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Solving a murder is never an easy matter, even when circumstances are ideal For Basil, circumstances are far from ideal Because the murder is far complicated than at first it seems, and before he can even begin to solve it Basil must contend with a council that refuses to listen to him, a partner he despises, and a thief who is a temptation that Basil cannot seem toSolving a murder is never an easy matter, even when circumstances are ideal For Basil, circumstances are far from ideal Because the murder is far complicated than at first it seems, and before he can even begin to solve it Basil must contend with a council that refuses to listen to him, a partner he despises, and a thief who is a temptation that Basil cannot seem to resistPreviously a serialized fiction at Less Than Three Press

  • Title: A Shadow of a Dream
  • Author: Isabella Carter
  • ISBN: 9781620040300
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook

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Isabella Carter

Isabella Carter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Shadow of a Dream book, this is one of the most wanted Isabella Carter author readers around the world.

Comments A Shadow of a Dream

  • Icedave

    Rating:4.33 stars.Genre:Fantasy-adventure novel with two gay main characters with their developing romance as a side plot.InfosMain Characters:Basil is one of the hunters of the Order—an organization hunting supernatural/magical beings and humans as they are (looked upon as) a threat. He was raised by Simon, an council member of the Order. As Basil has shown remarkable investigative skills due to some supernatural traits, some of the Order are suspicious of him.The Shadow/Cheshire/?* is a most [...]

  • ttg

    3-3.5 stars. A fun fantasy mystery with some very enjoyable characters, but with a somewhat confusing plot.The story focuses on Basil, who is part of a police force called The Order that solves mysteries and crimes related to supernatural beings (like witches, mages, fae, etc.) Being supernatural is pretty bad in this world, and Basil is forced to hide his own latent abilities while he works cases, otherwise he might join the criminals in the Order’s prison catacombs. Complicating things is a [...]

  • Paul

    had great potential but the writing style and overall book wasn't for me

  • Ayanna

    Meh. Third limited, yet none of the interior monologue that would give this piece - and this character, for that matter - character. It makes for a rather bloodless sort of read. DNF'ed at first, then went back to it. My issues after I went back were with the way the characters/plot was handled, so either the narration issue got better, or I got used to it, or I was able to ignore it. Additional comments below the original below.Running commentary:The main problem with anything out of LT3 is I l [...]

  • Lily

    After re-reading this one, my thoughts have not changed substantially. The universe is compelling though a bit inconsistent, Basil and his adventures remained very worthwhile and Cheshire is certainly intriguing. I feel strongly that a sequel is needed to explore many unanswered questions about Basil's origins, as well as his blooming relationship with Cheshire.3.9 stars. This book captured my attention from the very beginning and kept me thoroughly engaged until the end. I think fans of Megan D [...]

  • Pete W

    3.5 stars round up.What I like:The relationship was slow to build. Due to circumstances, etc the MCs, while felt drawn to each other, were not really together until later.The writing was engaging later but not at first. I guess because the lacking in world building. It wasn't until I read a fair amount to get enough info to actually get enough details to see the world in my head.What I don't like:The world building was not very clear. (view spoiler)[They use hackney and carriage, so it wasn't co [...]

  • Seregil

    4.5 stars (rounding up to 5)What I liked:- the lovable characters- complicated Order of magic hunters in a world that is partially skeptical about magic- spunky thief (view spoiler)[(that happens to be a sort of neko elf whoa! so many fetishes rolled into one :) ) (hide spoiler)]- a mysterious main character that you're unsure about what type of creature he is up until he actually tells you (towards the middle/end of the story)- the sexy reaver that promises a favor from his boss (Death) I wante [...]

  • Issa

    I found I liked this story more when I just let go and went with it. As with the other book I read from this author, the characters were unique, plentiful, and a lot of fun. Our MC Basil if amazingly complex as is his friend The Shadow. I enjoyed the slow progression of their relationship and found the mystery, the case Basil and his partner worked on pretty well done. But the world building was too big of a job to get out in on story. It was clunky, left too many questions, and didn't sufficien [...]

  • Mandi

    4 stars. A little slow to start with, but I was caught up in Basil and his mysteries and relationships. The romance was intriguing, but it wasn't the main focus. (am I the only one who wanted him to get with the reaper instead?) Could of easily been a 5 star read with just a little more emphasis on the romantic aspect and wrapping up some of the plot threads. Actually hoping the author writes another book, because the ending was very up in the air.

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣

    3.5 StarsI waffled between that middle range rating of 3.3-3.5 starsI liked the story but I think we were only scratching the surface of the characters' personalities, motivations, etc. when the book was basically done. Also, it left some unanswered questions, a few dangling plot threads. But there some good sexual tension (that never really explodes on page) and witty banter, which I loved.Were the author to continue this as a series I think it would only get better, tighter. It's been years si [...]

  • Nova

    4.5 starsLoved it! But I need a sequel. So many unanswered questions :(

  • Dena

    3.25* audio version

  • Ng

    This book was a very interesting read. And I do want to read more in this series- as there are some questions that remains unanswered. Hope the author has not given up on this series.

  • Sarina

    Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Oh my God, where has this book been all my life? Or at least, you know, the last few years. Words cannot express the absolute love I have for this book and just how much it blew whatever expectations I had away. Seriously, this book was just that good.Basil works as a Hunter for the Order, investigating strange occurrences and hunting down supernatural beings that threaten the lives of his city. Anything magical is seen as a threat which is a big problem for [...]

  • Lissel

    It was ok, but just ok.I felt like we always got half explanations about things, and then the story kept on going and we had to just assume things would be fully explained at some point. But they were explained too late. It actually got confusing a few times. What was confusing as well is differentiating when Basil was talking aloud and when he was talking to Shadow/Cheshire telepathically. That could have been handled better.I feel like I complain about this in many of the books I review, and h [...]

  • Pépin Pomme

    Very, very lovable characters.Basil, the main character, is a sassy paranormal sort of detective, with his fair share of secrets he has to hide if he wants to live.He is very honest and has his heart at the right place. His relationship with Shadow is so, so much fun. And feels. Basil really is the kind of characters I both feel the need to protect from the world, and to protect the world from.The plot is great, too. Some plotpoints are easy to guess, some are not, so it was very interesting to [...]

  • Anatheia

    It was a good read. Unfortunately, a lot of things seems unfinished at the end.The world setting is quite interesting. I would have loved to learn more about the fae and the Reve. A sequel would be very appreciated. There is some questions to answer and the fate of Basil is still unknown. Not to mention his relationship with Cheshire.It was well written and it sometimes reminded me of Megan Derr's style that I adore. After this read, I had only one thought: 'I need to read more about this author [...]

  • Teresa

    I really enjoyed this fantasy tale, set in an historical, alternate reality of our world. It had a unique take on the fae and magic. I liked the characters and the plot. There were a few minor inconsistencies such as one minor character having three different last names, but overall the writing was good. The romance was reallllly secondary and subtle, so subtle as to almost be none existent, but the story wasn't dependent on it.

  • Rissa

    At the beginning, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. Once we got into the mysteries, I totally got into it, lol.I liked Basil! And Cheshire (which I see what you did there and kudos!). I also liked Elliot and wish there was more of him because what of the favor? I know it said finish but it seemed like there were so many unanswered questions. What of the Shadow King? Who was the number one? So many more But I did enjoy it! :)

  • Ashley E

    I have slightly mixed feelings on this book. On one hand, I loved the characters. Basil stole my heart immediately, and the mysterious "Shadow" slipped in as well. With some fascinating secondary characters, I was hooked. On the other hand, the plot sometimes got away from me and felt a little obscure. So I devoured the book whole, but also felt a little confused at time. A sharper content editor/beta reader would have helped this out, but Still love the author for her voice. :)

  • Magnolia

    From Magnolia Reviews: Five PetalsThis is definitely one of the better M/M romance books I've read. I highly recommend it. The plot, the magic, and the world were so intricately crafted that I can't help wanting more. Read the full review on Maggie's website: magnoliareviews.weebly/rev

  • Shayla Mist

    It was absolutely incredible from start to finish and, although there is very little romance involved, the hint is there and it makes the reader's anticipation grow. Very appealing characters, my favorite being Cheshire obviously, and superb story telling. Isabella Carter has created a fantastic world. I'm hoping for a sequel to this one.

  • Tinka023

    I'm not sure i really understood the whole explanation of the nightmare and fae dimension stuff but the rest of it was nice, if a little weird. Elliot was interesting, liked to have had more of him. little disappointed it was PG rated, I was expecting them to get it on at some point after all the build up and flirting going on, but it was a fun read otherwise.

  • Donna

    Not as good as the other books I've read from this author. I liked the story, but not much was written about the romance. I am giving this story only three and a half stars, because it's not as good as the books I've given four stars to, but it is better than books I've given three stars to.

  • Drianne

    This was super, super cute. MC was a little dumb (well, a lot) and couldn't solve any of the mysteries, but the romance was adorable, the plot was fun, and I liked all the characters a lot.

  • Jennice

    this book was amazing it kept reminding me of "Dance with the devil series by Megan Derr"

  • Elisa Rolle

    2013 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

  • Reader


  • J.J. Carroll

    3.75 rounded up. Loved Cheshire.

  • Alaska

    3.5 stars

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