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The Sultan of Monte Cristo is the first in a series of sequels to the Count of Monte Cristo.

  • Title: The Sultan of Monte Cristo
  • Author: Holy Ghost Writer
  • ISBN: 9781477130193
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Holy Ghost Writer

Who is The Holy Ghost Writer The mystery of the identity of the author is part of an international contest The first person to discover the identity of the HG Writer, from the clues found in the Count of Monte Cristo sequels, will receive a reward of 2500 Write to prize sultanofmontecristo in order to claim this reward along with letting us know the clues that led you to discovering the identity of the author Should you wish your discovery to be known in the press, that opportunity will also be afforded Those that already know the author or have worked with him her will not qualify Good luck.

Comments The Sultan of Monte Cristo

  • Evelyn Puerto

    Warning: spoilers ahead.The book was billed as the sequel to the Count of Monte Cristo, and remained true to the original characters. Nothing could be farther from the truth.To start with, Haydee is a Christian in the original. (You can read all about it in Chapter 86). In this sequel, suddenly she’s Muslim. I see why the author did this, so that the Count (now Sultan) can have a harem. The Count also undergoes a change. Here’s the man whose life was savagely destroyed by betrayal. One would [...]

  • Juan Ascencion

    I read the Count of Monte Cristo and wanted more. I searched amazon and found The Sultan of Monte Cristo. Read the reviews and though that it was going to be a good book and a continuation of the story. I was wrong. The reviews are very misleading. I don’t know what the other reviewers read but this book is a joke. The style of writing is totally different and the new stories are ridiculous. If you truly loved the Count of Monte Cristo and expect good quality writing from this book I would sug [...]

  • Paul

    This is a continuation of "The Count of Monte Cristo," by Alexandre Dumas, one of the greatest of 19th Century novels.Many of the same characters from the earlier book are here. Having escaped from prison, and having faked his own death, Edmond Dantes is sailing the seven seas with Mercedes, his lover. He contemplates living the life of a soldier and pirate, instead of settling down as the Sultan of Albania. Later, Edmond receives a letter from his father, and learns some really interesting thin [...]

  • Kachina

    This reads like bad fan-fic. I honestly believe all of the glowing reviews received by this and the author's other "books" are faked. Go to and do the "look inside" option. It won't take more than a paragraph or two to see what I mean.

  • David Dawson

    It's been a long time since I read the original The Count of Monte Cristo but it's story and characters have lingered long in my mind. I'd often wondered what happened next but had given up on anyone actually bothering to write a legitimate (and decent) sequel. The fact that Holy Ghost Writer has done this is a great achievement. He writes like he's living in the 19th century himself his prose is so beautiful and cultured. He's not only recreated the characters from the original book flawlessly [...]

  • Barbara ♥~Lindt Ninja~♥ (Careerist Gangster™)

  • Oleg

    The classical tale of "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas is a famous book that most readers are probably familiar with. However, if you are not, do read it first, because this way you will understand what happens in this book much better.I grew up on the classic adventure stories by Dumas. Some of them, like "The Count of Monte Cristo", do require a certain level of maturity to understand. The original was a tale of a man, betrayed and wrongfully imprisoned, who then escaped, raised [...]

  • Stephen Fraser

    When I picked up The Sultan of Monte Cristo: First Sequel to the Count of Monte Cristo I wasn't sure what to expect. At the end of the classic book by Alexandre Dumas He ends it with the classic line “Until the day when God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words,—‘Wait and hope.” I for one have always felt that if Dumas had meant for there to be more to the story he would have penned the sequel himself as he had for his other works. The C [...]

  • Book

    I'm sure that I'm not alone in this feeling, but when I first read, "The Count of Monte Cristo," I fell in love with it. I then went out and watched both of the movies the next day. Which were enjoyable, but not up to par with the book you almost always find when books are turned into movies.So when I stumbled upon this book years later on , I bought it due to my love for the book I read years before.To me, few books can really stack up against the original. What can I say, I consider it one of [...]

  • Marie Burnes

    The Sultan of Monte Cristo was very well written. The imagination and creativity from the author is inspiring. This was recommended to me from a friend and I am so pleased I read it. It is simply a great story. The characters are exciting and the style of writing makes it an easy read. I would recommend this book to everyone, it is time well spent. I can't thank the author enough for writing this.

  • Anna

    Este es un libro realmente fantastico! Muy agradable. Lo recomiendo encarecidamente!

  • Erin O'Riordan

    I'm somewhat baffled by this book, and to be honest, I'm even more baffled as to how it got so many 5- and 4-star reviews. Did we all even read the same book? The one I read lured me in with the promise of continuing the story of The Count of Monte Cristo, which left a few loose ends. I really wanted to know what happened to Albert, Mercedes, Maximilian and Valentine, but most of all what happened between Edmond and Haydee. This little sequel starts with Edmond and Haydee's wedding night - sort [...]

  • brandy oliver

    This was a fascinating time period, well written and detailed so much that it took you right there, so much that you can smell the wines, the macaroons, and see the places, all the while, the characters also come to life right in front of you.I am a fan of the Count of Monte Cristo, and this was a splendid addition to such a fabulous story! I am anxious to read more from, Holy Ghost Writer, and I also would recommend possibly not only purchasing this book for your Kindle, but in paperback as wel [...]

  • Jillian

    Although many of us have read the Count of Monte Cristo, I always felt that it needed a follow-up. With the release of The Sultan of Monte Cristo, that void has been filled. Although it must have been a challenge for the author to write a sequel to the original best seller, I feel that in my opinion, this follow-up is by far one of the best publications in the same genre as the original.As this sequel is only 61 pages long, the reader will be very pleased to have the opportunity to read it in ju [...]

  • Saumya

    In a time where modern inventions were yet to be invented, French author Alexandre Dumas rocked the world with his literary classic, "The Count of Monte Cristo." In a nutshell, the Count of Monte Cristo is an engaging tale concerned with the adventurous journey undertaken by a wrongfully imprisoned man; his subsequent quest for revenge and the devastating consequences left in its wake makes for the themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy and forgiveness present in the classic.More than a centu [...]

  • Peanut

    For so many years, passionate fans of The Count of Monte Cristo have suffered a loss upon finishing Alexandre Dumas' last words. It is a grieving of sorts that has long been unmitigable until now. The mysterious Holy Ghost Writer has penned "The Sultan of Monte Cristo" as a direct continuance of the story readers have long struggled against leaving behind. The adventure-laden journeys of Edmond Dantes continues in his newly-honed role as investigative reporter who publishes his book as part of t [...]

  • Heidi

    The Sultan of Monte Cristo is a sequel to the classic Count of Monte Cristo. And to truly enjoy the book, it is best to read the Count of Monte Cristo before you read the Sultan of Monte Cristo.The book begins with Edmond and Haydee as newlyweds. They are enjoying their new life together as they sail for Albania, where they are to become the new Sultan and Sultana.During their journey they encounter adventures with the satanic captain of the Black Iblis. Edmond defeats the captain, and he gains [...]

  • Leslie

    Holy Ghost Writer is a masterful storyteller in every sense of the word. This story is lilting, daring, dramatic, edgy, and beautiful, all at the same time. Holy Ghost Writer knows when the hone in and focus on detail and when to sweep us through parts of the story that would bog other writers down.I purchased "That Girl Started Her Own Country", also by Holy Ghost Writer, and really liked the author's style. Then I bought this one. This book could not be more different! Instead of being disappo [...]

  • Steven

    A Sequel shinning like its OriginalNothing could be more difficult than writing a sequel to a popular historical novel. And when that popular historical novel’s name reads as The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, one can only pity the author for having attempted to achieve the impossible. But then, wait! this rule does not apply to Holy Ghost Writer who surpasses everybody’s expectation, probably his own expectation too, to pen down a Fantastic sequel - The Sultan of Monte Cristo: Fi [...]

  • Sara

    A Top class sequel to one of the best classics!Frankly, I have not read 'The Count of Monte Cristo' by Dumas. I have heard so much about the classic book, heard the story, but somehow never got to read it.Now, when I came across this sequel, was quite excited to get hold of it. It is a lovely book and can be read without reading a single line of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.The story begins with Edmond Dantes marrying Haydee and hence becomingthe Sultan of Albania. The dialogues between Dantes an [...]

  • Booklover03

    Mind-Blowing Sequel!The Sultan of Monte Cristo by Holy Ghost Writer - a sequel of “The Count of Monte Cristo” is a well-written book. The protagonist Edmond Dantes, known to some as Sindbad the Sailor, regrets what he has done in the past to seek vengeance. At the same time, he is captivated by the charm and beauty of Haydee, a clever, intelligent and self-confident woman who is younger than him but love him from the core of her heart. Oscillating between whether he should continue as the Su [...]

  • Alexa

    The Sultan of Monte Cristo is the very enchanting and well written book. I had not read the Count of Monte Cristo first although I had heard wonderful reviews of the book. This did not put me off grabbing the sequel and embracing it with open arms.It starts off with Edmond Dantes and Haydee as newlyweds. Haydee is a lot younger than him yet her love is that of an old soul. She has given all of herself to him. They are enjoying their new life together sailing to Albania where he will become the S [...]

  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm

    I don't know if it was just coincidence or what, but last month, I was able to watch The Count of Monte Cristo (the 2007 film) and so the setting and story is still fresh on my mind. (Although I was able to read the book a few years ago). I clearly understand that Sultan of Monte Cristo is not the real sequel to the hugely popular adventure novel by Alexander Dumas, but with a powerful story written by the Holy Ghost Writer, I couldn't help but have second thoughts.The Sultan of Monte Cristo had [...]

  • Emma Wilden

    A Crisp and Engaging Sequel to ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’To be able to read about the lives of Dumas’s popular characters Edmond Dantes or Sinbad, Haydee, Mercedes etc after ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ was literally amazing. Those who haven’t read ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by Alexander Dumas can also connect to this book quite well but reading it first might give a better perspective of the story. Reading ‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’ through the Holy Ghost Writer’s words [...]

  • Isrin

    True Continuation of an Enigmatic Mystery.The Sultan of Monte Cristo is ‘the’ perfect sequel to the Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexandre Dumas. It is taking the story so seamlessly forward that one could say that the original story ‘the Count of Monte Cristo’ was also written by the Holy Ghost Writer.When I read this book I was transported to the mysticism of yesteryear. It is intriguing and seductive at the same time. The characters that are given an opportunity to shine are the e [...]

  • Crystal Peterson

    I have not re-read 'The Count of Monte Cristo' for a couple years now, but the sequel 'The Sultan of Monte Cristo' brought it all back. Starting off, the story line incorporates Haydee, The Count, Greek Lore, sex, and Satand you find yourself hooked by the 4th page. The Holy Ghost Writer not only transported me to the time of Sinbad and Albania, but incorporated the character. Raymee, a young charismatic girl about to be married off by her father to the Caliph of Mecca, develops the story even m [...]

  • Sitara Nikhil

    A very interesting sequelWhoever doesn't know about Alexander Dumas’s ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’? One of the most thrilling and passionate classics of all times, this book has now got a sequel to follow it. Though Dante has exacted his revenge upon people who led him to be imprisoned for the wrong reasons, he was also unforgiving to his long-time lover Mercedes, whom he accused of not having waited for him.But in this sequel you will find a rather vulnerable yet refreshing Edmond Dante as [...]

  • Andrii Sedniev

    When I was a child "The Count of Monte Cristo" was my favorite book. Not so long ago I picked up and read this book again. The Alexander Dumas Monte Cristo story is truly one of the best books ever written. I was really happy when I found "The Sultan of Monte Cristo" sequel book because I was extremely interested to figure out what happened to Edmond Dantes, Mercedes and other characters. I can say that Holy Ghost Writers style of writing is very similar to the style of Dumas and I didn't feel t [...]

  • Victoria

    I read the CMC (the Lowell translation is reportedly the best) in anticipation of these "sequels", and to enjoy a classic I don't recall ever reading. Dumas is an accomplished storyteller who leads his reader into a time and setting sumptuous with detail and context. This sequel is "artistic" in a cartoonish way, but poorly-written, and sparse. Dumas is a generous writer; this sequel in contrast seems void of any effort at truly serving the reader.

  • Denise

    I did not care for the sequel. The writing (of course) is NOT Dumas. My minds eye showed different takes on Haydee and Mercedes. Neither came across as the sexual beings noted in this sequel. I got this book before having read the initial Dumas version. THAT book I enjoyed. I finished the sequel as it was about 70 pages. I totally disliked the ending.

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