too tempting to resist.

  • Title: A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce
  • Author: Jillian Stone
  • ISBN: 9781451698329
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Jillian Stone

Multi published, national award winning author, Jillian Stone is on a three year quest to write all the books in different genres she s always wanted to write before she gets forever labeled as a historical romance writer Jillian lives in Southern California and is currently writing a dystopian fairy tale 2017 is the year of anthologies Look for three different novellas this year, including WOLF, INTERRUPTED, which won the 2016 FFP On The Far Side award in the paranormal category Coming this Fall Two novellas in the Wolf Lords of London series WOLF, INTERRUPTED October 1 and WOLF ON FIRE December 1 In the contemporary romance category look for A TWIST ON FATE in the BLAME IT ON FATE Anthology November 6.

Comments A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce

  • Ruth

    Lovely little novella. Great writing, pleasant characters and a nice taste of a series I shall investigate further.

  • Beebs

    4.5ally need the half star . Big satisfied sigh, loved Archie and Fiona together. And another glimpse of Finn, cannot wait for his book, not long now :)

  • Ewa

    It started great but what ruined it for me was the revelation of how old H/h were. The moment it was said that she was 19 and she started asking these really naive and awkward questions about what happens when she is sexually aroused A real turn-off. He was 23 but he acted with her as if he was 15. The exchange with his elder colleague about pleasing a woman - C.R.I.N.G.E.

  • Tin

    Archibald Bruce is the young director of Scotland Yard's new Crime Laboratory and, most recently, the new professor at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. It's another job for Archie and one he intended to do with the same objective, scientific way he approaches everything else -- until the first day on his new job happens and one of his students happens to be a girl from his past.Fiona Rose was a young student at the University of Edinburgh when she first met and fell for Archie Bruce. They share [...]

  • Marlene

    Originally published at Reading RealityPart of the fun of the Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series are the glimpses of the development of forensics along with the spying, the adventure and the romance involved in the series.Two of the key players in the forensic side of the equation are Inspector Archibald Bruce, the head of the criminology lab, and the Yard Dog, Arnold, named for Arnold Nobel of Nobel Prize fame.Arnold the dog sniffs out bombs and bomb components. Not only is he incredibly importa [...]

  • Anna

    A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce is part of the very successful Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series, written by Jillian Stone. And if you read my reviews of the previous two books in this series, then you know that I'm in love with both Jillian Stone's writing style and her stories. So, it comes as no big surprise, that A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce, didn't fail to impress me!I'm usually not a big fan of novellas, because in most cases, the story and the plot are pretty basi [...]

  • May Mostly Romance

    นี่เป็นเรื่องสั้นที่ออกขายเป็นอีบุ๊คอย่างเดียว เรื่องราวของอาร์ชี บรูซ ซึ่งเป็นนักวิทยาศาสตร์สติเฟื่องที่มีบทบาทในชุดพอสมควร เราค่อนข้างชอบเรื่องนี้นะคะ รู้สึกว่าเรื่องรา [...]

  • Heather andrews

    FIRST OFF let's talk about the sexy man on the cover oh my! Anyway I'm telling you what The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard are truly desirable so far Mr. Archie Bruce is my favorite, and Fiona what a little hellion she was when you got to know her, I loved the scene where they kissed it gave me butterflies! And Mr. Bruce is truly just irresistible: "Kiss me again, Fiona." She taunted him with a narrowed gaze. "If I kiss you now, we won't be able to keep our minds on school work." "If you don't kiss [...]

  • Jo(Mixed Book Bag)

    This is the first story I have read in this series and I wondered if I would feel lost. I did not. Even though there were characters that I knew were probably from past books the main characters stayed in charge of the story so it was not problem.This is a romance with a little bit of mystery. Because it is a novella there is not as much time to develop a complicated story but what you have is a pleasing read. The lesson in chemistry involves both chemicals and love, a nice mix.Archie is a great [...]

  • Katie_la_geek

    For this review and more visit my blogI liked this sweet little novella, the storyline was interesting, and the writing good but what I really loved was the characters and the romance between them. Fiona and Archie had bundles of chemistry and I really enjoyed reading their romance develop. I loved their flirtations conversations and the banter between them. I would have loved it if this had been a little bit longer but apart from that I found this perfectly enjoyable.The publisher provided me w [...]

  • Elis Madison

    Archie Bruce runs the forensics lab for Scotland Yard, and on the side he's teaching a chemistry class at the university. And he's feeling another kind of chemistry for Fiona Rose, one of his students. The two of them met once some years ago and shared she kissed him quite brazenly. Meanwhile, the dynamiters are at it again, this time led by the shadowy Grey de Ruthyn. There's just enough action to keep this from being all about the chemistry and fireworks, but the ending felt a little rushed to [...]

  • Danae

    A steamy romantic novella with plenty of action and some suspense about whether and who is the mole in Scotland Yard. Some things don't ring true (though Ms. Stone's writing style continue to be true to her previous). Archie suddenly evolves into an action hero from a nerdy scientist who likes to make things go boom. And Fiona's degree of sexual liberation rings false to the character introduced thus far in the prim strait laced Victorian times. Her parents lack of unease with her being away for [...]

  • Tracy Emro

    I loved this novella!! Fiona and Archie were simply perfect together. It was nice that Ms. Stone gave them a history together - it made it a lot easier to believe the romance between them, knowing they had known and been attracted to each other previously. I thought the story flowed nicely. There was some action in this book - but it didn't in anyway overshadow the romance. I will definitely be reading Finn's story. I skipped Rafe's book, I personally didn't care for him - but Finn has intrigued [...]

  • Jess the Romanceaholic

    As someone who was a bit hesitant about this author's Paranormal Investigator series, I have to admit I breathed a sigh of relief when my experience with this story turned out to be much better than with the other series.While the heroine was startlingly bold in the bedroom for a virgin in Victorian times, the romance was believable, and the conflict was interesting.I will definitely be reading more of this series in the future. 4/5 Stars, full review to follow.

  • Amanda

    Having not read the previous books in this series, this novella did exactly what a novella should do - have enough of a connection to the other books to be considered part of the series, yet not overwhelm the reader with too much of a connection to the other books and backstory. I have to say that it succeeded in making me want to read the other books, which makes it the perfect mid-series novella for a reader like me.

  • Arshia

    My first time reading a novel by Jillian Stone and it was pretty good. The length of the Novella posed some problems for me, the story and the romance seemed rushed. However, it was well written and the scientific aspect of the novel was refreshing. I'm a little sick of reading books about the peerage only. I'll definitely have to pick up more books from this author.

  • Jo

    firstly, great cover. secondly, terrible editing. Mistakes from the second page in: Portsmith instead of Portsmouth, multiple U of Edinburgh - meaning university - and 1988 budgeting rather than 1888. Still, I like the idea of this series, if not always the full execution.

  • Lady Wesley

    Lured in by a Kindle freebie offer, I decided to try this story featuring Victorian-era detectives. This is a sweet, very short story, but I doubt that I'll delve into the full-length books in the series.

  • Donna

    Was hoping forensics specialist Bruce would get a book of his own, but still, anything about Archie was sure to be charming. And full of science geek goodness when he agrees to tutor Fiona Rose for her chemistry degree.

  • Libraryangel

    Excellent like alwaysjust wanted it to be so much longerle sigh. These two were just as sweet as two people could possibly beloved them.

  • Robin

    this is really a fun read. It's a fully developed good story for a short and she does a great job. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Erin

    sweet and romantic :) Another fantastic story in the Gentlemen of Scotland Yard seris.

  • Sadie

    The two most interesting characters so far. A shame this was a novella.

  • Josephine Hawkins

    I wish this story was longer - Archie is a sweetheart.

  • ms bookjunkie

    A short taste of historical CSI. Fun. (Don't know how historically accurate, though.)

  • Giedre

    It was a fun little novella. Nothing too spectacular.

  • Mary

    love the women, love the men! Another winner of a quick read!

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ↠ A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce : by Jillian Stone Ò
    384 Jillian Stone
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