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The year is 1861 Civil war is imminent and Tilly Pruitt s brother, Noah, is eager to go and fight on the side of the North With her father long gone, Tilly, her sister, and their mother struggle to make ends meet and hold the dwindling Pruitt family together Then one night a mysterious girl arrives on a steamboat bound for St Louis Delphine is unlike anyone the smallThe year is 1861 Civil war is imminent and Tilly Pruitt s brother, Noah, is eager to go and fight on the side of the North With her father long gone, Tilly, her sister, and their mother struggle to make ends meet and hold the dwindling Pruitt family together Then one night a mysterious girl arrives on a steamboat bound for St Louis Delphine is unlike anyone the small river town has even seen Mrs Pruitt agrees to take Delphine and her dark, silent traveling companion in as boarders No one in town knows what to make of the two strangers, and so the rumors fly Is Delphine s companion a slave Could they be spies for the South Are the Pruitts traitors A masterful tale of mystery and war, and a breathtaking portrait of the lifelong impact one person can have on another.

  • Title: The River Between Us
  • Author: Richard Peck
  • ISBN: 9780142403105
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Richard Peck

Richard Peck is an American novelist known for his prolific contributions to modern young adult literature He was awarded the Newbery Medal in 2001 for his novel A Year Down Yonder.Richard Peck was born in 1934 in Decatur, Illinois, a town he describes as quiet and safe His mother, Virginia, was a dietitian and his father, Wayne, was a merchant who often rode his Harley Davidson to work.Richard was crazy about cars when he was young and took pride in the fact that he could instantly identify the make and model of each on coming car He went to college in Exeter, England and then served a stint in the army He then became a junior high school teacher He taught in Illinois and in New York City Then his real steps into the writing profession began While still teaching, he wrote a column on the architecture of historic neighborhoods for the New York Times and contributed articles to the Saturday Review of Literature and the Chicago Tribune as well as other magazines and newspapers In 1971 he left teaching to become a full time writer His first novel was Don t Look and It Won t Hurt Henry Holt, 1999 ISBN 0805063161 Order InfoFor many years Richard Peck signed on as a temporary lecturer for around the world cruises These trips enabled him to travel, to teach and to meet people who sometimes appear in his books He advises young people who want to become writers to get to know people who don t conform to the group This is a common theme in many of his novels.

Comments The River Between Us

  • Juli

    The year is 1861. Tilly Pruitt lives in Illinois with her brother Noah, her sister Cass and their mother. With their father gone, they are struggling to make ends meet. Then a stranger from New Orleans steps off a steamboat headed to St Louis. Delphine and her companion Calinda are like nothing the small town of Grand Tower has ever seen. They cannot continue their journey to St. Louis, so Mrs. Pruitt takes them in as paying boarders. Rumors begin to fly around town immediately. Residents wonder [...]

  • Donna

    This was an easy and fast historical fiction book for kids on the Civil war, but yet very good for adults. I love Richard Peck and have read many of his books to my kids over the years. We own many of them, so when my kids pick one up I know it is appropriate for the age and I also know they are in for a treat because all of his stories I have enjoyed.This was a mild telling of some historical events that occurred in the Civil war era so that kids could glimpse at what it must have been like wit [...]

  • Megan

    What kept me reading this book was the fact that everything that was going on, was happening during the Civil War time period. I believe the author's intention for writing this book was to let the reader see what life was like during that time. My favorite character was Delphine Duval. Delphine was my favorite character because she's very spunky, has a very high spirit, always looks on the bright side of things, and she's also extremely brave and courageous. My least favorite character was Mrs. [...]

  • Donna

    During the early days of the Civil War, the Pruitt family takes in two mysterious young ladies who have fled New Orleans to come north to Illinois. Richard Peck writes about Tilly Peck and her family in Grand Tower, Illinois along a settlement town along the Mississippi River, set in 1861 just before the Civil War begins. The story opens with Howard Leland Hutchings telling of the road trip he, his dad, Dr. William Hutchings, and his two younger brothers, Raymond and Earl make from St. Louis to [...]

  • Suzette

    This book was a little slow at first, but it really picked up and it really packed a punch!! I learned so much about from this different view of the Civil War, and things I never knew about the culture of New Orleans. There is a small amount of graphic violence in a battle scene. Richard Peck is an excellent author, and although I do prefer his comedies, this was a very well written book. 4 1/2 stars from me.

  • Laura Noto

    Summary-The River Between Us is a chapter book for 7th to 12th graders. It is a story that takes place in Illinois in the beginning of the Civil War. The narrator is a 15-year-old Caucasian girl named Tilly Pruitt. She lives with her mother, her twin brother Noah, and her younger sister Cass. Two mysterious strangers come into town (one lighter skinned and dressed very eloquently and the other darker skinned, dressed less formal, with a wrap on her head) and Tilly’s mother offers them a room t [...]

  • Madonnasharma

    Scott O’Dell Award & National Book Award (2004) The River between Us by Richard PeckGrade level: 7th & upThe criteria given for this award is that it be historical fiction about events in “The New World”, written in English by a citizen of U.S. and be for children or young adults. Peck’s masterpiece fits the criteria and more; this is the first book that I have read by this author and I promptly added two more to my “to read” list. I like his style, it is simple, but beautifu [...]

  • Christine Jensen

    Approximate Interest Level/Reading Level: Junior High/High SchoolFormat: Chapter BookAwards: ALA Notable Books for Children (2004), ALA Best Books for Young Adults (2004), National Book Award Honor for Young People's Literature (2003), Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction (2004)A young man travels with his father in the early 1900s to meet his extended family. Once there, his grandmother, in the telling of their family history, relives her experience as a teenager when two mysterious strang [...]

  • Nancy

    A thought provoking book for young adults- it highlights the injustices and prejudices that shaped a family for multiple generations. Set in southern Illinois in 1861, two women disembark from a riverboat looking for shelter. Noah and Tilly, twins, board the women in their home and are mesmerized by the New Orleans travelers Delphine and Calinda. Delphine is a glamorous young woman, while Calinda is her black servant. When Noah is sent to fight in the Civil War, Tilly and Delphine are sent to br [...]

  • Lauren

    In my opinion, this is a very different Civil War book. I chose it because it highlighted Southern Illinois and I thought it would be interesting to read about somewhere close to home. Then, it took an even more exciting turn! This book is told in two parts- the first and last part are told from a young boy's perspective in the year 1916 (fun fact: the year my great-aunt was born- we talked about it Sunday) and then one of his grandparents takes over as the majority of the book flashes back to t [...]

  • Stacey

    My 7th grader asked me to read this because he didn't understand a few parts. A fantastic book taking place at the start of the civil war. The discussion that followed was worth millions with my son. I wish I had to read great books when I was in school.

  • Maggie

    My most favorite book of Richard Peck's, funny, sad and heart rending.

  • Kari

    The twist is plaçage

  • Rachel

    My favorite genre, my favorite time period, and Peck still managed to keep my attention!

  • Katherine

    The River Between Us is a historical fiction novel that is set near the time of World War I. The novel begins with a young boy named Howard taking a road trip with his father and two younger brothers to visit his grandparents in Grand Tower, Illinois. The novel flashes back to the time of the Civil War, as Howard’s Grandma Tilly narrates the story of her life and that of her brother Noah and his great love, Delphine. As the war approaches, Tilly and her mother fear that Noah will leave to figh [...]

  • Margaret

    This is a brilliant book. It captures the mood of the times--small town in southern Illinois during the Civil War and the voices of its protagonists--both the very provincial rural characters and the New Orleans-bred glamor that comes upon them. And it has a riveting plot, with several unexpected twists as characters develop in ways not expected. I wasn't sure at first the frame story was needed, but when I finished the book and then began to re-read it again, I loved the way that hints are ther [...]

  • Jennifer

    In the River Between Us, Richard Peck skillfully weaves together a boy’s coming of age story, how the Civil War affected those living along the Mississippi, and the subcultures of Louisiana society to form a gripping historical fiction novel. The story is narrated by 15 year old Howard Leeland Hutchings who, in 1916, is on the road with his father and brothers to visit his father’s family. Once with the relatives, his grandmother begin to reminisce about the hardships of the Civil War. With [...]

  • Maggie

    I enjoyed this little trip into American History. Most of the book (and it's a small one - easy read) takes place at the start of the Civil War, although it starts and ends in the year 1916.A steamboat whistle splits the air one April evening in 1861, and with it, all is changed for 15 year old Tilly Pruitt and her family. They've been living in a muddy little mississippi River town in Illinois, fearing the approach of the Civil War. Tilly's twin brother Noah, however, has been marching and dril [...]

  • Steven Reid

    1. Genre: Historical Fiction2. Summary: This book is about a family who take in two southern girls during the start of the Civil War. It describes the trials and hardships they go through to keep the family together and look out for each other. 3a. Historical Accuracy3b. Peck has created a story about a small part of the Civil War, and he conducted his research well. While his characters are fictional, Peck constructed his story around actual places, and used historical data about "egyptians" an [...]

  • Jared Anderson

    Beautiful in it's simplistic manner of conjuring up mental scenery, The River Between Us is a sobering journey of the affects of the US Civil War on the best of people. People who would never hear a shot fired in anger. People with pure hearts who held no bias beyond there own sphere's of influence. People changed forever because of how they suffered. Forget rags to riches stories, I prefer watching a pure innocent grow into a callused character giant any day.Though the author spends a great dea [...]

  • Yasmin

    I've always hated war books.I've picked this book because I love the author, not knowing it was a war book. If I knew, I would never have picked it.I enjoyed this book so much because it shows the human side of war.It is sad that in olden days, fighters had to face each other to kill, so they knew that they both have families and loved ones.Now a days, things are robotic, people kill each other from thousands of miles away.They don't have to think of whom they are killing. " The enemy must be mo [...]

  • s.leep

    The River Between Us by Richard Peck (2005) This story “begins” in 1916, with a doctor driving his teenage son and twin children to his Illinois hometown on the bank of the Mississippi River, and then shifts to 1861, as a young woman describes how her town is affected by the mounting dissent between the North and the South, and the arrival of a mysterious woman from New Orleans.The narrative shift from the doctor’s teenage son to the female voice two generations prior is abrupt, but her st [...]

  • Caroline Daniel

    o Summary: This book is about a family that goes through a lot of sticky situations during the civil war. The Pruitt family experiences much heartbreak during the this time. It consist of many sad events and even death. Your typical civil war story with a twist. This is a great story of family, love, and the civil war.o Grade level: fifth o Appropriate classroom use: comprehension test for reading that can be taught while the students are learning about the civil war in their history classo Indi [...]

  • Ryan

    This book is in the class with Tuck Everlasting and The Book Thief. Peck says just enough, never too much and there are no unbelievable bee-charming events. It is superior to his Newberry medal and honors books - and they are good.River pulls in non-traditional elements of Civil War stories - it is set in the Western theater, in Southern Illinois (Peck tends to center his stories in Illinois, and most often in Southern Illinois). The small town is divided but more like rival football team fans a [...]

  • Beth Pearson

    This book was slow for me to get into. I actually quit for awhile when I got to Chapter 2 and realized it was 50+ years earlier. I'm glad I came back to it and read on. Tilly's voice reminded me a bit of "These is my Words" with the poor vocabulary and country backwoods ring. I enjoyed the Civil War settingt of one of the great plantations of the South, but instead set in Southern Illinois where the town was divided between north and south sympathies. Although a fiction book, I feel the research [...]

  • Laura

    This was a great, quick read. I always enjoy all of Richard Peck's books. I love his historical fiction. They give me a brilliant, clear peek at the past, if only for a moment.This book begins with a father and his 3 sons going on a journey in 1916 to visit their grandparents in Grand Tower, Illinois. The bulk of the novel is Grandma Tilly telling her story to her grandson of when she was young and the civil war began. When she is 17, and the war has hardly begun, two young mysterious girls from [...]

  • Heidi

    National Book Award FinalistScott O’Dell AwardGrades 6-12Peck explores the complexity of race, status, love, and war in this multi-generational novel. Set in Southern Illinois along the Mississippi River, Peck beautifully captures the setting and characters of Civil War-time America in the area of the country where Union and Confederate sympathies mingled. Considering the subject matter, this book could have easily spanned 500 pages, but Peck pares it down perfectly for the adolescent reader. [...]

  • Cathy

    The year is 1861. Civil war is imminent and Tilly Pruitt's brother, Noah, is eager to go and fight on the side of the North. With her father long gone, Tilly, her sister, and their mother struggle to make ends meet and hold the dwindling Pruitt family together. Then one night a mysterious girl arrives on a steamboat bound for St. Louis. Delphine is unlike anyone the small river town has even seen. Mrs. Pruitt agrees to take Delphine and her dark, silent traveling companion in as boarders. No one [...]

  • Joe

    I love the historical detail of Richard Peck's writing--the minutia blows me away! This story within a story is touching and full ofeness. A quick dose of history that you don't normally see in textbooks, part of the Civil War that was felt on the homefront and not on the battlefield. After I finished, I went immediately to look up more about Southern Illinois during this time. Maybe it's because I lived close by and recognized some of the places, but I just loved the setting. Unfortunately, I f [...]

  • Kamayka

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a good read and would be great for middle schoolers. This book is a historical non-fiction book about a time period of the Civil War. The Pruitt family live at Grand Tower and have taken in two women named Delphine and Calinda. Delphine has a great personality and Calinda is more reserved. Cass and Tilley take up with them throughout the book. As for mama Pruitt, she wants to do whatever it takes to prevent her son Noah from going off to war.

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  • Unlimited [Science Fiction Book] ☆ The River Between Us - by Richard Peck Õ
    458 Richard Peck
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