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After the unexpected death of her husband, Maggie Locke s perfect life is shattered Keeping to herself at first, she slowly finds solace in new and old friendships But still, Maggie is cautious, especially when she discovers that Danny Pulver, her ranch veterinarian, and Ian Lane, the vibrant new minister, both have feelings for her Then a terrible blizzard hits the towAfter the unexpected death of her husband, Maggie Locke s perfect life is shattered Keeping to herself at first, she slowly finds solace in new and old friendships But still, Maggie is cautious, especially when she discovers that Danny Pulver, her ranch veterinarian, and Ian Lane, the vibrant new minister, both have feelings for her Then a terrible blizzard hits the town on Thanksgiving night while Maggie is away from home, and she finds she must rely on both Danny and Ian in order to fight the howling winds and get back to her horses Even while battling the snow and ice, Maggie wonders where her heart really lies Will she overcome the grief that nearly smothered her spirit in time to find a new love And if so, how can she choose between the two godly men who seek her heart

  • Title: Changes of Heart
  • Author: Paige Lee Elliston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Paige Lee Elliston

Paige Lee Elliston Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Changes of Heart book, this is one of the most wanted Paige Lee Elliston author readers around the world.

Comments Changes of Heart

  • Leah

    Quite a nice story, descriptive and sometimes I felt like I was in Montanna in my mind. I got really into the blizzard part!! I couldn't put the book down until that was all resolved. Blizzards are such a foreign concept to this Aussie girl! The spiritual aspect was gentle and subtle - I never ever felt preached at, yet came away with something. Anyway, the story was good, the characters were good, it flowed smoothly and everything was just wonderful and then the ending came. WHAT?? THAT was the [...]

  • Katie

    I would probably give this book 2 and 1/2 stars. It started out really interesting and then I started to lose interest. I don't read many "Western" novels because I'm not really a horse person. The main character, Maggie, owns a horse ranch so there was a great deal about horses. Thankfully, the author did think to add a section about Barrel Racing at the end of the book.I was disappointed by the ending because it seems like we missed a few chapters. However, I did like the fact that this book h [...]

  • Sheryl Rush

    I really enjoyed the book, except the ending. Great characters and character development. Great plot, kept you very engaged! But I don't understand how the character reached her finally decision for the last chapter of the book. I was very disappointed. The story was so well written until the ending. Where are missing chapters leading up to her decision?It was still a good book and perhaps I will read some of this author's other works.

  • Joann Alder

    Read in one dayThe book started rather slowly, but soon grabbed my interest. The section about the winter storm was especially good. I was kind of disappointed with the ending, but I'm sure others reading it thought it was great. It made me want to read the second book in the series, so I guess it did it's job!

  • Belinda Rangel

    It was a slow read up until the last few chapters felt like the author was on a time crunch and had to finish the book. It was okay

  • Heather

    This was a fairly quick read. I enjoyed the book well enough. Maggie's journey through the grief of losing her husband was very real and touching. There are 2 men vying for Maggie's heart, both are patient while Maggie heals and finds herself finally ready to live again and perhaps love again as well. It seems that the pull between Danny and Maggie is the greater between Danny and Ian, at least to me. The ending was abrupt and confusing with no real light as to what lead Maggie to finally make a [...]

  • Carrie Kellenberger

    A good story that left a lot unanswered. When Maggie's husband is killed while testing a new aircraft for the government, leaving her destitute and alone, she doesn't know how life will go on. The only thing keeping Maggie going are her horses and her friends. As Maggie heals, she takes on a young protege to teach barrel racing to, and she becomes friends with two very special men in her life, Danny and Ian. Unfortunately, the ending to this novel was just terrible. One minute Maggie was at Poin [...]

  • Miranda

    *2.5 STARS*The creative adjectives drew me in, and I only wish the story telling was as descriptive. The clips of internal perspective from Maggie seemed forced, not at all how a person (even a well educated one with sound diction) thinks. These nearly phony moments along with the large gaps in time, flow, and content made finishing this rather short quick read laborious. I'm a remarkably forgiving reader, and as such, in addition to the fact that this is the first in a series, I'll give this au [...]

  • Kelly

    I picked this book up at a local, used bookstore because I read a previous book by the same author in this series years ago and decided to give it a whirl. I wasn't impressed with this story and especially the ending. I was never engaged with the characters even though Montana, horses and veterinary medicine (all major themes in this book) are basically me in a nutshell. I would not read this book again, struggled to finish and will likely sell this book back to the store, which is something I r [...]

  • Toni

    This was a strange book! It started out okay and the characters were well thought out, however it read like an essay that could only have so many words. The author left out at least a couple of chapters and then jumped into her married life without any resolution. Why did she marry the one she did? What about the other one? How does this story get to this point without any explanation. Totally unsatisfactory.

  • Car

    Excellent story of loss and friendshipEach person in the story has their own problems or stories, but they all come together beautifully. The relationship of each character is expressed in a way that helps the reader connect with them, and the author weaves in the story of loss with hope, faith, and love. The author also does a wonderful job of helping the unfamiliar reader understand the life of horses and horse breeders.

  • Candi

    I was enjoying this book until the end. We spend all this time getting to know Maggie and the 2 men who are vying for her attention, and then all of a sudden it's over. We never know how Maggie made the choice she did. It's like there were a whole bunch of chapters missingy elements that would help explain the ending.

  • JaneReads

    I was enjoying the book for the most part, but hated the ending. Not only did I not like how it ended but to get to the ending it jumped 5 months ahead and everything seemed to have changed with no explanation how it got there. I will not be recommending this book, as I feel I was cheated out of a proper ending.

  • Erica

    I was really enjoying the book getting into it and towards the end not sure if I am missing a few chapters but not sure how and when Maggie fell in love and got married. I was going what the heck happened, did I miss something? I was disappointed, too rushed in the end, it could have ended so much better as it had great potential.

  • Maria

    I was a beautiful and different story. The characters were strong, kind and deep hearted. It's a religious story without being vindictive and intrusive. It open your heart to feel Gods love, period. I liked it very much but couldn't find or identify the critical point when Maggie finally decided which man choose: Ian or Danny. That got me lost.

  • Tasha

    i really liked this book a lot it was sad that her husband died and after he died her world crumbled down around her but she had realized two men adored her and wanted her affection and love. But who to choose both men are caring and sweet and will do anything to help her. Which one will she choose the cute Vet or the Handsome minister?

  • Deborah Von cannon

    I read this rather quick for my usual self. I loved the detail but felt the ending was hacked and without clean detail. I'm glad it wasn't a typical sappy love story and I loved the focus on the horses, Montana, lifestyle etc. but I just felt the ending came abruptly Great horse and farm detail. Weak people detail. Good book,mthough. I look forward to more books by the author.

  • Dee ReneeChesnut

    This ebook was free when I downloaded it from Barnes and Noble to my Nook library. I chose it because it was a chaste contemporary romance. It was an entertaining, quick read with likable characters. I knocked off a star because the ending was so abrupt. Where was the courting and the story behind the choice Maggie made? I recommend it for fans of the genre.

  • Linda McLaren

    CaptivatingPaige Elliston had me captivated from the start. I enjoy watching the sport and this gave me a little more understanding of it. It also makes you realize that even though you may lose a love, God gives us another chance, sometimes subtle, to love again.

  • Mona Green

    It was good. I gave this book 4 stars because it didn't feel like one of my 5 stars. It's just an average book. Lots of up and down with emotions and confusion then the book ends with a decision Maggie makes that seems somewhat abrupt.

  • Sarah

    Like everyone else, I enjoyed the book until the end. Maggie's decision made no sense to me. There should have been a few more chapters so the reader would have some understanding of what led to her choice. I was very disappointed and really glad I got this on a free offer instead of paying for it.

  • Diane Haun

    Good but fast endingI enjoy this story but the ending came abruptly. There wasn't a smooth flow at the end. One paragraph she can't make up her mind who she loved, the next she is married.

  • Lizpeveto

    Christian author and not enough development of characters and a story few women could find any common ground. Easy read if you are looking for something short. Took back the 2nd book in the series without reading it.

  • Meredith

    Very abrupt ending with no explanation for why Maggie chose the man she did. (Also didn't help that she chose the guy I didn't want her to end up with) Enjoyed the horse-related parts but the quick ending made me frustrated.

  • R.G. Phelps

    Paige's story draws you into a tale of love found in the companionship of close friends. "Changes of Heart" is refreshing to read, and one that will gently take you on a journey of discovery. Discovery of the importance of friendships and love. Read and enjoy!

  • Michelle

    Book was interesting and I enjoyed the tension between Maggie and the two men vying for her attentions. But the ending was really abrupt and unsatisfying. Kind of like watching an indie film that makes you scrunch up your eyebrows and ask, "What?" at the end.

  • Audra

    I liked it but didn't totally love it. The ending was a bit weird and after her husband died, the book was a little slow and I had a hard time trying to stay focused. The author made up for it with trying to figure out which guy is right for her. I can understand why she chose the guy she did.

  • Angela Boone

    Absolutely Wonderful!Great read, even if you're not interested in inspirational stories. Vivid, creative descriptions of Montana and other things. Wonderfully written and edited. Best I've read in a while.

  • Ila

    I enjoyed the character development in the book. It's a Christian book but one would not need to believe to enjoy reading it.

  • Estelle

    Loved this book at first but then it bored me. Ending was a little hurried too.

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