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By Amber Garza | Comments: ( 694 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

A missing girl.A young woman running from her shameful past.A person with a dark secret who will stop at nothing to keep it hidden.And the act of betrayal that binds them all together.

  • Title: Engraved
  • Author: Amber Garza
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Amber Garza

Amber Garza lives in California with her amazing husband and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years.

Comments Engraved

  • Anna Berendzen

    I really liked this book! It's a story of love and redemption written by flipping back and forth from the past to the present each chapter. I think it is a good YA/adult mystery/suspense/romance. I received this book through the first reads programThe present: Amy Thompson is in her twenties and she has finally got her life under control- she has revived her connections with family and friends, has a good job where she can mentor others, and is soon to be married to her loving, protective fianc [...]

  • Abbie

    The pacing in this was a bit too slow for me, so it dragged at times. The mystery over who took the little girl was interesting enough for the story to keep my attention, but it wasn't until the last 15% or so that I started to really enjoy the book. Overall, An okay read.

  • Kara

    I left my comfort zone to read this book, but it's always a gift to read someone's redemption story and the title really got my attention. Garza managed to grab my attention from the first page and I literally pulled an all nighter to finish reading it (I think I did it in about 5 hours) :)Amy is struggling to get on with her life after a troubled and disturbing teen life. She has the ideal home life with two parents who love her deeply and a younger brother that I instantly adored (LOVED it whe [...]

  • Caitlyn Santi

    I love this author! She has become one of my favorites! Engraved is an amazing book which I think everyone should read. I absolutely loved it! I was really touched by the message about the power of God's love for us. Yes Engraved is Christian fiction (Which I, as a Christian loved!) but it is very non preachy so I think it could definitely crossover to a mainstream audience. I really hope there is a sequel at some point, because I wasn't ready to let these characters go! If you want a book that [...]

  • Kim Justice

    My Review: Author Amber Garza has done it again!! WOW The back and forth of the book as far as the chapters going from the present to the past was way far out!! I Loved This Book!!!! From the beginning to the end I was on the edge. Did not want to put the kindle out of my hands. Turning the pages was a must. Tried to solve the mystery, only to read a few more lines to say no that can't be. Then to read more to go back to my first thought. The characters within the pages of this edge of your seat [...]

  • Amber Garza

    This is my favorite book that I've written. It's very close to my heart as it mirrors my own story of redemption. The novel is a mystery/suspense written for for an upper YA/Adult audience. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Stacy Palm

    This book had a lot of good things going for it, but it also had it's share of negative things. Let me start by saying that overall the book was enjoyable, entertaining, and kept me interested and it is for those reasons that I would recommend this book to readers. This story is engaging in a "I want to know what happens" kind of way. The writer did an excellent job of moving the story forward without ruining the surprise ending. I thought this was an excellent story premise as I have a fondness [...]

  • Melanie

    Review on : amazon/review/R3Y6Q9GVReview on my blog: christianbookshelfreviewsEngraved was a very interesting read - just like the other three books I've read by Amber Garza (The Prowl Trilogy). I really liked the characters and while there weren't that many surprises in the book, I still found parts of it suspenseful.Engraved dealt a lot with drugs and addiction. There was also mention of a rape and some heavy kissing. Because of that, I would only recommend this book to mature readers.Overall, [...]

  • Dana

    As a teenager, Amy rebelled against her Christian family and their way of life and ran off with a bad guy, did lots of drugs, was abused and had a baby that she gave up for adoption. Years later, she is helping other people out of the same sort of situation that she had been in, but her daughter has been kidnapped and she suspects her ex-boyfriend. There is mystery, intrigue and plot twists in this Christian thriller. I kind of felt that the story was a bit over-exaggerated or over-emphasized as [...]

  • Mitsy

    Engraved is a powerful story about Amy. As a teenager, Amy met Blake and together they became drug addicts. Years later Amy is sober, happy, engaged and a school guidance counselor. Then she discovers the daughter she gave up for adoption has been kidnapped. The chapters go from present to past as Amy's ordeal is revealed.It's heart breaking. Have the tissues nearby. I'm emotionally exhausted and at peace. Amber Garza has written an emotionally powerful, raw, and stunning book. Highly recommende [...]

  • Pauline Creeden

    A poignant tale of a woman who, because of her low-self esteem, finds herself attracted to the wrong sort of guy. She ends up living the life of a prodigal son, but with the help of praying parents and a couple of godly friends, she finds a way back to the right pathor so she thinks.

  • Kierstin Veldkamp

    This book was a serious diversion from all the previous ones I'be read by this author. It wasnt a cute romantic story but instead a mysterious, kidnapping, drug addict kind of story with a religious undertone. It wasn't bad but it wasn't as much as of a compulsive read for me as her other books.

  • Amber Garza

    So excited that the book is finally available in both paperback and kindle!

  • Aydrea

    Wow this book was intense& pretty dark, but very good!

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Engraved | by ☆ Amber Garza
    388 Amber Garza
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