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By Irene Trimble Walt Disney Company | Comments: ( 554 ) | Date: ( Apr 05, 2020 )

An epic adventure set in the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland Determined to carve her own path in life, a skilled archer named Princess Merida defies a sacred age old custom and inadvertently unleashes a beastly curse upon the kingdom To set things right, Merida embarks on a perilous quest and discovers the meaning of true bravery.

  • Title: Brave: The Junior Novelization
  • Author: Irene Trimble Walt Disney Company
  • ISBN: 9780736429122
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Irene Trimble Walt Disney Company

Irene Trimble Walt Disney Company Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Brave: The Junior Novelization book, this is one of the most wanted Irene Trimble Walt Disney Company author readers around the world.

Comments Brave: The Junior Novelization

  • Mariah

    I saw this movie right around the time it came out, but can barely remember it. So when I saw that this book was available at my library I thought, "why not?" This book was much better than I expected! It brought back a lot of good memories about the movie and I forgot how much I really liked Princess Merida. Princess Merida's mother is trying to find her a husband, but Merida doesn't want to be married. She doesn't need someone to take care of her. She can take care of herself. She hates all th [...]

  • CP

    I loved this book! Merida is wonderful!

  • Amanda The Book Slayer

    3.5 stars

  • LiteraryChanteuse

    My daughter and I absolutely loved the movie and love this book. Much is carried over from the original movie but there are a few differences. Such wonderful description that it was just as much fun to read as to watch. Warning: children may begin speaking with a scottish accent when reading this book aloud.

  • ضحى الحداد

    3.5 stars First off, let's begin by saying I wasn't a huge fan of the movie BRAVE I mean, it did have a nice idea and a great concept about family but the story itself wasn't that interesting for me in general that being said if you really liked the movie I would suggest you watch it again because the book wasn't as enjoyable as the movie so yeah, I LOVE the Junior Novelization series and I do plan to read more in the future but this one wasn't for me I guess

  • Gaele

    AudioBook Review: Stars: Overall: 5 Narration: 5 Story: 5If you, like me, are a fan of animation, you are aware of Pixar’s Brave, the Scottish Princess Merida and her attempts to put off a coming betrothal. One of my favorite animations: Merida is strong willed, skilled and just a bit of a tomboy, with her riding and archery skills. But, this is a review of the story presented in AudioBook form, a retelling of the movie plot. The writing does clearly delineate the story, and it is told in Meri [...]

  • Sarah

    I am a huge fan of the movie, Brave, so naturally the book drew my attention.This story speaks loudly to me because it's not what's expected from your average Disney Princess. Firstly, Merida is part of a loving family with two parents, her mother included, and three brothers. Their dynamic is expected, regardless that they're royalty.Fate and freedom are major themes within this story, but what sticks out for me is Merida and Eleanor's relationship. They are your typical mother and daughter, wh [...]

  • Ayano Noguchi

    The Junior NovelizationTime: 9/30-20min 10/1-20min 10/2-20min7words summary: queen, mother, forest, castle, triplets, archery, crowdDiscussion questionQ1: Have you ever clashed with your mother over something?A1: Yes, I have. However, it was a small crash. When my mother couldn't understand what I wanted to say, I was very angry. On reflection, I also did wrong.Q2: Do you want to decide how to spend your own life by yourself?A1: Of course, yes. I want to live freely and decide my way by myself.I [...]

  • Lorrie

    Good book. Now really makes me want to go see the movie. Someone said this wan't good for children to see because Merida was rebelious and didn't do what her mother saidl me what child, at some poont and time while growing up, rebells againts their parents, thinks their parents don't listen to them and generally are not connected to them. This is a story about such a child a bit more stuborn than most,she does find a way to get her point across in a bit on an unorthodox way, but for the timeste [...]

  • Holly Foley (Procida)

    Novelizations can't really compete with other book/movie combos since they are essentially a book written about a movie. This movie looks cute for little ones, might try to catch it on TV sometime. I was hopeful the backdrop would reveal more about the people or place of Scotland so I could potentially use it in my geography class. (always dangerous to incorporate books that mix in fantasy characters and situations.)

  • Michelle

    I downloaded this book for free from Barnes & Noble. I thought it was a really cute story about Princess Merida's determination to carve her own path in life. While doing so, she endangers her Kingdom and the lives of her family yet lessons are both taught and learned along the way. Great book for kids.

  • Cherie

    For a novel based on the script of an animated movie, it was a nice little story, well written and complete. I enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to going to go see the movie with my grand daughter.

  • Jenny

    A novel adaptation of the Disney Pixar film, Brave. The story follows Princess Merida in Scotland as she struggles against her family's expectations. Good thing I read the book before seeing the movie!

  • Darth Vix

    This is such a cute story! I haven't seen the movie but now I am excited to see it.

  • Lyons

    a mother-daughter story

  • Diane

    This shows the tremendous bond between a mother and daughter. When almost all of Disney films have one of the parents dead or absent, this is a tender family story.

  • Stella

    her brothers turned into bears and she could shoot a bow and arrow

  • Natalie Lozano

    This was a decent read. I enjoyed the movie much better. Especially because a couple of my favorite parts in the movie arent in the book. Its a good book, I just have to be in the mood fot it.

  • Emry Acton

    Right as i saw this movie all i wanted was this book. and i finally got it one day and i was so excited.

  • Janisa Leung

    Very good.I like this book ,it was intersting.

  • Amanda

    it was ok

  • Tim Booher

    fun! excited to see it with lauren

  • janie love

    love it

  • Sandi

    3.5 starste story

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