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By Michael Prescott | Comments: ( 408 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

A killer is using labyrinthine storm drains to dispose of his victims, who are found handcuffed and drowned, washed out of the rain filled drainage lines like garbage The crimes compel FBI Agent Tess McCallum to crack the case, but they re touching a nerve in Personal Security Consultant Abby Sinclair She fears it s the same madman who invaded her nightmares once before.A killer is using labyrinthine storm drains to dispose of his victims, who are found handcuffed and drowned, washed out of the rain filled drainage lines like garbage The crimes compel FBI Agent Tess McCallum to crack the case, but they re touching a nerve in Personal Security Consultant Abby Sinclair She fears it s the same madman who invaded her nightmares once before As the two women work with each other to solve the case, tensions rise and tempers flare And as sure as the rain, a new killing season begins.

  • Title: Dangerous Games
  • Author: Michael Prescott
  • ISBN: 9780451411693
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Michael Prescott

A pseudonym used by Douglas Borton, aka Brian Harper.Douglas Borton grew up in New Jersey and attended Wesleyan University, then moved to Los Angeles and pursued a career as a screenwriter After working with several independent producers, he eventually switched to writing novels, a much less stressful occupation He has published 25 thrillers, starting with horror novels in the 1980s and continuing with suspense and crime novels in the 90s and beyond His latest book is Bad to the Bone 2015 , a sequel to Blood in the Water 2014 After twenty years in traditional publishing, he went the indie route in 2011 and has become one of America s bestselling ebook writers.

Comments Dangerous Games

  • Kristy

    This is the first Michael Prescott book I've read and I think he's pretty terrific. I like his writing style a lot - very good with the action sequences and he creates compelling characters. The setting for the crimes is LA's maze of storm drains - depicted in fiction and film a few times, notably in the film noir "He Walks By Night" that I caught about a year ago in the midst of a TCM addiction. Pretty cool setting - I thought the climax was awesome. Liked FBI agent Tess McCallum better than th [...]

  • Lee

    What made this better than the 'ol possible serial killer on the loose, was the other female character. With FBI agent Tess McCallum called back to L.A. after stopping another killer in an earlier case. But, when she gets a tip on this case, and the tippster has her meet her "security consultant" Abby Sinclair. As a kid, I'm sure Abby was one of those that didn't stay inside the lines when coloringd didn't care. Her lone ranger attitude, and with Tess not being a total team playerde for some gre [...]

  • Mark Giordano

    Most of my books get passed down to me from family members. When I read the description of this story on the dust cover I wasn't entirely certain I wanted to read it. I've read enough stories about kidnappings that I've recently decided I don't want to read any more. I'm glad I read this book! It was far more than the normal book about a kidnapper on the loose. I enjoyed the characters, the story line and there were plenty of twist, turns and suspense to keep my interest. I definitely recommend [...]

  • Ice

    This psychologically complex thriller features a serial killer who's all the more terrifying because of his basic ordinariness; he's Everyman, twisted. The two protagonists are familiar, too: maverick FBI special agent Tess McCallum (nicknamed "Super Fed" by an adoring media) from Next Victim, and even more freewheeling freelance security agent Abby Sinclair from The Shadow Hunter. The two stubbornly independent women make a compelling, if unlikely, team. While the killer's identity is no secret [...]

  • Syl

    Enjoyed the audio version of this thriller almost exclusively during my evening jogs and walks and was much impressed. This is my first book by M Prescott and it was a roller coaster. A taut plot with female protagonists, a sociopathic killer with an accomplice who is revealed only towards the last and the sparring between the female FBI agent and the female detective, mostly at loggerheads with each other with interference by the headstrong lady they both are trying to save was interesting. I c [...]

  • gwen shrake

    What a great thriller with an excellent almost endingThis is the first time I've read a book by this author. It starts out as a thriller and stays the course until the very end. The story setting is in the drainage system of L.A. What a place for kidnaps and murder. Miles and miles of pipe line, some big enough for vehicles all the way down to just being able to walk the line. Abbey and Tess are an unlikely team and start putting most of the pieces together dealing with the situation. One thing [...]

  • Msgadget

    The first two books in this series are individual treatments of two female bad asses, who come together in this book. Love that since it means we get an inside, complete view of both. Author's note at end of audio explains how this came to be. I've enjoyed the Prescott series for their own twisty turns and good writing. It's been especially great to have good mystery thrills after a particularly bad (really bad) series. However, this would be great even if I hadn't ever suffered through (insert [...]

  • Debra Daniels-zeller

    This book was a quick read because it was hard to put down. The story was like a roller coaster ride with a seriel killer. It had great plot twists and two memorable tough female characters--Tess McCallum and Abby Sinclair. The killer leaves his victims alive in the LA storm drains when it rains (really, how often is that?) Anyway, its a scary underground system that made a great backdrop for a serial killer. I got this bppl as a deal and saw that it was number 3 in a series. I can't wait to go [...]

  • Teresa

    So this is where Abby and Tess got started! I obviously read Mr. Prescott's books out of order, and I never knew how they hooked up. Another excellent read by Michael Prescott. I find it fascinating how Mr. Prescott can make so many characters with totally different personalities and styles so believable and just "come alive" for his readers. Mr. Prescott's books have just enough facts to make it real, but not so much to bore the reader to death. Superb read.

  • Ted Kendall

    For some reason I went into this book not expecting much, but willing to give a new author (for me) a try. The book was much better than I expected and kept me engaged and in suspense. There were even some well-hidden twists in the plot that caught me by surprise after I thought I had it figured it out. Definitely a good read and I would like to read more from Mr. Prescott.

  • Pmcdnld2

    FBI agent Tess McCallum is back fighting with her superiors and chasing down another serial killer this time with the help of an interesting female PI who was in another of Prescott's books. Good mystery if you like the type.

  • Jeff

    I enjoyed the author's other works better. This one felt heavy-handed in the characters motivation, and some of the narration devolved into rants wholly independent of the characters. Kind of a slog getting through in my opinion.

  • Lola

    This is the book that made me believe in Michael Prescott. His characters make you want to know more and more about them. Tess and Abbie develop so well in the first two books. I want more of them. The action and story lines are really background noise around the lives of these two women.

  • Suze

    DANGEROUS GAMESVery good book, although a little bit predictable. Tess tries so hard to loosen up a little, at the same time Abby is pushing her buttons. Their conflicting personalities help keep the story interesting.

  • Ellen Blend

    Pretty good read. Sometimes too simplistic, but easily overlooked. The characters Tess McCallum and Abby Sinclair (who apparently are in his other books) are excellently portrayed in personality, but not necessarily their personal descriptions.

  • Breia

    I have read a few other books from Michael Prescott and while none of them are stellar, they are not bad either. Interesting plot, characters and scene. Those storm drains/ditches totally freak me out – I guess there’s a reason for that.

  • Arthur

    Dangerous Games ( Tess McCallum & Abby Sinclair #3)Who would put a PI and a FBI SAC together to solve a serial killer mystery? Not many would, but Prescott does just that in this thriller. Hang on to your seat, the ride is full of bumps. Thanks for another great read.

  • lynda

    It was a fun read!Fast paced and exciting I liked Abby a lot, she was consistently fun; most of the other characters didn't seem to know who they were; they ran hot and cold hence the 4 rating. Still I liked the book and will read this author again.

  • Dhali

    First time reading this author, really liked his style.

  • Lisa

    One of his best. Hard to put down and combining two previous characters! FBI &private eye working together to catch serial killers in the tumnnels under LA

  • Michele Simon

    A good crime story. The interaction between the two main female characters kept it interesting and exciting.

  • Brian Bixler

    Dangerous Games is a fast read and pretty typical for its genre. There's only a twist or two that add suspense. I did appreciate the strong female characters, who are true heroines, flaws and all.

  • Kenny

    Fast paced action. Great story with a very good ending. Prescott is very good at the murder mystery genre.

  • Rick

    Gripping thriller.

  • Eileen McCann

    Very Good

  • Judith

    Female FBI agent from Denver travels to California to track a serial killer who drowns women in the underground waterways.

  • Duyvken

    An FBI agent, a private eye, a nasty crim and twists and turns that keep this well-paced book moving along make for a very satisfying read.

  • Rachelle Piatek

    Great series! Enjoyed how he brought Abby & Tess together!!!

  • Peg

    I liked this one better than his first book with Tess Macallum.

  • Lin

    A pretty decent crime drama. I had the accomplice figured out fairly early, bug then the author threw in a red herring that sent me off track-well done.

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  • Best Download [Michael Prescott] ↠ Dangerous Games || [Crime Book] PDF ✓
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