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By Anna Banks Leigh Bardugo Jennifer Bosworth Emmy Laybourne Marissa Meyer | Comments: ( 139 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

The Fierce Reads Anthology is stories by five 2013 debut young adult authors Anna Banks Of Poseidon Leigh Bardugo Shadow and Bone Jennifer Bosworth Struck Emmy Laybourne Monument 14 and Marissa Meyer Cinder.

  • Title: The Fierce Reads Anthology
  • Author: Anna Banks Leigh Bardugo Jennifer Bosworth Emmy Laybourne Marissa Meyer
  • ISBN: 9781466820777
  • Page: 303
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Anna Banks Leigh Bardugo Jennifer Bosworth Emmy Laybourne Marissa Meyer

New York Times Bestselling author of The Syrena Legacy series Grew up in a town called Niceville No, seriously And yes, everyone from Niceville is generally nice Let s see, things about me.My writer s cat is a mini wiener dog named Puckdoo I can t walk in high heels, but I m amazing at standing still in them I m the only person in Florida without a tan I stole a car when I was 12 years old and drove across three state lines with it Yeah That s about it.My books Of PoseidonOf TritonOf NeptuneJoyrideHow To Lose A BachelorDegrees of Wrong Pen name Anna Scarlett Nemesis Coming soon

Comments The Fierce Reads Anthology

  • (yikes)

    Legacy Lost by Anna Banks-I liked this one well enough, though it was too fleeting to form an attachment to it. It involves Grom and Nalia from the world of Of PoseidonThe Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo-This one was so thrilling. There was blood and dancing and witches and gingerbread people, and it was so dark! So deliciously macabre and horrifically dark! It's set in the world of Shadow and Bone, though it does not involve any of the main characters and features a girl named Nadya.At first I t [...]

  • Marissa

    This is a nice offer from Tor. The anthology features five short stories and some preview excerpts from novels by Tor authors. I was impressed by the strength of the stories included, and it certainly accomplished its goal with me - I am interested in checking out the related books now!My major interest initially was in Meyer's Glitches, as I had already read Cinder and really enjoyed it. The story provided a nice back story for Cinder and explained how she found herself with her family, and how [...]

  • Steven

    Loved the Leigh Bardugo and Marissa Meyer stories. The rest weren't all bad, but those two are the ones that really stood out to me. The Emmy Laybourne story was pretty great too!

  • Michael

    Anthologies are always a mixed bag, so I tend to rate them 3 stars. I still read them occasionally as a way to find new authors, and I would say this one was successful because I liked 2 out of the 5 stories, and could recommend a third. However, I did not like the format of this particular anthology.Usually an anthology is just a collection of short stories, perhaps with an author's note describing the inspiration or other relevant commentary. In this one, however, each short story is from a se [...]

  • Metaphorosis

    It seems to be the thing these days to give away short stories packed with a teaser for a novel. Sometimes (as in Peter F. Hamilton's If at First . . .), the teaser is longer than the story. I think this is a great idea. The reader gets free stories, and information about where to get more from that author. It works particularly well with anthologies like this one.What I don't like is that many publishers aren't particularly upfront about what they're doing. I like to know what I'm getting. If ( [...]

  • Chris

    Hands down, without a doubt the best story in the collection is "The Witch of Duva" by Leigh Bardigo. It is a completely wonderful retelling of Hansel and Gretel set in a Russia like fantasy world. Technically the collection is marketed as Young Adult, but this story transends ages. You should note that "Duva" and theCinder short story both appear as well in the second Fierce Reads Collection. There are also previews of novels (using the first two chapters) after most of the short stories.As for [...]

  • Fatima

    3 stars!Legacy Lost by Anna Banks - 2 starsThe Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo - 4 starsProphet by Jennifer Bosworth - 2 starsDress Your Marines in White by Emmy Laybourne - 2 starsGlitches by Marissa Meyer - 4 starsI didn't love this anthology but it was a quick read! I loved Leigh Bardugo and Marissa Meyer's short stories, and I really liked that this was a little preview for some debut fantasy authors. I would love to see more fantasy short story anthologies, I think they're so much fun to rea [...]

  • Amanda Butler

    This anthology, published by Tor Books, consists of five short stories, with four of those accompanied by previews to the authors’ works. I had already read one of the short stories (Glitches by Marissa Meyer), which is still my favorite in this small collection. I rated only the short stories, not the previews that came along with it. I rate anthologies by rating each story individually and using the average for the overall rating. Legacy Lost by Anna Banks (2 stars): This short story is abou [...]

  • Virginia

    Tor is very clever. They hooked me with the short stories and now I have to read more from the featured authors. Legacy Lost by Anna Banks - I loved this world! I immediately reserved my copy of Of Poseidon upon reading the prequel short story as well as the sample chapters. Loved the characters and love story. Fascinating world!The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo - The best story in the anthology. Super creepy and sinister. Just perfect. *shudders* LOVED. 5 STARS for this story. Plus, I hadn't r [...]

  • Kris

    These are short stories/first chapters from some Tor authors who have stuff coming out - it was free on the Kindle (pretty good idea!) I really liked the Marissa Meyer story, but Cinder is already on my to-read list anyway. I also liked the Leigh Bardugo story and will look for more stuff by her. The others were readable but nothing that inspired me to go search for more.

  • Kaethe

    w00t! The Fierce Reads Anthology is available in the U.S. starting today for Kindle and Nook, iBooks and other e-book retailers.

  • Jessica

    'Legacy Lost' reminded me an awful lot of The Swan Princess - here are a young man and woman who have been destined to marry their entire lives, and now that they're older, the boy catches sight of the girl and it's insta!love because she's beautiful. I mean, eventually he finds that she's independent and strong, brave and intelligent, but that isn't what ends the animosity. Is it The Pull? Maybe. But as Grom himself said, shouldn't he have sensed Nalia years earlier, when he first became old en [...]

  • Melissa

    Overall this anthology was pretty weak, but there was one stand-out story that I really enjoyed and have continued to think about. Legacy Lost by Anna Banks - I found parts of this story fascinating - like the general premise of the Syrena - but was thrown off by the ending and some of the writing. The teaser for her novel - set in the same world - was interesting but not intriguing enough for me to have sought it out.The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo- Hands down the best story in this antholog [...]

  • nizza

    3.5 stars.I don't think I can write a review about this anthology without being in favor of Leigh Bardugo and Marissa Meyer LOL. I've always loved Bardugo and Meyer and reading their stories the second time around was just as fun as before! As for the other stories, I enjoyed Dress Your Marines in White by Emmy Laybourne. The other two, I couldn't finish reading as I felt disconnected with them

  • Kira

    Overall: 3 StarsI read this anthology because I was interested in Bardugo's and Meyer's novelsd this anthology pretty much cemented that they're the most interesting and well-written of the bunch. Still, I liked this offer from Tor - a quality product (the cover art for each individual story is AM-AH-ZING)and a chance for readers to sample authors for FREE!!! If you have an ereader, I highly recommend you check it out, especially for Bardugo's story. It's excellent. Oddly enough, the individual [...]

  • Nathan

    What a great anthology! I was really impressed by some of these authors, and I know I will be looking up most of the novels this anthology previews. Here's a mini review of each story/preview:Legacy Lost (prequel) and preview of Of Poseidon by Anna Banks: I wasn't surprised I liked this story. Growing up, 'The Little Mermaid' was my favorite Disney movie; I watched it all the time. So when I realized this story was about mermaids (merpeople?), I was hooked. It helped that the plot was good and I [...]

  • Pamela

    Slight exaggeration. I actually wanted to read almost all of these. I mean, Emmy Laybourne/Monument 14 prequel? Actually, I can't believe I read the Anna Banks story in toto. She writes books about merpeople, which is totally fine, but they're also very romantic-he-looked-into-her-liquid-eyes-and-was-mesmerized-by-her-gently-curved-lips, if you know what I mean. I don't do that. My friends know I don't do that. Generally, all of that woo-wah lovey-dovey stuff introduces a) angst, b) a love trian [...]

  • Diana

    Since this is a book made out of five short stories, each by a different author, I’m going to present my review accompanied by a seperate ranking for each:1. Anna Banks’ Legacy Lost [*….]Silly. That’s the one word I have for this story. The male lead is arrogant, bossy and too full of himself. The female lead started of good: strong, adventurous, but she ruined it by falling for the spoiled prince (the guy has nothing going on that could possibly atract any girl with more than two workin [...]

  • Karen

    I was very pleasantly surprised when I started reading this. Not only do we have short stories but the added bonus of an excerpt of the book the short is based on. The stories vary in length as well as genre but all are from fairly new authors with a twist. While I enjoyed all the stories, I have to say that two were my favorites, though I will now be purchasing all the books the shorts were based on. Oh my straining budget!I would love to lay out each story for you but that would be silly since [...]

  • Joy

    What a great way to seek out the next great good book to read. This this is an anthology of five very fantastical stories. First, I thoroughly enjoyed "Legacy Lost" by Anna Banks and subsequent first chapter of Of Poseidon which I downloaded and read entirely before continuing to the next author's contribution. Second in line, "The Witch of Duva" by Leigh Bardugo, I didn't care for at all. Too Grim for me. The third author, Jennifer Bosworth, is clearly a gifted writer. Her contribution, "Prophe [...]

  • Katie

    This is free to download. I guess it was supposed to make me want to read more by these authors, but, uh, that didn't really work.Legacy Lost by Anna Banks1/5 starsThis was was just shallow and annoying. I liked the premise (arranged mating between people who hate each other!), but the guy saw the girl and she was pretty, so then he wanted to be together. Anyway, then bad things happened and I didn't care.The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo4/5I liked this one! Sad and creepy and powerful.Prophet [...]

  • Devan

    Still need to finish reading Marissa's SS since I haven't read Cinder yet. I really enjoyed all the other companion short stories.Anna Banks: was pretty close to what I imagined the story for Grom and Nalia to be. It was fun seeing their feisty personalities clash and I can't wait to see what the future holds for these characters in Of Triton.Jennifer Bosworth: After finishing this SS I actually felt some compassion for Rance. I want to know more about Olivia.Leigh Bardugo: She did it again! She [...]

  • J K

    I'd already read two of these stories in the sequel anthology. The first two stories here are the strongest. This is probably as much of Young Adult narrative as I can generally take at a time - if you'll allow me to generalise horribly, too much YA seems to involve awkward clumsy girls and impossibly handsome boys (or the other way around) self-consciously second-guessing one another whilst a vampire/were-fish/humanoid alien either eats their friend or turns out to the be handsome teenage boy. [...]

  • Ashley

    Legacy Lost: I liked the characters in this one, but the whole mermaid thing was a bit too strange for me and it was very short. C+The Witch of Duva: One of my favorite short stories of all time, the Witch of Duva retells the story of Hansel and Gretel with a twist. With great characters and beautiful prose, this story is a must-read for any fan of ya or fairytales. AProphet: This story was very short, but still managed to have a strong plot line and intriguing characters. I really enjoyed the c [...]

  • Yvonne

    3 out of 5 stories made me want to read more by this author RIGHT NOW! Legacy Lost by Anna BanksIt was okay, but didn't really draw me in all that muchThe Witch of Duva by Leigh BardugoAmazing story, well written, and with a twist I did NOT expect at all. Definitely need to read more of her booksProphet by Jennifer BosworthAgain, couldn't quite get into itDress Your Marines in White by Emma LaybourneInteresting writing style, made me intrigued to read more of what happens in this world, so Monum [...]

  • WTF Are You Reading?

    This collection of short stories is just the thing to wet the appetite for the fabulous offerings of Tor.Whether you already a fan of the authors and their stories, familiar with a few, or new to them all. You are sure to find a treasure thatyou just can't pass up.Leaving no literary stone unturned; the editors and editors have even included snippets from the original full-length works referenced in each novella.This is a quick but very satisfying 190 pages.Showcasing the story crafting brillian [...]

  • Carolina

    I like anthologies because you get to try out different author's writing styles before you buy a book. It's like a fun teaser to the books/series/authors that you want to try out but don't know if you want to pay for a full book. In this anthology my favorite short story was Glitches by Marissa Meyer, which kind of defeats my theory of being introduced to new authors. I'm a big fan of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles and this little prequel to Cinder's tale was just perfect. Bittersweet. Don't g [...]

  • Christina

    I read this because I already read 3/5 of the short stories and their respective series. Loved The Witch of Duva (The Grisha) and Glitches (The Lunar Chronicles) and was hoping the anthology would introduce me to 2 new series that I might like. I read Legacy Lost and most of its series a couple of years ago and found those books to be decent, but not great. I felt kind of indifferent to the 2 other short stories, especially as I feel less inclined to start new dystopian novels, considering how m [...]

  • Vania

    **** 1/2 Legacy Lost by Anna Banks (prequel to Of Poseidon)It has such a dramatic ending that just makes me want to read the series.***** The Witch of Duva: A Ravkan Folk Tale by Leigh Bardugo (this story is a companion folk tale to Leigh Bardugo’s debut novel, Shadow and Bone)I loved it! Full of mystery and magic. *** Prophet by Jennifer Bosworth.Glimpse into the past of the villain of Jennifer Bosworth’s debut novel, Struck.**** 1/2 Dress Your Marines in White by Emmy Laybourne.Makes me th [...]

  • Daphne

    I stuck the reviews of the individual stories on their respective pages. This is a great little anthology of short stories from 5 different authors, mostly tangentially related to full length novels, whose first chapters are included after each short story. Great introduction to books I hadn't known about, had seen but originally wasn't interested in, and re-introduction to one I'd read. Love Tor for doing this, hope to find similar in the future.My personal to-reads from this discovery in order [...]

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  • Free Download [Graphic Novels Book] ☆ The Fierce Reads Anthology - by Anna Banks Leigh Bardugo Jennifer Bosworth Emmy Laybourne Marissa Meyer í
    303 Anna Banks Leigh Bardugo Jennifer Bosworth Emmy Laybourne Marissa Meyer
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