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By Stephanie Haddad | Comments: ( 605 ) | Date: ( Jul 05, 2020 )

Have you ever wanted to be someone else Did you ever try Jennifer Smith spends most of her time wishing she had a exciting name, lived a exciting life, or that she could just become someone else for a while With her sister Claire s help, Jennifer channels her life s desires into the perfect graduate research program a fake Facebook identity that allows her toHave you ever wanted to be someone else Did you ever try Jennifer Smith spends most of her time wishing she had a exciting name, lived a exciting life, or that she could just become someone else for a while With her sister Claire s help, Jennifer channels her life s desires into the perfect graduate research program a fake Facebook identity that allows her to study the world s reaction to perceived beauty Making up a new name, designing a new personality, and doctoring a photo or two seems like the perfect plan how could it possibly backfire Especially if it helps her get the attention of a long time school crush Lost in her new found popularity as Olivia Saunders, Jennifer s real life starts to slip out of her grasp piece by piece Before long, she finds herself caught in a love square where one of the four corners is an imaginary person While Olivia s life has all the glitz, glamor, and guys she could ever have wanted, Jennifer has to decide if she can walk away and learn how to be okay living life as herself.

  • Title: Socially Awkward
  • Author: Stephanie Haddad
  • ISBN: 9781466452787
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Stephanie Haddad

Stephanie Haddad s earliest works featured unicorns and talking pumpkins who overcame adversity, evil, and the threat of being baked into pies With age, her writing has evolved to grown up topics, like love and the complicated relationships between people As a life long lover of cheerful fiction, she strives to tackle real world issues with wit, hope, and lots of humor Her short stories have spanned many genres, but her full length novels stay firmly planted in happy endings, via both romance and women s fiction Stephanie joined the Romance Writers of America in 2009 to celebrate her addiction to perfect plot resolutions with other writers just like her Combining a passion for the human condition with a penchant for the romantic, Stephanie strives to write every story as though it is a conversation shared between friends.As she balances new motherhood, a freelance writing workload, and an independent publishing career, Stephanie continues her work on a planned three book women s fiction series, a collection of romantic urban fantasy short stories, and several single title romances She lives, loves, and writes near Boston, MA, the home of all of her novels.

Comments Socially Awkward

  • Sara

    This books hooks you up from the very start, there are two sister arguing about men, but it is not the usual plot where you have two sisters and one guy, here you have three!! To discover how these five lives interwoven you have to listen to the main character tell the whole story.Beside the element of siblings fighting over guys, the book encompass also the old theme of sisterly jealousy, one sister having all the good looks, but also a successful career, and the other having the good grades, s [...]

  • Juliana

    0.5 really. I absolutly DID NOT like this book. I mean seriously. I kept waiting for the good part but by the time I flipped the last page, I realized: There is no good part. This book is extremely annoying to read. I felt like I was forcing myself to flip the next page. Most books I read I usually can't wait to get to the next page. However, this book was just so boring that I felt like I was recieving a punishment and being forced to read the most terrible book of my entire life. I was so exci [...]

  • monica ♪

    DNF @ 5%It was free in and then I read the synopsis, it seems promising. And it's just a very short story, because I like short stories so I think there's no harm to give it a try.The prologue was okay. Even though not that good but It's interesting.But then when I was in chapter one, it's all justI don't even understand anymore what this story is about So I stopped there.

  • K

    This was a pretty fun book. It tended to drag a little in some parts, but otherwise it was a quick, easy read.

  • Bridgette

    SOCIALLY AWKWARD was a fun, quick read with a satisfying ending. Jennifer, the main character, was relatable and engaging and the writing style was light and humorous. I often chuckled to myself over particularly funny scenes.Overweight, hearing-impaired Jennifer Smith is a sociology graduate student searching for a good research topic for her thesis. Her sister, Claire, suggests a seemingly innocuous topic: anonymity on the Internet. Jennifer runs with it and creates a fake Facebook profile wit [...]

  • Ju Haghverdian

    This was one of the first books I actually checked for reviews before I started reading it and most of the reviews were pretty negative. I prepared myself for a really bad story although this is definitely not the best book I read this year, I actually liked the story. It reminds me a bit of Good in Bed, it had its funny and witty moments with a girl who really needed to work on her self-esteem issues. I also liked because (don't judge me) I have done the fake profile thing too and I could relat [...]

  • Isabella

    This was a free eBook.The plot started out well, two sisters arguing, three men involved… mmm intriguing.Then the book inexorably crumbled on itself. It could have been a good idea, but the development was disastrous. Too many things in the storyline did not make sense (like people that went to school together and interacted not recognizing one another at all), and I don’t like it when the main love story is way too far-fetched. See spoiler for details. (view spoiler)[In this case we have a [...]

  • Denisa C

    I have mix feeling about this. At the beginning it was all good, funny and I liked how the plot developed. But somewhere along the way it became predictable and I was scared that the author was turning this into something I would not like. The main character was immature at some points and the plot was moving towards something that wouldn't help her develop or the plot.Somehow the plot didn't move all to that direction and I was glad that the character actually stood for her age. Like I said, so [...]

  • Laken

    This was a cute book, free on the amazon kindle store which always is a plus. It's a light, easy read. There were aspects of the story which were really unbelievable, like Sean not realizing who Claire and Jen were. The main character was also really annoying at times. She had absolutely no self esteem and whined a lot. But the story itself kept me interested enough to finish.

  • Deanna

    So interesting. I always thought a study of social media would be an interesting read, but this took it a step further. I really liked the characters. I am happy it ended well. No second book necessary yet by the end I wanted another just to read more about the characters. I wish it was a longer read. Insightful fun read.

  • Heather

    This was a light and fluffy little fun read. I thought the premise was interesting and I was engaged enough to want to find out what happened. I didn't care for the writing device of telling a large chunk of the story as though the main character was filling her mom in on what had happened. The writing wasn't fantastic, but the story was relatively entertaining.

  • Chloe

    This was REALLY good for a free book. As a part of her master's research, the main character creates a Facebook profile for a supermodel-esque girl and compares the reaction of strangers to the model vs. her own, average girl, profile. There are interesting side stories of love, fitness, and insecurities as she discovers that being herself is beautiful :)

  • Erinnicole300

    YoungThis is a book I may have liked in high school. Maybe. Probably not. I didn't like it as an adult

  • Melissa Levine

    This was a boring one for me. It just dragged on and dragged on some more. There wasn't really anything going on. I was probably more skimming through most of it than actually reading it too.I wasn't a fan of Jen. She was just too stupid. How did she think that setting up the 'Olivia' acct would make things better? For her class and paper, yes. For her real life? Getting a long ago love back? No. I think the only character I liked to a degree was Noah. I'm not really sure why though. In all hone [...]

  • Chelsea Nicole

    It sucks that this book has to get bad ratings. While I was not too thrilled with it I thought the writing was decent. There's just something that made me not completely hate it.Jennifer is an overweight, self proclaimed socially awkward, woman studying to get her masters in sociology. She decides that for her final project she's going to do a research paper on the effect of social media in interpersonal relationships. The premise is actually really great. It would be the written version of Cat- [...]

  • Zombie

    I would give this a 0.5 ratinge lowest I've ever given a book. I was hoping for a quick, fun read as the title looked interesting. Honestly, I didn't go in with any high expectations, but I also hadn't expected it to be such a disappointment either.The start is okay- a bit slow, perhaps. But then as you read on, you notice there are quite a few inconsistencies and errors which, after a while, begin to detract from the enjoyment of the reading experience. I wonder if the book was even proofread o [...]

  • Kavita

    When I picked up this book I was in the mood for mindless drivel. So I really could have given it 3 stars because that's exactly what it was. I'm not trying to beat the author down it's just that if there was a plot it was really flimsy. Jennifer is a bit of a frumpy plain Jane. In contrast to her supermodel looking sister she has always felt inferior, especially with her hearing impairment. As a project, she decides to create a Facebook persona to see how many people will be able to buy into he [...]

  • Sassy Southern Book Affair

    3.5 Review: This was a sweet story. It was confusing at first and in a few places, but altogether it was sweet. Olivia has all you need to know about her on her Facebook profile. Moving around because her father is an Army sergeant, is an only child, has acquired many skills, speaks three languages, and is a model. However, Olivia doesn't even exist. Jen is a grad student and your typical girl next door. She is a grad student working on a sociology project. Jen isn't really sure of who she is bu [...]

  • Stefani

    I recently 1-clicked many titles on . Socially Awkward by Stephanie Haddad was among them. I started reading it right away because the title intrigued me. Plus, its author and I have a thing in common – the name Stephanie. Well, actually mine is spelled Stefani, but that’s close enough ;)This book tells the story of Jennifer Smith, a 27 year old girl with an ordinary name, extra weight that is still living with her parents. There is one thing that is not quite so ordinary about her though. S [...]

  • Jennifer

    Bored? Lonely? Wish you lived a more glamorous life? A thesis project away from finishing her Master’s Degree in Sociology, Jennifer Smith feels like her life is as boring and ordinary as her name. She has always lived in the shadow of her beautiful and popular sister Claire, but this project offers her a look at life from the other side – from Claire’s side. To examine the effect of attractiveness on how people respond to women, Jen creates two online Facebook profiles: a real one for her [...]

  • Benika Friis

    Great motivationThe fact that the real possibility of being a real person(obviously by the epilogue it is) makes you have lots of emotions. Fear, anger, inspiration, and happiness. It brings you through the trials and tribulations of everyday life since the internet reared its ugly head. This book is basically about who you really are on the inside. On the outside you can be the smoking hot sister or the frumpy friend in the corner but you don't want to k ow either because you feel you're too go [...]

  • Doingitwritenow

    She tried.I hate to write negative reviews on anyone who takes a chance and puts themselves out there so I hope this sounds more like constructive criticism. This book wasn't well. It wasn't well thought out, well written or well liked. I tried hard to finish it but I had no love for any of the characters. There was one big discrepancy that I couldn't get past in the story line that was so obvious I have no idea how the author missed it. The big jerk-off of the story, Sean, has a big crush on Cl [...]

  • Julie

    This was a free book on Kindle and the description sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. I didn't hate the book, but it was worth about what I paid for it. The best way to describe this book is unoriginal. The idea of exploring how we perceive people on social media was an interesting concept; however everything else was uninspired and fell flat from the plot to the characters to the completely obvious ending. The dialog felt forced and everything the characters did was a set up for the "big [...]

  • Dianne

    This was a very sweet story. It makes you really think about the real person that you are. In the begining, I wasn't a big fan of Jen but I sympathized with her about not knowing whom one really is. However, by the end of the book, I was bawling for Jen and I was so happy that she had gotten what she deserved. Reading about Claire in the first chapter made me really not like her until the end. Then, I realized she was such an amazing sister. I wish we had gotten to read more about their reconcil [...]

  • Stacy

    I really liked this book, I was able to relate to the main charachter, Jen, really well on her weight struggle. Though, I wish I was only 30 pounds overweight like she was, LOL. Even though it was only 30 pounds, her successes were inspiring. It's always nice to read about a character that's struggling with something for years and finally commits to making a change. *Spoiler Alert*I can't say that, to me, it was totally predictable from early on that she and Noah would end up together. It wasn't [...]

  • Vasanthi Rao

    This book got increasingly difficult to read. It got incredibly difficult to identify in anyway with the protagonist, who sounded whiny?, self absorbed and immature for a 27 year old graduate student in sociology no-less!Everyone disabled or otherwise comes into the world with a few drawbacks, but none more so than Jennifer Smith. She loves living in a pity party with severe self-esteem, even though she is surrounded by wonderful people who love her. She just doesn't deserve this. As evidenced i [...]

  • Amber Mann

    If you can get passed the fourth chapter.I read a book a day (unless they are huge) ,some great some horrible, but I have only ever walked away from one in over thirty years. This book almost made number two. I couldn't initially relate to Jennifer or her woe -is- me victim attitude. I pushed on and I was happy I did. There is a reason for her whining that makes the ending a great victory. Pretty good plot, very few typos, more grammatical such as through for threw. This book is coming of age/ r [...]

  • Eva

    This is the first book I read by this author. The summary sounded good to me so I decide do give the book a chance. The book is about a woman in college who is a sociology major. For her final research paper she decides to see the affect of a very pretty woman's social media site(s) against her own. She makes up a fake person for her research and slowly that persona starts to take her over. She get involved with two men and drags her sister into the mess she has created with the fake persona. Th [...]

  • Courtney Giardina

    I like this book for a lot of reasons. 1) It paints a very real picture about how absorbed with are with social media in our every day lives. 2) It speaks very truthfully about how a lot of girls feel about themselves. That they have to be somebody they aren't for someone to want to be with them instead of finding the one who accepts them for who they are. 3) Committing yourself to something will yield results. Excuses will get you nowhere. Although I would have loved to see a little more of a p [...]

  • Caroline

    When downloading a free e-book, there are two possible outcomes; either you are lucky enough to stumble upon a gem, or you find yourself wading through what feels like tons of manure whilst grasping at straws in an effort to truly like what is set before you. Unfortunately "Socially Awkward" applies to the latter. What an absolute waste of time. The story was flat and the characters two dimensional. No substance to speak of whatsoever. Clearly this book has not been proofread seeing as I noticed [...]

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