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By Lance Horton | Comments: ( 525 ) | Date: ( Nov 22, 2019 )

FBI victim specialist Kyle Andrews is heading to snowy Montana to prove to himself, and others, that he can handle the duties of his dream job to become a special agent Assigned to a multiple homicide case on federal land in Flathead National Park along with Special Agent Lewis Edwards, Kyle arrives in Kalispell, Montana, the scene of three gruesome murders Someone or soFBI victim specialist Kyle Andrews is heading to snowy Montana to prove to himself, and others, that he can handle the duties of his dream job to become a special agent Assigned to a multiple homicide case on federal land in Flathead National Park along with Special Agent Lewis Edwards, Kyle arrives in Kalispell, Montana, the scene of three gruesome murders Someone or something is on the loose on Shadow Mountain.It is not long before Andrews meets Carrie Daniels, a grieving reporter who is attempting to solve the mystery behind her grandparents murder in their lakeside cabin While Kyle helps Carrie deal with her heartache, both quickly realize that nothing is as it seems Legends of monsters persist and begin to spread throughout the tiny town, and the bizarre and brutal murders continue Someone is hiding a secret so toxic that they are willing to kill to protect it.In this gripping thriller, Kyle and Carrie must embark on an arduous trek into the depths of the forest to uncover the mystery behind the murders But only time will tell if they will survive long enough to find the answers that have the potential to change their lives forever.

  • Title: Shadow Dragon
  • Author: Lance Horton
  • ISBN: 9781462007660
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Lance Horton

LANCE HORTON is a member of the SMU Creative Writing Program, The Writer s League of Texas, Backspace, and an associate member of the International Thriller Writers In 2013, Shadow Dragon was selected as the best Suspense Novel in the Readers Favorite annual contest Lance resides in Dallas, Texas, where he is at work on his next novel For information see shadowdragonfo

Comments Shadow Dragon

  • Catherine

    Final review:Like the talons of the title's namesake, this book snags you in quickly, deeply, right from the beginning. This isn't a genre that I typically read, but because it is set in the area of NW Montana where I reside, it piqued my interest, and it certainly did not disappoint.I was drawn in from the first few words, and lost several nights of sleep I just couldn't stop reading!The authour did a great job researching and describing the mountainous wilderness where much of the action takes [...]

  • Erin

    Why publishers weren't lining up to nab Lance Horton's Shadow Dragon is beyond my comprehension, but you can find more about that on the author's website. Point is, this book is a wonderfully conceived and skillfully formulated page turner that I couldn't put down. I don't want to give too much away, but I really like the balance Horton struck between mystery and suspense. He never throws so much at the reader that you go into overload but he maintains the momentum cover to cover. This is an ess [...]

  • Rachel

    This is by far the best "first-reads" book thus far! Something about the writing had me hooked from page one. I loved the suspense of the first half of book before things started to come together. What was most interesting was the book started as fairly typically crime novel (bodies found, FBI called in, and a hired assassin attempting to clean up a mess), however, as the story progressed the story teetered on the edge between mystery and science-fiction. It kept me wondering when/if the book wo [...]

  • Kristy McRae

    A great thriller with a little bit of something for everyone--action, government intrigue, wilderness trekking, a creepy batch of creatures, and even a bit of romance! Also, it's set in my home state of Montana, and the author did a fine job of capturing my state, and the personalities of the locals.

  • Heather Monroe

    From the beginning, the reader will be drawn in and enticed. The book will keep you guessing as the conspiracy unravels. Horton embraced the essence of a murder mystery meets the genetic engineering of science fiction. This is definitely a must read for those who enjoy thrillers and mysteries!

  • Gloria Wolk

    "Shadow Dragon" is outstanding, sophisticated plot, well developed characters, fast-paced, suspenseful, one of the few truly good suspense novels to be published in the past few years.

  • Marla Madison

    Shadow Dragon is a super-good read! It is so true that there are not new plots, just new ways of spinning them. Lance Horton does it brilliantly in this book. HIs characters are interesting, and the plot is never predictable or boring.It's hard to talk about this storyline without giving it away. I liked Kyle Anderson, a believable guy who ends up in the middle of a dark conspiracy. HIs developing relationship with Carrie Daniels, granddaughter of two of the victims of the mysterious deaths, is [...]

  • Violet

    I would like to thank and Lance Horton for Shadow Dragon."Fantastic, this book has everything you want in a thriller and more.Once you start reading you will not want to put the book down. If you only buy one thriller this year the Shadow Dragon should be it."

  • Cheryl Landmark

    Review to come soon.

  • girl writing

    This was a good enough story for me to finish. However, some additional editing would have made it a better book. The word 'virtually' was way overused. There were a couple of scenes that seemed very unbelievable to such an extent they distracted from the story. The main female character has an abusive ex-boyfriend and yet leaves a bar after happy hour with co-workers at night and by herself to walk to her car parked some distance away. I would have parked close by, asked someone to walk to the [...]

  • Pamela

    The Flathead Valley in Montana, in the winter, is as much of a character as any person in this well-composed mystery, action, thriller. It has boots on the ground, or snow, as the case may be. Even with supernatural and sci-fi elements, it is the characters' story that receives the focus. In the end, it is easy to imagine Kyle Andrews as a new Special Agent for the FBI, continuing on his path. With all his neuroses and childhood wounds, he has some growing to do. Carrie Daniels is spunky enough [...]

  • Inken

    I didn't actually finish this book because I gave up reading it about 10 chapters in. This book jumps around so much with new characters appearing in each chapter, which are all barely 2-3 pages long, it was just too hard trying to keep everything straight. What character was being featured? What town we were in? What state were we in?! Who had died this time? I'm sure for a first novel this is a good effort but for me it was just so much hard work and I like complicated mysteries!

  • Pamela

    I enjoyed this book, The only reason for the four stars over five was the over descriptions of characters not even important to the storyline or over descriptions of landscape.

  • M. Sprouse

    When I got this book, I had no idea it was as much science fiction as detective/mystery thriller. No matter, I really liked the story and author's style and the short chapter set-up loaned itself to keeping the reader involved for a quick read. It was quite suspenseful, I found myself sometimes reading 50 pages or more at a time. The male protagonist could be a little wimpy and irritating at times, and the female counterpart was much more sympathetic and interesting. The other characters were fa [...]

  • Lisa

    If you’re looking for an atmospheric thriller with a touch of suspense and a fresh concept, this book is just what you need. I generally avoid monster stories because of how overused some ideas are and how they repeat each other; but I believed the reviewers and decided to give this one a try, and I wasn’t disappointed. The author’s idea was fresh and believable, and it’s the first thing I especially liked about this book. The second was the setting and chilly, mysterious atmosphere of t [...]

  • Angela

    Great read! It will pull you in immediately. The characters are well written and you will like the likeable ones. The setting is fantastic, in the mountains of Montana, very cold, snowy and hard to get around in. I really enjoyed this.

  • Terry

    I enjoyed this book. It did get alittle lengthy, though. I felt thatit seemed to drag a little bitabout 3/4 of the way through.Would definitely check out futurebooks by Mr. Horton.

  • Bev

    I did enjoy this one!

  • Holly

    I like the idea, but the language was so bad, I couldn't finish it. I just skipped the middle and jumped to the end to see what happened

  • Nedermier

    I liked the book, especially the plot premise. It kept me interested throughout. On the negative side, it could have used a bit more editing and I found a couple of the plot choices unrealistic.

  • Jennifer

    A bit unbelievable, but kept me wanting to turn to the next page.

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  • Free Download [Classics Book] ✓ Shadow Dragon - by Lance Horton ✓
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