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By Julia Quinn Ana Álvares | Comments: ( 426 ) | Date: ( Jul 05, 2020 )

A sensata Kate Sheffield est decidida a encontrar para a sua meia irm Edwina um marido de reputa o impec vel Mal ela sabe que o visconde Anthony Bridgerton j tra ou um plano que inclui a bel ssima jovem E ele n o est habituado a ser contrariado Embora Anthony seja o solteir o mais cobi ado da temporada, a sua reputa o de mulherengo perturba Kate Ela ter deA sensata Kate Sheffield est decidida a encontrar para a sua meia irm Edwina um marido de reputa o impec vel Mal ela sabe que o visconde Anthony Bridgerton j tra ou um plano que inclui a bel ssima jovem E ele n o est habituado a ser contrariado Embora Anthony seja o solteir o mais cobi ado da temporada, a sua reputa o de mulherengo perturba Kate Ela ter de agir rapidamente, pois Edwina v com muito bons olhos os avan os do visconde Mas Edwina fez uma promessa que n o est disposta a quebrar nunca casar sem a b n o de Kate Cabe, pois, a Anthony convencer aquela que espera ser a sua futura cunhada Ele um homem determinado e seguro de si e n o contava encontrar uma advers ria sua altura Frente a frente, Kate e Anthony apercebem se de que t m mais em comum do que imaginaram Mas o que os une amea a separ los para sempre.

  • Title: Peripécias do Coração
  • Author: Julia Quinn Ana Álvares
  • ISBN: 9789892320144
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Julia Quinn Ana Álvares

1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don t read or write romance, and in 2001 she did so in grand style, competing on the the game show The Weakest Link and walking away with the 79,000 jackpot She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British and literary, answered all of her history and geography questions correctly, and knew that there was a Da Vinci long before there was a code.In 2010, Ms Quinn won her third RITA Award in four years and was the thirteenth author to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame Her books have been translated into twenty nine languages, and she has been profiled in USA Today and TIME Magazine Her twenty sixth novel, The Girl With the Make Believe Husband, will be released in 2017.

Comments Peripécias do Coração

  • Katerina

    Leave it to Julia Quinn to make you fall in love in a few chapters!I've come to realize, ladies and gentlemen, that Julia Quinn's novels are an oasis for both my mind and my soul. She takes you by the hand, and with her magical writing she opens a portal to another era, to a world of etiquette and courting and balls and lavish gowns, where the devastatingly handsome sworn batchelors end up falling in love with the smart girls, the ones who are not admired for their dazzling beauty, but can chall [...]

  • Phrynne

    Pure, unadulterated entertainment! I can tell I am going to love this series. The author has a talent for writing amusing dialogue and her characters are all so very charming. One very interesting thing about this particular story was that Ms Quinn did not stoop to stereotypes. The stepmother was not wicked but was much loved and her daughter and step daughter also got along together really well. It was a nice touch. The Bridgerton family are marvellous, always bickering and teasing each other b [...]


    Only like my most favorite Historical Romance of all times! I usually don't care for romances but when i do, this is exactly what i look for.

  • NiCoLeTa E.

    Another wonderfull story from Julia Quinn and the Bridgertons!!!This time was Antony's turn and it was equal interesting and pleasant as Daphne's!!!Antony is the older of all the Bridgertons and he has the title of viscount.I will admit that in the first book, i didn't like him very much because he was making Simon and Daphne's life really hard, but i forgive him because he is her older brother and he was just worried about her well-being(I'm always at your service, my lovely Viscount!!!)So, Ant [...]

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    From The Cover1814 promises to be another eventful season, but not, This Author believes, for Anthony Bridgerton, London's most elusive bachelor, who has shown no indication that he plans to marry. And in all truth, why should he? When it comes to playing the consummate rake, nobody does it better--Lady Whistledown's Society Papers, April 1814My Review:Well, wow! What a great read. I love it when an author can take me from hating the hero in the first chapter to adoring him by the last, and that [...]

  • Danielle

    This was a really great historical with a silly side. It's been a long time since I've read a Julia Quinn novel, but I was dying for a good regency romance and this one really hit the spot. Some of the situations were just funny, which I wasn't expecting. But it had some really great conflict that kept me invested. The hero is determined to marry the Belle of the Ball. But it's her annoying, meddling sister - who is trying to keep them apart - who he can't help be more interested in. A love/hate [...]

  • Rane

    Viscount Anthony Bridgerton feels he’s running out of time, thinking he would die young like his father, decided to finally marry and sire an heir before his young death. When he picks out the beauty of the season, he feels everything would go smoothly, he would have a agreeable marriage with no risk to his heart…at is until he meets his intended’s older sister. Kate Sheffield will not have a well-known rake like Anthony anywhere near her sister! Doing everything in her power to prevent a [...]

  • Alba M.

    ¿Sabéis que me acabo de dar cuenta que he estado tan enganchada a este libro que no he hecho ningún comentario en mientras leía? IN CRE I BLE. Por donde empiezo bueno decir que me ha gustado sería quedarse corta! Reconozco que no sé porque después de la maravillosa historia de Simon y Daphne no estaba muy entusiasmada de leer el resto (es lo que siempre pasa, los primeros libros suelen impresionar tanto que no crees que los siguientes sean capaces de llegarles a la altura) pero me he que [...]

  • Catarina

    4,5 Scared Stars.Anthony just knows he’s going to die young. He’s father and uncle did, so why wouldn’t he? So because of that, the only things he wants he’s a loveless marriage just to provide an heir to whom he can give his title of Lord. So, when he dies, his future wife won’t suffer because there was never love between them. (Yes, freaking amazing logic here!) He already has a girl picked out: she is perfect for the role and he knows that there’s no way he ends up falling for her [...]

  • Shawna

    5 stars – Historical/Regency RomanceAlthough I didn't enjoy this quite as much as The Duke and I, it's a heartwarming, funny, and charming romance with an amusing H/H. I really disliked Anthony in The Duke And I, and I thought he was an overbearing, judgmental jerk most of the time. So I wasn't sure how I'd feel about him in this, and although he acted like an indignant ass towards Kate for a large part of the story and was still bossy towards his siblings, I understood his motivations and act [...]

  • Ronyell

    After reading the first book in Julia Quinn’s fantastic “Bridgerton” series, The Duke and I I just had to check out the second book in series “The Viscount Who Loved Me” and man, was I blown away by this book!Anthony Bridgerton, who is well-known as being London’s most notorious rake, takes London by storm when he decides that he wants to get married and he has his sights set on Edwina Sheffield. However, Anthony will soon realize that this is not an easy task as he has to impress Ed [...]

  • Geri Reads

    Loved this not-quite-a-retelling-but-close-enough of The Taming of the Shrew again. And I'll read this again and again if I could.

  • Erika

    “If I might offer you a piece of advice?” Colin said, munching on his walnut. “You might not,” Anthony replied. He looked up. Colin was chewing with his mouth open. As this had been strictly forbidden while growing up in their household, Anthony could only deduce that Colin was displaying such poor manners only to make more noise. “Close your damned mouth,” he muttered.Colin swallowed, smacked his lips, and took a sip of his tea to wash it all down. “Whatever you did, apologize for [...]

  • Melisa

    "Love's about finding the one person who makes your heart complete, who makes you a better person that you ever dreamed you could be. It's about looking in the eyes of your wife and knowing, all the way to your bones, that she's simply the best person you've ever known."Swoon."Delightful" seems to be the word of choice I keep coming back to to describe this series. I'm really, really loving the Bridgertons, this family is full of love and humor and wit. It is a good thing when you leave a book s [...]

  • Milica's Bookshelf

    Jedna od najboljih priča od Julie Quinn o Anthony Bridgerthonu i Kate Sheffield je predivna. Zabavna i dirljiva. Likovi su upečatljivi, zanimljivi i dobro definisani.Autorka je uradila sjajan posao napravivši jedinstvene situacije za likove. Antnonyev otac nesrećnim slučajem umire u svojim kasnim tridesetim, a Anthony nikako ne veruje da će ga nadživeti. Znači da je on nesposoban da voli jer se plaši gubitka. Situacija je tako realna za njegov lik, pa je samim tim povezanost njegovog li [...]

  • Ally

    So look, when your life is challenging and you need a safe place to rest, Bridgertonville is the best. It's a break from it all. While I can't say this was the best in the series for me, it was pretty wonderful.The heroine was my favorite of the two. She's tough, caring, a little wounded and wonderful. She had a healthy relationship with her family evil villains there, thanx be to dog. And speaking of dogs, she had a corgi. How the hell can I not love a woman with a corgi?The hero, Anthony, is f [...]

  • Camila, the opinionated Catruler

    Actual rating: 2.5*So The Viscount Who Loved Me. The name itself is a spoiler, I believe. Because Anthony is so fucking sure he can control whether he falls in love or not, and Kate just bloody knows no man, especially a handsome and rakish Viscount, could ever fall in love with her. And so it begins, as I eye roll for the first but not last time.But let's be fair. I have never and probably never will claim not to be able to enjoy a cheesy, stereotypical and predictable romance. Sometimes I just [...]

  • Maria

    Que história tão deliciosa, sem duvida que estou rendida à escrita desta autora, que consegue colocar um sentido de humor nos seus romances, sem tornar a personagens "tolinhas". Gostei muito do 1º livro desta saga e este 2º anda mais. Mulheres fortes e desembaraçadas, que conseguem levar a água ao seu moinho, em tempos em que quem "mandava" eram os homens, mas de uma forma graciosa e divertida. Recomendo, sem duvida e aguardo ansiosamente o próximo livro da familia Bridgerton.

  • KatieV

    3.5 rounded upI listened to the audio by Rosalyn Landor, so it generally goes without saying that it was fabulously narrated (still irritated by her voice for Cam in Kleypas' Hathaway series). The Bridgerton family and their interactions are definitely fun and I liked Kate. Colin was a riot in this one. It took me a while to warm up to Anthony though.Anthony was an ass for at least the first quarter of the story. Perhaps I was being dense, but I didn't peg the reason for his not wanting to love [...]

  • Sara ♥

    April 7-13, 2013WOW! That took me almost a week to get through! That's pretty sad! Of course, I watched two seasons of Downton Abbey in that time frame as well And I'd read the last quarter of the book again only about a month ago, so.Anyway, I reread the ending of this book quite frequently, but I'd forgotten some of the stuff from the beginning! SO CUTE!!! LOVE this book!September 1-2, 2010April 1, 2007This was the first Julia Quinn book I ever read (even though it's the second in the series), [...]

  • Grecia Robles

    ****4.5 Abejas como Cupido STARS ****Esta serie me está encantado y amo a los Bridgerton son una familia tan  akajdjssj💕💕💕Aunque no fue tan divertido como el libro anterior también me gustó mucho, Anthony y Kate me entretuvieron mucho con esa aversión que se tenían y también me gustó bastante que  no hubiera una atracción desde el principio, sino que casi les da algo sólo de imaginarse juntos.A las abejas ya no las veré igual son unas cupidos 🐝🐝sino fueran por ellas no [...]

  • Alice Kellen

    4.5 ¡Qué lectura más cuqui! Anthony y Kate son geniales.

  • Zairobe25

    Un poquito menos entretenido que el primero, aunque me gustó no fue tan lindo y divertido.

  • Chrissa Vasileiou

    Άντονι (καρδούλες,καρδούλες,καρδούλες!)5 αστεράκια για το δεύτερο βιβλίο της οικογένειας Μπρίτζερτον,που μου άρεσε τολμώ να πω περισσότερο από το πρώτο! Το ζευγάρι εδώ έχει εκπληκτική χημεία, η ιστορία είναι για μένα περισσότερο ενδιαφέρουσα από την πρώτη και το χιούμορ πο [...]

  • Ashley

    I'm sure as fellow book readers you will understand what I mean when I say that sometimes books make you do bad things for your health and safety.I've had a cold since Monday and sleep is something I should be getting plenty of right now. I headed to bed on time for once last night, and settled in about 10:15 PM with my copy of this e-book, figuring I'd read for five minutes or so and then turn in. There aren't many books these days, even my favorites, that can overcome my love of sleep. But for [...]

  • ♛ Garima ♛

    This is more like 3 stars but for 1 entire star for Lady WhistledownThat lady sure is hilarious.Anthony Bridgerton is a Rake.A rake (lower-case) is youthful and immature. He flaunts his exploits, behaves with utmost idiocy, and thinks himself dangerous to women.A Rake (upper-case) knows he is dangerous to women.If this introduction of AB is not enough to read further then I don't know what. The romance between Anthony and Kate is bit unusual considering Anthony wants to marry Kate's younger sist [...]

  • Jenny

    Wow! Just wow! This was my first book by Julia Quinn and I am definitely going to read more by her! Thank you Kainat for recommending this book to me, I don't think your recommendations could ever go wrong and this was one amazing read! I haven't read the first book in the series, but I don't think it affected my reading experience of this book so it was totally fine. This book is quite different from what I've read in past. Usually the characters fall in love instantly, or at least there's some [...]

  • Bj

    4.5 "Her Sister's Keeper" Stars for the Story and Narration!If you're looking for a slow burn romance then look no further! I'm a huge fan of the enemies to lovers trope and when you combine it with witty repartees that display the author's quick wit and excellent command of character development along the way, I'm a goner. Add in the interesting secondary characters that make up the Bridgerton family, and there is tons to entertain the listener and keep them coming back for more books that make [...]

  • (Nat) Reading Romances

    Who would figure a bee would be so important?Another rake story? Nope. In fact, the plot does present a redeemed rake plus a heroine that is never weak, the tension between them is electrifying. The book starts in a hearbreaking manner, with one of the saddest prologues I've ever read - I cried. In the end Julia Quinn justifies that choice, which comforted me a little. "He was the firstborn Bridgerton of a firstborn Bridgerton of a firstborn Bridgerton eight times over. He had a dynastic respons [...]

  • Eastofoz

    Overall it’s good but I didn’t really like Anthony all that much –he was too “hot” or “bossy” or something at times, can’t quite put my finger on it. I liked Kate and I felt sorry for her, but I thought she could have had more inner strength especially towards Anthony. There are a few scenes where you get teary eyed because of some very strong emotions that surface. Lady Whistledown is a riot yet again!The story itself is very well-written with a lot of fun smiling moments. Could [...]

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