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By Resmiranda | Comments: ( 273 ) | Date: ( Feb 26, 2020 )

Fandom InuYashaKagome, now in college, discovers the tale of Sesshomaru and Rin Grief can be a prison, but the bonds of love are not easily broken What is the truth behind fairytales PAIRING Kagome Sesshomaru328.000 words aprox.

  • Title: Tales From the House of the Moon
  • Author: Resmiranda
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 225
  • Format: None

About Author:


Resmiranda is a fanfic writer mainly known for her works in the InuYasha fandom She was active during 2003 2012.

Comments Tales From the House of the Moon

  • Lexie

    So. Much. Sobbing. II can't I don't WANT to think about it. So good. So painful.

  • DK Hoffman

    This is, hands down, the most extraordinary book ever written by a (then) unpublished author. It is riveting from page one and the excitement builds the entire length of the story. The plot is complex and twisty. The characters are well developed and realistic. Subtle humor is sprinkled liberally throughout. I've read this book at least 11 times and will continue reading again and again. It's like a good wine - it just keeps getting better.

  • Galateea

    It says something when you vividly remember and adore something you read a decade ago and still worship it enough to atrociously miss the good ol' days of epic fanfiction. In all sincerity, if this isn't the best Inuyasha fanfiction (or at the very least in the top 3 EVER), then i don't know which one it is. I've always shipped Ssshoumaru and Kagome for some reason i have not discovered even to this day, and this cemented my undying love for this pair as one of the best out there. Trust me, I'm [...]

  • Serena

    Dio le lacrime, le lacrimeeeeeeeQuesta non è una fanfiction, questo è un capolavoro che comincia facendoti a pezzi il cuore, per poi ricomporlo e farlo a pezzi nuovamente ancora e ancora. Una saga epica che si snoda nel Giappone feudale tra demoni, sacerdotesse e guerrieri, tra passato e futuro. La rivisitazione di InuYasha che supera l'originale pur portandone con sé tutta la nostalgia. La storia d'amore tra due anime perse e sull'orlo della resa, che nell'incontro l'una con l'altra imparano [...]

  • Angelica Agelviz

    It says something about a book when, even 10 years after reading it, you still remember it with the fondness of a dear friend. The reviews posted before are not an exaggeration; this is a divinely written book, fanfiction or otherwise. Resmiranda has achieved the impossible - she has breathed life into already established characters in such a way that she has made them her own. If you are an Inuyasha fan, and even if you aren't, I recommend everybody to read this. She has masterfully dealt with [...]

  • Kat

    One of the best- possibly the best- InuYasha fanfiction pieces I have read. I was able to quickly get lost into the world Resmiranda built and had a hard time pausing in my reading. The characters were kept to their original identities and characteristics and simply built upon, showing unbelievable depth. Sesshomaru and Kagome are my personal favorite pairing, but too often the characters are made completely unbelievable- Resmiranda kept them as they were but found a way that they would be paire [...]

  • Carrigan

    I have a really soft place in my heart for this story. This fic was finished just as I was starting out on ff, and I was still very young. I didn't understand the hype, and I was too young to appreciate the work. Now almost ten years later I finally read this story. And it's funny to me looking back as a child I couldn't understand the themes in TFTHOTM, and now as an adult I understand it so well this book moves me to tears. This story feels like going home and coming full circle all at once. I [...]

  • Roxana-Mălina Chirilă

    My original 2008 comments (copy-pasted in 2015):Usually, I don't grant fanfiction anywhere near the status of a book (although there are some things out there that don't deserve to be called books AT ALL), but this one happened to be one of the few exceptions in which the entire tale is brilliant. Inuyasha fanfic. And it's got all that it needs.

  • Kathryn

    Best book I've ever read hands down. It is a breathtakingly beautiful piece. I've read this many years ago a few times and even own it in hard copy probably the only one that exists because my friend made me one from a special website. Everyone who I let read it loves it too!

  • Jody Mena

    I have no words. If this is not the best fanfic of its fandom, it is at least in the top 5, and that's being modest. Gripping, heart rending, epic, beautiful. Doesn't matter if this is not your fandom, or not your ship - this story is not to be missed by anyone!

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Tales From the House of the Moon | by ↠ Resmiranda
    225 Resmiranda
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