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By Ikku Jippensha | Comments: ( 509 ) | Date: ( May 30, 2020 )

A pair of irrepressible scoundrels are the heroes of this madcap adventure along the great highway, from Tokyo to Kyoto This lusty tale of their disreputable doings was originally issued serially in 1802, and was so successful that the author wrote numerous sequels, appearing year by year.

  • Title: Shank's Mare: Japan's Great Comic Novel of Travel & Ribaldry
  • Author: Ikku Jippensha
  • ISBN: 9780804815802
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ikku Jippensha

Ikku Jippensha Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Shank's Mare: Japan's Great Comic Novel of Travel & Ribaldry book, this is one of the most wanted Ikku Jippensha author readers around the world.

Comments Shank's Mare: Japan's Great Comic Novel of Travel & Ribaldry

  • Steve

  • Nicola

    Had to read this for a class; not quite sure what I make of it. Humorous but crude, charmingly laddish but also sexist.

  • Benjamin

    Traditionally known as the Tokaidochu Hizakurige, this book was originally written by Jippensha Ikku in the 19th century when increasing prosperity and relaxation of certain laws allowed more people in Japan to travel. The book tells the tale of the two friends Yajirobēi and Kitahachi. They are traveling along the famous Eastern Sea Road to undertake a pilgrimage from Edo to the Ise shrine in Kyoto. Hence, this book historically functioned as both a comic novel and a travel guide. This can stil [...]

  • Paul

    I checked this out due to constant references to in several of Kyōka Izumi's tales. It is actually quite enjoyable, rather sweet and good-natured little picaresque novel. It is as much a far cry from Izumi's dark, labyrinthine works as it is from what i initially expected. Whilst I expected comic picaresque, I also expected something cynical, wry and lewd, perhaps because one naturally expects something like that from this novel's European rough equivalents. But no, "sweet and good-natured" is [...]

  • Nicole

    I found this book while I was writing a paper on Hiroshige's Tokaido Road ukiyo-e print series. While doing research I found this book and even though it wasn't completely relevant since it was a work of fiction I decided to take time out and read it. I am so glad that I did. It is hilarious! Not only does it give the reader a good sense of what every day life was like in late 19th century Japan, it gives a taste of a great sense of humor. It ended up being a great primary source of background i [...]

  • Clint

    I haven't finished this yet, but here's how it looks so far. Picture the movie Dumb & Dumber, but starring Pinky of Pinky and the Brain as both main characters. Also, set it in late eighteenth century Japan.There are notes that try to explain some of the cultural references and awful puns, but (a) notes aren't marked in the text, so you have to check in the back whenever you think you might be missing something, and (b) the notes have page numbers included, but the page numbers are to the or [...]

  • Danielroffle

    Reviews speak of "earthy humor" and a "lusty tale of disreputable doings"; sadly, it seems, Tokugawa era Japan wasn't quite the right place to go overboard with the smut, and so "Shank's Mare" feels fatally tame and milquetoast when compared to, say, "D.Quixote" or even "Tristam Shandy". It also does this thing that you can find in anime where one character does something moderatley amusing, the other recpaitulates what just happened, the first character tells the second one that yes, this is ex [...]

  • Estanteriadecho

    Viaje por el Tokaido es un libro de humor que nos acerca al folclore japonés de la época feudal. Un título didáctico y divertido que disfrutarán aquellos que sientan afinidad por el exotismo de la cultura japonesa. Reseña Viaje por el Tokaido: laestanteriadecho

  • Janet

    Who knew Tokugawa era Japan was this funny? Men making mischief on the road. A time-honored literary form. Like it very much but agree with the reviewer who said it's not as good as Monkey (the great Chinese road novel).

  • Michael

    I'm sure this would have been much better in the original Japanese, but it was lacking in its translated form.

  • Rogier

    A road movie in ancient japanese print. Good, but not as good as its chinese counterpart: Monkey by Wu Ch'eng-en

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ☆ Shank's Mare: Japan's Great Comic Novel of Travel & Ribaldry : by Ikku Jippensha ↠
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